1892 Farmers Directory

of Clarke County

This 1892 directory lists where a rural person received his/her mail. It is listed here by town but may also be accessed through our township sites. A copy of this directory for the state of Iowa may be found at the State Historical Library in Des Moines (917.77 Io9).
Green Bay  Jamison  Leslie  Smyrna 
Groveland  Jay  Liberty  Woodburn 
Hopeville  Lacelle  Prairie Grove 

Some farmers lived in Clarke County but received their mail at a post office in another county. These include Garden Grove (Decatur Co.), Van Wert (Decatur Co.), Weldon (Decatur Co.), Westerville (Decatur Co.), Derby (Lucas Co.), Lucas (Lucas Co.), Lorimor (Union Co.), Medora (Warren Co.), New Virginia (Warren Co.), and Humeston (Wayne Co.)

Austin Erb Sanford Exley   Thomas Exley  M.E. (Mrs.) Erb  B.J.M. Walker 
Garden Grove

 John T. Myers

J.H. Garris  J.C. Heaton  Mary J. Jewett  Oren Jewitt 

J.E. Mahoney  Geo. Rankin  J.O. Rankin  W.S. Rankin  C. (Mrs.) Reis 

Wm. Sanders  Silas Stibbit 
J.J. Allen  J.P. Holloway  J.W. Mathews  C.N. Welch 
E.E. Henry  Mathias Kerr  J.F. Smith  John Welch 
J.G. Holloway  C.V. Lewis  Wm. H. Trumbo   
New Virginia
O.B. Folger  E.H. Harsh   G.A. Trobaugh  U.M. Trobaugh 
S. Fredrick  Henry Nicholson  J.R. Trobaugh   
J.H. Fullmer  B.F. Schaffer  Martha Trobaugh   
L.W. Harris F.M. Trobaugh  Nancy Trobaugh   
Van Wert
G.S. Barr  R.T. Downey  Ira Grigg  Isaac Grigg  Jane E. Grigg 
W.A. Blades  S.O. Hingston  R.I. Jones  R.M. Laudis 
J.A. Bone  Albert Hodge  Oscar Judd  P.J. Lowe 
F. Burchett  Charles Hodge  Jefferson Kilgore  U.H. Lowe 
B.F. Hall  John Hodges  John Kilgore  A. Warwick 
M.O. Hall  C.E. Holt  John M. Kyte  F.M. Warwick 
Peter Hart  M.W. Holt  James Lafoone  Martha Warwick 
H.S. Hidy  Jonas Hunt  Job F. Lane   
Sol Hidy  F.M. James  W.S. Lane