Page County, Iowa obituaries
transcribed by Pat O'Dell
Pfander, Abraham -

In The journal of this issue the death of two pioneer citizens of Page county—John Annan, who died at his home in Clarinda, Sunday, March 25, and Abraham Pfander, who passed away in this city, Tuesday, March 27.    Both were of German extraction.    Mr.  Annan was 78 years of age on Washington's birthday of this year; Mr. Pfander was 84 years of age  the 24th  of last  September. Both came to Page county in an early day— Mr. Annan in 1855, Mr. Pfander in 1853. Both were successful farmers, and both   had retired from active life.   Mr. Pfander   had been in feeble health for some years   before his death.    Mr.   Annan's loss of health was of more recent date.   Up to a few months before he died he was up and around, looking after his affairs as usual.   In the years of activities he acquired  a large  acreage of land in the vicinity of Clarinda and was one of the largest land owners in Page county. He was a very practical man; when he gave advice it was good.   In manner he was most pleasant to meet.   He was kind to the poor.   His character will linger in the hearts of his friends and acquaintances as one highly esteemed.   His word was as good as his bond; so too was that of Mr. Pfander, and he, too left behind him a good record and a good name.   A host of friends knew Mr. Pfander by the affectionate term of "Uncle Abe."

CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Mar 29, 1917

Another of Page County's Early Settlers Succumbs to the Encroachments of Disease
Another of Page county's earliest settlers, Abraham Pfainder, passed away at the home of his son, J. V. Pfander on W. Tarkio St. Tuesday evening, at eight o'clock, death having been due to paralysis. For several weeks, Mr. Pfander had been near the border, clinging to life by only a slender thread. During those weeks, his mind was as weak as his body but he had been carefully ministered to by his children who made his last hours as easy as possible.
Mr. Pfander was the son of Charles and Catherine Pfander and was born in Lanchaster Co., Penn., Sept. 24, 1332. When the boy Abraham was three years old, the family moved to Ohio. Here the father, who had learned the trade of wagonmaker gave it up for agricultural pursuits in order that his boy might have training along that line. At the age of ten, Abraham's mother died and when he had reached his majority his father was taken away from him.
He was married March 23, 1854, in Drake Co., Ohio, to Elizabeth Ann Colvill. Shortly after their marriage, they came down the Ohio river, up the Mississippi as far as St. Louis, and thence across Missouri to St. Joseph. From here, the couple came to Page county, having purchased a wagon and yoke of oxen with which to make the trip.

They first purchased forty acres of land, one mile west of Clarinda, and upon this ground erected one of the typical cabins of those early days They lived here but two years. Then, having had a chance to sell this place for $6 per acre, they pre-empted 160 acres of land, three miles north of this city, and for many years continued to make this their home.
To them were horn five children, Joseph V., C. F., William H., Sarah Ellen, now Mrs. Stacey Douthit, and Phoebe Catharine, who died at fifteen years of age.
In 1900, Mr. and Mrs, Pfander came to Clarinda to live. In 1905, Mrs. Pfander passed away and the home was broken up, Mr. Pfander passing the remainder of his days in the homes of his children.
At one time he had been a member of the Christian church, but later in life united with the United Presbyterian. Like many other Page county pioneers, he had to brave many a blast in this new country, but his courage did not slacken because his task was hard and to him, and others like him, we of the younger generation, owe much.
Mr. Pfander's funeral will be held this afternoon from the home of his son , J. V. Pfander, this afternoon at 2:00 o'clock, Dr. W  C. Williamson conducting the services.     The pall bearers will be his eight grandsons, Milton Pfender of New Market, Arthur Pfander of Shambaugh, Ira and Claude Pfander of Sharpsburg and Perry, William and Rufus Douthit, and Allen Pfander of this city. His remains will be laid to rest beside those of his wife in the city cemetery. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Mar 24, 1917

