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Towns of Jackson County


Township Map

Jackson County Township Map
  1. Prairie Springs
  2. Tetes des Mort
  3. Butler
  4. Otter Creek
  5. Richland
  6. Bellevue
  7. Brandon
  8. Farmers Creek
  9. Perry
  10. Jackson
  11. Washington
  12. Monmouth
  13. South Fork
  14. Maquoketa
  15. Fairfield
  16. Van Buren
  17. Iowa
  18. Union


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Town Township Notes
Alma Butler
America Brandon
Amoy Was a P.O., not on county maps
Andrew Perry existing, former county seat
Baldwin Monmouth existing
Bellevue Bellevue existing
Bridgeport Maquoketa cemetery
Buckhorn South Fork
Canton Brandon existing
Carrollport Union changed to Charleston about 1840
Charleston Union changed to Sabula in 1846
Clarkstown Washington changed to Green Island
Cobb Monmouth changed to Millrock
Coloma Monmouth now part of Monmouth
Copper Creek Van Buren changed to Van Buren
Cottonville Richland cemetary
Crabb's Mills Brandon
Duggan Butler
Duke Prairie Springs
Emeline Brandon existing
Esgate Farmer's Creek
Farmer's Creek South Fork
Franklin Monmouth
Fremont Monmouth now part of Baldwin
Fulton Farmer's Creek existing
Garryowen Butler existing, mainly church and cemetery
Gordon's Ferry Tetes des Mort
Green Island Washington existing
Hickory Grove Bellevue cemetery in Brandon Township
Higginsport Van Buren
Hugo Butler
Hurstville South Fork ghost town
Iron Hill Farmer's Creek existing
Lainsville ghost town, former resort area
Lakehurst South Fork
LaMotte Richland, Pr. Springs existing
Lowell north of Maquoketa
Maple Grove Farmer's Creek
Maquoketa Maquoketa, S. Fork County Seat
Miles Iowa, Van Buren existing
Millrock Monmouth school still there
Monmouth Monmouth existing
Mount Algor Van Buren
Nashville South Fork existing, nicknamed "Pumpkin Center"
New Castle Farmer's Creek school named this
North Bellevue Bellevue
North Maquoketa may be same as Lowell or Springfield
Oak Grove Brandon existing
Otter Creek Otter Creek also known as Burns Settlement
Ozark Brandon may be a school there
Preston Van Buren existing
Rolley Fairfield
Sabula Union existing
Sabula Junction
Saint Donatus Tetes des Mort existing
Silsbee Perry changed to Andrew 1841
Smith's Ferry
South Garryowen Butler church may still be there
Spragueville Fairfield existing
Springbrook Jackson existing
Springfield changed to Maquoketa in 1845
Spruce Mills Tetes des Mort
Sterling Iowa cemetery east of Miles
Sullivan Prairie Springs
Summer Hill Fairfield changed to Spragueville
Tetes des Mort Tetes des Mort became St. Donatus
Union Center east of Maquoketa, had a church
Van Buren Van Buren also known as Buckeye
Wagonersburgh Otter Creek located at Otter Creek
Waterford South Fork Buckhorn area, has cemetery
Wickliffe Washington near Green Island
Zwingle Otter Creek existing, half in Dubuque County