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Ringgold County, Iowa 1917-1918

NOTE: Children noted are under age of 12 years.

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  • FALLS, Orr, Diagonal, Iowa
    born July 25, 1893, Beaconsfield, IA    medical student at WV University, Morgantown, WV, single

  • FARIS, Frank Earl, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born August 17, 1889, Polk Co., IA   chauffuer, married

  • FARIS, James Carl, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born November 5, 1889, Mount Ayr, IA   farmer, married with 2 children

  • FARMER, Charley N., RFD 2,Kellerton, Iowa
    born April 29, 1874   farmer, spouse - Maude M. FARMER

  • FARMER, Wallace W. , Kellerton, Iowa
    born October 22, 1880   implement dealer of Kellerton, spouse - Mable Fern FARMER

  • FATTIG, Alford Orville, Redding, Iowa
    born April 2, 1900   farms with father John A. FATTIG
    nearest relative - mother Dora May FATTIG, Redding, IA, single

  • FATTIG, John A., Redding, Iowa
    born September 7, 1875   farmer, spouse - Dora May FATTIG

  • FENDER, Andrew Aaron, RFD 1, Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born March 7, 1885   farmer, spouse - Bertha May FENDER

  • FENDER, Earl R., Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born December 7, 1896, Mount Ayr, IA    cement contract laborer, single

  • FENDER, Edward John, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born May 8, 1891, Beaconsfield, IA   farmer, married with 2 children

  • FENDER, Harry Elsworth, RFD 2, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born March 8, 1880   farmer, spouse - Dorothy H. FENDER

  • FENDER, Ralph Emerson, Tingley, Iowa
    born October 2, 1872   proprietor of hardware, implement, furnace & plumbing business, Tingley, single
    nearest relative - Carrie E. FENDER, Colorado Springs, CO

  • FENDER, Samuel Earnest, Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born May 23, 1886   blacksmith, spouse - Minnie FENDER

  • FERBER, Adolph James, RFD 4, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born May 9, 1877   farmer, single, nearest relative - Oscar O. FERBER, Mount Ayr, IA

  • FERBER, George Henry, RFD 4, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born February 20, 1873   farmer, spouse - Dora M. FERBER

  • FERBER, John Herman, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born December 5, 1875   farmer, spouse - Etta FERBER

  • FERBER, Oscar Otis, RFD 4, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born January 19, 1881   farmer, spouse - Grace FERBER

  • FERGUSON, Ernest Elsworth, RFD 2, Redding, Iowa
    born October 19, 1877   farmer, spouse Alma J. FERGUSON

  • FERGUSON, Ernest Harry, Shannon City, Iowa
    born April 2, 1893, KS   auto mechanic for Hoffman Auto Co. of Shannon City, single

  • FERGUSON, Thomas Wilson, RFD 2, Redding, Iowa
    born December 27, 1880   farmer, spouse - Bertha FERGUSON

  • FERREE, Freddie Raymond, Benton, Iowa
    born August 10, 1897, Clifton, KS   employed by A. A. KING of Bention
    nearest relative, J. B. FERREE, Clay Center, KS
    NOTE: Father's birthplace - Ohio

  • FERRELL, Lloyd Glen, RFD 1, Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born November 29,1885   farmer, spouse - Vera FERRELL

  • FERRIS, DeForest Victor, Diagonal, Iowa
    born January 26, 1883    bank cashier for 1st National Bank, Diagonal
    spouse - Bessie DUFUR FERRIS

  • FERTIG, George Flloyd, Benton, Iowa
    born September 3, 1882, Jetmore, KS   farmer, married with 2 children

  • FERTIG, Johnn William, Benton, Iowa
    born November 27, 1885   laborer, spouse - Ida Mae FERTIG

  • FERTIG, Roy Reuben, Benton, Iowa
    born October 16, 1880, Benton, IA   farmer, married with a child

  • FETT, Roy, RFD 1, Clearfield, Ringgold Co., Iowa
    born August 22, 1883   farmer, spouse - Jennie FETT

  • FIELDS, Guy Elwood>, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born July 21, 1889, Worth Co., MO   painter & paper hanger, married with 2 children

  • FIERCE, John Edwin, Tingley, Iowa
    born July 15, 1876   cahier for Tingley State Savings Bank, spouse - Jessie FIERCE

  • FINCH, Creston Earl, Maloy, Iowa
    born January 24,1880   merchant, spouse - Della M. FINCH

  • FINCH, Matt Julius, Redding, Iowa
    born January 9, 1885   farmer, spouse - Edna FINCH

  • FINCH, Orvin Bassile, Redding, Iowa
    born May 1, 1900   farmer, nearest relative - mother Ellen FINCH

  • FINGER, Edward David, RFD 3, Diagonal, Iowa
    born January 26, 1899   farms for Edward FINGER, nearest relatives - Mr. & Mrs. FINGER, single

  • FINGER, Edward Emanuel, RFD 3, Diagonal, Iowa
    born farmer   spouse - Francis FINGER