Death of Abraham Pfander and John Annan Removes Two Early Residents
In 1854 an ox team driven up from St. Joseph brought to this country Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Pfander. That was before the day of railroads. A year later came Henry Annan. Both men have passed from earth the past week, removing from us two of the earliest pioneers of this vicinity.
Abraham Pfander.
Abraham Pfander was born Sept. 24th, 1832, in Lancaster county, Ohio. He passed away this Wednesday, March 27th, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Stacy Douthit, near Clarinda. Funeral services were held at 2 p. m. this Thursday afternoon, from the home of his son, J. V. Pfander in Clarinda, conducted by Rev. W. C. Williamson and Rev. Roy C. Snodgrass, the remains being laid to rest in Clarinda cemetery beside the wife who was buried there in October, 1905. The pallbearers were grandsons of deceased, Milt Pfander of New Market, Arthur Pfander of Shambaugh, Ira Pfander and Claude Pfander of Sharpsburg and Al Pfander, Will Douthit, Rufus Douthit and Perry Donthit of Clarinda.
The father of Abraham Pfander was a native of Germany, who came to this country, settling first in Pennsylvania, then moving to Ohio when the son Abraham was three years of age. The father was a wagon and carriage maker in the old country, but in the new home trained his sons in agricultural pursuits. Young Abraham's mother died when he was ten years of age, and his father when the son was 21. In l854 he was married in Darke county, Ohio, to Miss Elizabeth Ann Colvill, and shortly afterward the couple left for a home in the west, traveling by boat down the Ohio River, then on the Mississippi to St. Louis, then still by boat up the Missouri River to St. Joseph, Mo., where they bought a team of oxen and drove them to their new home in Page county, la., where they spent their remaining days. Their first home was in a log cabin which Mr. Pfander built, on a forty acre farm, a mile west of Clarinda. This piece of property he sold for $6 dollars an acre, and invested the money in a farm of 160 acres northwest of Clarinda, which he pre­empted from the government, paying $1.25 an acre for the land. The property was later bought by W. C. Brown, and is now a part of the Frank Otte and Otto Steeve farms. For the past eleven years Mr. Pfander has been making his home with his children. Wednesday of last week his strength began to fail, and he gradually sank to rest, at the ripe age of nearly eighty five years, the passing away of the earliest pioneer in this vicinity. Four children are living, Joe V. Pfander, C. F. Pfander, W. H. Pfander, and Mrs. Stacy Douthit, all present at the funeral. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Mar 29, 1917

Funeral services for Abraham Pfander, who died in Clarinda, Tuesday, March 27, 1917, at the home of his son, J. V. Pfander were to be held this afternoon from the J. V. Pfander home, conducted by the
Rev. R. C. Snodgrass, pastor of the Christian church, of which denomination the deceased was a member. The Rev. Mr. Snodgrass was to be assisted in conducting the funeral by Dr. W. C. Williamson, pastor of the United Presbyterian church. The pall bearers are to be grandsons of the deceased and interment is to be in the Clarinda cemetery. The late Mr. Pfander was born in Lancaster county, Pa., September 24, 1832, a son of Charles Pfander, a native of Germany, and Catherine Hithbarger Pfander. When the lad was about three years old the family removed to Ohio, where the mother died when the boy was about ten years old, the father following her in 1853. The step-mother and children carried out plans of Charles Pfander for a removal to Iowa in 1854, and came west in that year.
Abe was about twenty years old at that time. Soon after the journey to Iowa he went back to Darke county, O., where in 1854 he was married to Miss Elizabeth Ann Colville, and a second trip was made to
Iowa, this time by boat. Mr. and Mrs. Pfander settled southwest of Clarinda on an 80 acre government tract of land where they lived for four years. This tract was then sold and they bought a 160 acre tract northwest of Clarinda. This tract did not change hands until 1908, when Mr. Pfander sold it to W. C. Brown. The wife died Oct. 5, 1905. For the last two years Mr. Pfander made his home in Clarinda with his son, J. V. Pfander. Although he has been in poor health for some time, his last illness became serious only Wednesday of last week. He is survived by four children, Joe V. Pfander and C. F. Pfander
of Clarinda, Mrs. Stacey Douthit of Nodaway township, and W. H. Pfander of Taylor County.    CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Mar 29, 1917



