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Ringgold County, Iowa 1917-1918

NOTE: Children noted are under age of 12 years.

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  • JACKSON, Charles Phillip, Ellston, Iowa
    born February 17, 1898   farm laborer for Harry GRIMES of Ellston, single
    nearest relative - Mary Rachael JACKSON, Ellston, IA

  • JACKSON, Cecil Elbert, Kellerton, Iowa
    born October 10, 1886, Hayes Co., NE   farmer, married with a child
    Previous Military Service - 1 year as a Private with the Iowa National Guard
    Exemption for sclerosis

  • JACKSON, Clifford, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born June 6, 1891, Grant City, MO   farmer, married with one child
    Exemption for "religious scrupples"

  • JACKSON, Edward Evertt, Kellerton, Iowa
    born July 10, 1898   S.A.T.C. at Fort Sheridan, Lake Co., IL, single
    nearest relative - J. A. JACKSON, Kellerton, IA

  • JACKSON, Ernie, Shannon City, Ringgold Co., Iowa
    born October 29, 1874   farmer of Jefferson Twp., Ringgold Co., IA
    nearest relative - Oral Pearl JACKSON, Shannon City, IA

  • JACKSON, Floyd Leon, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born March 15, 1876   switchman for Belt Line of Gibson, IN
    nearest relative - Mrs. Alice HOBBS, Chicago, IL

  • JACKSON, Guy McCLELLAN, RFD 1, Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born October 11, 1899   student, single, nearest relative - Mack JACKSON, Beacsonsfield, IA

  • JACKSON, Horace Lyle, Ellston, Iowa
    born November 2, 1890, Ellston, IA   farmer, married

  • JACKSON, Levi Sherman, Knowlton, Iowa
    born June 9, 1884   laborer for CG&W Rail Road
    spouse - Rosetta JACKSON

  • JACKSON, Millard Fillmore, Kellerton, Iowa
    born January 20, 1892, Wallace, NE   farmer, married
    Previous Military Service as a Corporal for one year with the Infantry at the State College, Iowa City

  • JACKSON, Marion Grover, Kellerton, Iowa
    born August 21, 1889, Hayes Co., NE   farmer, married with 2 children

  • JACKSON, Robert Paul, Ellston, Iowa
    born March 17, 1895, Ellston, IA   barber, married

  • JACKSON, Roy Newton, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born September 26, 1883   mechanic, nearest relative - Mrs. Alice HOBBS, Mount Ayr, IA

  • JACKSON, Walter John, Ellston, Iowa
    born June 18, 1873   farmer, nearest relative - Mary R. RYAN, Ellston

  • JACKSON, William, RFD 1, Kellerton, Iowa
    born May 14, 1878   farmer, spouse - Della JACKSON

  • JACOBS, Clarence Augusta, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born December 25, 1881   farmer, spouse - Myrtle Enola JACOBS

  • JACOBS, Francis Wesley, Redding, Iowa
    born February 13, 1891, Delphos   farmhand of F. B. MALOY of Redding, single

  • JACOBS, Sidney Dean, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born September 10, 1890, Winterset, IA   farming in Lotts Creek Twp., single

  • JACOBS, William Newman, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born in Des Moines, IA, age 24   farming in Lotts Creek Twp., single

  • JAGGER, James Nathan, Redding, Iowa
    born March 31, 1882   farmer, spouse - Elizabeth C. JAGGER

  • JAMES, B. Cecil, Redding, Iowa
    born March 10, 1890, Ambia, IN   painter & farmhand, married with 3 children

  • JAMES, Carl C., Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born October 8, 1880    farmer, spouse - Eva JAMES
    NOTE: At bottom of card is written "Vegreville, ALLA".

  • JAMES, Clarence Jesse, RFD 1, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born August 9, 1899   farms with father, single
    nearest relative - father S. H. JAMES, Mount Ayr, IA

  • JAMES, Edmond Howe, RFD 3, Redding, Iowa
    born August [?] 13, 1885   farmer, spouse - Eva Gertrude JAMES

  • JAMES, Oda, Gallatin, MO
    born June 4, 1893, Coffeysburg, MO   farmhand for Geo. GORSUCH of Tingley, IA, single

  • JAMES, Ora Weldon, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born May 9, 1895, Mount Ayr, IA   farmer, single

  • JARMAN, Charles Edward, Redward, Iowa
    born October 28, 1872   farmer, spouse - Ida JARMAN

  • JARMAN, Franie W., Redding, Iowa
    born April 1, 1896, Blockton, IA   farmer of Clinton Twp., married

