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As with any undertaking of the magnitude of Dale Woodmansee's book "Allamakee County, Iowa Burial Grounds 1845-1988 ", there may be errors, omitted or conflicting information, or descrepancies. The information on this page has been contributed by Allamakee County researchers. The intent is to assist others by alerting them to possible errors, omissions or descrepancies in the book; as well as providing additional notes from the submitter.

*The date after the cemetery is when the most recent update was made.
*Allamakee County Death Records = ACDR
*The initials of frequent note contributors are in parenthesis at the end of the note. Refer to the bottom of the page for their full names.

Ion (February '19)
I.O.O.F. (October '14)
Iowa River Lutheran (January '17)
Lansing Ridge (September '22)
Lycurgus, St. Mary- opens a new page
Makee (June '19)
Maple Hill (Oct '22)
Mays Prairie (December '14)
Minert (May '20)
Mt. Hope (November '14)
Mt. Olivet (June '21)
New Albin (July '20)

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  • Ion Cemetery notes
    page 703

    Gardner, Eliza A.
    (1824 Aug 14-1904 Sep 27)
    -I believe this is actually Eliza A. (Dennis) Hardin, who is buried in Postville, Area D, with her husband Enoch Hardin. Eliza's obit gives dates: August 7, 1823 - Sept. 21, 1904. Researchers should confirm for themselves if there is an Eliza A. Gardner buried in Ion cemetery, because I can't completely rule it out. (R.O.)

    Hulze, Eliza J.
    (1829 Jan 15-1902 Jun 12)
    -This is Eliza J. Hulse, she is not buried in Ion cemetery, she is buried in Council Hill cemetery, Clayton County, IA. The contributor of a photo of her gravestone read her dates as Oct 8, 1827 - Jan 12, 1902. Researchers should confirm which dates are correct. (R.O.)

    Kenison, Jacob
    (1775 - 1855 Nov 16)
    Kenison, Mary (1774 - 1856)
    -Mary Berry Kenison was Jacob's wife, not his daughter. (contributor: Elaine Mershon).
    -Mary's gravestone is incribed "died Sep 15, 1857" with "AE  80 years 11 months".That would place her birth anywhere from Sep 16 through Oct 15 of 1776; so both dates given by Woodmansee are incorrect. A local news article posted the month after death also had the birth as well as the death years incorrect. (contributor: Harold Kirby)

  • I.O.O.F Cemetery notes
    pages 514-516

    Gordon, Alfred
    Gordon, Rosalee

    -The dates and Civil War military info. attributed by Woodmansee to Rosalee Gordon is actually for Henry Graham (07/12/1844-11/01/1930) who was omitted from the burial list. Rosalee Gordon's dates are 1878-05/26/1930. Alfred Gordon's dates are 10/15/1871-10/01/1936. (R.O.)

  • Iowa River Lutheran Cemetery notes
    page 81-85

    Amundson, Jonas (1844 Feb 14-1925 July 25)
    Leidal, Jonas A. (?-1925 July 25)
    Monson, Jonas (1844-1925)
    -This is the same person. Woodmansee has him listed under all 3 surnames. His gravestone in the Iowa River cemetery has surname Amundson. (R.O.)

    Anvidem, Torfin & Anne
    -should read Torfin & Anne Anvidson (contributor: Duane Torfin g-grandson)

    Bakken, Maria Ellingson (1840-5/08/1918)
    Ellingson, Mary (1840-5/08/1918)
    -The two listings are of the same woman, Mary (Bakken) Ellingson, wife of Christian Ellingson (1837-1892). Sources: Iowa River Church Records & gravestone inscription. (R.O.)

    Iverson, Maria (1886-1918)
    Same entry as Martin Iverson, who is also correctly entered. The Iverson gravestone has 4 names: Iver M. (1856-1921), Maria (1859-1913, Martin (1886-1918) & Gertina (1891-1892). All 4 are correctly listed in Woodmansee and the "extra" Maria is an error. (R.O.)

    Johnston, Halvor (1805 Feb 15-1894 Jun 09)
    Madsen, Halvor (1805-1894 Jun 09)
    -Both entries are the same man, Halvor Madum Johnson.  His gravestone is inscribed Halvor Johnson.  His wife was Kathrine/Katrina nee Sampson.  The photo contributor on Halvor's Find-a-Grave memorial  has added that Halvor Johnson is aka Halvor Madsen.  Interested researchers should resolve the Madsen vs Madum  conflict for themselves." (R.O.)

    Nesheim, Alden Elmer (1904 Nov 24-1928 Nov 07)
    -Correct surname is Ellingson (Woodmansee also lists him correctly). The 1925 Iowa State Census enumerates Alden (age 20) in the household of his parents Thomas & Ella M. (Hanson) Ellingson. (R.O.)

  • Lansing Ridge Cemetery notes
    page 129-138

    Coleman, John (d. 1885 Jan 04)
    Coleman, Margaret
    (1821 Mar 01 1895 Apr 04)
    -They are buried in St. Mary's, Lucurgus. John T. died 1/5/1885 aged 32y 11m 21d. Margaret's correct dates: 12/23/1821 - 3/27/1905. Sources: Allamakee co. Death Records & Lycurgus gravestones. (R.O.)

    Dougherty, Barney (d. 1898 Dec 16)
    Dougherty, Edward (1862-1881 Dec 15)
    -Both are buried in Lycurgus cemetery. Bernard 7/24/1874-12/17/1897. Edward E. s/o C. & M. died 11/1/1881 aged 18y 2m 14d (R.O.)

