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Also known as England School
Tingley Township

Eighme No. 9 - January 11, 2018


Mount Ayr Record-News
Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa
Thursday, February 26, 2015, Page 11

From "Snapshots of History" by Mike Avitt:

"When rural schoolhouses were first built in Ringgold County, they were built where the need was the greatest. But eventually districts were formed and education became organized. It was decided to place a rural school every two miles so a pupil would never have to walk more than a mile to school. My notes say [July 1890. . . ] is the time frame when the schools were placed about every two miles. . . ."

Tingley Township was divided into nine school districts. Eighme School was closed by 1950.

Quoting Mike's article, "As gravel roads and school buses made rural schools obsolete, they were sold. . . .The ones that were sold were sold one at a time until October 22, 1951 when Cozy Corner [Tingley Twp. No. 3], Eighme School [Tingley Twp. No 9], and Bridge Academy [Tingley Twp. No. 4] all sold at public auction for around $600 each. Sales were common during the 1950s."

Tingley Township was divided into nine school districts. The Eighme School was closed by 1950.


EIGHME SCHOOL No. 9, Teacher Velma HEATON, Fall of 1935

Back Row, left to right: Evan DAVENPORT, Harold BALL, Doyle RUBY, Miss Velma HEATON, Margaret DAVENPORT, Dorothy BIRD
Middle Row, left to right: Jerald SHULL, Raymond BALL, George DAILEY, Lyle SHULL
Front Row, left to right:Reva RUBY, Delmar SHULL, Roger MORRISON, John DAILEY


The last day of classes for Eighme School was on January 20, 1941 with Roger MORRISON of Tingley, the sole pupil, and Maxine MAIN, teacher. Eighme School is located on its original site, located eight miles north of the east intersection of Highway 2 and Highway 169, on the west side of the highway.


Ray GUESS and family who lived on the Mrs. Mary DeWITT farm south of town moved to a farm near Kellerton last Sat. By them moving it closed Tingley Township School No. 9 as it left just one pupil enrolled. Miss Maxine MAIN was the teacher

-Tingley Vindicator, Thursday, January 23, 1941

Velma Heaton

Kindergarden Class, Eighme School No. 9
Left to Right: Roger MORRISON, teacher Velma HEATON, Roger Delmer SHAWAL

Contribution by Tony Mercer, Roger's grandson

Houk painting

Painting of Eighme School No. 9
Artist Mrs. Jeanine HOUK presented the painting to Roger MORRISON, the last student. This painting was one of Roger's prized possessions.

Contribution by Tony Mercer, Roger's grandson




Three country schoolhouses, located on the pavement near Tingley sold at auction Monday afternoon. Cozy Corner No. 3 was sold to Fred BIRD; Bridge Academy No. 4, one mile west of Tingley, was bought by the V.F.W. of Mount Ayr for $625, and the Eighme school house was bought by Herb BASTOW for $665.

-Diagonal Reporter, Thursday, October 25, 1951

2009 Inside

Photographs by Sharon R. Becker, August of 2009

2009 The Eighme, Tingley School No. 9, still stands on the west side of Highway 169, approximately eight miles north of Mount Ayr. I wasn't sure what kind of condition the school was on the inside. I waded through shoulder-high weeds, stuck my camera through the small opening, seeing nothing but darkness and a window. I aimed the camera toward the window and took a shot, hoping that the flash would illuminate what was inside. The above right photograph revealed that the wainscoating was still intact, as were the windows.



Mount Ayr Record-News
Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa
Thursday, September 17, 2020, Page 9


From "Snapshots of History" by Mike AVITT

A professional photographer, Dave Austin, recently spent some time in Ringgold County taking pictures of the mural at the Mount Ayr Post Office, Eighme School, and barns. He posted many of his pictures on Facebook and it generated much interest. I get asked about Eighme School often so I’ll share all I have on the subject.

Tingley Township No. 9, Eighme School, is eight miles north of Mt. Ayr on Highway 169, and is very visible. An 1894 plat map shows the school in its current location, but offers the name England School. The property on the southwest corner of the intersection, where Eighme School is located, was owned by John W. Smith. Across the road north was owned by Samuel England. I. M. Fletcher owned the land to the east.

A 1915 plat map gives no name for the
school, but lists Lena Smith Bastow as the land owner. One might guess that Lena was the widow or daughter of John W. Smith. The land across the road north was owned by L. F. Eighme and Mrs. C. Edwards. A. G. Eighme owned the land on the east side of the road.

My first book, "Pages and Pictures from the Past: Ringgold County Iowa - 1855- 2005," contains a 1935 class photo given to me by Roger Morrison. Roger is pictured with his teacher, Velma Heaton, and his classmates: Reva Ruby, Delmar Shull, John Dailey, Jerald Shull, Raymond Ball, George Dailey, Lyle Shull, Evan Davenport, Harold Ball, Doyle Ruby, Margaret Davenport, and Dorothy Bird.

Roger told me the school closed in 1941 after all his classmates had moved away. His teacher at the time was Maxine Main.

On October 22, 1951, the school was sold at public auction. Herb Bastow paid $665 for the one-room schoolhouse.

Eighme School is one of only two rural schools in Ringgold County that are still on their original foundation. Fairview School in Clinton Township is the other. Urbana School, Poe No. 9, was torn down a few years ago and Walnut Valley in Washington Township, slowly collapsed over the past several years.

Another beautiful, abandoned structure is the Christian Church in Delphos, but it's not on a public highway so few people know about it. But, now you do.

Dave Austin, who is somehow connected to Living History Farms in Des Moines, has stated his intent to make postcards from some of his pictures and I'll keep you updated on that.


South side of schoolhouse February 2022

Mount Ayr Record-News, Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa, February 10, 2007

AVITT, Mike. Pages and Pictures from the Past. . .Ringgold County, Iowa 1855-2005 Pp. 17, 95. Paragon Publications, Inc. Mount Ayr. 2009. Tingley Centennial book, Pp. 128-29. Contributions by Tony Mercer

Transcriptions and 2009 photographs by Sharon R. Becker, June and August of 2009; updated May of 2010; updated September of 2015


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