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First Presbyterian Cemetery
College Township

Photos by Terry Carlson

First Presbyterian Cemetery is located along NE Fisher Pond Road (gravel) near the South-eastern corner of College Township. It was originally called "First Bohemian Moravian Brethren Church Cemetery" and was listed in early interment lists (WPA) as "Bohemian cemetery in College Township". These early lists were very incomplete, probably because all of the older stones were engraved in Czech.  See below for links to online Czech/English dictionaries.

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Plot map of graves in first section
(Click to make larger - Top of map facing West)

Text listing of graves in the old section

More Photos
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photo of cemetery facing north along road
Facing North

Photo of cemetery facing west
Facing West

Photo of cemetery center
Some Stones

Look for these First Presbyterian Cemetery names and more on
the Linn County IAGenWeb Gravestone Photo Project:
Preview   BEALL, Robert L.
Preview   BECICKA, Anna
Preview   BECICKA, Anna
Preview   BECICKA, Anna
Preview   BECICKA, Anna
Preview   BECICKA, Charles
Preview   BECICKA, Emma Ruth
Preview   BECICKA, Family
Preview   BECICKA, Jan
Preview   BECICKA, Jan
Preview   BECICKA, Josef
Preview   BECICKA, Josef
Preview   BECICKA, Joseph M.
Preview   BECICKA, Ladislav
Preview   BECICKA, Mary
Preview   BECICKA, Mary
Preview   BECICKA BULICEK, Marie
Preview   BERRY, Steven M.
Preview   BERVID, Cenek
Preview   BERVID, Cenka
Preview   BORSETH ZAHRADNIK, Lind...
Preview   BULICEK, Marie
Preview   BURES, Dorota
Preview   BURES, Josef
Preview   BURIAN, Emily A.
Preview   BURIAN, Ludvik, Rev.
Preview   CESTICKY, Joseph
Preview   CESTICKY, Mary
Preview   CHALOUPKA, Daughter
Preview   CHALOUPKA, Frank
Preview   CHALOUPKA, Marie
Preview   CHLAD, Anna
Preview   CHLAD, Family
Preview   CHLAD, Jan
Preview   CHLAD, Josef
Preview   CHLAD, Vaclav
Preview   CHLADOVI, Ditky
Preview   CIHAK, J.
Preview   CIHAK, Katerina
Preview   CIHAK, Matej
Preview   CIHAK, V.
Preview   DAVISON, Mary E.
Preview   DEDIC, Josef
Preview   DEDIC, Josef
Preview   DVORAK, Agnes
Preview   DVORAK, Agnes F.
Preview   DVORAK, Stepan
Preview   DVORAK, Vincent
Preview   DVORAKOVA, Anna
Preview   EASKER, Anna
Preview   EASKER, George L
Preview   ERENBERGER, Anna
Preview   ERENBERGER, Josef
Preview   ERENBERGER, Joseph
Preview   ERENBERGER, Joseph
Preview   ERENBERGER, Lillian
Preview   ERENBERGER, Zofie
Preview   FAJMON, Emma
Preview   FAJMON, Emma
Preview   FAJMON, John
Preview   FAJMON, Josephine
Preview   FAJMON, Marie
Preview   FAJMON, Robert J.
Preview   FAJMONOVI, Rodice
Preview   FILIPI, Anna
Preview   FILIPI, Charles
Preview   FILIPI, Jan
Preview   FILIPI, Marie
Preview   FILIPI, Marie
Preview   FISHER, Robert DeWayne
Preview   FLOYD, Joseph F.
Preview   FLOYD, Joseph F.
Preview   FREML, Frank
Preview   FREML, Katerina
Preview   HADAC, Frantiska
Preview   HADAC, Stepan
Preview   HADAC, Vincenc
Preview   HADAC, Vincenc
