Cemetery Resources

Cemetery Records

Cemetery City (Address) Township
Bishop Cemetery Lohrville Calhoun
Cedar Cemetery Somers Cedar
Cottonwood Cemetery Lake City Jackson
Crown Hill Cemetery Jolley Butler
Evergreen Cemetery Lohrville Union
Garfield Cemetery Lytton Garfield
Greenfield Township Cemetery Knierim Greenfield
Greenwood Cemetery Rockwell City Center
Heuser & Leith Cemetery (Leith Cemetery) Manson Sherman
Hope Cemetery Manson Lincoln
Lake City Cemetery Lake City Jackson
Lake Creek Cemetery Rockwell City Lake Creek
Logan Township Cemetery Rockwell City Logan
Memorial Park Cemetery (Sherman Cemetery) Manson Sherman
Piper Cemetery (Skaraborg Swedish Lutheran Cemetery) Rockwell City Logan
Reading Township Cemetery Farnhamville Reading
Reformatory Cemetery Rockwell City Center
Roby Cemetery Rockwell City Logan
Rose Hill Cemetery Manson Lincoln
Rosehill Cemetery Rockwell City Center
St. Francis Catholic Cemetery (Rosehill Catholic Cemetery) Rockwell City Center
St. John Lutheran Cemetery (Sunny Rest Cemetery) Lytton Williams
St. Joseph Cemetery Lohrville Reading
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery Lake City Jackson
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery (St. James Cemetery) Pomeroy Butler
St. Thomas Catholic Church Cemetery Manson Lincoln
Swedish Lutheran Cemetery Manson Sherman
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery Knierim Lincoln
Twin Lakes Cemetery Rockwell City Twin Lakes
Union Cemetery Pomeroy Butler

1930's WPA Grave Registration Index - Unknown Cemeteries

Nearby Cemeteries

The following is a list of rural cemeteries within a few miles Calhoun County that may contain people who once lived in the county.

Cemetery Location County
Calvary United Presbyterian Cemetery South of Barnum Webster
Cedar Cemetery Northwest of Lytton Sac
Cooke Cemetery West of Fonda Buena Vista
Danish Cemetery East of Somers Webster
Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery South of Lytton Sac
First M E Church Cemetery West of Fonda Buena Vista
Fulton Cemetery West of Moorland Webster
Lanesboro Cemetery South of Lake City Carroll
Lizard Cemetery Northeast of Manson Pocahontas
Mizpah Cemetery East of Somers Webster
Old Cedar Cemetery South of Lohrville Greene
St. Peters Lutheran Cemetery South of Lytton Sac
St. Patricks Cemetery Northeast of Manson Pocahontas
St. Pauls American Lutheran Cemetery North of Manson Pocahontas
Swedish Mission Bethany Cemetery North of Pomeroy Pocahontas