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Ken was a prolific historian and genealogist with an interest in Butler County.  Ken submitted many cemetery readings to the USGenWeb Archives and we are displaying his cemeteries on the Butler County IAGenWeb pages.  The copyright belongs to Ken but we are thankful for the facts that they share.  Sadly Ken passed away in 2012 and he will be greatly missed.  You can read Ken's obituary here.

Allison Cemetery

This file was contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by:
Ken Kothe <kkenk@frontiernet.net>
September 1997

Copyright.  All rights reserved.

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    The Allison Cemetery
        In the very early days of Allison, a cemetery was started on a hill south and
    east of Allison at the site where the corn bins are now standing near the Allison
    Implement Shop. When the land for the present site was chosen, the graves were
    moved to the new site except for one. The unmoved grave was that of a person known
    to have died from smallpox and the grave was left untouched. The exact whereabouts
    of this grave and the name of the deceased is unknown.
        The Allison Cemetery was first incorporated on June 6, 1885. The land was
    bought from E.W. Koester for the sum of $325 and a deed to Lot Number 8 in the
    cemetery.. On May 17,1886, a motion was made by the town council to build a fence
    around the cemetery. Lots at that time were sectioned out into groups of eight
    graves each. Those serving on the town council at this time were W.H. Lathrop,
    Mayor, J.K. Winsett, L. Pharo, J.W. Davis, J.T. Diggens, G. Hazlet and C.W. Lewis,
        In 1903, a benevolent society under the leadership of Mrs. C. Craig appointed a
    cemetery committee and the work of draining and putting the ground in order was
        A second addition was added to the cemetery to the east and north of the
    existing cemetery. At this time the lot size was changed to lots of four graves. A
    third addition was made in 1970. It is still called the new addition and is situated
    to the north. On  Once again the size of the lots were changed and sectioned into
    eight graves to a lot. A set of four lots were set aside in the center of the new
    section for a flag pole.
        This cemetery is cared for by the sale of lots and a tax levy. Many beautiful
    evergreens were planted and these grace the well kept grounds. On Memorial Day of
    1984, eighty-three flags were flown over the cemetery honoring veterans both living
    and deceased from the surrounding area who have served our country. This was a
    project of the Allison Amvet Auxilary.
        The Allison Cemetery pan be found in Section 31 of Jackson Township on Highway
    14. After each name listed in the following pages is the letter L (lot) or NAL (new
    addition lot) and a number which will help those looking for a certain stone or

    G.M. Dopking
    S.W. Burroughs 1930
    C.R. Free 1942
    Stanton Loing 1923
    John W. Ray 1907
    Willis Lathrop 1900
    Earl Folkers 1958
    Al Taylor 1945
    John C. Moore 1919
    Lawrence DeBower 1935
    Thomas Curtis 1915
    Richard Gonsales l9l5
    Dave Kramer 1960
    David Stevenson 1930
    Virgil Wiearde 1957
    Kari Poppen 1968
    August Bohlen Jr. 1966
    John Kramer 1951
    Samuel Elliot
    Barnett Neal 1901
    Joe Jannsen 1951
    Robert Opperman 1944
    Fred Wilson 1938
    Louie Terhufen 1936
    Arthur Bell 1942
    Orville Maefield 1961
    Kelly Maefield 1939
    Jacob Kampman 1945
    Pete Poomgarden 1971
    Dick Bauman 1975
    Chris Brinkman 1960
    Harry Rotink 1959
    Emil Allison l957
    Bruno Fecht 1964
    Eppie Arends 1975
    Heiko Fecht 1972
