Private Herbert & Emma Hocamp Collection

The 'Hocamp Collection' is a selection of letters from Pvt. Herbert Hocamp and his wife Emma Hocamp to Fred and Mary Fett.  Mary and Emma were sisters. "Eleonora" mentioned in some of the letters was Fred and Mary's oldest daughter (about 2 years old at the time the letters were written, born in 1916).  Fred and Mary's second daughter Ruth was born in May of 1918, is also mentioned.  Herbert (Herb) and Emma farmed north of Adair and never had any children.  They moved into town (Adair) at retirement.  Cheryl remembers Emma being widely known for her many beautiful quilts. 

One of the letters mentions a quilt auction the Hocamp's church, in Iowa, had for the Red Cross.  The quilt sold for $488. 

Herbert went into the Army in December 1917 and was initially stationed at Fort Flagler, WA, but later went to Fort Worden.  Emma traveled out to WA in April, 1918.  The letters mention other Iowans stationed there, and one soldier, a close friend from home, who died at the camp.  Most of those mentioned are from Audubon Twp., Audubon County or Grant Township, Guthrie County.  However, a couple men from Atlantic (Cass County) are mentioned, and I remember seeing mention of one from Winterset. Herbert served as Justice of the Peace in Adair for a number of years.

Cheryl Siebrass, Grandniece of Emma Hocamp


Letters Home

Fort Flagler, Washington, May 14, 1918
Fort Flagler, Washington, May 14, 1918
Fort Flagler, Washington, May 14, 1918
Fort Flagler, Washington, May 14, 1918
Fort Flagler, Washington, 23 Apr 1918
Herb & Emma, 18 May 1918
Herb & Em, 14 May 1918
Herbert & Emma, 03 May 1918
Emma, 27 Apr 1918
Port Townsend, Washington, 08 Apr 1918
Montana, May 14, 1918
Port Townsend, Washington,  17 Apr 1918
Fort Flagler, Washington,   03 Apr 1918
Fort Flagler, Washington,  14 May 1918
Fort Flagler, Washington,  18 Jun 1918
Fort Flagler, Washington,   26 Feb 1918
Fort Flagler, Washington;  12 Feb 1918