    Frank, Christina, October 23, 1856 - February 16, 1888
    -Addition to Woodmansee, I was at Lansing Ridge cemetery and went to a very old upright monument that I have been unable to read on my other visits to the cemtery.  The stone is very worn and difficult to read.  This last visit I was able to decipher the writing on the tombstone and realized it was someone I had been searching for a very long time.  This person is not on the Lansing Ridge List of interments.  (contributor: Elizabeth Parker. View the tombstone)

    Fritz, Louis (Ludwig) 1817 Aug 22 1901 Jul 29*
    Fritz, Conrad (Konrad) 1849 Oct 21 1925 May 12
    Fritz, Emma W. 1857 Nov 2 1865 Mar 16
    Fritz, Emma F. 1868 Dec 16 1872 Aug 2
    Fritz, Jacob 1824 Apr 17 1899 Mar 12
    Fritz, John Martin 1828 May 28 1905 Feb 17
    Fritz, Louis E. 1852 Dec 2 1896 Sep 28 (Backward "Z's on marker)
    Fritz, Varena 1821 Oct 8 1894 Jan 30 (shown as Maren Fritz)*
    Fritz, Margaret H. 1830 Jun 25 1906 Aug 17
    Fritz, Mary 1857 Apr 26 1894 Aug 18
    (contributor: Jacob O. Fritz. *My greatgrandparents)

    Goettel, Louisa 1800-1894 Dec 29
    -birth date is March 21, 1805; NOT 1800. She is the second wife of Wilhelm Goettel buried at Oak Hill & the mother of Louise Auguste Klehn Wirth who is buried with husband and daughter at Lansing Ridge. (contributor: Steven L. Goettel)

    Gerky, William JR (8/14/1868-6/5/1897)
    Gerky, William SR (9/24/1828-9/1/1897)
    Gerky, Fredericka W. nee Kaufman (9/12/1828-6/22/1905), w/o William SR
    All are buried in Lansing Ridge, but only Wm JR has an existing gravestone. The elder Gerky's are on the Woodmansee list, but not their son. Death notices for father & son were printed in 1897 editions of the Waukon Democrat & Fredericka's obit was in the Allamakee Journal. She also has an entery in Allamakee Co. Death Records. (R.O.)

    Gruber, George 1877 Jun 30-1952 Sep 26
    Iseli, George 1877-1952
    -Woodmansee has him entered with both surnames. Allamakee co. Minnesota Death Index with those dates gives name as George Gruber. (R.O.)

    Harkins, John (died 1882 Jun 22)
    -Husband of Ann, he is buried in Lycurgus (R.O.)

    John Hartong 1861 Jan 22-1912 Jan 16
    Caroline Hartong 1868 Jan 12-1906 Oct 14
    Henry Hartong 1823 Aug 22-1909 Apr 01
    John Martons 1861 Jan 22-1912 Jan 16
    Caroline Martons 1868-1908
    Henry Martons 1823 Aug 23- 1909 Apr 21
    -These entries are likely the same family groups. Unknown is which surname is correct, they possibly used both. Researchers should verify the surnames & the dates to rectify the conflicts in Woodmansee. ((R.O.)

    Hawser, Eva D.
    Hawser, John

    Hawser, Jurgen H.
    -the surname on the two stones is spelled Hauser, which is the correct spelling. This was verified in June 2002 when the stones were viewed. (contributor: Bob Hauser)

    Frank, Kathleen (1882-1977)
    Rissman, Kathleen V. (1882 Jun 28-1977 Jul 24)
    -These entries are for the same woman, Kathleen (Jermeier) Rissman; w/o William Frederick Rissman. (R.O.)

    Kerndt, Jenny (1852 Feb 4 - 1871 Apr 18)
    -Gravestone is clearly engraved with dates 2/4/1852 - 4/18/1874. Her obit appeared in a Lansing paper on April 22, 1874 (S.F.)

    Low, Frankie (1882 Aug 15-1883 Jan 25) Obit NM
    Low, William J. (1880 Dec 15 1881 Jul 23)
    -Correct surname is Lowe. Both are buried in Lycurgus cemetery, not Lans. Ridge. See Lycurgus notes for more info. (R.O.)

    Johnson, Theodore 1900-1922
    -The correct name is Theodore Iseli. His first name on the stone is spelled wrong. My Grandfather, Jacob Iseli seems to have had a problem with spelling. He had also misspelled his first wife's name. It is easy to see how 'Woodmansee' made the mistake on the last name was wrong. It is just west of my aunt Esther Johnson and Uncle Norse and only has the first name and  the dates 1900-1922. East of the Johnson marker is the Johnson plot, West of the Johnson marker is the Iseli plot. Theodore was my mother's (Ruth Iseli Schultz) half-brother. (contributor: Ronald G. Schultz, Lansing)

    O'Donnel, Anthony (1857-1881 Feb 01)
    -Correct burial place is Lycurgus cemetery with his wife Susan. See Lycurgus notes for more information. (R.O.)

    Rouey, Michael (1815-1880 Sep 21)
    -Correct surname is Rooney, and burial place is Lycurgus cemetery, not Lansing Ridge (R.O.)

  • Lycurgus Cemetery - notes are on a separate page

  • Makee Cemetery notes
    page 278-279

    ?, Celia;
    1831 Oct 17 -1862 Dec 07
    note - this is Celia Blanchard (J.W.)