    Vern Dralle 1975
    Warren Hemingson 1969
    Harvey DeBower 1960
    Paul Weires Sr. 1960
    Richard Sherman 1954
    James Leach 1954
    David Burch 1954
    Hilo Russ 1946
    Wilhelm Schrage 1918
    Floyd Smith 1957
    Robert Neal 1927
    Homer Lincoln 1943
    Fred Christensen 1966
    Roland Pete 1951
    Erwin Kentzelman 1998
    Vincent Kennedy 1948
    Russel Frank 1971
    Edward Weires 1956
    Fred Weires 1939
    Joseph Weires 1929
    Joseph Flynn 1914
    John B. Folkers 1970
    Jack Ritzman 1973
    Harry Hummel 1972
    Ralph Van Raden 1899
    Robert Klunder 1975
    John Bernard Weires 1968
    Harry Hampel 1975
    Donald Brinkman 1959
    Henry Burma 1974
    Charles Burma 1973
    Russell Hummel 1976
    Frank Schoneman 1976
    Clair Speedy 1977
    Chris Brocka 1977
    Paul Brodrick 1977
    John F. Weiland,1977
    Willard Flynn 1978
    Marion Habberstad 1979
    Harold  Busse 1979
    Wm. Miller 1980
    Fred Wiegmann 1980
    Bill Schniederman 1980
    Wm. McDowell 1980
    Gay Gasel 1968
    Levi Buroker 1982
    Frank Allison 1982
    Edward Arends 1985
    Bert Janssen 1986


  Ackerman, Alice Rutter 1903-1970 NAL22
      John E. 1876-1979 par of Gene, Ardis
                    and Ivan NAL22
  Adelmund, Ronnie and Gert owners of NAL13
  Aissen, Dick W. 1901-1961 L275
      Clara M. 1913-  L275
  Allan, Clara 1879-1966 L123
      William 1873-1948 L123
      Mary Ann 1841-1916 Mother L30
      James 1838-1917 Father L30
      Ione M. July 15,1900-     L165
      J.Francis July 6,1902 Feb 6,1961  L165
      Infant dau of J. Francis and Ione
                        Oct 21,1929 L165
      Flora H. 1896-1972 L166
      Emmett W. 1893-19--      L166
      John 0. Jan 25,1867 Dec 1,1937
                   Father L255
      Annette Aug 19,1871 Mar 22,1906
                       Mother L255
      Clyde A. 1902-1972 L432
      Alvena D. 1905-1969 L432
      Robert Henry son of Clyde and Alvena
                       Feb 3,1929 L432
      Carl E. and Fannie owners of NAL37
   Allison, Emil E. Jan 25,1920 Mar 12,1957
                   Iowa PFC 7 Field Hosp WWII L325
       Frank J. U.S. Army WWII 1918-1982  L326
   Anderson, Gladys Viola Dart d June
                        1972 L250
       Ernest d Aug 1973 L250
   Arends, Emma Feb 13,1879 May 5,1975 L109
       Eppe S. aug 21,1891 Mar 5,1875 Vet of
                              WWI L109
       Grace F. 1923-    L143
       Edward 1920-1985 Vet of WWII par of
                         Anne and Wendell L143
   Arenholtz, Martin owner of L71 & L72
   Arjes, Kate J. 1892-1984 L409
        Harm G. 1868-1947 L409
   Arnold, Minnie L. 1869-1962 L154
        George L. 1868-1962 L154
   Arbuckle, Infant son of J.W. & E.M.
                    Apr 9, 1894 L22
   Austin, Mrs. S.E. 1871-1904 and Baby
                         Elton 1904 L13
   Aukes, Edna G. Oct 6,1918 Feb 14,1919  L75
       Sophia 1878-1954 L414
       Edze 1876-1969 L414
       E. D. owner of L413
       Jeanette 1914-   NAL97
       William H. 1908-1980 par of Bonnie,
                    Eddie and Jerry NAL97
   Baaker, August 1847-1927 L132
   Bangs, Louise 1872-1949 L105
       William C. 1872-1947 L105
       Walter Ray 1929-1941 L105 
       William A. 1902-1981 L106
       Nancy 1906-1975 L106
       Dean Leroy 1938-1968 son L106
   Barber, Ann Burma 1925-1974 removed and
                  cremated 1976 NAL10
   Barlow, Lexina 1856-1932 L10
       Alexina wife of James June 29,1820
                  Oct 12,1888 L10
       James Jan 23,1815 Jan 7,1902 L10
       Alexina dau of James and Alexina L10
    Barnard, Mary M. 1896-1954 L173
        Harley R. Father 1894-    L173
        Amy Hewitt wife 1893-1979 L173
    Barth, Dorothy 1919-   NA121
        Marvin W. Sr. 1915-    Butler Co.
