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Marshall's, Sheriff's, Deputy's, Constables, Police Chiefs, Justices of the Peace

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Unless otherwise credited, the articles & photos were contributed by S. Ferrall


Marshall John Huffy - Served as Postville town marshall from 1887-1888

John Huffy, Marshall, Postville, Iowa

On the back of this photo is written: "Marshall Postville, Ia." It was taken at Beedy's in Postville. The photo has been passed down through the Huffey family, whose ancestor was John Huffy, the Postville town marshall from 1887-1888. The photo has been positively ID'ed by his grandson as John Huffy / Haffa.

John Huffy, (b. ca1846 in Illinois) and his wife Harriet 'Hattie' (b. ca 1853 in WI) are found on the 1880 U.S. census living in Nuckolls co. Nebraska; on the 1885 Iowa State census, they are living in the town of Postville, Allamakee county, Iowa. Their children were John E., Charley & James (or Jimmy). John & Hattie also had a son, William. The couple divorced, and John changed his name to John Haffa, remarried to Elizabeth Elliott (b. ca 1867 WI). John & Elizabeth are buried in Philipps, Prince Co. Wisconsin.
~source: original photograph
~contributed by LA


Constables and Justices of the Peace
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson



At the November session of the Allamakee Board of Supervisors, Tuesday, November 12, 1889, the following Constables and Justices of the Peace were declared duly elected:

T. T. Erickson - Center Twp.
W. A. Evans - Franklin Twp.
Peter Hirth - Iowa Twp.
Wm. Surring - Linton Twp.
Wm. Meyer - Ludlow Twp.
James Henderson - Paint Creek Twp.
F. W. Tuller - Post Twp.
E. B. Carver - Union City Twp.
Justices of the Peace:
C. J. Erickson - Center Twp.
J. Broderick - Fairview Twp.
Eugene Reed - Franklin Twp.
Martin Moore - Iowa Twp.
C. H. Entwistle - Linton Twp.
N. Dennison - Union City Twp.
M. Millick - Union Prairie Twp.
A. P. Dille - Waterloo Twp. 

~Postville Review, Saturday, November 30, 1889



The official bonds of the following named Constables and Justices of the Peace were examined and approved by the Allamakee County Board of Supervisors:

Fairview Twp. - Geo. Hulse
Iowa Twp. - Henry Rippe
Jefferson Twp. - Jas. McClintock
Lansing Twp. - F. F. Gaunitz & Wm. Fleming
Makee Twp. - D. R. Walker & J. C. Quarberg
Paint Creek Twp. - Geo. Krom & Peter Iverson
Post Twp. - F. W. Tuller
Taylor Twp. - John J. Collins
Union City Twp. - August Bisping
Waterloo Twp. - Wm. Schwarzhoff & Andrew Roppe

~Postville Review, January 24, 1891

Justices of the Peace:
Center Twp. - O. Deremo & Iver Thorson
Fairview Twp. - P. Cahalan & Joseph Broderick
Franklin Twp.- W. A. Hancock & Chas. Burnham
French Creek Twp. - Thos. Maher
Hanover Twp. - Iver Iverson
Iowa Twp. - Wm. Coleman
Jefferson Twp. - M. F. Sanner & D. W. Douglas
Lafayette Twp.- J. P. Jackson & W. R. Sullivan
Lansing Twp. - Andrew Sandry, N. A. Nelson & Theo. Nachtwey
Linton Twp. - John Kennedy
Ludlow Twp. - Robt. Douglass
Maakee Twp. - C. S. Stillwell & H. G. Hagen
Paint Creek Twp. - H. A. Henderson & C. A. Robey
Union City, Twp. - Nathan Dennison
Waterloo Twp. - D. O. May & A. P. Dille
Post Twp. - Wm. Shepherd & E. Swenson



At the regular sessions of the Allamakee county Board Of Supervisors, Jan. 2-17, 1899, the following bonds were read and approved.