    Augusta, May ;
    1860 Aug 07 -1864 Jan 01
    note - more than likely her name is actually May Augusta ???, with her surname being 'unknown'. Her name is on the same stone as David Stuart, who is probably her brother (see also Stuart, David)

    Bartley, David;
    1810 Nov 20 -1883 Dec 11
    note - died Dec. 1, 1883 not on the 11th

    Beede, Angie;
    1826 Nov 05 -1879 Jan 15
    note - death year is 1870 & not 1879

    Beede, William Henry;
    1881 May 16 -1909 May 22
    note - death year 1910 & not 1909

    Brayton, Alma;
    1831 Nov 09 - 1858 Dec 15
    note - death year 1868 & not 1858.

    Burton, Minnie;
    1868 18— - Dec 06
    note - died Dec. 6, 1868. 18 days old. My observation: That would put her birth Nov. 18, 1868. Minerva Jane Burton is her mother, she died 9 days after giving birth. Then little Minnie died 9 days later. How sad...

    Burton, Rhoda;
    1810 - 1862 Apr 14
    note - died Apr. 11 & not the 14th in 1862.

    Caton, Charles;
    1857 - 1868 Aug 09
    note - the headstone says he was 11 days old when he died on Aug. 9, 1868. Not sure where Woodmansee got the birth year of 1857. Guessing he mistook days as years.

    Caton, Rosetta (1849-1876 Jan 26)
    note- a photo of this gravestone clearly shows the year of death is 1870, not 1876. (R.O.)

    Gaslin, Ann;
    1809 - 1878 Sep 10
    note - death year 1873 & not 1878.

    Gaslin, Cynthia;
    ? - 1858 Jan 05
    note - Cynthia is spelled Synthia on the headstone.

    Gaton, Clarence;
    1866 Jun 04 -1866 Oct 01
    Gaton, Cynthia;
    1857 Dec 18 -1859 Feb 18
    Gaton, Lilia;
    1866 Aug 22 - 1869 May 29
    Gaton, Phebe;
    1863 Mar 02 - 1863 Aug 02
    notes - last name on the 4 above is Caton, not Gaton. I found a stone for Phebe but it is in poor shape,
    I think it reads daughter of Chester & "R" Caton. Age 5 mo.  Chester Caton was married twice. Phebe was his 1st wife & Rosetta, according to her headstone was his 2nd wife. So if Phebe is the daughter of Chester then her last name is Caton & not Gaton.  1st wife Phebe died in 1861, two years before little Phebe was born, so she had to be the daughter of Rosetta. (J.W.)

    Kaeser, John (
    1898 Jan 20-1902 May 15)
    Kaeser, Elizabeth (not in Woodmansee)
    notes - on the gravestone John's last name is spelled Kaesers (with an "s" on the end & Elizabeth is just Kaeser). His birth year correctly is 1818 not 1898. The gravestone shows a age of 84 years. Elizabeth's inscription is on the other side of the gravestone, and was not included in the Woodmansee book: died 07/21/1883, aged 62y 10m 21d. (J.W. & R.O.)

    Lathrup, Wm. - 1824-1859
    Woodmansee gives the dates
    1824-09/10/1859 for this person. I believe that the gravestone is actually for William Bille Lathrop and that Woodmansee was wrong about the birth date. I've not found any solid documentation for a William Lathrop 1824-1859, but there is evidence for a William Bille Lathrop 1784-1859. From the U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1885 (from, Archive Collection Number: T1156):
    Name: William Lathrop, Gender: Male, Marital Status: Widowed, Place of Birth: New York Estimated Birth Year: abt 1785, Age: 75, Month of Death: Sept., Cause of Death: Cholera Morbus, Census Year: 1860, Location: Makee, Allamakee, Iowa.
    This is a very clear description of William Bille Lathrop who was born in Norwich, Ct and then moved to Chautauqua, NY by 1818 and then moved to Union Prairie by 1856 to be with his son William H. Lathrop, born in 1823 (who is also buried in Makee cemetery). Gravestone (contributor: Keith Lathrop)

    Reed, Robert W. (1857 Jul 28-1863 Aug 23)
    Nicholson, Margaret - d. March 12, 1862 aged 20y 6m 11d
    -Robert Reed & Margaret Nicholson have inscriptions on the same gravestone. Only he is listed in Woodmansee.
    Robert W. Reed was William & Sarah (Cline) Reed's second surviving son, and the younger brother of my gg-grandfather Zenas Reed (d. Fremont co., IA, 1892). 1860 U.S. census, Allamakee Co. lists a sister to Zenas (then 24) & Robert (age 23) as Margaret, age 18, a teacher. Odds are the woman buried by Robert is that sister. My thinking --her age at death matches the census reference & folks rarely bury strangers next to a family member. (contributor: Michael 'OJ' Nelson, Lincoln, NE).
    -Additional notes from S. Ferrall:
    Margaret's inscription reads "Wife of C.- Nicholson" (his 2nd initial is hard to read, possibly P., H. or B.) A transcribed marriage record on C.H. Nicholson, age 25, marriage 6 Feb 1861, Allamakee co. IA, to Margaret A. Reed, age 17. On the 1860 U.S. census, Hanover twp. post office New Galena: is Charles P. Nicholson, age 25, b. NY, merchant. He also is listed on postmaster appointment for Galena P.O. in 1862. It appears to me that Michael's conclusion re: relationship of Margaret & Robert is very likely correct, even though the records have a few conflicts - Margaret's age on marriage record & the issue with Charles' middle initial.