                     Sheriff 1971-1980 Deputy 1956-1971
                       par of Marvin Jr. NAL21
    Bates, Nina E. 1897-19--     L69
        Lynn A. 1889-1944 L69
        Rose May 24,1858 Aug 5,1936 L69
        Frederick J. Feb 18,1845 May 13, 1918 L69
        Wayne Aug 15,1917 Oct 5,1938 L69
    Bauman, Mabel M. Sept 29,1914   L387
        Dick C. Nov 30,1909 Mar 16,1975 veteran
                      par of Beverly L387
        Lilly C. 1907-1968 L355
        Theo J. 1908-1971 par of Don and Bob L355
        Kyle Thomas Aug 21,Dec 23,1966 son of
                        Dale and Rita L371
        Laura L. 1907-1980 L371
        Thomas T. 1906-1952 par of Dale and Duane L371
    Baurer, Fame T. 1895-1950 wife L369
        Edward H. 1886-1952 Husband L369
    Baxter, Infant dau of A.R.& J.E. May 27,
                               1903 L20
    Bell, Walter S. 1866-1939 L45
        Elizabeth wife of Hiram Aug 5,1841
                        Feb 21,1908 L45
        Hiram Apr 22,1836 Apr 28,1917 L45
        Ida S. 1869-1953 L45
        George H. 1879-1939 L65
        June M. 1880-1971 L65
        Willis 1953 (urn) L366
        Sabrina Buerkle Feb 26,1874 Dec 30,1934 L377
        John Allen Jan 27,1894 Dec 4, 1942 L377
        Arthur L. June 27,1894 June 19,1942
                  PVT 1 C1 350 Inf 88 Div L381
        John David June 2, Nov 17,1948 L377
        Alice owner of L382
    Berends, Betty 1896-1952 L182
       Stena E. 1868-1952 L182
       Efert 1870-1960 L182
    Bertram, Janice Kay 1946-1965 NAL17
    Bettesworth, Ann B. 1908-     L127
       Verle W. 1905-1956 L127
    Bochmann, Minnie D. 1890-1968 Mother  L155
        Emil F. 1888-1947 par. of Lucille
                       and Rosemond L155
        Louis 1887-1975 NAL19
        William 1885-1965 NAI27
    Boelkers, Anton 1889-1919 L180
          Unknown L180
          Unknown L180
    Boelman, Bertha A. Aug 26,1886 Dec 1969 L213
         Bernard "Ben" July 3,1881 Nov 25,1868 L213
         Pauline d Jan 27,1881 L214
         Folkert W. 1912-     L214
         Al B. 1884-1959 L169
         Laura E. 1885-1966 L169
         Fannie 1905-        NAL27
         Andrew 1889-1965 NAL27
    Boelmann, John June 2,1886 Oct 13,
                                  1962 L78
        Tibine Oct 5,1847 Oct 17,1928 Mother L78
        Aeiltaus B. Sept 14,1848 July 7,
                         1919 Father L78
    Bohlen, August Jr. Aug 14,1934 June 7,
                        1966 Iowa PFC US Army L311
            Herman and Lois owners of NAL87
    Boomgarden, Larry J. 1948 Inf son of
                         M. & J.  L439
          Patricia K. 1949-1950 L439
          Jessie 1918-1975 L439
          Martin 1918-   L439
          Esther J. 1922-     L441
          Pete E. 1920-1971 veteran L441
          Ruben 1922-1983 NAL53
          Florence 1921-     par of Bonnie,
                           Joyce and Steve NAL53
    Borg, Martha 1867-1954 Mother L321
    Boylan, Bertha Dec 19,1882 Mar 25, 1977 L127
            Marion F. Mar 29,1871 Aug 4,1955 L127
    Brace, Mable C. Martin wife of Clifford D.