  • JARMAN, Guy Alian, Redding, Iowa
    born February 19, 1898   farmer, nearest relative - father C. E. JARMAN, Redding, IA

  • JARRED, Albert Bert, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born June 2, 1896, Tingley, IA   farmhand for H. WILSON of Mount Ayr, single

  • JARRAD, Arthur George, RFD 3, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born October 10, 1874   farmer, spouse - Ettie JARRAD

  • JEANES, James Edgar, Maloy, Iowa
    born January 14, 1879   farmer, spouse - Etta JEANES

  • JENNINGS, Charles Thomas, RFD 1, Redding, Iowa
    born February 17, 1876   farmer, spouse - Augie JENNINGS

  • JENNINGS, Ernest H., Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born June 7, 1896, Beaconsfield, IA    student at Simpson College, Indianola, IA, single
    nearest relative D. A. JENNINGS, Beaconsfield, IA
    NOTE: Father's birthplace - Ohio

  • JENNINGS, Floyd Charles, Route 2, Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born February 17, 1892, Grand River, IA    salesman for P.J. Auto Co., Minot, ND, single

  • JENNINGS, Frank Hugh, Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born April 19, 1899   farms for D. A. JENNINGS, Beaconsfield, single
    nearest relative - Hattie J. JENNINGS, Beaconsfield, IA

  • JENNINGS, George Madison, Redding, Iowa
    born December 25, 1881   barber, spouse - Ruth JENNINGS

  • JENNINGS, Lewis Edwin, Redding, Iowa
    born September 23, 1873   carpenter, spouse - Esther Mae JENNINGS

  • JENNINGS, Ralph Gar, RFD 1, Redding, Iowa
    born January 29, 1898   farms for C. T. JENNINGS, single
    nearest relative - mother Angie JENNINGS, Redding, IA

  • JENNINGS, Ray Earl, Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born May10, 1889, Grand River, IA   farmer, single

  • JENNINGS, Thomas Marion, RFD 1, Redding, Iowa
    born August 12, 1899   student, nearest relative - mother Angie JENNINGS, Redding, IA

  • JENSEN, Lawrence Alfred, Tingley, Iowa
    born April 14, 1893, Exira, IA   ditch tiler, married with a child

  • JERREMS, William Cornelius, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born January 29, 1891, Coin, IA   farmer, married with one child

  • JESSUP, Darwin E., Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born March 31, 1891, Winterset [?] IA   farmer, married with 2 children

  • JEZEK, David A., Diagonal, Iowa
    born July 21, 1896, Diagonal, IA   self-employed, single
    nearest relative - mother of Diagonal, IA
    NOTE: Father's birthplace - Bohemia, Europe

  • JEZEK, Fred, RFD 3, Diagonal, Iowa
    born October 14, 1881   farmer, spouse - Bessie E. JEZEK

  • JEZEK, Joseph Antone, Diagonal, Iowa
    born November 9, 1881   farmer, spouse - Matilda Mary JEZEK

  • JEZEK, Joseph William, Diagonal, Iowa
    born June 22, 1882   farmer, spouse - Gurta JEZEK

  • JIRICEK, Edward C. , Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born January 19, 1895, Victor, IA   farms with father, single

  • JOHNSON, Almer F., Tingley, Iowa
    born May 8, 1873   farmer, nearest relative - Mrs. Emely S. VANSIEHLL, Lorimor, IA

  • JOHNSON, Bert, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born September 18, 1877   barber, single, nearest relative - Clarence JOHNSON, Oelwine, IA

  • JOHNSON, Edwin Palmer, RFD 2, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born June 9, 1882   farmer, spouse - Edna JOHNSON

  • JOHNSON, Frank H., RFD 4, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born June 12, 1880   farmhand for John TIPPIN of Mount Ayr
    nearest relative - Mrs. Rosetta JOHNSON, Lamoni, IA

  • JOHNSON, Fred, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born December 8, 1876   blacksmith, spuse - Lettie Ress JOHNSON

  • JOHNSON, Glen C., Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born March 6, 1893   day laborer for Earl FULLER of Mount Ayr, single

  • JOHNSON, Homer Alfred, RFD 2, Clearfield, Ringgold Co., Iowa
    born June 18, 1900   farms for father, also nearest relative 0 Alfred E. JOHNSON, Clearfield, IA, single

  • JOHNSON, Miles Jefferson, Kellerton, Iowa
    born September 22, 1887   section foreman for CB&Q Rail Road, spouse - Mary L. JOHNSON

  • JOHNSON, Oscar William, Ellston, Iowa
    born May 22, 1892, Creston, IA   farmer, married with 1 child