    Steadman, Betsy Jane;
    1821 -1864 May 28
    note- Last name spelled Stedman on stone. Death date is May 18th & not May 28th of 1864.
    Steadman, Augustine L.;
    ? - 186-
    note- his name is spelled Steadman on the stone, but his first name is: Augustin (no "E" on the end)

    Stuart, David;
    1862 Dec 30 - 1864 Aug 10
    note - more than likely his name is actually David Stuart ???, with his surname being 'unknown'. His name is on the same stone as May Augusta, who is probably his sister (see also Augusta, May)

    Stuart, John C. (1877-1936)
    note -
    John Charles Stuart (5/14/1876-5/1/1936) is buried in Mt Olivet cemetery. (source: Allamakee Death Records, Obit-Waukon Republican-Standard) (R.O.)

    Makee cemetery burials omitted from the Woodmansee book (unless otherwise credited, all the omission notes are from Jan Miller's personal observations at the cemetery in April 2004)
    Marsh, Jane note - Most of the stone is gone but is says she was the wife of Joseph Marsh. Wondering if she isn't the ?, Jane that Woodmansee has listed.
    Berrier, Marian note- There is a metal monument of some Marsh's. There are Marsh's on the base of this monument on 3 sides. Marian is on the 4th side.
    Margaret Nicolson note- She died March 12, 1862 aged 20 yrs 6 m & 11 days. On the opposite side of the same headstone is Robert Reed. Wonder if they were related somehow? He died in 1863.

  • Maple Hill Cemetery notes
    page 540-542

    Biggs, David
    Biggs, Elizabeth

    -Woodmanseee has David Biggs' date of death listed as March 25, 1914 in Maple Hill. However, David is living with two of his daughters & a grand daughter in Jefferson twp. in the 1920 census, so he obviously can't be dead. Woodmansee has Elizabeth, David's wife listed as dead on May 16, 1924. She does not appear in the census with David and his daughters, and he is shown as a widower. So...... I think Woodmansee transposed the dates of death for David and Elizabeth. David probably died on the date that Woodmansee has listed for Elizabeth and vice versa. Positive affirmation of these dates would be great (see below) (contributor: Steven Bareis) Be sure to read the updates below!
    -updated: The
    obit of David Biggs confirms the date of death shown in Woodmansee records, as does the obit of Elizabeth Biggs closely confirm her dates (death 5/6/1924 rather than 5/16/1924) as recorded by Woodmansee. (A.K.)
    The 1920 census actually shows "Mrs. David Biggs" (widowed) and her two daughters, Jennie Skinner and Nannie Canfield, not the father who actually died in 1914 as shown in his obit (contributed by Gregory Stull)

    Biggs, Eugenia B. (1857-1928)
    This is Eugenia Belle 'Jennie' (Biggs) Skinner (08/15/1857-03/05/1928). She was the d/o David & Elizabeth (Fitch) Biggs & w/o Dr. Hickman S. Skinner. Dr. Skinner was from PA had only been in Allamakee co. for a few years when he died in 1884. He may be buried in Indian Creek cemetery, Mill Run, Fayette co., PA, which is where his parents Abraham & Hulda (Stull) Skinner are buried, but this needs verification. (R.O. & S.F.)
    update: As the (above) note reflects, he is husband of Eugenia B. Biggs Skinner, who is interred with her parents in Maple Hill, but beware of the note speculating that Dr. Sklinner may instead be buried in Indian Creek (Mill Run Baptist Cemetery) in Fayette co., PA.  That remains a possibility, but it's doubtful.  His infant nephew who is also named  Hickman Skinner (1884--1889), son of John A. Skinner and Amanda Brooks Skinner is buried in Mill Run Baptist Cemetery.  Beware of confusing the child'sburial placel with that of Dr. Skinner who is probably buried at a currently unknown location in Iowa. (from Greg Stull)

    Eniwisle, Nancy A. (1818-1884 Jan 03)
    This is Nancy A. (McShane) Artist Entwisle, buried with her first husband Samuel Artist. Her second husband, Thomas Entwisle is buried with his first wife in Council Hill cemetery, rural Monona, Clayton co. IA (S.F.)

    Flack, ? (1870-1936)
    Flack, A. (1863-1945)
    -This is
    Robert Flack, Dec 18, 1863-Nov 6, 1945, and his wife Eunice May (Jenkins) Flack, Mar 31, 1870-Nov 15, 1936. Their gravestone is identified only as Father & Mother. (R.O.)

    Halford, Dorcas Dunn (1851-1887 Apr 22)
    This is
    Dorcas (Dunn) Holford (06/12/1851-04/22/1887), w/o Frederick William Holford (1839-03/04/1881). Allamakee Death Records list him as buried "rural Monona" (R.O.) He is buried with his 1st wife Josephine (Woodward) Holford in the Monona City cemetery, Clayton county, IA (S.F.)

  • May's Prairie Cemetery notes
    page 139-143

    Ebner, Kaspar
    Ebner, Frantz Sales

    -We found the grave site of my husband's great-grandfather, Kasper Ebner (the headstone reads Caspar Ebnar). We cleaned it off and, to our surprise, found a 9 month old son is buried with him. The writing is in German, so only someone who could read it would know. The baby's name was Franz Sales (Ebner) and the headstone spells Franz with a "t" in it, ie: Frantz. The baby's burial is not recorded in Woodmansee. The inscription under the age is: "Sleeps near his father". The father, Kasper, died February 22,1861. If the baby Franz died near the same time, he would have been born in May of 1860. (contributor: Beth Ebner)

    Feuerhelm, Althea (died 1930)
    -She was born Aug. 3, 1930 and died Aug. 12 or 13, 1930. Her funeral was on the 14th. Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Feuerhelm (source: obit). (S.F.)