F. H. A. Depping - Ludlow Ewp.
Peter O'Malley - Fairview Twp.
F. W. Tuller - Post Twp.
Charles Dougherty - Iowa Twp.
A. A. Schlitter - Linton Twp.
Frank Coyle - Lansing Twp.
H. F. Gaunitz - Lansing Twp.
John H. McCoy - Taylor Twp.
M. F. Garin - Taylor Twp.
T. O. Tostenson - Center Twp.
D. R. Walker - Makee Twp.
H. H. Hewitt - Makee Twp.
Fred Steiber - Lafayette Twp.
A. L. McClintock - Jefferson Twp.
A. C. Grimsgard - Paint Creek Twp.
Jas. H. Shannon - Fairview Twp.

~Postville Review, Friday, January 27, 1899

Justice of the Peace:
C. A. Robey - Paint Creek Twp.
R. J. Mullally - Taylor Twp.
H. A. Hendrickson - Paint Creek Twp.
L. J. Larson - Jefferson Twp.
M. F. Sanner - Jefferson Twp.
Ben Hartley - French Creek Twp.
John Simmons - Ludlow Twp.
H. H. May - Iowa Twp.
Joseph Hartley - Union City Twp.
Dan Grady - Fairview Twp.
Patrick Cahalan - Fairview Twp.
J. H. Hendrickson - Franklin Twp.
Evan Swenson - Post Twp.
Wm. Shepherd - Post Twp.
O. H. Monson - Hanover Twp.
C. S. Stillwell - Makee Twp.
N. J. Brazell - Taylor Twp.
J. R. Gile - Linton Twp.
David Biggs - Linton Twp.
J. P. Jackson - Lafayette Twp.
W. R. Sullivan - Lafayette Twp.
Theo. Nachtway - Lansing Twp.


Fifty Years of Sheriffs 1904-1949

Fifty Years of Allamakee co. Sheriffs

Pictured herewith are sheriffs who have served Allamakee county for 50 years.
Above, left to right are:
Seated – Leonard Bulman, B. O. Svebakken, Theodore Rumph, Ben Davis.
Standing – John King, George Hall, James Baxter, Mrs. Gunda Martindale, Albert Larson and Walter Hall.

Terms were: Hall, 1904 to 1909 (Hall served five years due to election law change): Svebakken, 1909-1913; Larson, 1913-17; Rumph, 1917-21; Hall, 1921-25; Mrs. Martindale completed her husband’s term after his death. She served from 1925-29*; Davis, 1929-1933; Baxter, 1933-1937; King, 1937-43; Bulman was slain at Postville in 1946 after serving three years. Peter Hendrickson completed his term and served until 1949. Huffman was elected in 1949 and is now serving his third term.

~Cedar Rapids Gazette; February 16, 1964 - a reprint from a 1949 newspaper
~contributed by Diana Henry Diedrich

Correction: Mrs. Martindale served 1921-1923


Sheriff James Palmer - served as county sheriff for 3 terms in the 1870's

James Palmer Obituary

Sheriff John B. Minert - Served as county sheriff from 1889-ca1893

John Minert Obituary

Marshall John Clark Robey - Served as Waukon town marshall for abt 2 years in early 1890's.

Waukon, Ia., July 24 - Last evening while City Marshal Robey was attempting to arrest three men in a wagon who were creating a disturbance, one of them, Mike McGrath, plied his whip on the marshall and drove off furiously, whereupon the latter drew his revolver and fired, the ball striking McGrath in the back of the neck, being a very close call for his life. After his wound was dressed he was arrested and held for trial. One companion, his brother, was fined, while the third, by the name of Stone, was not caught.
~Dubuque Times, Saturday morning, July 25, 1891 (Neighborhood News column), pg 1

Note: Robey was indicted for "assault with intent to commit murder" by a grand jury in September 1891. His trial was held in Decorah following a change of venue from Waukon. In December 1891 a jury acquitted Marshal Robey.

Death notices & other info. * Gravestone & obituary

Sheriff James H. McGhee / Magee- Served as county sheriff ca1896-1904

James McGhee Obituary

Sheriff George S. Hall - Served the county 1904 to 1909
Sheriff B.O. Swebakken - First served under sheriff George Hall as deputy, and then was elected County Sheriff in 1909, serving to 1913.

B.O. Swebakken Obituary

Marshall James Schisler - Served as Lansing town marshall for nine years, ca1910.


