1892 Farmers Directory

of Groveland

The following is a list of Clarke County farmers who received their mail at the Groveland, Clarke County, Iowa, post office. A copy of this directory for the state of Iowa may be found at the State Historical Library in Des Moines.

W.S. Byers  M.G. McNichols  J.P. Pierson 
J.M. Duncan  N. McNichols  Robert Pitt 
Joseph Dutton  Adam Miller  B.F. Price 
Wm. Dutton  P. Miller  F.N. Reer(n?u?)an 
F.J. Emery  Phillip Miller  A. Sanders 
C.A. Luce  H.W. Mooney  C.W. Wilson 
N. McGrew  A. Pierson  Frank Wilson 
K. McNichols  E.D. Pierson   

Farmers Directory

Knox township