    Hirth - 2 entries, infant sons born & died 1900
    -They are buried in French Creek cemetery. (R.O.)

    Hirth, Louis (1883-1913)
    -DOB for Louis Hirth is in error. His headstone clearly has a birth year of 1830. This also coincides with all the census that he is listed on. His wife Catherine (1836-1888) is also on the same headstone. (contributor: David Mason)
    -I have Ludwig (Louis) b. Hockenbein, Baden, Germany 9/8/1830 d. 7/23/1913 and his wife Catharine Anna Zeitler b. 12/30/1836 Berne, Switzerland d 10/16/1888 (D.D.)

    Meyers, Ann (1857-10/25/1925)
    -ACDR give burial place as Lycurgus cemetery. Woodmansee's book lists her in both Lycurgus and Mays Prairie cemeteries. The notation for Mays Prairie indicates there is a Martin Funeral Home record and the notation for Lycurgus indicates 'no grave marker'. I have not found a obit, cemetery record or church record for her. Additional information is needed to verify place of burial. (R.O.)

    White, Sarah (1855 Jan 01-1881 Oct 01)
    -Correct burial place is Oakland Main, Waukon. (R.O.)

  • Minert / Post twp. Cemetery notes
    page 579-584

    Asher, Mahala A. (1818 Feb 12-1870 Dec 31)
    Rudolf Keiser, his wife (Ruth Annetta Asher Keiser) & children Edward Keiser and Rosa Keiser have no existing gravestones in Minert cemetery and are not included in the 'Woodmansee' book. According to her obituary, Ruth was buried next to her mother Mahala Asher. According to Rudolf's obit he was buried in Post Twp./Minert cemetery - so it is likely that their children Edward and Rosa are also buried in that vicinity. Only Mahala has an existing gravestone. (S.F.)

    Brainard, Elsie S. 
    -born 11/0/1914  and deceased 10/12/1980.  She married Elmer in 1936 and gave birth to me in 1941 so she was not deceased in 1930 as stated in the Woodmansee book. (contributor: Kay F. Brainard Hicks)

    Cheadle, Asa (1825 Apr 29-1892 Feb 22)
    -A death notice published for Asa Cheadle in the Postville Review, indicates he died in 1882 rather than 1892. (R.J.)

    Curry, Wilbur (died 1877 Oct 22)
    Although he may be buried in Minert cemetery, a small stone inscribed: "Our Willie" Wilbur Curry Died Dec 22, 1877 Aged 10 years 5 Ms & 6 D; was found propped up against the base of the gravestone of Roxana Payne Karwick in the Postville cemetery. Unknown is how long it had been there & there is no known relationship. Willie died in the 1877 diptheria epidemic that swept the area, killing several children. A year after Willie died his parents Elisha & Catherine (Dobson) Curry removed from their farm in Post twp. (near the Minert cemetery) to Nebraska, where they lived the remainder of their lives. Willie's older sister, Amanda J. (Curry) Shepherd, died 1941, is buried in the Postville cemetery. In 1908, the Postville cemetery lot (S Lot 5) owned by E.W. Curry was forfeited for non-payment of assessment for yrs 1905-1907. That Elisha had maintained the assessment for the lot previous to his death in 1908, very possibly supports Willie being buried in the N Lot 5, Postville cemetery - from S.F. & R.O.

    Harris, William (
    1847 -1923 Mar 07)
    -The tombstone at Minert cemetery has no dates on it. The dates shown in Woodmansee are for a different William Harris who is buried in the Postville cemetery. The tombstone in Minert does have the inscription Co I MO 1 Engr.  This is the company that William J. Harris served in.  Records show he enlisted October 6 and was mustered Oct 31, 1861, at the age of 41, residence Lybrand.  Returning Civil War veterans listed William Harris with wife Cloe, 42, and son Willie T., 2 months.  This is the wife and son of William J. Harris who was born 13 December 1816 and died 10 February 1877 as shown by probate records found in both Allamakee County, Iowa, and Butler County, Nebraska. (contributor: DeLoris Jensby)

    Keiser, Rudolph, Ruth, Edward & Rosa - see notes (above) for Mahala Asher. None of these Keiser's appear in the 'Woodmansee' book. (S.F.)

    McWilliams, Amanda (1880 - 11 Aug. 1900)
    -Woodmansee has her death date incorrect. In her obituary published Sept. 21, 1900, it states: "Mandy McWilliams was born November 26th, 1880, on a farm in the east part of Post township, and died in Postville, Sept. 11, 1900, aged 19 years, 10 months and 15 days" (R.J.)

  • Mt. Hope Cemetery notes
    page 31-35

    Bulman, Frances A., nee Wiemerslage - 12 Feb1900 - 12 Sept 1992, her death occurred after the Woodmansee book was published. (contributor: Norma Bulman Gaertner)

    May,   ?, ?-1869
    May, D.O., 1816-1896 Apr 04
    -I've identified them as Dexter Otis May, b. March 31, 1818 in New York, d. April 4, 1896 and Eliza A. 'Rose' May, b. 1827 in Massachusetts, d. 1869. Dexter O. & Eliza A. are the parents of Frank D. May (Francis Dexter May)  who is buried in Mt. Hope lot 2 along with his wife, Adella L. (Yeoman) May, and their son, Chauncy.

    Sadler, Louise M. (1876 Jan 01-1940 Feb 27)
    -Louise Sadler is buried in English Bench cemetery not Mt. Hope cemetery. Iowa Gravestone Project has a photo of her gravestone in English Bench. In the Woodmansee book she is listed in both cemeteries. (R.O.)