                              1879-1948 L399
           Gertrude A. wife of Clifford D. 1872-1921 L399
    Brandt, Grace E. 1907-1974 NAL57
            Kenneth W. 1906-    NAL57
    Brauer, Berrus 1886-1929 Father L421
            Lillie 1892-1927 Mother L421
    Brinkman, Donald D. 1959-1973 Veteran NAL8
              Katie G. 1924-1970 NAL17
              J. Jerald 1920-   NAL17
              Hermina 1896-8-31-1982 L357
              Jerry 1893-1980 par of Chris, J. Jerald,
                         Ernest, Mina and Donald L357
              Gesina C. 1920-   L358
              Chris J. 1916-1960 Veteran par of Mark
                             and Darrel L358
              George 1835-1919 L180
     Brocka, Chris 9-4-77 Veteran L428
             Madeline Martin wife of Chris 1903-1950 L428
             Larry Mar 13-17 1940 son of C.R. & M. L428
             Clara A. 1902-     NAL59
             Ernest I. 1893-1982 par of Donna and
                                     Marlene NAL-59
     Broderick, Hulda C. 1901-1956 L175
                Paul J. 1894-1977 CPL US Army WWI L175
     Brogue, Baby Charles date unknown L69
     Bruns, Lumka wife of H. Bruns 1845-1926 L148
            Jake and Norma owners of L38
     Buddenhagen, "Bud" Leonard W. 1905-1983 NAL84
                  Ida E. nee Golnitz 1906-  par of
                             Sharon and Jerry NAL84
     Boekin, Verol W. son of L.E.& J. Nov 6,
                         1902 Nov 16,1902 L229
     Buerkle, Johann F. Mar 6,1839 Apr 23,
                             1901 Father L284
              Anna Aug 15,1839 Sept 22,1908 Mother L284
              John Fred 1872-1935 L284
              E. Burkhard 1872-1935 L284
              Infant son of B. and E.L. Sept 17, 1901 L284
     Burbridge, Eva M. 1902-1966 L237
                Vane S. 1898-1967 L237
                Vernon Bruce son of Vane and Eva
                               1928 L237
                Christie 1874-1952 L60
                Richard A. 1876-1952 L60
                John M. 1856-1928 L60
                Anna M. 1854-1941 L60
     Buerkle, Coba E. 1871-1955 L182
              George A. 1872-1959 L198
              Edward F. 1906-1926 L198
              Baby 1897 L198
    Burch, Lurendia E. 1895-1954 L167
           David W. 1895-1954 Veteran L167
    Burma, Shirley B. 1926-      NAL4
           Charles "Bud" Mar 27,1927 Sept 22,
                        1973 S1 US Navy WWI par of Bill,
                               Marcey, Nancy, and Molly NAL4
           Henry W. Nov 7,1894 Dec 8, 1974
                            Cpl US Army WWI NAL10
           Kathryn Mar 6, 1894 Jan 21, 1957 NAL10
   Buroker, Levi T. US Army WWI Oct 10,
                           1894 May 5,1982 L254
            E. Grace 1908-  L254
   Burroughs, 1889-1916 L13
        Carrie E. Knight wife of S.W. May
                              8,1857 May 5,1897 L10
        S.W. 1849-1930 Veteran L10
        Robert W. 1909-   Son L58
        Frank S. 1873-1942 L58
        Christina 1875-1943 Mother L58
        Faith V. dau of F.S. and C.A. 1903-
                                      1922 L58
   Busch, Bielda M. 1889-1948 L411
          Henry W. 1889-1981 L411
          Roberta M. 1909-  NAL60
          William F. 1904-  NAL60
          George owner of L389 & L390
   Busma, Louisa 1916-       NAL79
          Carl 1917-    par of Larry,
                        Wayne and Wendell NAL79
          Wendell D. 1954-1971 NAL79
   Buss, Doris Ann 1929 L429
         Henry 1903-Oct 14,1980 L429
         Nadine M. 1912-   par of Doris
                                 and Donald L429
