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"Always be nice to those younger than you, because they are the ones who will be writing about you."

-Cyril Connolly (1903-1974)


A Memorial and Biographical Record of Iowa, 1896
Who's Who in Iowa, 1940
 Governor Joshua G. Newbold
The Courts and Legal Profession of IOWA - Henry County, 1907

Sources of the following Biographies include:

The United States Biographical Dictionary

and Portrait Gallery of Eminent and Self-Made Men. Iowa Volume.

Chicago and New York; American Biographical Publishing Company. 1878.

Portrait and Biographical Album of Henry County, Iowa
Chicago: Acme  Publishing Company, 1888. Index

Biographical Review of Henry County, Iowa
Chicago: Hobart Publishing Company, 1906

Oskaloosa Weekly Herald 1889

Iowa Official Register 1927-1928
 Biographies of State Senators

      Abraham - Ashbaugh Jaeger - Jones  
  Babb - Burton Kassel - Kurtz  
  Caldwell - Clement Laird - Lyons  
  Coad - Culbertson Magdefrau - Myers  
  Danielson - Dutton Nelson - Olinger  
  Eckey - Everts Packer - Prince  
  Fairchild - Frazen Rainey - Ruth  
  Gableson - Greusel Sackett - Swift  
  Haines - Hutton Tague - Vernon  
  Ibbotson - Irwin Walker - Zickefoose  

Thanks to Joan Achille, Betsey Brown, Frances Sloan, Pat White, Jim Church, Dick Barton, 

Sharyl Ferrall, Polly Eckles, Ann Miller White, Richard Kinkead, and Conni McDaniel Hall for transcribing them.

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