Butler County Cemetery Locations

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A majority of the Butler County Cemeteries were transcribed by Ken Kothe and placed in the USGenWeb Iowa Archives.  As of July 2017 we are cross posting to the Butler County IAGenWeb site.  As cemeteries are put online, a notation will be made below.  The ones that are already online will be unchanged.

The map locations are also being redone and will appear under "Location" when they are available.

It is recommended that you use your search feature to get to the name(s) quicker as many of these cemeteries are quite large, even if they are alphabetized. 

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Cemetery Nearby Town Township Section Location
Allison  *Onsite 11 Jul 2017 Allison Jackson 31  
Antioch    *Onsite 11 Jul 2017 Clarksville Butler 15  
Beaver Grove Finchford Beaver 29  
Behrends Parkersburg Beaver 29  
Bethel Reformed Church Aal-Gei | Gei-Sch | Sch-You Aplington Monroe 7  
Brethren aka Dunkard Greene Coldwater 13  
Butler Center Allison Jefferson 18  
Butler County Farm Allison Jackson 33  
Christian Reformed Austinville Grundy County *  
Codner Parkersburg Albion 27  
Coster  *Onsite 25 Sep 2017 Shell Rock Jefferson 22  
Dumont Dumont Pittsford 28  
Fairfield New Hartford Grundy County *  
German Lutheran aka Kliege aka Kalwarf Parkersburg Monroe 2  
Halls Grove aka DuBoises aka Haselroad Greene Coldwater 8  
Hardman aka Old German Cemetery Greene Coldwater 13  
Harlan Dumont Pittsford 19  
Hitesville Alb-Hit | Hit-Yos | No stones Kesley Ripley 29  
Jungling aka Folkers Allison West Point 14  
Lowell aka Lowtown  *Onsite 18 Sep 2018 Clarksville Butler 29  
Lynwood Clarksville Jackson 13  
Madison Kesley Madison 16  
Memorial Park Austinville Washington 27  
Needham Bristow Pittsford 9  
Nettleton  *Onsite 18 Sep 2018 Greene Dayton 30  
New Albion Parkersburg Jefferson 33  
North Vilmar Greene Coldwater 27  
Oakhill Parkersburg Monroe 25  
Oak Hill Aag-Cro | Cro-Hof | Hof-Pet | Phe-Zim | Veterans New Hartford Beaver 28  
Oak Hill aka Pilltown aka Parkhill  *Onsite 15 Mar 2018 Bristow Pittsford 23  
Old Bristow Bristow Pittsford 24  
Old Town   *Onsite 15 Mar 2018 Clarksville Butler 29  
Parker Burial Grounds Parkersburg Albion 31  
Pleasant Hill Clarksville Fremont 5  
Pleasant Valley Clarksville Fremont 28  
Pleasant View Aplington Monroe    
Riverside Abe-Cra | Cro-Hom | Hoo-Mea | Mea-Res | Res-Tho | Tho-Zim Shell Rock Shell Rock 2  
Rose Hill     *Onsite 11 Jul 2017 Greene Coldwater 12 View Map
Rude aka Bidwell New Hartford Beaver 25  
St. Clair Gravel (bodies moved to New Albion) New Hartford Albion 26  
St Marys Catholic  *Onsite 15 Mar 2018 Greene Coldwater 12  
St Patricks Catholic Parkersburg Monroe 25  
South Bristow aka Woodland Bristow Pittsford 25  
Washington Reformed aka Washington Township Kesley Washington 5  
West Point Shell Rock Bremer County *  
Vilmar aka South Vilmar  *Onsite 15 Mar 2018 Allison West Point 3  
Zimmerman (bodies moved) Aredale Bennezette 21  


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