Iowa in the Great War.

This Project is Dedicated to

The Brave Men and Women who served 

in the Great War!

And to their Iowa Families and the sacrifices they made.

May they never be forgotten ...

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We Live in the Land of the Free,

Because So Many Sacrificed So Much!


114,242 Iowans served

3,576 Iowans gave the ultimate sacrifice

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Welcome to Iowa in the Great War, an IAGenWeb Special Project.  This project will cover roughly the time period of the The Great War,* 1914-1919.  This project was born out of the desire to not let the sacrifices and contributions of Iowa families during the Great War ever be forgotten.  Here we are trying to Honor those men and women who served from Iowa and the families who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms... the lives of their sons, daughters, husbands and fathers.


Iowa has always answered the call to do their part in helping to preserve our freedom and the freedom of others, and the Great War was no exception!  Over 500,000 Iowans between the ages of 18 and 45 registered for the draft. Iowa sent 114,242 men and women to serve during this war.  One of the first U.S. soldiers killed in combat in World War I was an Iowan, Merle Hay, from Glidden. The first U.S. woman to die of injuries in a combat zone also was an Iowan, Marion Crandell, formerly a French teacher at St. Katharine's School in Davenport. She died while serving in a canteen, when an artillery shell exploded nearby.


I hope you will join us as we begin our journey to preserve the history of the brave men and women who served from Iowa, as well as the great sacrifices and many contributions of all Iowans. Please share your biographies, military records, events, company histories, awards, newspaper accounts of war time events, etc., by emailing me at IowaGreatWar today!

*Since WWII the Great War has been known as WWI.

Constance is our volunteer Coordinator

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