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Who's Who in Jefferson County
1921-1922, 1925, and 1931

While combing through newspaper archives in search of other documents, I came across three "Who's Who" features covering some 90 people who were notable in Jefferson County in one form or another. These include "Who's Who in Old Jefferson" in 1921 and 1922, the "Madegood Family" in 1925, and "Who's Who in Jefferson County" in 1931, all with photos of the featured people, except for one person whose image is left to the reader's imagination. A handful of people appear in two lists. The listings below are presented in alphabetical order; they were in no particular order as their stories were published in the papers.

Who's Who in Old Jefferson, 1921-1922 Madegood Family, 1925 Who's Who in Jefferson County, 1931
ALLEN, Thomas Claude BROWN, Henry Harney BONFIELD, George J.
ANDERSON, Charles Edward   CAVINESS, Mandley C.
BANGS, William Henry   BOWERMASTER, John E.
BEERS, Amy COLESON, Paul Anton BRADSHAW, John Carl
CHAPUIS, Louis T.   CARLSON, Anton Robert
CLARKE, James Frederick, M.D. CROMER, William S. CROMER, William Samuel
COHAGEN, James Ellert   DANIELSON, Frank R.
CRAIL, Benjamin Franklin   DAVIS, Samuel K., M.D.
DuVALL, Samuel Edward EASTON, Percy James ECKEY, Otto J.
FORDYCE, Chester, M.D.   ENLOW, Grant
FRYER, Ode Franklin   FLIGG, Edward G.
GOBBLE, Robert Bruce FLIGG, Edward George FULTON, Senator Charles Jacobs
GRAHAM, Clyde Mansfield   GAUMER, James Stewart, M.D.
HAGUE, Albert Smilie, M.D.   GRAHAM, Clyde Mansfield
HANNAH, Thomas William GAUMER, George Wesley GREEN, Delzell
HUNT, Ralph Day   HESTON, Lorenzo R.
JERICHO, Frederick W.   HOSKINS, Mark
JORDAN, Arthur Gray HOSKINS, Mark E. HUGLIN, John A.
KERRICK, Frank Darwin   KING, David Hendricks, M.D.
LINDER, Charles H.   LOUDEN, Robert Bruce, Sr.
LYON, Charles   MASON, Frederick Darwin
MART, George Edward   McLEAN, Thomas Evans
MASON, Frederick Darwin MEYER, Carl F. MORRISON, F. V.
McLAUGHLIN, Henry Patrick   MUNRO, Ralph H.
MEYER, Carl Frank   NORMAN, Ronald C.
OLIVER, John Raymond MONTGOMERY, Edward Howard PARRETT, William Berkert
PICKARD, Henry W.   PROUTY, Walter E.
PUMPHREY, Henry F.   RUMER, John Suffix
RATCLIFF, Bruce Samuel NORMAN, Ronald C. SAUER, Phillip
REED, Wilson   SMITH, Edgar Russell
RICKSHER, Frank   SMITH, Rev. U. S.
RUMER, John Suffix O'HARE, Slater Vincent SPIELMAN, Fred A.
SMITH, Edward Russell   STANSBERRY, Lane E.
STAVES, Peter Harold   STARR, James P.
STEVENSON, Hugh Clayton PATTERSON, Tesse THOMA, Clifford Irrer
THOMA, Clifford Irrer   WEBB, Wateman Thomas, M.D.
TURNER, Albert C. SIMONS, Hubert P. WHITNEY, Lewis Elton
TURNEY, Dillon    
WALKER, Ross Gray    
WARD, John Wesley    
ZEIGLER, Sanford    

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