  • JOHNSON, Roy Eugene, RR 1, Lamoni, Ringgold Co., Iowa
    born October 20, 1884   farmer, spouse - Pearl May JOHNSON

  • JOHNSON, Thomas Harvey, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born September 7, 1876   laborer for father, nearest relative - J. T. JOHNSON, Mount Ayr, IA

  • JOHNSON, William Albert, Shannon City, Iowa
    born April 5, 1892, Beaver Crossing, NE   farmer of Ringgold Co., married with 2 children

  • JOHNSTON, Andrew "Dee", Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born March 12, 1897   farmer, spouse - Della JOHNSTON

  • JOHNSTON, Charley Wesley, Ellston, Iowa
    born May 20, 1874   farmer, spouse - Mabel A. JOHNSTON

  • JOHNSTON, Cleo Floyd, RFD 3, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born December 7, 1899   farms for father, single, nearest relative - father J. P. JOHNSTON, Mount Ayr, IA

  • JOHNSTON, Clyde Scott, RFD 2, Shannon City, Iowa
    born April 16, 1894, Tingley, IA   farm laborer for Charles ALLISON of Hampton, IA, single

  • JOHNSTON, Delmar Barton, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born May 20, 1897, Mount Ayr, IA   farmer, single
    nearest relative - parents Mr. & Mrs. J. C. JOHNSTON, Mount Ayr, IA
    NOTE: Father's birthplace - Mount Ayr, IA

  • JOHNSTON Dick Richard, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born November 20, 1878   clerk for D. W. MIDDLESWORTH of Mount Ayr, IA, single,
    nearest relative - L. A. JOHNSTON, Mount Ayr, IA

  • JOHNSTON, Glen Hart, Knowlton, Iowa
    born November 22, 1890, Tingley, IA   farmer, married

  • JOHNSTON, Howard Rex, Tingley, Iowa
    born March 19, 1895, Tingley, IA   farmer, single

  • JOHNSTON, Jay Albert, RFD 2, Shannon City, Ringgold Co., Iowa
    born May 30, 1885   farmer, spouse - Elva JOHNSTON

  • JOHNSTON, John C., RFD 4, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born March 29, 1874   farmer, spouse - Grace JOHNSTON

  • JOHNSTON, Keith, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born April 7, 1893, Newton, IA   farmer, single

  • JOHNSTON, Seth Thomas, Ellston, Iowa
    born July 27, 1876   farmer, spouse - Nora JOHNSTON

  • JOHNSTON, Luther Leroy, Ellston, Iowa
    born November 19, 1896, Ellston, IA   self-employed, single
    nearest relative - E. I. JOHNSTON, Ellston, IA
    NOTE: Father's birthplace - Lee Co., IL

  • JOHNSTON, Merlyn Delmer, RFD 1, Diagonal, Iowa
    born October 14, 1880   farmer, spouse - Mary JOHNSTON

  • JOHNSTON, Paul, RFD 4, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born September 3, 1895, Mount Ayr, IA   farms for parents in Lotts Creek Twp., single

  • JOHNSTON, Veril Golden, Knowlton, Iowa
    born August 2, 1887, Tingley, IA   farmer, married with 3 children

  • JOHNSTON, Wayne Cecil, Ellston, Iowa
    born June 12, 1899   farmer, nearest relative - Sadie Isabel JOHNSTON

  • JONES, Ira Edward, Ellston, Iowa
    born July 8, 1890, Grand River, IA   farmer, married with 3 children

  • JONES, Jesse B., Tingley, Iowa
    born December 1, 1985 (sic, should be 1895)   livery business, spouse - Clara JONES

  • JONES, Morgan William, Tingley, Iowa
    born October 28, 1875   farmer, spouse - Anna M. JONES

  • JONES, Owen Zell, Benton, Iowa
    born April 22, 1896, Diagonal, IA   farmer, single

  • JONES, Walter Earl, Benton, Iowa
    born September 28, 1886, Benton, IA   farmer, married with 3 children

  • JONES, William Milton, Redding, Iowa
    born November 24, 1891, Benton, IA   farmer, married

  • JORDAN, Marshall C., Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born February 1, 1882   store manager for T.J. Phillips & Co., Mount Ayr, single
    nearest relative - E. N. JORDAN, Mount Pleasant, IA

  • JUDY, Myers L., Blockton, Iowa
    born June 1, 1894, Blockton, IA    farmer of Clinton Twp., Ringgold Co., single

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    SOURCE:  National Archives, Washington, D. C.

    Transcription by Sharon R. Becker, October of 2008

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