Marshall Loren Bellows - Served as Postville town marshall for many years starting in 1912.

Loren Bellows

Loren Bellows Obituary

Sheriff Albert B. Larson - Served the county 1913 to 1917
Sheriff Theodore Rumph, SR - Served as County Sheriff 1917-1921
Sheriff Benjamin Martindale - Served Allamakee county 1921. He died shortly after taking office.

Ben Martindale Obituary

Sheriff Gunda H. (Johnson) Martindale - Served Allamakee county 1921-1923

Sheriff Gunda Martindale, 1921
First Woman in State of Iowa Named Sheriff

Iowa in general and Allamakee county in particular has become prominent through the recent appointment of Mrs. Gunda Martindale as sheriff. Mrs. Martindale is the only woman sheriff in the state and one of the few in the entire country. Mrs. Martindale's appointment by the board of supervisors followed the death of her husband Ben Martindale, who formerly held that office and who died May 1. Her application was chosen out of [?23] and the board considers her worthy and capable of filling this important office. She has named Chall Hall of Waukon as deputy. He succeeds Art Burdick of Postville.
~Dubuque Times-Journal, May 15, 1921 (included the photo)

Gunda Martindale Obituary

Sheriff Ben A. Davis - Served Allamakee county 1923-1927, then as Deputy until 1933. He also served as Postville mayor in the late 1950's-early 1960's.
Sheriff Ben A. Davis (left) Campaign card
~contributed by Sheila Mellick

Ben A. Davis Obituary

E.J. Sadler Edward J. Sadler - lost his election bid - defeated by Ben A. Davis.

left - Campaign card
~contributed by Sheila Mellick

E.J. Sadler Obituary

Sheriff W.L. Hall - Served the county 1927 to 1929
Sheriff Leonard J. Bulman - Served two terms as County Sheriff 1929-1933 and again 1941-1946 when he was killed in the line of duty
Additional information & photo
Sheriff James P. Baxter - Served as Sheriff 1933 to 1935. Died April 26, 1965.

James Baxter Obituary

Sheriff John P. King - Served as Deputy Sheriff from 1931-1935, then as Sheriff 1935-1940. He died in 1951.
Deputy Sheriff Robert Jazuis Waters - Appointed in 1941 as deputy sheriff under Sheriff Leonard Bulman and later served as deputy to Sheriff William Huffman

Robert Waters Obituary

Sheriff Peter Hendrickson - Completed Leonard Bulman's term as sheriff and served until 1949

Peter Hendrickson

~photo credit: Cedar Rapids Gazette; February 16, 1964 - a reprint from a 1949 newspaper
~contributed by Diana Henry Diedrich

Sheriff William 'Bill' Huffman - Served as county sheriff 1949-1960.

William Huffman

~photo credit: Cedar Rapids Gazette; February 16, 1964 - a reprint from a 1949 newspaper
~contributed by Diana Henry Diedrich

Bill Huffman Obituary

Sheriff Theodore 'Ted' Rumph, JR - Served as County Sheriff for 12 years from 1960-1972. He then moved to Clayton county in 1974, where he became a chief deputy sheriff and then was Chief of Police in Monona for several years. He died in 1984.

Sheriff Ted Rumpf

~Photo credit: Cedar Rapids Gazette, Sunday July 14, 1974

Sheriff Neil Becker - 1973-?

Sheriff Neil Becker, 1973

~Photo credit: Cedar Rapids Gazette, Sunday Feb. 11, 1973; in an article written a few weeks after he took office

Deputy Sheriff Chester R. Barr, SR - served at various times between 1961 and 1972 as Allamakee County Deputy Sheriff

Chester Barr Obituary

Deputy Glenn M. Cooper - served as Allamakee County Deputy Sheriff from 1973 to 1986

Glenn Cooper obituary & photo

Kerry Darling - Served as the county Deputy Sheriff 1977-2004
Deputy sheriff Kerry Darling

