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Ringgold County, Iowa 1917-1918

NOTE: Children noted are under age of 12 years.

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  • O'CONNOR, Edward, born November 9, 1889, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    farmhand of W. L. SHAY of Maloy, IA, single

  • O'CONNOR, James Edward, Maloy, Iowa
    born October 25, 1882   farmersingle
    nearest relative - Julia M. SHAY, Maloy, IA

  • O'CONNOR, John Daniel, Maloy, Iowa
    born June 24, 1888, County Kerry, Ireland   farmhand of D. R. SHAY of Maloy, IA, married
    NOTE: naturalized citizen

  • O'CONNOR, John Terrence, Maloy, Iowa
    born January 25, 1889, Maloy, IA   farmer, married with 2 children

  • O'CONNOR, Morton, Maloy, Iowa
    born November 18, 1891, County Kerry, Ireland   farmhand of T. S. SHAY of Maloy, IA, single
    NOTE: declared intentions of becoming a naturalized citizen

  • O'CONNOR, Maurice Griffin, Blockton, Iowa
    born August 23, 1876   farmes near Redding, IA, spouse - Jennie O'CONNOR

  • O'GRADY, James, Ellston, Iowa
    born January 15, 1885   farmer, spouse - Jessie T. O'GRADY

  • O'GRADY, John Stephen, Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born February 12, 1883   farmer, spouse - Kate O'GRADY

  • O'GRADY, Robert Michael, Ellston, Iowa
    born October 12, 1892, Ellston, IA   farmer, married with a child

  • O'GRADY, William Emmett, Ellston, Iowa
    born June 24, 1880   farmer, spouse - Bertha V. O'GRADY

  • O'LEARY, John Franklin, Shannon City, Iowa
    born October 15, 1892, Shannon City, IA   farmer of Ringgold Co., married with a child

  • O'MALEY, Edward, Kellerton, Iowa
    born May1, 1893   Kellerton city marshal, single
    nearest relative - Thomas O'MALEY, Kellerton

  • ODELL, Albert, Kellerton, Iowa
    born March 16, 1893, Burrel, IA   farmer, single

  • ODELL, Frank, Kellerton, Iowa
    born May 9, 1894, Decatur City, IA   farmer, married with a child

  • OGIER, William Earl, Kellerton, Iowa
    born January 16, 1889, Beaconsfield, IA   farmer, married with 2 children

  • OGLE, Earl R., Maloy, Iowa
    born April 26, 1893, Mount Ayr, IA   farmer, single

  • OHM, John Henry, RFD 1, Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born May 25, 1886   farmer, single
    nearest relative - William OHM, Mount Ayr, IA

  • OILER, Walter Perry, Kellerton, Iowa
    born May 15, 1887, Martinsburg, WV   farmer, married with 2 children

  • OLIVER, William Martin, Redding, Iowa
    born March 1, 1881   farmer, spouse - Eva OLIVER

  • OLNEY, Carl Eugene, Redding, Iowa
    born September 28, 1877   farmer, spouse - Maud OLIVER

  • OLNEY, Harrison Morton, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born June 24, 1888, Mount Ayr, IA   farmer, married with 3 children

  • OLSON, Charles Constant, Ellston, Iowa
    born August 8, 1886, Lenox, IA   farmer, single

  • ONSTOT, John Fred, Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born December 10, 1881   farmer, spouse - Bertha E. ONSTOT

  • OREFIELD, Arthur Harrison, Kellerton, Iowa
    born September 7, 1892, Decatur City, IA   farmer, married with 3 children

  • ORFIELD, William Albert, Ellston, Iowa
    born February 25, 1890, Lamoni, IA   farmer, married with 2 children

  • ORTH, Chris, RFD 1, Lenox, Ringgold Co., Iowa
    born September 13, 1874   farmhand of Geo. EINFELT of Lenox, IA, spouse - Emma Margaret ORTH

  • OSBORN, Henry Wesley, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born December 13, 1882   farmer, spouse - Lois OSBORN

  • OSBORN, Roy Arthur, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born December 1, 1898   stenographer for J. R. JOHNSTON of Pittsburgh, IA, single
    nearest relative - father Wm. OSBORN, Mount Ayr, IA

  • OSBORN, William, RFD 3, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born September 23, 1874   farmer, spouse - Jessie OSBORN

  • OSHEL, John Henry, Diagonal, Iowa
    born February 24, 1879   farmer, spouse - Elsie OSHEL

  • OSMAN, Peter, Diagonal, Iowa
    born August 4, 1873   hardware business, Diagonal, IA
    nearest relative - Antone OSMAN, Diagonal, IA

  • OVERHOLSER, Arnold Jesse, RFD 1, Diagonal, Iowa
    born October 2, 1873   farmer, spouse - Myrtle Cassie OVERHOLSER

  • OVERHOLSER, Dolliver Sylvanus, Knowlton, Iowa
    born September 5, 1899   farms with father, single
    nearest relative - father William I. OVERHOLSER, Knowlton, IA

  • OVERHOLSER, Harry Guy, RFD 1, Diagonal, Iowa
    born July 9, 1881   farmer, spouse - Lena OVERHOLSER

  • OVERHOLSER, James Glen, Diagonal, Iowa
    born September 16, 1889, Mount Ayr, IA   hardware clerk for Simpson & Johnson of Diagonal
    married with a child

  • OVERHOLSER, John Earl, Diagonal, Iowa
    born July 27, 1872, Knowlton, IA   farmer, married with a child

  • OVERHOLSER, Silas Raymond, Diagonal, Iowa
    born June 1, 1880   divinity student at Omaha, NE
    nearest relative - Georgia Alice OVERHOLSER

  • OVERHOLSER, William Irvin, Knowlton, Iowa
    born August 31, 1874   farmer, spouse - Alta OVERHOLSER

  • OVERHOLTZER, Floyd Meyers, Tingley, Iowa
    born December 12, 1891, TIngley, IA   farmer, married

  • OVERHOLTZER, Ray M., Ellston, Iowa
    born December 14, 1893, Tingley, IA   cashier with Ellston Savings Bank, Ellston, married

  • OWENS, Dennis Edward, Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born March 25, 1891, Garden Grove, IA   farms for John OWENS, Beaconsfield, IA, single

  • OWENS, Earnest Miller, RFD 1, Clearfield, Ringgold Co., Iowa
    born October 10, 1877   farmer, spouse - Ethel OWENS

  • OXENRIDER, Carroll, Tingley, Iowa
    born June 5, 1898   farms with father, single
    nearest relative - father L. C. OXENRIDER, Tingley, IA

  • OXENRIDER, Leroy Clark, Tingley, Iowa
    born June 7, 1877   farmer, spouse - May Violet OXENRIDER

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    SOURCE:  National Archives, Washington, D. C.

    Transcription by Sharon R. Becker, October of 2008

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