Trinity Lutheran Cemetery

Trinity Lutheran Cemetery is located in Lincoln Township, Section 36, at 3335 220th St, Knierim, IA.

Current Cemetery Listing

West SideEast Side

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Albright, Clarence H.1906198627East
Andrews, Elsie1892198129East
Andrews, John M.1881195129East
Arndt, Charlotte E.193020038West
Arndt, Leslie B.193120018West
Arndt, Steven W.195219528West
Ballstadt, Carl1884196939East
Ballstadt, Caroline1844192816East
Ballstadt, Charles1833192316East
Ballstadt, Charles1919201157East
Ballstadt, Cleo1924201557East
Ballstadt, Corlis190719221East
Ballstadt, Edith M.1890198339East
Ballstadt, Louisa187619461East
Ballstadt, Lucile 20031East
Ballstadt, Lynn1943200757East
Ballstadt, Theodore187619141East
Bartels, Anna188619262East
Bartels, Minnie Deimel1879196511West
Bartels, William F.188219642East
Becker, Joyce1948199412East
Bemrich, Anna M.189419209West
Bemrich, Beverly192820079West
Bemrich, Charles189319749West
Bemrich, Darrell C.191719869West
Bemrich, Douglas C.196019969West
Bowman, Charles A.1892196832East
Bowman, Christ1865193512West
Bowman, Daniel C.1860192612West
Bowman, Dorthea H.1893197612West
Bowman, Elmer C.1916191612West
Bowman, Henry C.1890192512West
Bowman, Martha L.1900195432East
Bowman, Matilda1864192912West
Bowman, Ronald Everett1925192932East
Bratnobler, Henry  14West
Brown, Anna M. C. Quade188719831West
Busse, Alma E.1921192313East
Busse, Anna E.1883197713East
Busse, Bernard1910198148East
Busse, Edna M.1905190913East
Busse, Henry W.1877194413East
Busse, Irmgard1908194413East
Busse, Ruth C.1910192013East
Busse, W. C. M.185018795East
Carlson, Arvid O.1902199044East
Chada, Richard197920123West
Deimel, Bruno1877192011West
Dischler, Carl1858193320East
Dischler, Caroline1864190720East
Doster, Anna1881194942East
Doster, August1870195442East
Doster, August189019356West
Doster, Caroline186318986West
Doster, Charles A.1905197441East
Doster, Elmer1919200543East
Doster, Evalyn M.1918199142East
Doster, Gottlob184819436West
Doster, Henry189519346West
Doster, Hilda1913201041East
Doster, Ida187719576West
Doster, Johannes189418956West
Doster, Marsha1958197552East
Doster, Ronald1928201510West
Doster, Rose1922201043East
Doster, Rose C.1911194341East
Doster, Wilbur H.1913196442East
Doster, Wilhelmene183919213East
Doster, Wilhilm189418956West
Eicnstadt, Anna Vosberg1831190014West
Fitzgerald, Amanda Knierim190819857West
Fortney, Charles H.1919198954East
Fortney, Maxine1920200954East
Freimuth, Anna185619388West
Freimuth, August189419298West
Freimuth, Charles J.1883195438East
Freimuth, Fred Jr.187619488West
Freimuth, Fred Sr.185319298West
Freimuth, Henry C.1879193833East
Freimuth, John W.1898193540East
Freimuth, Laura M.1892193033East
Freimuth, Marie1891198438East
Georg, Alvin Carl Henry1909191024East
Gerbracht, Loran O.1917191730East
Gerth, Kenneth W.1914199338East
Gerth, Lavern1918201138East
Gody, Erma H.191520017East
Gody, Thomas191819767East
Gross, Alvena189219893West
Gross, Brother 18903West
Gross, Clarise 19123West
Gross, Eva 19103West
Gross, Father184219193West
Gross, Henry188119683West
Gross, Mother184418923West
Gross, Orville 19113West