Pfander, Elizabeth A. Colvill -

Elizabeth A. Pfander, the wife of Abraham Pfander, died at the family home in north Clarinda, Wednesday night, at 9 o'clock after a sickness of three weeks, and aged 70 years, 6 months and 16 days. She leaves a husband, three sons and one daughter to mourn her loss. All were present at the bedside at the time of her death. Her son, W. H. Pfander, of Sharpsburg, having just arrived that evening in response to a dispatch. The other children, J. V. Pfander, C. F. Pfander, and Mrs. Mrs. Stacy Doughit, all live in Clarinda. Her brother, E. J. Colvill, of Greenville, Ohio, was also present.
Elizabeth Ann Colvill was born, March 18, 1835, in Darke county, Ohio, and there lived with her parents until nineteen years of age. On March 23, 1854, she was married to Abraham Pfander and with him moved two months later on a farm, near Clarinda.
Their trip was an interesting one. From their Ohio home the young man and his wife came down the Ohio river by boat, then up the Mississippi to St. Louis, and from there followed the "Big Muddy," coming to St. Joseph in company, with Tilman and Levi Nealeigh. They were pioneers in every sense of the word. Mr. Pfander owned a yoke of oxen which he had transported thus far by boat and with them they journeyed across the country from St. Joe to Page county to a farm about a mile west of the present site of Clarinda. Upon the forty acres which he had purchased Mr. Pfander erected a small cabin of logs, with clap-board roof and puncheon floor. The little cabin had two glass windows—a real luxury in those days. They staid at this place but two years, moving at the end of that time to a larger tract—a farm of 160 acres. Upon this second farm, the greater part of their life in Page county has been spent and upon it their four children were reared to maturity. Through these years of pioneer hardship and toil Mrs. Pfander was a constant companion and helper to her husband, and their family life has been a beautiful one. The perfect companionship and mutual love of this man and wife have ever been an object of notice among those that knew them. When upon the farm Mrs. Pfander loved to help her husband as much as possible and was his almost constant companion both in and out of the house. A year ago in March on the 23rd, they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary and have spent a year and six months together since that time. Mrs. Pfander was in the fifty-second year of her married life and leaves a blessed memory with her husband and children, as a wife and mother whose life was spent in willing service for those she loved.
At an early date Mrs. Pfander joined the Christian church at Clarinda and continued a happy believer in Christ as her Savior till the end. She died at peace with God, and her life will continue in the memory of her loved ones and all who knew her, as a beautiful example of the power of Christian love in the human heart.
The funeral services will be held this afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Christian church, and the body will be laid to rest in the Clarinda cemetery. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Oct 6, 1905

Died—Mis. Elizabeth A. Pfander, wife of Mr. Abe Pfander, died at their home in this city last night at 9 o'clock, after a short illness from stomach and heart trouble, aged 70 years 6 months and 16 days. She was born in Dark county, Ohio, and was married to Mr. Pfander March 23,1854, and, the following May came to Page county, which has since been their home. Four children were born to them, one dying in infancy. She was a noble type of womanhood, Mr, and Mrs. Pfander were constant companions in the joys and sorrows, hardships and pleasures of life in this world. The funeral takes place tomorrow at 2 p. m., at the Christian church, conducted by Rev. Fisher. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Oct 5, 1905



Pfander, John -

Mr. and Mrs. A. Pfander and Mrs. Eleanor Pfander were called to Jasper City, Mo., Wednesday morning by a telegram announcing the death of John Pfander. No particulars of the death have been received. Mr. Pfander was well known in this vicinity having lived here for a number of years just southwest of Clarinda. He moved to Missouri only a year ago last March. He was about seventy years of age but in very good health for one of those years so his death is surprise to his many friends about here. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Oct 23, 1903