In keeping with pride in Iowa schools, we take great pleasure, in applauding an alumnus of Lansing and New Albin schools. Mr. Kerry Darling, a 1971 graduate of St. George High School, is the honored alumnus for this month. Kerry was extremely active in all sports at St. George and was co-captain of the St. George High School basketball team for his junior year, a team that attained state ranking only to lose out in the sectional finals to Elkader. Kerry won all-conference honors in baseball and basketball during his junior and senior years and was selected to the Des Moines Register All-State Honorable Mention Teams during this time. Shortly after graduating from St. George, Kerry enrolled in Golden Valley Lutheran College in Minneapolis and attended Golden Valley from 1973 to 1975. In 1975 he joined the Allamakee County Sheriff’s Department and graduated from the Law Enforcement Academy in Des Moines in 1979. Kerry continues to pursue a career in law enforcement as an Allamakee County Deputy Sheriff. When not seen riding in his patrol car, you can usually find Kerry participating in city competition in baseball, softball, basketball and other leisure time activities. Kerry is also an avid golfer and fisherman. He finds time to be a bus driver for the Eastern Allamakee Community School District and he also lectures periodically at Kee High in the Life Issues classes. Kerry is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Darling of New Albin.
~Allamakee Journal
, Lansing, hand-dated 1981
~contributed by Errin Wilker

Kerry Darling Obituary

New Albin Chief of Police Earl Mitchell

New Albin Chief of Police Earl Mitchell, 1978
~photo from La Crosse Tribune, La Crosse, WI, Oct. 15, 1978
~contributed by Errin Wilker

Wilbur Mark, New Albin Town Marshal

Wilbur Mark, New Albin Town Marshal
Wilbur Mark (retired) was New Albin Town Marshal for 15 years.
~photo from La Crosse Tribune, La Crosse, WI, Oct. 15, 1978
~contributed by Errin Wilker


Officers who died in the line of duty - Elmer J. Lennon & Leonard J. Bulman

Postville Night Marshall Elmer J. Lennon, 1936
Postville Night Marshall Elmer J. Lennon
This picture was taken on the eve of his death.

Milwaukee Man is Under Arrest for Death of Marshal

Postville, Ia. (AP) - Elmer Lennon, Postville night marshal, was wounded fatally today during a gun battle with a man he surprised in a robbery attempt. Officers later captured Carroll Berres, 23, Milwaukee, Wis., who was wounded in the leg and had five revolvers in his possession. The suspect was caught by Frank Ryan, night marshall at Lansing, after the latter had blocked the Mississippi river bridge at Lansing. Berres said the car he was driving had been stolen at Green Bay, Wis. He was taken to Waukon, Ia., for questioning. Lennon discovered the robbery attempt when he investigated a large sedan parked at a filling station. He noticed a gun on the front seat and then saw a man taking gasoline. Lennon pocketed the gun that was on the seat, but the bandit stuck another revolver in his stomach. The marshal ignored orders to "move on" and the shooting followed.

Marshal is Slain; Suspect Arrested

Postville, Iowa (AP) - Elmer Lennon, night marshal here for the last 15 years, was fatally wounded early today in a gun battle with a burglary suspect. The officer's assailant was wounded in the leg. The suspect was captured about 5 o'clock a.m. at the outskirts of New Albin, Iowa, by Night Marshall Frank Ryan of Lansing, Iowa, who pursued him from the latter town after blocking a toll bridge across the Mississippi river.

Night Marshall Frank Ryan of Lansing
Night Marshall Frank Ryan of Lansing

The slain man was shot three times. Sheriff John P. King of Allamakee county said the assailant and Lennon engaged in the gun battle at a filling station here. The sheriff said the man was stealing gasoline. The sheriff identified the suspect as Carroll Berres, 23, of West Allis, Wis. Milwaukee police said Berres escaped from the state reformatory stone quarry at Amberg, Wis. Oct. 14.

Green Bay (AP) - With only six weeks to serve, Carroll Berres, 23, of West Allis, walked away from the state reformatory stone quarry camp at Amberg the night of Oct. 14. He was serving a one-year sentence. Berres was sentenced Jan. 14, 1939, in Forest county for breaking and entering in the night-time and operating an automobile without the owner's consent.