Gutz, Albert187418832East
Gutz, Emil1873187523East
Habenicht, August1831191423East
Habenicht, Augustine C.1838189823East
Habenicht, Katherine H.1884194823East
Habenicht, William G.1875194223East
Hartwig, Charles F.1864192224East
Hartwig, Edna1904190724East
Hartwig, Glenn R. 192124East
Hartwig, Mary M.1895193624East
Hartwig, Reka A.1866193624East
Hartwig, Wilhelmina Knierim1897191724East
Hasselbring, Frederick1839191810East
Hasselbring, Maria1843191610East
Herrewig, Anna189219725West
Horstman, Bill1939201355East
Hottman, Earl Louis190519059East
Hottman, Winston192019219East
Joslin, Christopher M.1986200160East
Joslin, Dwayne1959200960East
Kietzmann, Adolf O.1903198634East
Kietzmann, Bertha1912201034East
Knierim, Father William  3East
Knierim, Fiederike  3East
Knierim, Hermana A.190119017West
Knierim, Lewis187219437West
Knierim, Mother  3East
Knierim, Rudolph W.190619807West
Knierim, Sophia187619477West
Knierim, Wilhelmina L.187619213East
Knierim, William A.187719443East
Krengel, Henry A.1864194316West
Krengel, Herbert  5East
Krengel, Victoria L.1908192616West
Krug, Dorothy1915200836East
Krug, Tena1876193336East
Krug, William1882196436East
Lichte, Albert W.189319698East
Lichte, August181618818East
Lichte, August H.185219288East
Lichte, Augusta189519208East
Lichte, Fred188319688East
Lichte, Jantje185519388East
Lichte, Volka C.188919708East
Luebke, Amelia W.1877197637East
Luebke, Edgar E.1909199745East
Luebke, Erwin E.1936199545East
Luebke, Friedericka1848192114East
Luebke, Friedrich A. M.1880189214East
Luebke, Gladys1940201345East
Luebke, John1837193014East
Luebke, Luella C.1908197454East
Luebke, Otto C.1875196037East
Luebke, Theodore1878195614East
Luebke, Wilhelm  14East
Lutz, Mabel1907192228East
Lutz, Margaret Meier1895199128East
Marburger, Linda Lynn1953199650East
Marburger, Richard Henry1951199650East
Markert, Ella1906199318East
Markert, Emma1900201318East
Markert, Friedrich J.1859189515East
Markert, John Sr.1895198618East
Markert, Lorenz1817 15East
Markert, Maria1862194318East
Markert, Martin1858194318East
Markert, Theresia M.1821189515East
Markert, Walter1900198918East
Mattfeld, Anna  2West
Mattfeld, Hemerick F. W.188718872West
Mattfeld, Marie Elizabeth  2West
Mattfeld, Paulus Carl187018792West
Mehring, Fredrich184119299East
Mehring, Friedrich1811188114West
Mehring, Infant192419249East
Mehring, Johann A.185319169East
Mehring, Pearle E.190319449East
Mehring, Walter L.188819669East
Meier, Catherine1868194929East
Meier, Cathy R.1943194528East
Meier, Magnus1891193028East
Meier, William F.1865192229East
Mesenbrink, Lina Zell1889198926East
Miller, Dorothy1835191914West
Miller, Henry1822189114West
Mortensen, Anna1869196215West
Mortensen, Carl V.1863191115West
Mortensen, Maria1890191415West
Mueller, Anna186619482West
Mueller, Rev. L. A.185719322West
Neubaum, Josephine1907199351East
Neubaun, Walter W.1905197851East
Neumann, Francis193420037East
Neumann, Henry187819667East
Neumann, Infant191419147East
Neumann, Minnie188819587East
Neumann, Reneica J.195319627East
Neumann, Robert192720157East
Oberhelman, Emma M.188419452East
Oberhelman, Helen V.1910191911West
Oberhelman, Henry W.188219322East