  • FINN, Henry Leo, RFD, Clearfield, Iowa
    born October 20, 1895, Lenox, IA   farmer, single

  • FINN, Leo Francis, RFD, Clearfield, Iowa
    born August 20, 1890, Lenox, IA   farmer, single

  • FINN, Walter Narvous, RFD 1, Blockton, Ringgold Co., Iowa
    born March 7, 1899   auto mechanic, single, nearest relative - Hattie FINN, Blockton, IA

  • FINN, Wilber Clarence, Blockton, Iowa
    born September 25, 1896, Grandview, IA    employed by father, S. FIERCE, also nearest relative
    NOTE: Father's birthplace - Muscatine, IA

  • FINK, William Henry, Digaonal, Iowa
    born February 15, 1892, Lorimor, IA   jeweler, married with two children

  • FINLEY, Paul Erastus, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born March 31, 1888, Clearfield, IA   lineman for Mount Ayr Telephone Co., married with a child

  • FISHER, Keith E., Redding, Iowa
    born March 14, 1897, Redding, IA   single, nearest reltaives - father and mother
    NOTE: Father's birthplace - Missouri

  • FISHER, Orr Cleveland, Redding, Iowa
    born November 27, 1885   farmer, spouse - Sarah V. FISHER

  • FISHER, Raymond Eugine, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born March 25, 1881   retired merchant, spouse - Bessie A. FISHER

  • FISHER, William GUYES, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born March 6, 1884   garage owner, spouse - Norma Myrtle FISHER

  • FITZGERALD, Benjamin Alfred, Tingley, Iowa
    born November 5, 1891, Colorado Springs, MO    farmer, married with a child

  • FITZGERALD, Elzy Edwin, RFD 2, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born October 7, 1878   farmer, spouse - Lora Ethel FITZGERALD

  • FITZGERALD, Frank Earnest, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born November 28, 1899   telegraph operator for CB&Q Rail Road, spouse - Velma FITZGERALD

  • FITZWATER, Ernie Leroy, Kellerton, Iowa
    born January 9, 1895m UA   farmhand for Luther BASON, married with 1 child

  • FLETCHALL, James George, RFD 5, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born September 12, 1882   farmer, spouse - Sadie Mary FLETCHALL

  • FLICK, Arthur A., Redding, Iowa
    born May 2, 1891, Blockton, IA   farmer, married with 4 children under 12 years of age

  • Flaresa, Burtan A., Blockton, Iowa
    born December 19, 1888, Iradorn, MO   farms in clinton Twp., Ringgold Co., married with a child

  • FLUHARTY, Oscar Joseph, Kellerton, Iowa
    born March 12, 1890, Chariton, IA   farmer, married

  • FLYNN, Johnn Francis, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born April 18, 1875   traveling salesman for CR COOK Paint Co. out of Kansas City, MO
    spouse - Sadie Sylvinia FLYNN

  • FOGLE, Andrew, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born May 9, 1881   music teacher, spouse - Ella J. FOGLE

  • FOGLE, Franklin Fredrick, Diagonal, Iowa
    born February 11, 1875   poultry & produce business, spouse - Marie L. FOGLE

  • FOGLE, Rudolph, Route 4, Diagonal, Iowa
    born February 18, 1886   farmer, spouse - Myrtle Marie FOGLE

  • FOLTZ, David Lloyd, Kellerton, Iowa
    born January 4, 1982, Mount Ayr, IA   farmer, married with 2 children

  • FOLTZ, James Orr, Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born December 13, 1894, Mount Ayr, IA   farmer, married with 2 children

  • FOLTZ, Jesse Clarence, RFD 4, Kellerton, Iowa
    born August 6, 1882   farmer, spouse - Cora FOLTZ

  • FORBES, Cyrus Owen, November 22, 1884, Iowa
    born November 22, 1884   real estate agent, nearest relative - Mrs. M. E. FORBES, Womasocket, SD

  • FORBES, Thomas Edward, Redding, Iowa
    born March 1, 1883   carpenter, spouse - Belle FORBES

  • FORD, George Elmer, Diagonal, Iowa
    born July 22, 1886, Diagonal, IA   farmer, single
    Exemption - poor eye sight

  • FORD, Harry Elwood, Knowlton, Iowa
    born September 14, 1882   farms in Jefferson Twp., Ringgold Co.
    spouse - Josie Iva FORD

  • FARQUER, Francis William, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born August 30, 1878   livery man, nearest relative - father, Joseph FARQUER, Mount Ayr, IA

  • FSOTER, Hugh A., Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born December 17, 1893, Caldeonia, IA   clerk in Kelly Bros. Restuarant of Mount Ayr, single

  • FOSTER, Ira William, Kellerton, Iowa
    born July 5, 1893, Kellerton, IA   farmer, married with one child

  • FOSTER, Roy Lawrence, Kellerton, Iowa
    born October 6, 1886, Kellerton, IA   farmer, married with a child

  • FOSTER, William Rolland, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born January 2, 1881   Church of Christ minister of Mount Ayr, spouse - Ida Mabel FOSTER

