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Jackson County Census Records



Iowa State Census Project

Census Lookups for Jackson County

Iowa Census Information at  I am listing all the census records I could find and linking to places where you do not have to pay to see the records.  Ancestry and MyHeritage have census records but you have to pay to access those sites. The ones listed as "LDS Family History Library" you must go to their library to view. The Industry and Agriculture census do have names of business owners and land owners.  The Social Statistics is basically how much stuff a county has: taxes, schools, churches, paupers, crime, etc - no names.  If you're looking for just statistical information, check out

1840 Federal Census  
1849 IA State Census  
1850 Federal Census USGenWeb Archives, Complete transcription
1850 Federal Census Index Index from USGW Census Project
1850 Industry & Social Statistics  
1850 Agriculture Census  
1850 Census - Mortality Mortality Schedule, Complete transcription
1851 IA State Census  
1852 IA State Census  
1854 Jackson County Census Complete transcription
1856 IA State Census LDS Family History Library
1859 IA State Census  
1860 Census Images (Off-site) Download @
1860 Industry & Social Statistics  
1860 Agriculture Census  
1860 Census - Mortality Mortality Schedule 3, Complete transcription
1865 Iowa State Census Population only
1870 Federal Census (Off-site) Download @
1870 Federal Census (Off-site) LDS 1870 Fed. Census images
1870 Industry & Social Statistics  
1870 Agriculture Census  
1870 Census - Mortality Mortality Schedule 2, Complete transcription
1870 Census - Orphans Perry Township, Orphans home, Complete transcription
1870 Federal Census - Partial Butler Township
1880 Federal Census (Off-site) LDS 1880 Fed. Census index & images
1880 Federal Census #1 (Off-site) Download @ of Jackson Co.
1880 Federal Census #2 (Off-site) Download @ Jackson Co.
1880 Industry & Social Statistics  
1880 Agriculture Census  
1880 Census - Mortality Mortality Schedule 5, Complete transcription
1885 IA State Census (Off-site) LDS 1885 IA Census index & images
1885 State Census Jackson County Poor Farm
1895 IA State Census (Off-site) LDS 1895 IA Census index & images
1895 IA State Census In progress
1895 State Census Bellevue Township
1895 Census - Orphans Perry Township, Orphans home, Complete transcription
1895 Census Honor Roll
1900 Fed Census Images (Off-site) Download @
1905 IA State Census (Off-site) LDS 1905 IA Census index & images
1910 Fed Census Images (Off-site) Download @
1915 IA State Census (Off-site) LDS 1915 IA Census index & images
1920 Fed Census Images (Off-site) Download @
Poor Farm Census: 1920 Census (On Site)
1925 IA State Census (Off-site) LDS 1925 IA Census index & images
Poor Farm Census: 1930 Census (On Site)
1930 Fed Census Images (Off-site) Download @
1940 Federal Census (Off-site) 1940 Federal Census
Poor Farm Census: 1940 Census (On Site)
IAGenWeb State Census  
USGenWeb Census Proj