Omann, Albert G.1901198435East
Omann, Alma L.1901195135East
Onnen  30East
Onnen, Hiram G.1884196130East
Onnen, Orville K.1926192930East
Onnen, Tena A.1885196930East
Ost, August G.1878193134East
Ost, Clara B.1878195534East
Peterson, Deann1949200854East
Peterson, Leon H.1947198254East
Pohl, Julius A.1858193531East
Pohl, Matilda1873196431East
Pohl, Viola E.1913193331East
Pohl, William F.1895192631East
Quade, Anton E.187919104East
Quade, Anton H.1878190511East
Quade, August1893 11East
Quade, August F.189019174East
Quade, Beverly J.1940199449East
Quade, Carl188319271West
Quade, Carl F.1892198243East
Quade, Carol J.193419931West
Quade, Cory1968196849East
Quade, Eunice192119224East
Quade, Father184318874East
Quade, Fred W.188419584East
Quade, Henry1838192911East
Quade, Hildur1897198543East
Quade, Ida F.186819449West
Quade, Mare1845193711East
Quade, Mervin R.191419151West
Quade, Mother184919014East
Quade, Wilhelmine M.189418954East
Quade, William F.186719429West
Qude, Lottie D.1876191511East
Rehder, Rev. Alfred F.1910196346East
Rehder, Sadie C.1907196846East
Reubel, Edward W.1927199210West
Reubel, Phyllis1928201510West
Rogosch, Friedrich1882188317East
Rogosch, Louise W.1826188617East
Rosendahl, Marie Wilma1919192526East
Schienbein, Edward1920192115West
Schienbein, Henry1924192415West
Schienbein, Philip1915191915West
Schofield, Anton Albert1905198510West
Schofield, Emma Laura1907198610West
Schoon, Catherine1915199312East
Schoon, Edward C.1908197612East
Schoon, Fred1861193212East
Schoon, Glen1946200417West
Schoon, John M.1902196612East
Schoon, Maria1898191312East
Schoon, Tjeda1866193212East
Siebert, Brother1839 4West
Siebert, Christ183019064West
Siebert, Christeane187119004West
Siebert, Lenna A.188219744West
Siebert, Louisa183719144West
Siebert, Sarah187819464West
Sommerfeld, Adolph1897189714West
Staak, Dorathea184419135East
Staak, John183419275East
Staak, Maria  5East
Stahl, Johann M.187818796East
Stahl, Margarethe185018796East
Strutzenberg, Albert190319842East
Strutzenberg, Anna H.1888197827East
Strutzenberg, Arthur1905190521East
Strutzenberg, Carrie1911191121East
Strutzenberg, Charley188019275East
Strutzenberg, Clara1879197321East
Strutzenberg, Evelyn190920042East
Strutzenberg, Henry1874194121East
Strutzenberg, Herman1877195227East
Strutzenberg, Herman1923192327East
Strutzenberg, Louis A.1918200127East
Strutzenberg, Neil193020132East
Strutzenberg, Rolf193819382East
Strutzenberg, William C.1916194427East
Tews, David Arthur1948196047East
Tews, Irene1916200747East
Tews, John1913201447East
Vosberg, Carrie E.1903199853East
Vosberg, Earl Bruno1927200153East
Vosberg, Walter P. H.1902198853East
Walter, Elizabeth1862192616West
Wartchow, Anna C.185919455West
Welter, Clarence1909200340East
Welter, Violet1913200240East
Wendland, Emilie1891190522East
Wendland, K. L.1848190922East
Wendland, Mother1854193422East
Wessels, Augusta1895194815East
Wessels, John1851192615East
Wigg, Beate189419345West
Wigg, Edward J.189019805West
Wright, Michael A.1985198512East
Zeckser, Amalie1832190819East
Zeckser, August W.1889195525East
Zeckser, Elen Norma1920192525East
Zeckser, Herman1857193619East
Zeckser, Maria1867192519East