Carroll Berres following his capture
Carroll Berres following his capture

Wisconsin Fugitive is Facing Grand Jury in Iowa Slaying Case

Waukon, Iowa (AP) - Carroll Berres, 28, Wisconsin State Reformatory fugitive, was bound over to the Allamakee county grand jury late yesterday, on a preliminary information charging him with murder in connection with the slaying of Elmer J. Lennon, Postville, Iowa night marshal. Lennon, 55, was fatally wounded early Thursday in a gun battle with a burglar-suspect at a Postville oil station. County Attorney Arthur Jacobson said Berres had signed a statement admitting that he was in Postville and exchanged shots with an officer there. Berres was captured at New Albin, 48 miles northeast of the scene of the shooting about 5 a.m. by Frank Ryan, night marshal at Lansing, Iowa, who had been notified to be on the lookout for the man. Berres was wounded in the exchange of shots with Lennon and was taken to a state reformatory hospital at Anamosa, Iowa. Jacobson said Berres, whose home was in West Allis, escaped from the Wisconsin State Reformatory stone quarry at Amberg, Oct. 14. [1939]

West Allis Man is Indicted for Murder in Iowa

Carroll Berres, West Allis, an escaped inmate of the Wisconsin State reformatory has been indicted on a charge of first degree murder at Waukon, Ia., in the fatal shooting of Night Marshal Elmer Lennon at Postville, Ia., last Nov. 9. The man, following his arrest, had confessed burglarizing the Ebert Service station, 1218 N. Badger avenue, Appleton, on Oct. 31. He escaped after he was slightly wounded when shot by the owner who discovered him in the building. Struck by shotgun pettets, Berres, escaped when the station operator went to get help. Berres, brought to Waukon from the Anamosa State reformatory hospital, was taken before the grand jury on a stretcher Saturday, and the indictment was returned Saturday night. He was arrested at Lansing, Ia., a few hours after the shooting of Lennon, his right leg shattered by a bullet which authorities said had been fired by the marshal.

Wisconsin Man on Trial for Murder

Waukon, Iowa (AP) - The state expected to complete presentation of its testimony today inthe trial of Carroll Berres, 24, of West Allis, Wis., charged with first degree murder in connection with a filling station holdup last Nov. 9. The Wisconsin youth is accused of the fatal shooting of Elmer J. Lennon, Marshal at Postville, Iowa. Mrs. Lennon, widow of the slain man, was among the witnesses heard yesterday by the jury of seven women and five men. Harold Gesell, identification expert from Des Moines, Iowa, testified concerning 40 exhibits allegedly found in Berres' automobile following the holdup. The exhibits included rifles, shotguns, and revolvers. Berres, after his arrest, confessed he attempted to burglarize the Carl Ebert Service station on N. Badger avenue and that he escaped after being slightly wounded when the owner shop at him. The owner found the burglar in the station, but the man escaped from a side window when Ebert under the impression he had seriously wounded the intruder, went to get help.

Wisconsin Youth Found Guilty of Murder in Theft

Waukon, Ia. (AP) - A district court jury of seven women and five farmers, after deliberating late into the night, early today convicted Carroll Berres, 24, of West Allis, Wis., of first degree murder and recommended life imprisonment in the state prison at Fort Madison. A date for pronouncement of sentence was not set immediately. Berres was accused of shooting Elmer J. Lennon, night marshal at Postville, Iowa, last Nov. 9. The jurors received the case at 4:15 p.m. yesterday after Berres, a fugitive form the Wisconsin State reformatory, testified that he fired in self-defense in the gun battle with Lennon. Berres told the jury that he shot when a man interrupted him as he was stealing gasoline from a filling station pump, that he did not intend to kill and that he did not know it was an officer who accosted him. Berres, following his arrest, confessed breaking into the Carl Ebert Service station on N. Badger avenue. He said he escaped after Ebert surprised him in the station and fired at him. He was slightly wounded, he said, and fled when Ebert went for help.

Berres to Start His Life Sentence

Waukon, Ia., May 29 (AP) - Refused a new trial, Carroll Berres, 24, of West Allis, Wis., was to be taken to the Iowa state penitentiary at Fort Madison today to serve a life term for the slaying of Elmer J. Lennon, night marshal at Postville. The motion for a re-trial was overruled yesterday by District Judge T.H. Goheen.

