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1: Check the township name on the cemetery list below.
2. Contact the applicable township clerks/trustees. Click here for contact information.
Be sure to check the IAGenWeb Gravestone Photo Project for your ancestors! It is a database displaying over 1,000,000 Gravestones from all over Iowa. The database is growing larger everyday, so be sure to visit it often.

Another great resource is the new searchable database for the Linn County WPA Grave Registration Project. It is now complete, with 18,506 records for Linn county online!  It is also a state-wide database. Visitors can search one county at a time or they can plug in a surname and search the entire state database at once, over 1/2 million names presently. It also has soundex search ability and a very popular "Post-em Note" feature which allows visitors to add to or correct the existing data and also to make themselves known to yet to be discovered cousins.

(links to individual pages, photos & lists when available)
Section Latitude Longitude Township
(maps with approximate locations)
A Avenue NE Burials Cedar Rapids No longer exists ... cemetery was moved in the 1800's Rapids
Abbey Creek
Oldest stones online
Mt. Vernon 5 41.942N 91.452W Franklin
Photos completed! 
Alice 5 42.198N 91.696W Otter Creek
Ashlock   26     Washington
Photos completed! 
Cedar Rapids   41.938N 91.634W College
Blodgett Central City 31 42.213N 91.578W Jackson
Czech National

Work in progress ...
more than 6800 photos now online!
Cedar Rapids   41.959N 91.654W Rapids
Photos completed! 
  5 42.203N 91.454W Buffalo
Briney Tombstone Bertram 13     Bertram
Brockman Cedar Rapids   41.9735N 91.614W Rapids
Buffalo Hiawatha       Monroe
Photos completed! 
  25 41.875N 91.617W College
Many photos online! 
Bertram 27 41.976N 91.538W Bertram
Cedar Memorial
(off site link)
Cedar Rapids   42.023N 91.634W Rapids
Center Point Cemetery (a work in progress) Center Point 4 42.197N 91.791W Washington
Cherry Family   18     West Marion
many photos online
Coggon 10 42.272N 91.529W Jackson
County Home Burials   16     East Marion
Photos completed! 
  36 42.048N 91.500W East Marion
Photos completed! 
Mt. Vernon 7 41.929N 91.480W Franklin
Czech National(Bohemian)
 more than 8300 photos now online!
Cedar Rapids   41.959N 91.654W Rapids
Davis (Union)   30 42.233N 91.827W Grant
Denison Family Burials         Grant
Dickenson (Old Palo)
Photos completed! 
Palo 20 42.074N 91.809W Fayette
Photos completed! 
Toddville 7 42.105N 91.697W Monroe
Eben Israel (Jewish)
(adjoins Bohemian/Czech National)
Cedar Rapids   41.959N 91.655W Rapids
Ely Woods Burials         College
Photos completed!
Fairfax 9 41.928N 91.793W Fairfax
Fifth Ave. & 8 St. Burials Cedar Rapids       Rapids
First Presbyterian (aka: Truhlar)
Photos  completed!
  35 41.8625N 91.618W College
Friends (Quaker) Whittier 9     Brown
Gillilan (Gillian)   34 42.124N 91.438W Buffalo
Green's Grove   27 42.1452N 91.7581W Washington
Harts Family Burials   24     Buffalo
Hazel Knoll   25 42.140N 91.380W Buffalo
Hopewell (Quaker)
Photos completed! 
  13 42.072N 91.382W Brown
Photos Completed!
Mt. Vernon 29 41.8843N 91.453W Franklin
Jordans Grove
Oldest section completed  
Jordans Grove 24 42.1526N 91.5W Maine
Kirkpatrick Tombstones (2)   28? or 33?     Franklin
LaFayette   29? or 28?     Otter Creek
Linn Grove
Photos completed!
  11 42.007N 91.404W Linn
Linn Township   26     Linn
Linwood Cedar Rapids   41.959N 91.674W Rapids
many photos online

(contains St John Catholic Cemetery)

