1892 Farmers Directory

of Jay

The following is a list of Clarke County farmers who received their mail at the Jay, Clarke County, Iowa, post office. A copy of this directory for the state of Iowa may be found at the State Historical Library in Des Moines.
Samuel Baker   M.B. Cellman  L.C. Cobun  J.A. Derby 
Frederick Baum  D.C. Chandler  S.S. Critchfield   Aaron Hopkins 
George Beal  C.E. Clark  Mary E. Culver  Harry Hopkins  
John Beal  B.F. Clay  T.B. Curtis  H.L. Kennedy 
Daniel Casey   J.B. Cobun  Michael Dailey   T.A. Lewis 
L.J. Cellman  J.G. Cobun  Chas. Darlengton  A.E. Lind 
Wm. Manley  Margaret Marquis  Daniel Perdue  J.M. Turney 
A.B. Marquis  S.D. Marquis  F.M. Perdue  J.W. Weakland 
C.C. Marquis  Mary A. Mickle  H.C. Perdue  A.M. Welch 
G.A. Marquis  A.S. Mowery  Amie (Mrs.) Sefrit  Andrew Welch 
J.H. Marquis  John W. Mowery  G.W. Sefrit  B.F. Wolverton 
Lucy Marquis  Jarvillia Pelt  J.M. Sefrit  A.L. Yoakum 

Farmers Directory

Liberty Township