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Volunteers are IAGenWeb. We are committee members, home page coordinators, organizers of files submitted by volunteers, transcribers of public records for inclusion in the archives, as well as other project assistants, coordinators, and contributors. Contact us below. You are invited to Join Our Team!


Lynn Diemer-Mathews IAGenWeb State Coordinator
Jennie Williams Pahls IAGenWeb Assistant State Coordinator
Linda Ziemann IAGenWeb Immediate Past State Coordinator
Brenda White Welcome Hostesses
Mark Christian Technical Team Leader


The IAGenWeb Project thanks our former SC's for their leadership. Their collective wisdom & advice remains a valued resource for our project today and will continue to be in the future.
Linda Ziemann 2023/2024
Kris Meyer 2022/2023
Cindy Booth Maher 2021/2022
Constance McDaniel Hall 2020/2021
Constance Diamond 2019/2020
Paul Nagy 2018/2019
Lynn McCleary 2017/2018
Cheryl Siebrass 2016/2017
Karen De Groote 2015/2016
William Haloupek 2014/2015
Constance McDaniel Hall 2013/2014
Stephen D. Williams 2012/2013
Ralph Leonard 2011/2012
Linda Ziemann 2010/2011
Constance Diamond 2009/2010
Richard Harrison 2008/2009
Karen De Groote 2007/2008
Barbara Hug 2006/2007
Greta Thompson 2005/2006
Sharyl Ferrall 2004/2005
Gail Meyer Kilgore 2003/2004
Don Kelly 2002/2003
Mark Christian 2001/2002
Margot Hill 2000/2001
Richard Harrison 1999/2000
Randy L. Dop 1998/1999
Loren Toomsen 1997/1998
Kelly Boldan 1996/1997


Mark Christian General Support & Team Leader
Stephen D. Williams General Support & Web Page Designer


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Stone City, Grant Wood, 1930

About the Home Page Artwork

The artwork on the home page is Stone City, Iowa, 1930, by Grant Wood, oil on wood, Joslyn Art Museum, Art Institute of Omaha Collection and is reproduced courtesy of Carol Gertin.
The real Stone City is located in Jones county, Iowa.