Preview   HAJEK, Anna
Preview   HAJEK, Frank
Preview   HALVA, Frank
Preview   HALVA, Frantisek
Preview   HALVA, Frantiska
Preview   HALVA, Frantiska
Preview   HALVA, Josef
Preview   HALVA, Ruzena
Preview   HARTLEY, Gerald E.
Preview   HAVIR, Family
Preview   HAVIR, Jan
Preview   HAVIR, Marie
Preview   HAVIR, Terezie
Preview   HLADKY, Bessie J.
Preview   HLADKY, Godfrey A.
Preview   HOLEC, Edita
Preview   HOLEC, Frantisek
Preview   HOLEC, Jozef
Preview   HOLEC, Katerina
Preview   HOLEC, Marie
Preview   HORAK, Frantiska
Preview   HORAK, Josef F.
Preview   HORSKY, Anna
Preview   HORSKY, Anton
Preview   HORSKY, Henry
Preview   HROMATKO, Jozefa
Preview   HROMATKO, Julie
Preview   HROMATKO, Laura J.
Preview   HRONEK, John W.
Preview   HRONEK (HRONKA), Antonie
Preview   JAKOVSKY, Frantisek
Preview   JANKO, Anna
Preview   JANKO, Jan
Preview   JANKO, Katerina
Preview   JANKO, Leo
Preview   JANKO, Wesley
Preview   JIRASEK, Barbora
Preview   JIRASEK, Elizabeth
Preview   JIRASEK, Georgia A.
Preview   JIRASEK, Vaclav
Preview   JIROUTEK, Mary
Preview   JIROUTEK, Mary
Preview   JONAS, Anna
Preview   JONAS, Joseph
Preview   KLIMES, Frantisek
Preview   KLIMES, Marie
Preview   KOLINA, Anna O.
Preview   KOTOUCEK, Antonie
Preview   KOTOUCEK, Cenek
Preview   KOUTNEY, Frank G.
Preview   KOUTNEY, Kenneth Lee
Preview   KOUTNEY, Lenora B.
Preview   KOUTNY, Joseph H.
Preview   KOUTNY, Jozef
Preview   KOUTNY, Mary L.
Preview   KOUTNY, Terezie
Preview   KOUTNY, Terezie
Preview   KOUTNY, Vojtech
Preview   KRISTOF, Frances
Preview   KRISTOF, Jan
Preview   KRISTOF, Joseph
Preview   KRIZ, Anna
Preview   KRIZ, Anna
Preview   KRIZ, Antonie
Preview   KRIZ, Emilie
Preview   KRIZ, Esther A.
Preview   KRIZ, Family
Preview   KRIZ, Frantisek Adolf
Preview   KRIZ, George
Preview   KRIZ, Josef
Preview   KRIZ, Josef
Preview   KRIZ, Karel Frantisek
Preview   KRIZ, Lydia
Preview   KRIZ KUBIK, Anna
Preview   KUBIK, Anna
Preview   KUBIK, Barbara
Preview   KUBIK, Family
Preview   KUBIK, Vaclav
Preview   KULISEK, Anna
Preview   KULISEK, Frantisek
Preview   KUN, Anna
Preview   KUN, Bessie M.
Preview   KUN, Bohumil
Preview   KUN, Francis, Rev.
Preview   KUN, Frantisek
Preview   KUN, Godfrey D.
Preview   KUN, John A.
Preview   KUN, John A.
Preview   KUN, Karel C.
Preview   KUN, Vilim
Preview   KUN, Zofie
Preview   LIPAVSKY, Jan
Preview   LIPAVSKY, Katerina
Preview   LOPOUR, Josefa J.
Preview   LORENC, Agnes
Preview   LORENC, Alma
Preview   LORENC, Antenette
Preview   LORENC, Frank
Preview   LORENC, Frantisek
Preview   LORENC, George
Preview   LORENC, Joseph
Preview   LORENC, Lumir
Preview   LORENC, Mary
Preview   LORENC, Mary
Preview   LORENC, Otila
Preview   LORENC, Rudolf
Preview   LORENC - LORENCOVA, Anna
Preview   LORENCE, Tomase
Preview   LORENCOVA, Terezie
Preview   LUSTICK, Frank L.
Preview   LUSTICK, Marvin H.
Preview   LUSTICK, Mary
Preview   LUSTICK, Milo
Preview   LUSTIK, Anna
Preview   LUSTIK, Edward
Preview   LUSTIK, Marie
Preview   MACHACEK, Frantisek
Preview   MACHACEK, Josefa
Preview   MACHACEK, Marie
Preview   MAKOVSKY, Josefa