         Jennie 1902-1975 L122
         Arnold 1874-1963 L122
         Grace 1878-1955 L122
         Milo 7-5-21 1-10-46 Prvt Co G
                      342nd Inf WWII L122
         Alice 1916-     L54
         John 1913-    par of Helen and
                               Joan L54
         Dennis D. and Diane F. owners ofNAL31
  Busse, Violet E. 1896-1982 L273
         Frank H. 1894-1968 L273
         Harold 1919-Feb 23,1979 S.Sgt US
                         Army WWII NAL53
         Bernice W. 1922-     NAL53
  Cadam, John A. Sept 24,1879 Dec 17, 1945 L205
         James Sr. Jan 30,1843 Mar 23, 1919 L205
         James Jr. Aug 24, 1873 Mar 23,1911 L205
         Bridget May 1845 Aug 18,1904 L205
   Campbell, Nancy 1926 L148
             Baby Boy Apr 1982 L252
             Becky Sue dau Aug 29 Nov 1,1959 L252
   Cardinal, J.H. Aug 29,1895 59y 11m 20d L297
             Henry E. son of J.H.& S.E. Nov 19,1889
                                        17y 1d L297
             Infant son of J.H.& S.E. Apr 10, 1888
                                          2d L297
    Carlson, John 1903-1982 NAL87
    Cashman, Clarence E. 1908-1941 L234
             Ethel B. 1898-   L234
    Caughey, Kathleen 1879-1980 L269
             Earl 1898-     1269 NAL89
    Christensen, Fred Mar 2,1875 May 16,1966
                               Veteran L149
                 Kate Oct 6,1885 Sept 16, 1975 L149
                 Baby 1886 L149
                 Floyd W. 1914-1958 L150
                 Florence M. 1915-1938 L150
                 Vern owner of L305 & L306
     Christophersen, Harvey D. 1938-1980 NAL55
                     Sharon A. 1943-   NAL55
     Chittenden, Mercedes Allan Mother 1906-
                                       1963 L255
     Clarke, Myrtle L. 1887-1966 L62
             Leo C. 1883-1960 L62
     Clover, Albert 1936 L255
     Codner, Harry and Mary J. owners of L55
     Cooly, W. 1926 L148
     Conn,Henry Thomas May 19,1860 Dec 28,
                                 1914 L70
     Constein, Sophie 1882-1944 Mother L121
               Albert 1879-1944 Father L121
     Conuaghy, W,K. owner of L19
     Cooper, Edith Feb 1,1894 June 31,1931
                         Mother L362
             Twin babies of Edith and R.A. Cooper L362
             Myrtle 1881-1900 L362
             Rufus A. 1881-1942 L362
             Allen and Betty owners of L89
             Noel owner of L448
     Craig, Nellie L. dau of G.M. & M.E. Apr
                        23,1887 July 8,1888 L22
            Baby no dates L22
            Mother L22
            Mary E. Mother of G.M. Mar 27,1804
                        Mar 24,1887 L22
     Cramer, Addie M. 1910-1974 L189
             Fred C. 1908-  par of Leroy,
                           Burdette and Peggy L89 
             Jennie B. 1900-1961 L305
             John H. Apr 15,1894 Feb 13, 1951
                       Prvt 133 Inf 34 Div WWI L305
      Crawford, Angeline 1869-1964 L158
                John A. 1866-1955 L158
                Eva L. Moralee wife of D.D. 1880 
                                           1909 L66
                Delbert 1914 L66
                Edna wife of William 1888-1933 L164
                Caroline Apr 13,1934 83Y lm 14d
                             Mother 1851-1934 L68
                Alben C. June 29,1842 July 10,1913
                              Father 1842-1934 L68
                Joseph B. 1870-1946 L68
                William L. 1866-1947 L68
                Ruth M. 1915-  L68
                Verena A. 1892-1983 L68
                Claude W. 1801-1974 L68
                Arthur C. 1909-
                Emma 1910-    par of Arthur D.