Zeckser, Mathilda E.1889197425East
Zeckser, Norman A.1927200825East
Zehms, Carl1856192711West
Zehms, Matilda A.1856192611West
Zehms, R. D.1905190517East
Zell, Christina1852192626East
Zell, William1851193826East
Zell, William G.1885193126East
Zierke, Verna1917201544East
Zierke, Virgil T.1911196444East

1930's WPA Grave Registration Survey Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDied
BALLSTADRTheodore 31 Jan 1876 12 Jul 1914 
BALLSTADTCaroline 1844 1928 
BALLSTADTCharles 1833 1923 
BARTELSAnna B. 31 Jan 1886 28 Aug1926 
BOWMANChrist 1865 1935 
BOWMANDavid G. 1860 1926 
BOWMANHenery C. 1890 1925 
BOWMANMatilda 1864 1929 
DEIMELBruno A. 28 Sep 1877 25 Jul 1920 
DISCHLERCarl, Sr. not given not given 
DISCHLERCaroline W. 11 Nov 1861 17 Apr 1907 
DOSTERAugust 1890 1935 
DOSTERCarolina 1863 1898 
DOSTERHenery 1895 1934 
DOSTERWilhelmine M. 30 May 1839 04 Jun 1903 
EICHSTADTAnna R. 12 Jun 1831 08 Jun 1900 
FREIMUTHHenry Carl 27 Dec 1878 Sep 1938 
FREIMUTHJohn W. 1898 1935 
FREIMUTHLaura M. 1892 1930 
FRIEMUTHFred 1852 1929 
GROSSCharles not given 1910 
GROSSChristopher 09 Sep 1841 02 May 1919 
GROSSEva not given 1912 
GROSSG. 1852 1919 
GROSSMrs. E. 1844 1892 
HABENIGHTAugsutine Caroline 14 Nov 1838 06 Aug 1898 
HABENIGHTAugust 08 Jan 1831 24 Feb 1914 
HARTUNGCharles F. 1864 1922 
HARTWIGReka A. 1866 1936 
HAZELBRINGFredrick 1839 1918 
HAZELBRINGMaria 1843 1916 
HOLTMANWinston 1920 1921 
KNIERIMFrederick   02 Apr 1804 13 Nov 1887 
KNIERIMMinnie 1876 1921 
KNIERIMWilhelmina 03 Mar 1839 10 Dec 1921 
KRENGELVictoria L. 1908 1926 
KRUGTena 1876 1933 
LEUBKEFredricka A. 1846 1921 
LEUBKEJohn 1837 1930 
LIGHTSJantje 1855 1932 
LIGHTSAugust 1816 1881 
LIGHTSAugust H. 1852 1929 
LIGHTSAugusta Louise 1895 1920 
LUEBKEGeorge 1886 1935 
MEHERINGFrederick 03 Apr 1811 05 Sep 1881 
MEHERINGJohanna 1853 1916 
MEIERWilliam F. 1865 1922 
MILLERHenry 1822 1891 
MILLERHenry (Mrs.) 1835 1919 
MUELLERL.A. (Rev.) 1857 1932 
OBERHELMANHenery W. 07 Jul 1882 30 Sep 1932 
OBERHELMANLewis George 25 Apr 1880 10 Nov 1927 
OSTAugust G. 1876 1931 
POHLWilliam Fred 05 Jun 1894 Nov 1925 
QUADE(Father) 24 Nov 1849 29 Sep 1897 
QUADE(Mother) 14 Nov 1849 29 Mar 1901 
QUADEAnton F. 17 Nov 1879 28 Sep 1910 
QUADEAnton H. 1878 1905 
QUADEAugust F. 14 Mar 1890 18 Oct 1917 
QUADEAugust Meanugh 1887 1890 
QUADECarl 1883 1927 
QUADEHenry 1838 1929 
QUADELottie D. 1876 1915 
QUADEMarie 1845 1937 
QUADEMervin R. 1814 1915 
QUADEWilhelmine 09 dec 1894 01 Aug 1895 
ROGASCHLouie Wilhelm 1826 1886 
SCHOONFred C. 1861 1934 
SCHOONFredia 1866 1932 
SIEBERTChrist 05 Aug 1830 09 Jul 1906 
SIEBERTChristina 1871 1900 
SIEBERTLouisa 1837 1914 
STAAKDorothea 10 Jun 1844 03 May 1918 
STAAKJohanna 1819 25 Feb 1889 
STAAKJohn 1884 1927 
STAHLMargarette 25 Jun 1850 24 Aug 1879 
STRUTZENBERGCharles 1880 1927 
WALTERElizabeth K. 26 Jan 1862 21 Jun 1926 
WENDLANDK. Ludwig 18 Mar 1848 12 Oct 1905 
WESSELSJohn 1851 1926 
WIGGBeata 1894 1934 
ZECKSTERAmalie 1832 1908 
ZECKSTERHerman 1857 1936 
ZECKSTERMarie 1867 1924 
ZEHMSCarl 14 Mar 1856 12 Sep 1927 
ZEHMSMatilda 07 Jan 1856 01 Jun 1926 
ZELLChristina 1854 1926 
ZELLWilliam G. 1885 1931