1875 Hardin County Andreas Patrons
1. Alden, Buckeye, Concord townships
2. Eldora and Ellis townships
3. Etna, Grant, Hardin townships
4. Jackson, Pleasant, Providence, Sherman, Tipton, Union townships

1879 Marriage Register Index

1880 Death Index

1880 Birth Index, April - August

1883 History of Hardin County, Iowa Biographical Index

1883 History of Hardin County, Iowa Maiden Name Index by Township. It includes the page number where the maiden names occur within the book. The book is on google.books and has the link to it.

1883 - List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883 (1812-1883)

1906-1914 Declaration of Intention, names and certificate numbers (complete index)

1914 - 1926 Declaration of Intention, names and certificate numbers, partial listing A - K
    A - D
    E - H
    I - K

1881 Journal

1885 Iowa State Census for Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines
Veterans 1 - Alden and Buckeye, Radcliffe, Eldora
Veterans 2 - Ackley, Gifford, Hubbard, Whitten
Veterans 3 - Owasa, New Providence, Steamboat Rock, Union
Veterans 4 - Iowa Falls
Veterans 5 - Iowa Falls continued

1892 Hardin County Plat Maps (transcribed)
1892 Hardin Co., Plat Map Patrons Listing by Township & Town

1918 Ackley Roll of Honor (servicemen)

1951 March Hardin County Jurors Listing

Alden 100 Year Anniversary

Burial Permits



Cornell University (IOWA) Class Alumni Listing for Hardin Co.
(S. Ferrall)

Funeral Cards

Lost and Found

Marriage Book 1, 1853-1866

Miscellaneous Items of Interest

Patent Holders (Hardin Co. residents who patented an invention)

School Statistics:

Public School Statistics from 1911

Rural School Statistics from 1911

Schools of 1911 - the Townships

Social Security Death Indexes

Union Cemetery, Union Twp, Military Dead

Wills, Record Of, Book "B", Hardin County, Iowa
Alpha Listing (all names in book)
Listings A-G
Listings H-K
Listings L-O
Listings P-S
Listings T-W