Preview   MIHULKA, Charles F.
Preview   MIHULKA, Lottie J.
Preview   MOJZISE, Frantisky
Preview   MOJZISE, Jana
Preview   MOORMAN, Sarah B.
Preview   NAGLE, Velma L.
Preview   NESETRIL, Anna
Preview   NESETRIL, Josef
Preview   NETOLICKY, Ditky
Preview   NOVAK, Frantiska
Preview   NOVAK, Norma L.
Preview   NOVAK, Norma L.
Preview   OZOLINS, Milda
Preview   PODHAJSKY, Alojs O.
Preview   PODHAJSKY, Family
Preview   PODHAJSKY, Josef L.
Preview   PODHAJSKY, Matka
Preview   PODHASKY, Frantisek J.
Preview   POKORNY, Frank P
Preview   POKORNY, Johanna F.
Preview   POKORNY, Louise M.
Preview   RAUSAR, Francisca
Preview   REIHMAN, Travis Adam
Preview   REYMAN, Estella
Preview   REYMAN, Estella
Preview   REYMAN, Evelyn
Preview   REYMAN, Evelyn T.
Preview   REYMAN, Joseph
Preview   RISDEN, Kenneth
Preview   RISDEN, Leota M.
Preview   ROUSAR, Anna
Preview   ROUSAR, Emilie Leksa
Preview   ROUSAR, Emma
Preview   ROUSAR, Family
Preview   ROUSAR, Frank
Preview   ROUSAR, Frantisek
Preview   ROUSAR, Frantiska
Preview   ROUSAR, Helen
Preview   ROUSAR, Jan
Preview   ROUSAR, Josef
Preview   ROUSAR, Joseph
Preview   ROUSAR, Katerina
Preview   ROUSAROVA, Josefka
Preview   SABACLEY, Emma
Preview   SABACLEY, Milton
Preview   SABACLEY, Phillip
Preview   SCOTT RISDEN, Leota M.
Preview   SERBOUSEK, Martha B.
Preview   SIMON, Antonie
Preview   SIMON, Beatrice
Preview   SIMON, Eleonora
Preview   SIMON, Joseph
Preview   SIMON, Joseph A.
Preview   SIMON, Justus W.
Preview   SIMON, Mary
Preview   SIMON, Vincent
Preview   SKRIPSKY, Frank J.
Preview   SKRIPSKY, Joseph
Preview   SKRIPSKY, Joseph W.
Preview   SKRIPSKY, Justina E.
Preview   SKRIPSKY, Mary M.
Preview   SLANINA, Josef
Preview   SLANINA, Josef
Preview   SMITH, Martin R.
Preview   SMITH, Ruth N.
Preview   SOVERS, Arthur L.
Preview   SOVERS, Bessie
Preview   SOVERS, James W.
Preview   SPLICHAL, Katerina
Preview   STANEK, Family
Preview   STANEK, Frances
Preview   STANEK, Louis
Preview   STANEK, Louis F.
Preview   STANEK NAGLE, Velma L.
Preview   STEPANEK, Mary
Preview   STRAKA, Bedrich
Preview   SVACHA, Emilie
Preview   SVACHA, Frantisky
Preview   SVACHA, Jozef
Preview   TELECKY, Emilie
Preview   TICHE - TICHEMO, Terezie
Preview   VAVRA, Alice M.
Preview   VAVRA, Anna
Preview   VAVRA, Beatrice
Preview   VAVRA, Daughter
Preview   VAVRA, Elizabeth A.
Preview   VAVRA, Frank J.
Preview   VAVRA, Jan
Preview   VAVRA, Josefa
Preview   VAVRA, Joseph
Preview   VAVRA, Joseph
Preview   VAVRA, Lumir E.
Preview   VAVRA, Olga R.
Preview   VAVRA, Opal R.
Preview   VAVRA, Vincenc
Preview   VAVRY, Jana
Preview   VOSMEK, Jan
Preview   WAVRA, Terezice
Preview   WHITE, Clifford L
Preview   WRIGHT, Mary
Preview   ZAHRADNIK, Linda M.
Preview   ZAHRADNIK, Molly K.
Preview   ZVACEK, Alma
Preview   ZVACEK, Edna
Preview   ZVACEK, Esther
Preview   ZVACEK, Family
Preview   ZVACEK, Family
Preview   ZVACEK, Frank
Preview   ZVACEK, Frantisek
Preview   ZVACEK, Frantiska
Preview   ZVACEK, Godfretta
Preview   ZVACEK, Harold F.
Preview   ZVACEK, Josef
Preview   ZVACEK, Lumir
Preview   ZVACEK, Marie
Preview   ZVACEK, Zindrich