1939 Shooting of Elmer Lennon recalled
His survivors honored by law enforcement officers

(Editor's Note: Last week in honor of National Police Week, Sarah Nelson and James Lennon were presented blue ribbons in memory of their father, Marshal Elmer Lennon who was killed in the line of duty in November of 1939. Sarah recalls being called to the hospital where he father died from the gun shot wounds. Printed below are excerts from the Herald concerning the slaying. Sarah and James also recalled that convict was paroled after serving a partial sentence.)

Elmer J. Lennnon, night marshal at Postville for eight years was fatally wounded last Thursday, November 9 in a gun battle with an escaped convict. Marshal Lennon surprised the gunman about 3 a.m. at the H.J. Schuette Filling Station where he was attempting to help himself to some gas to fill his stolen Chrysler sedan. According to Mr. Lennon's statement at the hospital before he died, he walked around the car and flashed his light on the front seat of the car. Seeing a revolver, he picked it up and put it in his pocket. Lennon's account was like this: "He told me to get going. I walked away and when I got to the front of the car he shot me in the back of the neck. Before I could turn around, he shot me in the hip." "I lunged around and he shot me again before I could fire my revolver. I shot twice, one of the shots hitting him, because he went down." Mr. Lennon ran down the street calling for help. At the ....... the clipping ends here


~Oshkosh Daily Northwestern, November 9, 1939
~Appleton Post Crescent, November 9, 1939; November 10, 1939; March 11, 1940; April 25, 1940 & April 27, 1940.
~Stevens Point Daily Journal, May 29, 1940
~Postville Herald: ca1995 partial clipping; the photo of Marshall Lennon is also from this clipping
~transcribed by S. Ferrall

~November 10, 1939 Des Moines Register: photos of Marshall Ryan and Carrol Berres
~contributed by Katie Hemphill, researcher, Officer Down Memorial Page, Inc. http://www.odmp.org

Obits of Marshal Lennon and Carroll Berres
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Sheriff Leonard J. Bulman - photo from the 'Officer Down' website, see link at bottom of page
Sheriff Leonard J. Bulman


While Attempting to Serve Warrant on Crazed Man Officer is Fatally Shot

Allamakee County Sheriff Leonard J. Bulman, 53, was slain about 7:45 p.m. in Postville Saturday evening while in line of duty. He was attempting to serve an insanity warrant on William Gerieke, 75, retired farmer of that vicinity and in company of Deputy Sheriff, peter Hendrickson, of Waukon, and Marshal Eldo Gerieke, of Postville, who is a nephew of the crazed killer, had forced open a locked door to Gerieke's room above a tavern in that city, and as the door swung open after forcing the lock, Mr. Bulman was shot between the shoulders and killed outright by two blasts from a shotgun. Sprays of shot touched the clothes of the deputy who was not wounded nor was the marshal Gerieke. The slayer then barricaded himself in the room but was later killed in a hail of bullets from peace officers of other counties and highway patrolmen who had been called to assist in his capture. He was forced to come out of his room by the use of tear gas shells and killed by cross fire of the officers as he came out into the hall way about two hours later. Another family, Louis Hangartner, wife and three small children live on the same floor in an apartment upstairs and were rescued via a window by members of the Postville fire department. Crowds had to be roped off in the street as hundreds of people milled about for two or three hours to witness this wild west tragedy during a peaceful Saturday night of trading.

Sheriff Bulman was born Aug. 18, 1902, a son of Mr. and Mrs. James T. Bulman, in Union City township. Following his education he married Miss Martha Barthell, of Waukon, who survives him with their two daughters, Mrs. Charles Feuerhelm, Waukon, and Charlotte, at home; one son, Charles on the father's farm in Center twp. southwest of Lansing; his aged mother living on the home farm in Union City township; three brothers, Frank of Waukon; Fred and Alton, of Union City twp.; and two grandchildren. Preceding him in death were his father and three sisters, Ethel Grace and Mabel Alice, who died in childhood, and Mrs. Robert Weymiller who died October 12, 1919.

