Stories and Letters Home



Capt. F.B. Whitmore Letter Home from Siberia
Arthur Johnson Letter Home, "Flying is the only Game"
Harold Chamberlin Letter Home, Describing His Experience With German Gas Shells
A Christmas in France, 1917
John Milton McCullough Remembering
Pearl Edwards Remembering


Letters Home

Martin Brinkman  Letter Home from France
Hocamp Collection of letters and photos sent home
Letter Home from Germany, A. T. Hittle
Letter from King George Vth to A.E.F. soldiers, A. T. Hittle
Private Walter Bliven  Letter Home from Vladivostok, Russia
Private LeRoy Rounds Letter Home from Germany
Capt. Loomis O. Black Letter Home from France
Letter To Sentinel from Unknown writer
Sergeant Elmer J. Featherston Letter Home
First Lieut. A. M. Mauer Camp Hospital 26, St. Aignon, France
Leonard Dunn Army Hospital in France and New York

Oliver Reiley Letter Home from Lorraine, France

Charley Sank's Letter Home from Lorraine, France

Fred S. Ferguson's Letter Home from Lorraine, France

Charles Joynt Letter Home from Tours France
Clarence Anderson Letter Home from Ft. Logan, Colorado
William Muir Letter Home from Mexican Border
Lawrence Anderson Letter Home  from somewhere in France
Charles Tripp Letter Home from "Somewhere" in France
William Reinders Letter Home from "Battle Front" in France
Frank Sullivan Letter Ho me from Blois in France
Charles Higgins Letter Home from Trier, Germany
Captain Joe Hession Letter Home from France


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