  • FOUSER, Artie Calvin, Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born August 7, 1880   farmer, spouse - Goldie FOUSER

  • FOUSER, Elton Benjamin, Ellston, Iowa
    born June 30, 1882   farmer, spouse - Florence R. FOUSER

  • FOUSER, Emmett, Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born December 23, 1895   farmer, single

  • FOUSER, John Edwin, Ellston, Iowa
    born August 5, 1898   farms with father S. A. FOUSER
    nearest relative - Luella J. FOUSER, Ellston, IA

  • FOUSER, Kenneth A., Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born December 23, 1894   farmer, single

  • FOX, Oscar, Knowlton, Iowa
    born July 15, 1875   laborer for CG&W Rail Road, spouse - Gertie FOX

  • FRANKE, Edwin Fredrick, Tingley, Iowa
    born October 2, 1890, Fredericka, IA   farmer, married

  • FRANKE, George Henry, Tingley, Iowa
    born July 4, 1876   farmer, spouse - Pauline FRANKE

  • FRAZEE, Andrew Jackson, Knowlton, Iowa
    born April 18, 1877   farmhand for E. C. HEATON of Knowlton, IA
    spouse - Effie FRAZEE

  • FRAZEE, herman, Diagonal, Iowa
    born June 17, 1895, Creston, IA   farmhand for Ulys RUBY, Ringgold Co., single
    Previous Military Service as a Private with the Iowa National Guard, 1 month
    Exemption - disqualified at physical exam

  • FRENCH, Howard Ellsworth, RFD 1, Kellerton, Iowa
    born November 21, 1884   farmer, single, nearest relative - William French, Kellerton, IA

  • FREY, Albet Leslie, RFD 4, Kellerton, Iowa
    born May 17, 1883   farmer, spouse - Myrtle Fern FREY

  • FREY, Charles Henry, RFD 4, Kellerton, Iowa
    born October 8, 1878   farmer, nearest relative - David FREY, IL

  • FRIEMEL, Anton, RFD 4, Diagonal, Iowa
    born August 25, 1878   farmer, spouse - Katie FRIEMEL

  • FRIEMEL, Frank, RFD 2, Diagonal, Iowa
    born March 26, 1875   farms for Joseph JEZEK of Diagonal
    nearest relative - Joseph FRIEMEL, brother

  • FRIEMEL, Joseph, RFD 2, Diagonal, Iowa
    born September 18, 1885   farmer, spouse - Fanny FRIEMEL

  • FROST, Lee Brandon, Maloy, Iowa
    born July 24, 1889, Maloy, IA   farmer, single

  • FROST, William Bramard, Maloy, Iowa
    born July 30, 1876   farmer, spouse - Emma FROST

  • FRY, Howard P., RFD 3, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born October 17, 1880   farmer, spouse - Alta FRY

  • FRY, Otto Carl, RFD 4, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born March 1, 1886   farmer, spouse - Tillie Louise FRY

  • FRY, Rollo Lynn, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born November 11, 1889, Ringgold Co.   farmer, married with a child

  • FRY, Stanford Leroy, Redding, Iowa
    born April 28, 1875   farmer, spouse - Ida M. FRY

  • FUGATE, Claudie Alba, Beacosnfield, Iowa
    born January 12, 1884   farmhand for Loyd FERRELL of Beaconsfield, IA
    nearest relative - Edna L. FUGATE, Grand River, IA

  • FUGATE, Jesse L., Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born December 15, 1896, Beaconsfield, IA    employed by Jap WALTERS of Beaconsfield
    nearest relative - sister Edna FUGATE, Grand River, IA

  • FUGATE, William Walter, Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born May 25, 1894, KS   farmhand for Tom MOORE of Beaconsfield, single

  • FULLER, Clell Oren, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born March 26, 1888, Lucas, IA    restuarant keeper, married with 3 children

  • FULLER, Harry Frank, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born January 4, 1890, Mount Ayr, IA   student at Albuquerque, NM, single
    Exemption due to health problems

  • FULLER, Homer Austin, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born July 20, 1877   District Court Judge
    spouse - Eleanor S. FULLER

  • FULLERTON, Charles Wallace, Redding, Iowa
    born March 17, 1892, Ellston   farmer, married with 1 child

  • FULLERTON, James Roy, RR 2, Lamoni, Ringgold Co., Iowa
    born December 5, 1898   farmer, nearest relative - Mary Rose FULLERTON, Lamoni, IA

  • FULLERTON, Oscar Lewis, Redding, Iowa
    born May 30, 1877   physician, spouse - Eva L. FULLERTON

  • FUNKHOUSER, Cecil Albert, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born January 28, 1898   mechanic, spouse - Alice M. FUNKHOUSER

  • FUNKHOUSER, Jake Levi, RFD 4, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born October 2, 1873   farmer, spouse - Jenny Dell FUNKHOUSER

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    SOURCE:  National Archives, Washington, D. C.

    Transcription by Sharon R. Becker, October of 2008

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