Lisbon   41.9145N 91.383W Franklin
Martin Creek Marion 11 42.009N 91.52W East Marion
Mason Baby Grave   36     Washington
McLeod Family Burials Cedar Rapids       Rapids
Mills Grove
Photographing completed and now online! 
Paris 21 42.241N 91.556W Jackson
Photos Completed!
  12 41.924N 91.501W Bertram
Photos Completed!
  25 42.058N 91.731W Monroe
Mount Calvary Cedar Rapids   42.011N 91.627W Rapids
Mount Clark Central City 3 42.197N 91.537W Maine
Mount Olivet    9     Jackson
Mount Vernon Mt. Vernon   41.919N 91.410W Franklin
Mount Zion
Photographing completed!
Between Mt. Vernon & Springville 20 41.9875N 91.448W Linn
Muslim National Cemetery
(adjoins Czech National)
Cedar Rapids   41.958N 91.657W Rapids
Nugents Grove
Photos Completed!
  11 42.280N 91.500W Jackson
Oak Hill Cedar Rapids   41.976N 91.646W Rapids
Oakhill Central City 34 42.212N 91.525W Jackson
Oak Shade 
Photos added - now over 1,700 online!
Marion   42.027N 91.603W West Marion
Old Ford Farm   19     West Marion
Old Kirby Farm   12     Linn
Old Mounce   25     Washington
Oliphant     36 42.134N 91.724W Washington
Palo (new)
Oldest stones photographed 
Palo 28 42.061N 91.789W Fayette
Palo (Old) See: Dickenson
Photos completed! 
Palo 20 42.074N 91.809W Fayette
Photos Completed!
Paralta 4 42.031N 91.443W Linn
Paris   19     Jackson
Pleasant Ridge
(Lewis Bottoms)
  31 42.131N 91.815W Fayette
Prairie Chapel 
Photos Completed!
  9 42.105N 91.552W East Marion
Photos completed
Prairieburg 20 42.241N 91.447W Boulder
Robins (Horn-Mentzer) Robins 27 42.063N 91.658W West Marion
Rogers Grove  (Neiderhiser) 
Photos completed! 
Springville  21 41.899N 91.549W Putnam
Sacred Heart Walker 3 42.294N 91.778W Grant
Saint Isdore  (adjoins Springville Cem.)
Photos Completed! 
Springville 28 42.055N 91.438W Brown
Saint Johns Cedar Rapids   41.973N 91.643W Rapids
Saint Johns Coggon   42.272N 91.532W Jackson
Saint Joseph (Stark)
Photos Completed! 
    41.971N 91.816W Clinton
Saint Joseph's
Photos completed!
Prairieburg 34 42.210N 91.422W Boulder
Saint Patrick 
Oldest stones online 
Fairfax 20 41.895N 91.794W Fairfax
Scott Family Burials         Bertram? Linn?
Photos started
Hiawatha   42.035N 91.669W Monroe
Sisley Grove
Photos Completed!
  32 41.964N 91.809W Clinton
Spring Grove Covington 3 42.030N 91.768W Clinton
Spring Grove     42.278N 91.601W Spring Grove
Photos Completed!
Springville 28 42.056N 91.438W Brown
Squires   35 42.125N 91.746W Washington
Strawn     7 42.097N 91.829W Fayette
Syrian - St. George
(adjoins Oak Hill)
Cedar Rapids   41.974N 91.647W Rapids
Troy Mills Troy Mills 5 42.284N 91.696W Spring Grove
(see First Presbyterian)
Photos completed! 
  35 41.8625N 91.618W College
Walker   9     Grant
West Prairie   23     Spring Grove
Photos Completed!
Western 35 41.872N 91.636W College
Whitney (Prairieburg)
Photos Completed!
Prairieburg   42.241N 91.447W Boulder
Whittier (Quaker)
Photos Completed! 
Whittier 7 42.0935N 91.4644W Brown
Williams Cedar Rapids       College

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