Mr. Bulman followed the occupation of farming until first elected Allamakee County Sheriff on the Republican ticket in November, 1928, and served the county from Jan 1st, 1929 until Jan. 1st, 1933 when he retired and returned to farming. In 1940 he was again re-elected sheriff, taking over the duties of that office Jan. 1st, 1941 and was serving in that capacity at the time of his sad death. Mr. Bulman was known as a fearless law enforcing official, a little reckless maybe where violators were concerned, well liked and popular with the residents of Allamakee County who in his long tenure of office was perhaps the most widely known man in the county. His sudden and tragic death is a severe blow to his bereaved widow and family, his mother, brothers and other relatives. Brave and honest through all his dealings in private and official business, he didn't think of danger when warned Mr. Gerieke was armed nor did he believe he would shoot. To close friends he confided it was his last term as Sheriff for he was tired of political life. The remains reposed at Martin Bros. where hundreds of friends called to pay their last respects.

Funeral services were held this afternoon from Martin Bros. funeral home to the Presbyterian Church, crowded to capacity, with the rev. A.H. Grossheim officiating. Burial was in Oakland Cemetery with Messrs. Pete Hendrickson, Will Ryan, Robert J. Waters, William Leschensky, Herman Gelo and Edwin Shogren acting as pall bearers. Court house employees and members of the Iowa Highway Patrol attended the services in a body, while the Waukon business houses closed during the hours as a mark of respect to one who had lost his life in the service of the state.

~source: unknown Allamakee County newspaper clipping, January 23, 1946
~transcribed by Errin Wilker


Sheriff Bulman, William Gericke Shooting Victims
Officer Sought to Serve Warrant on Local Man Barricaded in Apartment

While attempting to apprehend William Gericke in the apartment over the Baltz tavern Saturday night at about 7:45 o'clock, Sheriff Leonard J. Bulman of Waukon was shot and killed by Gericke. Accompanying the sheriff were his deputy, Peter Hendrickson of Waukon and Eldo Gericke, Postville town marshal, with whom a complaint had been filed that Gericke was threatening other people in the building. Some of the shot from the gun struck both Hendrickson and Eldo, the latter getting two pellets in the cheek and neck from the blast from his uncle's gun.

Peace Officers Summoned.

A call for help was issued to peace officers and the following responded: State Highway Patrolmen Emery Galloway and Arthur Longstedt of Manchester, Special State Agent Glenn Mueller of Guttenberg, Sheriff Arthur Kutschat and his deputies, Hanson and Blockhus of West Union, Sheriff Murray and his deputy of New Hampton. While awaiting the arrival of the officers, Postville firemen set up their ladders and brought Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hangartner and five children, who occupy another apartment in the building, down to safety, the regular exit from the building being in the path of Gericke's rooms. Tear gas bombs were used in an effort to bring Gericke outdoors, but to no avail. Finally rifle and small arm fire was resorted to and Gericke was killed when he approached the exit carrying his loaded shotgun. It was not until near midnight before the bodies of the dead men could be brought out of the building and during the four hour siege an estimated crowd of two thousand people watched the proceedings.

~source: Postville Herald newspaper clipping, hand dated Jan. 19, 1946
~transcribed by Mary Durr


Hold Inquests in Two Deaths

Waukon, Ia. -- (Special) -Results of inquests into the deaths of Sheriff Leonard Bulman and William Gerieke*, 75, were announced Tuesday by Dr. Clark Rominger, Allamakee County coroner. It was decided that Bulman's death was due to wounds inflicted by Gerieke Saturday night when the sheriff and Deputy Peter Hendrickson attempted to serve him with an insanity warrant. An inquest into Gerieke's death determined that he had been given ample time to emerge from the room where he had barricaded himself before being killed by cross-fire of the officers present. Rominger said that the inquest showed several volumes of gas had been fired into the room in an attempt to force Gerieke out before the shots were fired. Gerieke was standing up at the time he was hit, according to Rominger. It could not be determined who actually fired the fatal shot. Private funeral services were held for Gerieke Tuesday afternoon.

~source: LaCrosse Tribune, Tuesday, January 22 1946, p.1
~transcribed by LA
*note: the correct spelling for Gerieke is Gericke

Obits of Sheriff Bulman and William Gericke
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