If you have information you would like to have posted on this website or if you are willing to transcribe records for this website, please email to get started.

If you have documents that need transcription and don't have the time to transcribe them, submit scanned images of the documents. Someone who doesn't have access to that resource can transcribe it if you submit scanned images.

Guide for Submitting Content

If you are submitting content, please, please, please cite your sources. Where did it come from? What year was it published? What page was it found on? Is it protected by copyright? This site has no intention of violating copyright laws. Cited sources help verify that records are in the public domain.

Whenever possible, submit scanned originals with any transcriptions. This also allows users to view the original document, verifying the transcription data for themselves. Transcriptions help users find information, but original images are better quality sources.

Submitting content needs to be complete if possible. A scan of half a page from a plat map does not help many people. Submit complete datasets whenever possible.