    Weymiller, Verna I Jackson, 1921 Sep 18-1973 Sep 29 
    -her maiden name is Jacobson, not Jackson. She was daughter of Carl & Dora Jacobson of Spring Grove area, MN. Source: Verna's brother Leslie “Les “ J. Jacobson's obituary. (P.M.)

    Weber, Hazel M. (1888 Dec 26-1964 Oct 31)
    -She may actually be buried in St. Luke's cemetery, Eitzen, Minnesota. Researchers should confirm burial place. (R.O.)

  • Mt. Olivet Cemetery notes
    pg 207-225 * pg 226-244

    Ahern, Joseph (1873 Sep 22-1926 Oct 16)
    -He is buried St. Mary's Hanover cemetery, not in Mt. Olivet. (sources: ACDR & the obit of his wife Agnes Devitt A'Hearn) Woodmansee book lists him in both Mt Olivet and St. Mary's Hanover. Correct spelling of surname is A'Hearn. (R.O.)

    Baxter, Charles (1906-?)
    -His name is on the same gravestone as Inez Baxter, but only his birth year is engraved, no DOD. Charles Thomas Baxter died in Fresno, California. (source: Death index) and is likely buried there. His dates are 6/7/1906 - 3/3/1976. (R.O.)

    Bresnahan, Roland D. (1953-1972)
    -This entry is likely not valid, and may have been confused with Ronald Duane Mellick (1953 Sep 06-1972 Feb 15) who is buried in Mt. Olivet. Researchers should verify. (R.O.)

    Burke, Richard (1907 Dec 17-1909 Sep 08)
    -John Richard Burke, s/o J. & J. Burke is buried in Paint Rock cemetery (St. Joseph's), not Mt. Olivet. (R.O.)

    Coddwaters, Bannart (1869 Oct 27-1874 Dec 20)
    Coddwaters, Benjamin (1804 Nov 17-1875 Apr 17)
    Coddwaters, Ellen (1874 Jan 09-1874 Jan 09)
    -All three of these entries have errors:
    The correct surname for Bannart & Ellen is Spinner. Bannart should be Barnhart, nicknamed 'Barney'. Barnhart & Ellen are the children of Barnhart & Mary Louise (Goodwater) Spinner, who are buried in St. Frances deSales cemetery, Ossian, Winneshiek co. Iowa. The dates for the Spinner siblings are correct. (R.O.)
    The correct surname for Benjamin Coddwaters is Goodwater. Mary L. Spinner was the daughter of Benjamin Goodwater. (R.O.)

    Curtis, Agnes (1875 Sep 28-1961 Apr 26)
    Piggott, Agnes (1875 Sep 28 -1961 Apr 26)
    -This is the same woman. Curtis may be her mother's maiden name, or perhaps her married name, but this is not clear in the death notice published in the Waukon Republican Standard. The 1900 & 1910 census enumerates Agnes, in Ludlow twp. living with her parents James & Margaret/Margarite Piggott. (R.O.)

    Delany, Michael (1791-1885 Aug 07)
    Devaney, Michael (no dates in the Woodmansee book)
    -These are the same man. Correct surname is Devaney. Gravestone: Died Aug 1, 1885 Aged 95 years (not Aug 7) - (R.O.)

    Duffy, Rita M. (1901-1947)
    Fitzgerald, Rita M. (1901-1947)
    -These are the same woman - she is buried as Rita Duffy. Unknown what, if any, association the Fitzgerald surname has with Rita Duffy. (R.O.)

    Ford, Mary G. (b. 1856 -?)
    Ford, Michael (1854-1918 Sep 27)
    Ford, Michael J. (1890-1910)
    -Correct dates for the Ford family:
    Mary (Bresnahan) Ford (5/29/1856-6/24/1939), w/o Michael
    Michael Ford (7/12/1854-7/20/1927), h/o Mary
    Michael James Ford (11/22/1892-9/27/1918), s/o Michael & Mary
    Sources: obituaries of Michael & Mary Ford; and military headstone application of Michael James Ford who served with Co. F, 54th MN Pioneer Infantry in WWI. (R.O.)

    Francis, Jerome (1889-1961)
    I believe this is Jerome Anthoney Huber born: 1889 Jun 05 died:1961 Jun 18. In the Woodmansee book he is also correctly listed under Huber. His gravestone is inscribed 1889-1961. (R.O.)

    Henderson, Thomas R. (1956-1971)
    -This entry is likely not valid, and may have been confused with Thomas Robert Anderson (1956 Jan 06-1971 Jul 20) who is buried in Mt. Olivet. Researchers should verify. (R.O.)

    Jones, Fred (1886 Mar 27-1937 Jun 28)
    -He is buried Oakland Cemetery, main section. He has a gravestone in Oakland & his obit confirms burial place. In the Woodmansee book he is listed in Mt. Olivet and in Oakland. (R.O.)

    King, Elizabeth 1878 Jun 19-1907 Mar 22
    -The dates given in Woodmansee are not correct. Her gravestone is inscribed: 6/19/1878 - 03/22/1903. She died at Minneapolis, MN. (R.O.)

    Kubitz, Raymond J. (1900 May 07-1980 May 20)
    -Correct surname is Kibby. Dates are correct. He shares a gravestone with Mary Kibby (1900-1992). (R.O.)

    Lydon, Anna (1827-1928)
    -The death year is incorrect. Her gravestone has death year of 1908. My believe is that if there actually was another Anna Lydon who lived to be 101 years old there would be more trace of her. (R.O.)