Pfander, John Wesley -

A large concourse of people gathered at the residence of the late John W. Pfander on Tuesday afternoon, to pay a last tribute to their departed friend. For friends he had many, and enemies none.
Mr. Pfander's death was sudden but not unexpected. He has of late been accustomed to sinking spells, due to partial heart failure. On Friday night he went to the barnlot to let in the cows, and a few minutes later was found dead . The machinery had stopped—that was all.
John Wesley Pfander, son of Charles and Sarah Pfander, was born near Clarinda, la., on March 15th, 1857. He died July 23rd, 1915, age 58 years, 4 months and 8 days. He was married December 23, 1879 to Emma F. Garrison. To them were born five children, James Roy, Mrs. Lena Belle Meyers, Mrs. Sarah Blanche Wainwright, Charles, and Homer Garrison Pfander. He made his first confession of faith and united with the Universalist church at Clarinda in 1892. In 1907 he united with the Methodist Episcopal church. Wherever he has been living he has been a respected member of the community, and every movement which had for its aim the betterment of the community had his most hearty support. In 1892 the family moved to Taylor county, where they engaged in farming, going from there to Kansas in 1901, but in two years returned to Taylor county again. Eight years ago the family moved to Clarinda, purchasing the farm west of town which ever since has been their home, and where the firm of J. W. Pfander & Sons have attained great success in the raising of pedigreed hogs. Mr. Pfander has thus been a successful business man as well as a farmer.
The funeral services Tuesday were conducted by Rev. Abram S. Woodard, from the new home recently built adjoining the home place now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pfander. A long procession of automobiles and carriages followed the remains of their friend to the last resting place in Clarinda cemetery. All the children were present, including Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Pfander of Peoria, and Homer who has been living with them and attending college, Mrs. Lena Myers and Mrs. Blanche Wainwright of near Gravity, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pfander.
Three brothers and three sisters of the deceased are still living, H. Clyde, George W., Harry, Mrs. Everett Feese and Mrs. Frank Reed, and Mrs. C. A. Thompson of Cashmere, Wash. There were seven brothers and sisters in the family until 26 years ago, when one brother, Perry, died, whose son A. C. Pfander of Lebanon, Kans., was present at the funeral. Many friends and relatives were present from a distance, including the following:
Cousins: Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Pfander, Mr. and Mrs. Stacey Douthit, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Pfander Sharpsburg, Mr. and Mrs. C. Frank Pfander, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marquardt of Shenandoah, Mr. and Mrs. Mont Morris of Clarinda, Arthur Pfander of Shambaugh, Milt Pfander, Herman Knox, Mrs. James Abbott and Mr. and Mrs. Dave Abbott of Clarinda.
Relatives of Mrs. Pfander: Her mother, Mrs. J. M. Garrison of Gravity; Frank Garrison of Hopkins, Mo., and Mrs. Frank Fleming of Gravity, Mr. and Mrs. Mell Damewood, Mr. and Mrs. John Lawson, Mr. and Mrs. Ida Flowers of Coin.
Friends from Gravity: Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Damewood, Mrs. Hattie Rainforth, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Poston, Mattie Damewood, Coral Damewood, Jessie Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Myers, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Chandler, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Lovett, Mrs. R. J. Wallace and daughter, and Mrs. James Fairbanks. From Conway, Clyde Stevens. Clarinda, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Christenson, Ray Lawson and Ola Lawson.
A number of hog breeders and others interested in stock journals were also present at the funeral, these men having been associated with Mr. Pfander in a business way in past years, and as such had formed a great attachment for him. There were present, Martin White of Omaha, representing the Homestead, Fred Rood of Clearfield for the Swindherd, Williams Bros, of Villisca, J. O. James of Braddyville, L. R. McLarnon Braddyville, Jene Sapp of Lenox, Henry Cochran Sharpsburg, H. Barr of Villisca, and H. S. Duncan of Clearfield.
It was fitting that his sons and three brothers should be the pallbearers at the funeral, the strong men who have been associated with him in home and business for many years. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Jul 29, 1915


Pfander, Julia Van Vactor -

Mrs. Julia Pfander, wife of Clyde C. Pfander, died Sunday morning, August 26, 1900, at the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs. Wm. Van Vactor, southwest of the city, of quick consumption. Mrs. Pfander was in the 19th year of her age, and was married to Mr. Pfander the 22d of last November. About three weeks ago a babe was born to tbem, bnt she never fully recovered therefrom.  Sad indeed is the blotting out of a young life just blooming into happiness and usefulness, which brings a pang of sorrow to all.   The funeral took place Monday at 3:30 p. m. from the home, conducted by Rev. IlgenFrits, and her remains interred in the city cemetery. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Aug 30, 1900


Pfander, Mildred Lee Martin - Mrs. Roy Pfander died Saturday at her home southwest of the city, from typhoid fever, age 23 years, 2 months and 3 days. Mr. and Mrs. Pfander were united in marriage only last February, and the young husband has the sympathy of all. The funeral was held Monday and her remains taken to Gravity, for interment, where she formerly resided. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Sep 21, 1905

A very sad death occurred early Saturday morning. Mrs. Roy Pfander living out southeast of Clarinda died at half past three Saturday morning of typhoid fever. She had been sick about twenty-five days. Death was unusually sad in the taking away of this young wife, who was a bride but little more than half a year ago. Mildred Lee Martin was married to Roy Pfander last February and the young people moved the following month on the Sutherland farm under an arrangement with Mr. Sutherland whereby the young man was to care for the farm and the fine stock upon it, and the prospects for the young man and wife were vary hopeful. The sympathy;of a wide circle of friends is extended to the young man in this loss which all his industry and strength will be powerless to repair.
Mildred Lee Pfander was born in Taylor county on July 13,1882, and at the time of her death was 23 years, 2 months and 3 days old. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Martin of Gravity. The funeral occurred yesterday, the body having been removed to Gravity for burial. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Sep 19, 1905



