West Prairie Cemetery
Spring Grove Township

Photo by Terry Carlson

West Prairie Cemetery near Troy Mills, IA. in Spring Grove Township. Coordinates show it is  located NW 1/4 of Section 23, Twp 86N, Range 7W;

West Prairie Cemetery Information

A warranty deed recorded Jan 15, 1894 states Edmund David and Eliza Jane Powers David gave a parcel of land to Trustees of Spring Grove Twp to be used as a burial grounds. To be called West Prairie.

The cemetery would sometimes be called Sandy Hill and Sandy Ridge.

Surname NameBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Buck Enoch 5 Nov 1869Aged 19years 26 days
Stoddard Charles N 19 Sep 1895 
Powers E. D. 24 Apr 18315 May 1900Father
PowersssEliza J1 Apr 184214 Jan 1929Mother
Anderson John 4 Jan 1879Aged 76-10-0
Anderson John16 Mar 18024 Jan 1878Father
AndersonssPatience11 Jun 18218 Dec 1901Mother
Anderson H. Eddie 4 Sep 1873son of D & C Anderson; aged 5-6-16
Saxton David N17754 Jul 1858 
Saxton Jane McFarland1790 (Saxton stone next to Patience Anderson stone)
Trevelyan Lillian27 Sep 190025 Jul 1901 
Newell Thomas L 18 Mar 1901aged 21-9-8
IngersolssMary Newell 28 Jul 1899Mother
NewellssAgusta J 15 Sep 1870Sister; aged 24-7-3
Fitts Paulina29 Oct 1871 aged 23-4-24
Breneman Findley  Co, C 24th IA Inf (Government stone)
Bice Janet Griffith24 Ju 182920 Jul 1892Mother; wife of Charles Bice
BicessCharles N11 Nov 18227 Aug 1892Father
Griffith Ann 2 Oct 1863aged 77-11-19
Wilson Ann Bice10 Dec 185010 May 1911 
Boice James2 Aug 18315 Apr '1905Father
BoicessAlida M2 Nov 183431 Mar '1909Mother
BoicessElla M3 Mar 185411 jun 1854 
BoicessClara E12 Sep 187015 Jul 1872 
BoicessBabe Dec 1977In concrete crib
Bice Freddie 2 May 1871son of J & E; aged 8 months 9 days
Bice Clara E 15 Jul 1872dau of J & A. M.; aged 1-10-3
Bice Franklin 1 Dec 1854son of John & E. E. ; aged 3 days
Bice Ella M 11 Jun 1854dau of J & A. M. ; aged 0-3-0
Bice Geo.  Co. F 20th Iowa Inf - Gov't stone & Old G.A. R. Marker
Bice George W 15 Feb 1867aged 25-3-21 (Note in original copy of cemetery said this was a large stone buried under the sod, too fragile to be stood upright; so was reburied. A large base was near it.
Robinson Maggie Lisle 15 Sep 1870dau of W.G. & S. L.; aged ?-15days
Dorr Lucia K 11 Mar 1868aged 8 months 18 days
Robinson Allen R 6 Jul 1876aged 2 years
RobinsonssAndrew D 20 Apr 1876 Allen & Andrew were children of A.D. & E. L. Robinson
Lucore Harry B18661870 
LucoressIda M18711872 
Bice John26 Nov 18525 Dec 1890aged 38-0-9
McBurney Herma 19 Aug 1872dau of J.T. & E.B. McBurney; aged 0-4-28
McBurney Eunice8 Jul 189715 May 1898 
Hughes Isaac M11 Jun 183417 Aug 1910Co. F 21st IA
HughesssJulia P17 Mar 18577 Dec 1924 
Seebach Lillian A19061982 
Seebach Ronald J19481983 
Kratzer C Ray1918  
Kratzer Joan N19221980 
Neisslie Lyle18941970 
Neisslie Nola18961978Nola E Schuller
Bell Family Stone   
Bell Lavisa17 Mar 185013 Aug 1934 
Bell Luther27 Nov 184825 Apr 1902 
Bell Thomas Edward26 Nov '193628 Nov 1936Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Bell
McBurney John T20 Apr 18197 Jan 1903Father
McBurneyssElizabeth B27 Jun 182827 Apr 1902Mother
Reed Levi B18 Dec 182917 Feb 1904aged 74-1-29
ReedssMartha L4 Dec 183423 Sep 1910aged 75-9-19
Jordan Bessie S18891940 
Devol Family Stone   
Devol William D18741875 
Devol Silas A18431917 
Devol Miranda18471940 
Mills Family Stone   
Mills Sarah J15 Jan 184612 Nov 1874 
Mills Mary E11 Jun 184512 May 1902 
Mills Stella S1 Oct 18777 Aug 1878 
Mills Lizzie A26 Sep 18722 Jun 1882 
Mills-Pierson  24 Nov 183822 Oct 1909 
Bucklin Orville Delos2 Jul 190818 Aug 1910 
Bucklin Laura Mills18791955 
Carpenter Wilson S4 Feb 18393 Apr 1901Father
CarpenterssNancy M14 Nov 18465 May 1916Mother
Carpenter Linnie18781966Mom
Carpenter Oval W18701959Dad
Jordan Sarah W4 Jul 18169 Sep 1896Mother
Jordan Richard27 Jun 181817 Jan 1900Father
Leatherman Daniel17941854Marker leaning against field stone

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