    McClaskey, Edmund 1864 Feb 24-1911 Jul 16
    Moroney, Edmund 1884 Feb 25-1911 Jul 16
    -More than likely these entries are for the same man, researchers should verify. Edmund Moroney died in Prairie du Chien, WI. (R.O.)

    McClaskey, Margaret (1870 Sep 19 - 1959 Jun 27)
    -Margaret (Maroney) McClaskey died June 27, 1939 (not 1959) in Minnesota (source: Minnesota Death index). Her gravestone in Mt. Olivet is inscribed 9/19/1870-6/27/1939. (R.O.)

    McDonald, Edward Joseph (1874 Sep 14-1955 Nov 08)
    McDonald, Mary Freda (1884 Mar 31-1968 May 19)
    -correct surname spelling (per gravestone) is McDonell. (R.O.)

    Piggott, Leonard (1903-1976 Feb 06)
    -His correct dates are 12/03/1903-02/06/1977. (source: SSDI, gravestone inscription and obit in the Waukon Democrat). His wife is also buried in Mt. Olivet, Anna (Gerdes) Piggott 1906 Apr 16-1999 Jan 10. (R.O.)

    Quillin, Michael (1841 Oct 08-1919 Nov 30)
    -Correct burial place is St. Mary's cemetery, Hanover. His funeral was also conducted at St. Mary's Hanover. -from Jim Henderson, distant relation

    Ward, Vera (1895 May 04-1962 Jul 15)
    Correct burial place is St. Mary's cemetery, Hanover. Mary Veronica 'Vera' Ward, d/o Wm Henry & Anna (Cavanaugh) Ward has a gravestone in St. Mary's cemetery, engraved as Vera M. Ward 5/4/1895-7/15/1962. (S.F.)

  • New Albin City Cemetery notes
    page 47-61

    Angell, Charles L.
    -notes - he is buried in Oak Hill, Lansing. (P.M.)

    Bellows, William K.
    (1876 May 15-1906 Feb 19)
    -notes: This is William R. Ballou. Dates on his gravestone are 03/15/1816 - 02/24/1906 (R.O.)

    Brenner, John
    Brenner, Ernestine

    -correct names are John and Ernestine Brennan. (L.H.)

    Burke, Mary
    Burke, William (1871-1958)
    -notes: Correct surname is Beneke. Mary (Meyer) Beneke (1880 Oct 10-1970 Apr 06) died in Caledonia, MN. William Beneke SR is also correctly listed in the Woodmansee book. (R.O.)

    Darling, Charles Aaron
    -notes: according to the Oak Hill Cemetery, Lansing, record book, he died in Lansing, IA on Feb. 9, 1926 of lobar pneumonia & was buried in Oak Hill cemetery on Feb. 11, 1926. Woodmansee (citing "death records as source") erroneously indicates that he is buried in New Albin City cemetery. (P.M.)

    Darling, Elizabeth (1867 Nov 23-1952)
    Darling, Robert (1867 Apr 30-1938)
    -notes: They are correctly Robert R. Arndt (04/30/1867 - 05/20/1938) and his wife Elizabeth (Heiller) Arndt (11/23/1869 - 03/04/1958) (R.O.)

    Fish, Norman T. (1848 Sep 06 - 1907 May 28)
    -Norman E. Fish, Sep 06, 1847- May 28, 1907, is buried St. Joseph cemetery, New Albin. Source is ACDR. (R.O.)

    Gordon, Edward (1871 Apr 21-1928 Sep 17)
    -The state-level death certificate index gives DOD for James Edward Gordon 9/15/1938; note that the index misspelled surname as Garden. (R.O.)

    Hahn, William Speck (1874-1944)
    -Name on his gravestone is William Speckhahm, not Hahn. Woodmansee has also listed him under Speckhahn, that spelling also incorrect. (R.O.)

    Ink, Clifton J. (1922-1924)
    -This is Clifton John Fink, who is most likely buried in Wheatland cemetery, not New Albin. Allamakee Death Records show he died in Iowa twp. although the location of burial is not noted in the death record. His sister Helen Irene Fink is also buried in Wheatland. (R.O.)

    Irons, Merlin Wayne
    -This should be Melvin Wayne Irons. He was my grandfather's brother, he died around his teen years from drowning or falling out of the barn. My grandfather had two of 12 siblings die during childhood, one of each of the previously mentioned causes. (contributor: Matt Irons)

    Lager, Frederick (d. 1982 Feb 12)
    -Burial is in St. Joseph's Catholic cemetery, New Albin where Fred C. Lager (1905-1982) shares a gravestone with Maida M. Lager. (R.O.)

    Marshall, __ (d. 1898 Oct)
    -Surname spelling on gravestone is Marschall. There are 2 entries inscribed: Walter Marschall (10/30/1896-10/12/1898). His death notice was in the New Albin Courier; the other is Frieda H. (d. 12/31/????), her dates are nearly illegible on the stone. (R.O.)

    Martin, Herman (1845 Sep 19-1926 Apr 05)
    -Burial place is not the city cemetery, he is buried & has a gravestone in St. Joseph's catholic cemetery, New Albin, next to his 2nd wife Ella. His 1st wife Ellnorah is buried in the city cemetery. (R.O.)

    McDonald, William (1800-1872)
    -Correct burial place may be Sand Cove cemetery, but there may not be a marker for him in either cemetery.

    -The correct surname spelling is Myers for John Meyers (1836- 1919), Irena Meyers (1866-1945), and David M. Meyers (1899-1903). (L.H.)

