1892 Farmers Directory

of Smyrna

The following is a list of Clarke County farmers who received their mail at the Smyrna, Clarke County, Iowa, post office. A copy of this directory for the state of Iowa may be found at the State Historical Library in Des Moines.
John Airy  J.D. Clark  Elisha Hitt  John Snider 
Peter Baily  Bert Cornell  James E. Hood  Geo. Stanhope 
Isaac Benngarner  Susan Cornell  James W. Hood  Frank Vice 
J.M. Bennick  Ed Cottingham  Mary Horner  Alva Wallace 
A.G. Bennitt  Elw. Cottingham  John Kyte  Isaac Wallace 
Geo. W. Black  Wm. Cottingham  Charles Lowe  John Wallace 
Martin Boggs  Amos Elmore  Lewis Lutz  E.A. Wells 
Smith Boggs  Alvah Hadley  Mary Lutz  Robert Westfall 
Joshua A. Brown  Austin Hanson  E.M. Piper  Henry M. Williams 
I.W. Camon  F.M. Hanson  Jonathan Ratliff  Geo. L. Winters 
John Camon  Mary Hanson  John Richter  John K. Wolverton 
John Cartin  Wm. Hanson Jr. Chas. Sanders   

Farmers Directory

Franklin twp.