Pfander, Sarah Loy - Mrs. Sarah Pfander died at her home west of the city, with her daughter, Mrs. Jas. H. Abbott, Saturday morning from a gradual wearing out of life by old age. Mrs. Pfander was born Jan. 16, 1807, and would have been 98 years, old had she lived till next Monday. It is really too bad the good old lady could not have rounded out the century of life in this world, as had been her desire. She was one of the early settler of this county, and a sister to Job and Jacob Loy who located here from Ohio away back in the early '50s. Many are the hardships of pioneer life she had endured with the other builders of this country. She was a kind hearted woman, a devoted wife and mother an pure Christian lady, whom to know was to admire. May her future be peaceful and happy. The funeral wa held Sunday at 2:30 at the home, conducted by Rev W. T. Fisher and the remains laid to rest in the Clarinda cemetery. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Jan 12, 1905

Mrs. Sarah Pfander was called from her earthly home last Saturday morning, at the age of 98 years. At the time of her death she was making her home about two and a half miles west of Clarinda with her daughter, Mrs. J. H. Abbott, with whom she had been living for the past several years. Mrs. Pfander had been sick for sometime and on Friday she was taken for the worse from which she did not recover. Mrs. Pfander was a woman of noble Christian character, and her life has been a living example to all those who were associated with her. Several children and many grandchildren are left to mourn her death. The funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at 2:30, at the J. H. Abbott residence; conducted by Rev. W. T. Fisher. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Jan 10, 1905



Pfander, Wilma Lockie -

Wilma Pfander, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Pfander died at the home last Saturday evening at 8:50 P. M., the funeral was held at the home on Monday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Feb 18, 1915

Mr and Mrs George Pfander and family have the sympathy of many friends in the loss of their little four year old daughter Wilma Lockie Pfander, whose funeral was held last Monday evening. This sympathy was shown by the attendance at the funeral, which took place at the residence, Rev Abram S. Woodard conducting the service, while a quartette of male voices sang an appropriate hymn. Little Wilma had been failing lately, resulting from a cold, and sore throat, which ran into infamatory rheumatism, and from that to brain fever.   This is the first death in a fine family of seven. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Feb 18, 1915

Mr. and Mrs. Geo.   Pfander mourn the death of their daughter, Wilma S. Pfander, which occurred Saturday at the home on West Grant street, from brain fever, aged 4 years and 25 days. The funeral was held Monday at 2:30 at the home, conducted by Rev A.S. Woodard and interment in the city cemetery. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Feb 18, 1915


Pfander, Zelma Sarah Stiverson -

A dark shadow of deepest sorrow was cast over this community Wednesday morning when the death of Mrs. Clyde Pfander was made known. She passed away at 10 o'clock Tuesday night, at her home, two miles east of Norwich. Her life had been one of happiness and full of a promising future, until she was taken ill with tuberculosis last spring. The best of medical aid had been secured, but all were in vain. Mrs. Pfander was 30 years and 11 months of age. She is survived by her husband and son, Ralph, who is 12 years old, also by her father, mother, six brothers and three sisters. The funeral will be held at the home east of Norwich and enterment at Clarinda cemetery. The sympathy of the community is extended the bereaved family. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Jul 29, 1915

Mrs. Clyde Pfander.
Mrs. Clyde Pfander passed away Tuesday evening July 27th, 1915 at her home two miles east of Norwich, with that dreaded disease tuberculosis; she has been almost an invalid for years having been bedfast since last March. All was done for her that medical science and loving hands could do, but all in vain, the Angel of death bore her home, leaving a loving husband and son to mourn the loss of a wife and mother, besides her father and mother, three sisters and six brothers and a host of friends.

Zelma Sarah Stiverson was born Aug. 27, 1883 and was the third child of David and Mary Stiverson of this city. She was married February 25, 1902 to Clyde Pfander. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Aug 5, 1915


Pflug, Philip -

Philip Pflug, an inmate of the insane asylum, who for many years resided on an Amity township farm, died Wednesday evening and his remains were sent to College Springs. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Sep 25, 1903