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Ringgold County, Iowa 1917-1918

NOTE: Children noted are under age of 12 years.

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  • EASTON, Charles H., Diagonal, Iowa
    born February 14, 1895, Gravity, IA   student, single
    Previous Military Service as a Private for 10 months with the 1st Iowa Cavalry
    8 of those months at the Mex. Border
    NOTE: Enlisted May 28, 1917 at Des Moines, IA

  • EASTON, Royal Nobel, Diagonal, Iowa
    born February 14, 1900   hotel clerk for Mrs. Carrie M. WAFFLE, Diagonal, also his nearest relative

  • ECKERMAN, Earl D.,RFD 1, Tinley, Iowa
    born March 22, 1880   farmer, spouse - Maggie ECKERMAN

  • EDGAR, Robert John, Benton, Iowa
    born April 12, 1877   farmer, spouse - Alice Nancy EDGAR

  • EDMONDSON, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born August 20, 1881   farmer, spouse - Mae Nellie EDMONDSON

  • EDWARDS, Charley Quincy, Ellston, Iowa
    born January 27, 1876   farmhand for Clyde EDWARDS of Ellston, IA, also nearest relative, single

  • EDWARDS, Clyde Leroy, Ellston, Iowa
    born May 11, 1881   farmer, spouse - Alma Mary EDWARDS

  • EDWARDS, Thomas Abel, RFD 4, Diagonal, Iowa
    born November 14, 1873   farmer, spouse Cora EIGHME EDWARDS

  • EGLY, David, RFD 2, Kellerton, Iowa
    born December 17, 1873   farmer
    nearest relative - Adolph EGLY, Chadron, NE, single

  • EGLY, Simon, RFD 2, Kellerton, Iowa
    born May 2, 1879   farmer, spouse - Bessie L. EGLY

  • EGLY, William, RFD 2, Kellerton, Iowa
    born May 28, 1877   farmer, spouse - Katherine EGLY

  • EHRHARDT, Clarence, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born August 8, 1894, Bellevue, IA   pharmacutical druggist, single

  • EINFELDT, George Washington, RFD, Lenox, Iowa
    born February 22, 1890, Davenport, IA   farmer, married with 1 child

  • ELICK, Charlie, RFD, Benton, Iowa
    born October 24, 1899   farms with father, W. J. ELICK, Benton, IA, also nearest relative, single

  • ELICK, Lewis John, Benton, Iowa
    born August 16, 1893, Guernsey, IA   farms with father, single

  • ELLOITT, Arthur W., RFD 1, Diagonal, Iowa
    born January 20, 1882   farmer, spouse - Ida W. ELLIOTT

  • ELLIOTT, Mark, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born March 13, 1891, Mount Ayr, IA   farmer, married

  • Elliott, Perry Claud, Redding, Iowa
    born December 25, 1882   mechanic, spouse - Cora Edith ELLIOTT

  • ELLIOTT, Rus W., Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born February 3, 1893, Ringgold Co., IA    abstractor with Iowa State Bank, Mount Ayr, IA, married

  • ELLIS, Fred, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born March 17, 1899   laborer, nearest relative - mother, Elizabeth ELLER, Mount Ayr, IA

  • ELLIS, Horace B., Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born August 12, 1892, Mount Ayr, IA   laborer, single

  • ELLIS, John Samuel, Kellerton, Iowa
    born November 26, 1873    Kellerton M.E. Church preacher, spouse - Grace G. ELLIS

  • ELLISON, Parks Meredith, Beaconsfield, Iowa
    born April 22, 1883   farmer, spouse - Grace L. ELLISON

  • ELSWICK, Everett, RR 2, Lamoni, Ringgold Co., Iowa
    born February 13, 1885   farmer, spouse - Susie ELSWICK

  • EMERSON, Samuel Ralph, Redding, Iowa
    born April 1, 1879   cashier with Union Saving Bank of Redding
    nearest relative - mother, Mary EMERSON, Carrington, ND

  • ENDSLEY, William Henry, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born December 6, 1877   laborer for G. R. TURPIN of Mount Ayr, IA
    spouse - Dollie ENDSLEY

  • ENGLAND, Elmer M., Clearfield, Iowa
    born August 23, 18956, Tingley, IA   employed by father, single

  • ENGLAND, Harry Herbert, RFD, Clearfield, Iowa
    born December 19, 1894, Tingley, IA   farms with father, single

  • ENGLAND, Jerry Rush, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born March 4, 1892, Tingley, IA   farmer, married

  • ENGLAND, John Clifford, Tingley, Iowa
    born November 18, 1897   farms with father, J. M. ENGLAND of Tingley, also nearest relative, single

  • ENGLAND, Luke Edward, Tingley, Iowa
    born May 17, 1893, Tingley, IA   farmer, married

  • ENGLAND, Samuel Clare, Tingley, Iowa
    born December 17, 1890, Tingley, IA   farmer, married with two children

  • ERNEST, Fred Ezra, Redding, Iowa
    born March 1. 1881   blacksmith, spouse - Edith ERNEST

  • ERNST, Sherman Theodore, Ellston, Iowa
    born August 19, 1875   farmer, nearest relative - Fred ERNST, Burlington, IA, single

  • ETHINGTON, Clarence H., Clearfield, Iowa
    born March 31, 1891, Clearfield, IA    farmer, married with 2 children

  • ETHINGTON, Harold J., Clearfield, Iowa
    born July 1, 1895, Clearfield, IA   farms for C. H. ETHINGTON of Clearfield, single
    Previous Military Service - Col. Cadet

  • EURITT, Everett, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born May 30, 1891, Kellerton, IA   farmer, married with one child

  • EURRITT, Ralph, Kellerton, Iowa
    born June 12, 1893, Kellerton, IA   farmer, single

  • EURITT, Wayne T., Kellerton, Iowa
    born June 9, 1897, Kellerton   employed by F. J. EURITT of Kellerton, also nearest relative, single
    NOTE: Father's birthplace was Decatur City, Decatur Co., IA

  • EURITT, William Leroy, Kellerton, Iowa
    born March 22, 1895, Kellerton, IA   farmer, married with one child

  • EVANS, Ernest W., Blockton, Iowa
    born May 8, 1892, Blocton, IA   farmer of Clinton Twp., Ringgold Co., single

  • EVANS, Floyd E., Blockton, Iowa
    born January 23, 1889, Blockton, IA   farmer of Clinton Twp., Ringgold Co., single

  • EVANS, Robert T., Leon, Iowa
    born July 28, 1894, Delphos, IA   employed by Leon public school, Leon, IA, single

  • EVERLING, Herman Alphas, RFD 1, Diagonal, Iowa
    born October 15, 1882   farmer, spouse - Maggie EVERLING

  • EVITTS, Charles Walter, Diagonal, Iowa
    born December 15, 1881   Superintendent of Diagonal School
    spouse - Katie Catharine EVITTS

  • EYRE, James Ralph, Mount Ayr, Iowa
    born October 19, 1890, Hillsbora, IA
    electric engineer supervisor for Iowa Southern Utility Co., Mount Ayr, IA, married
    Exemption - rheumatism

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    SOURCE:  National Archives, Washington, D. C.

    Transcription by Sharon R. Becker, October of 2008

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