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Union Cemetery
Ellsworth Township
Emmet County IAGenWeb

History: Herman Harvego came to this country about 1880 and farmed the land. Upon the death of their infant son, Herman & Minnie Harvego, chose a site on a hill on the Harvego Farm. It was known as the Harvego Cemetery until later when it was turned over to the administrator of the township, renaming it.

Union Cemetery is in Section 10 of Ellsworth Township in Emmet County Iowa OR Seven miles north of Estherville, IA and 3 miles east on 100th Street, a gravel road.

Latitude: 43.501N   Longitude: 94.725W
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Please note: this is not a complete listing of burials. Please check local sources for exact information.

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Union Cemetery, Emmet County, IOwa

Surname Given Name Born Died Notes/Inscriptions Additional Info
Albrant C. K. 12/16/1903 12/17/1990   Gravestone Photo
Albrant Donald infant 1953 s/o Clarence  
Albrant Iva 11/17/1917 12/26/2001   Gravestone Photo
Albrant Norbert infant 1959 s/o Clarence  
Albrant Pete unmarked   s/o Clarence  
Albrant Ricky 02/27/1955 06/25/1955 s/o Clarence  
Albrant Robert 07/15/1938 01/27/1949 s/o Clarence  
Albrant Unknown?     Four unmarked white wooden crosses adjacent to C.K & Iva Albrant gravestone. Gravestone Photo
Guede Mary (Saggau) 1895 1988   Gravestone Photo
Hageman Mae M. Rosburg 12/24/1896 1972 M: 12/17/1919; w/o William C. Gravestone Photo
Hageman William Christian 02/01//1896 01/07/1970 PVT Base Hosp. 130th IA WWI Gravestone Photo
Gravestone Photo
Harvego Amelia 03/04/1840 12/21/1909 w/o Herman Gravestone Photo
Harvego Baby Boy infant 02/11/1899 s/o Herman & Wilhemenia Gravestone Photo
Harvego Clara R. 01/06/1884 09/08/1971 w/o Ernest Gravestone Photo
Harvego Earl A. 09/18/1911 07/18/1965 h/o Ruth C. Obituary
Harvego Ernest 06/16/1881 04/06/1943 h/o Clara R. Gravestone Photo
Harvego Harry R. 1915 11/28/1915   Gravestone Photo
Harvego Herman 06/16/1838 05/27/1917 h/o Amelia Gravestone Photo
Harvego Ruth C. 09/15/1918 no dates w/o Earl A.  
Heesch Agnes 07/03/1904 11/26/1910 d/o John & Belle  
Heesch Belle (Tuttle) 1878 1934   Gravestone Photo
Heesch Hazel 05/22/1901 04/04/1902 d/o John & Belle Gravestone Photo
Myhre Albert 1879 1958 h/o Minnie Gravestone Photo
Myhre Baby Girl 1911 1911 d/o Albert Myhre Gravestone Photo
Myhre Minnie 1878 1948 w/o Albert Gravestone Photo
Richard Frank unmarked     Obituary
Rosburg Baby Boy infant 10/10/1898 s/o Henry & Mary Gravestone Photo
Rosburg Bessie E. 06/25/1894 07/16/1974 p/o Elsie & Robert; M: 2/25/1920; w/o Herman Gravestone Photo
Rosburg Fred H. 1857 1944   Gravestone Photo
Rosburg Harry W. 1895 1965   Gravestone Photo
Rosburg Henry 1865 05/10/1937 h/o Mary K. Obituary
Rosburg Herman 04/13/1892 10/15/1975 p/o Elsie & Robert; h/o Bessie E. Gravestone Photo
Rosburg Mary K. 1869 1941 w/o Henry  
Rosburg William C. 01/25/1863 04/05/1901 38Y 2M 12D Gravestone Photo
Saggua Detlef 08/12/1889 10/29/1905   Gravestone Photo
Saggua John no dates no dates   Gravestone Photo
Saggua Katherin no dates no dates   Gravestone Photo
Sherman Thomas 09/09/1819 09/19/1901 82Y 10D Gravestone Photo
Tuttle Andrew 1875 1907 b/o Belle Heesch Gravestone Photo
Tuttle Mary Lichty 1846 1921   Obituary
Tuttle Osmond 1840 09/11/1903 b/o Belle Heesch Gravestone Photo
VierKandt Ellen A. 1905 1916 d/o Gus & Ellen Gravestone Photo

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