    Nessial?, Louis F. (1848 Feb 14 - 1907)
    -Surname spelling on gravestone is Messall. Dates 2/14/1848-08/08/1907. Spelling in 1895 Iowa State census & 1900 Federal census is Missall. (R.O.)

    Poole, Charles L. (1886 Mar 15-1893 Dec 10)
    -Charles L. Poole was born 1786 in England. His gravestone in engraved March 16, 1786. He appears on census records in Allamakee co. from 1860 to 1880, all indicating a birth late 1780's. Additionally, his obituary gives DOB as 3/15/1876. (S.F.)

    Reed, Joseph Edward
    -the date for Joseph Edward Reed birth year is shown as 1827. The stone has 1837. Also Juliet A. Reed, wife of J.E. Reed is on the same stone, born Dec. 10, 1845 (five is hard to make out) and died Mar. 24, 1910. Woodmansee does not include her. (L.H.)

    -there is a gravestone for Lottie Reibling (1897-1912) in the cemetery, but not listed in Woodmansee. (L.H.)

    Reinhardt, Lorana? (1863-1897 Sep --)
    Reinhardt, Mathias (1829-1892 Sep 07)
    Reinhardt, Rena ( d. 1890 May 09)
    -Surname on gravestone is Reinard. Mathias' DOD is inscribed 9/6/1893. Lorana & Rena are same person, Lorana being the name inscribed on the stone with DOD 5/9/1891. (R.O.)

    Robinson, John Joseph (1841 Feb 01-1929 Oct 19)
    Robinson, John T. (no dates) 
    -These entries are the same man - the second name is correct, and the dates with the first entry are correct. John T. Robinson is enumerated on census records as John T. (never John J., John Joseph or J.J.). His wife Georgiana and daughter Daisy are also buried in New Albin cemetery.  In 1930 Daisy applied for a military gravestone for her father giving his DOD 10/19/1929. A photo of that military stone (no dates) is online at the 27th Iowa website.  A brief obit in the Postville Herald, 10/31/1929,  gave his DOD as 10/19/1929.  His wife & Daisy’s obits gives his name as John T.   The middle name ‘Joseph’ in Woodmansee is incorrect although the Allamakee Co. Death Records also show him as Joseph Robinson. (R.O. & S.F.)

    Robinson, Jay P. (1870 - Feb 19 1929)
    -Jay J. or Jay P. Robinson died in McGregor 10/01/1909, not on the date indicated in 'Woodmansee'. He is buried in New Albin cemetery.  The 1895 Iowa State census enumerates Jay with wife Rosel & young son, Lloyd.  The census indicates Jay’s birth year ca1870 in Wisconsin.  The Allamakee Journal printed his obituary giving 1871-Sep 24, 1909 as his dates & burial place as New Albin. Unknown which middle initial (J or P) is correct. (R.O. & S.F.)

    -Hans P. Rosendahl, born Apr. 5, 1816, died Aug. 10, 1896 has a gravestone, but is not included in Woodmansee. (L.H.)

    Ross, Addie (1856 Dec 11-1943)
    -Adeline (Buchanan) Ross; dates on gravestone are 12/16/1858-11/16/1914. Woodmansee also has erroneously listed her in St. Joseph's cemetery, New Albin. Her gravestone is in the New Albin city cemetery. (R.O.)

    Seeley, Deborah Ryan
    -Deborah Ryan Seeley, born August, 1820 & died March 6, 1902; wife of John Adam Seeley. According to death certificate at Allamakee Courthouse, Deborah is buried in the Ross cemetery (New Albin City cemetery) She is not listed in Woodmansee records, but John Adam is. Death certificate has Pennsylvania listed as state of birth. It also lists Ross Cemetery as place of interment. (P.M.)

    Speckhahn, William Henry (1874 Jan 05-1944 Sep 05)
    -Surname is Speckhahm on his gravestone. (S.F.)

    Stevens, Ollie Dorothy (1885 Dec 27-1979 Apr 08)
    -Ollie Dorothy (May) Kester Stevens Ulren shares a gravestone with Charles Kester, her first husband. Stevens is not engraved on the stone. (R.O.)

    Terryson, William (1893-1956)
    -Correct name is William Tennyson Smith, which is inscribed on the gravestone he shares with Lyla Beatrice Smith. (R.O.)

    -The correct surname spelling is Thomson for the 2 unknown Thompson burials, Ruby Thompson, Donald Howard Thompson and Charles Thompson. (L.H.)

    -Buried next to Robert H. Thomson is Caroline Thomson, born in 1852 and died in 1938. She is not included in Woodmansee. (L.H.)

    Weber, ? (?-1925 Dec 27)
    -Although the death date is slightly different in Woodmansee, Allamakee co. Death Records have 'Infant Weber' born and died October 11, 1925 with burial in St. Johns (Wheatland) cemetery. In the Woodmansee book this infant is listed in New Albin City cemetery. Unknown if 'Infant Weber' is the same as unknown Weber, researchers should confirm for themselves. (R.O.)

    Weymiller, Otilie H.
    -Not in Woodmansee; shares a gravestone w/August F. Weymiller. Ottlie Hedwig (Bettin) Weymiller, w/o August, 12/17/1874 - 04/06/1945. She died in LaCrosse, WI. (L.H. & R.O.)


Note Contributors:

Diana Dietrich (D.D.)
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Sharyl Ferrall (S.F.)
Nancy J. Geitgey (N.G.)
Larry Harmon (L.H.)
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Elaine Johnson (E.J.)
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