                                  Virgil and Irene
                Arthur D. d 1931
     Curtis, Elizabeth A. 1845-1915 L37
             Thomas 1841-1915 Veteran L37
             Emily 1844-1900 L37
     Daily, Paul 1981 L228
            Ollie 1885 July 29,1979 L257
            Charles 1882-1979 L257
            Infant son of Charles and Ollie  L257
            Merlyn P. 1920-1921 L257
            Paul E. 1911-1981 L228
            Gweneth H. 1913-     L228
            Clair 1981 L258
            Olive E. 1888-1960 L265
            Bridget 1853-1934 Mother L265
            Thomas 1849-1934 L267
            Clara M. 1893-1974 L267
            Sidney B. 1885-1980 L267
     Dart, Roger d Sept 1978 L250
     Davis, B. 1922 L164
     Deam,Celia F. wife of Ira T. Jan 17,
                       1859 Aug 29,1902 Mother L201
     Deboer, Alice 1905-      L373
             George 1900-1959 L373
     Debower, Lawrence P. 1894-1935
                     Headquarters Co 351 Inf 88th
                        Div L40
              Baby of H.& D. Sept 10,1900 L102
              Diena 1877-1956 L102
              Herman 1867-1941 L102
              Steven R. 1956 L157
              Anna Marie 1926-    L215
              Anna 1896-1972 L215
              Harvey J. 1896-1960 Veteran L215
              Theda 1904-1975 L387
              Roy E. 1903-19-        L387
              George H. 1892-1949 L407
              Minnie 1867-1949 L407
              Gert H. 1864-1946 L407
              Alvin 1979 L407
              Paul E. Jr. Aug 11,1899 Aug 7,1966 NAL16
              Mary L. Aug 24,1906     NAL16
              Helena 1906-          NAL25
              Floyd 1903-1972 par of Lyle, Valda
                                 and Audrey NA125
              Ernest and Eileen owners of L52
              Clarence 1899-        NAL99
              Flossie 1902-         NAL99
              Anne E. 1930-         NAL99
              William G. 1924-1980  NAL99
     Deeming, Charles Dec 19,1900 July 13,
                    1942 L89
              Myrtle Green June 18,1902  June 8, 1960 L89
     Deery, James Jr. Mar 7,1869 Nov 7,1906  L261
            Mrs. James Sr. Dec 25,1835 June 21,
                                        1910 L261
            James Sr. Nov 26,1820 Apr 17,1901 L261
            John June 2,1862 Feb 20,1913 L261
            John              L262
            Alice             L262
     Delong, Mary C. 1856-1930 Mother L225
             Abraham 1. 1850-1924 Father 1225
             George W. 1888-1891 L225
     Devries, Rev. J.M. 1889-1952 NAL38
     Dewitt, Grace 1915-              NAL38
             George 1902-   par of Jessie and
                             George NAL38
     Dickman, Henry 1900-1980 NAL54
              Effie 1899-  NAL54
              Walter owner of L52
              Infant L52
     Dittert, Frank 1869-1950
     Diehl, Eldon and Lenore owners of L436
     Dix, Todd June 17, Aug 28,1958 son of
                         Duane and Muriel Dix L295
     Doeden, Martha 1909-             L322
             George A. 1907-  L322
     Dopking, F.E. 1867-1896 L12
              Corp'l Geo M. Co, E 43 Wis Inf L12
              Abigail 1840-1933 Mother L12
              Nathon 1808-1905 Father L12
     Downey, D.B. Daniel B. buried 2-14-29 L211
     Dralle, Margaret R. 1919-  par of
                           Patricia and Deloris L221
             Jennifer Rae 3-25-79 4-17-79 NAL33
             Katie 1905-   NAL34
             August 1901-1975 NAL34
             Richard and Sharon owners of L33
             Albert 1913-
             Nida 1912-    par of Linda, Joseph
                                      and Dorthy
             Vern F. PFC US Army WWII 1919-1975 L221
     Dreher, Daniel Frank 1855-1915 L395
             Clara Eliza 1856-1938 L395
             Grace E. 1886-1940 L395
             George H. 1856-1932 Father L396
             Isabelle 1859-1901 Mother L396
             Marie E. 1881-1935 L209
     Dubois, Melvin 1861-1929 L132
     Duey,Joyce Ann Oct 25-27,1949 dau of
                         D.J. & Marianna L432
     Eggleston, Fred S. 1886-1960 L77
                Ruby J. 1896-19  L77
     Eilers, Alma 1896-19-        L143
             William 1888-1967 L143
             Chris owner of L111
             Peter 1911-1984 NAL78
             Minnie 1910-     NAL78
      Elliot, Robert d 1950 L83
              Mary Emory Lincoln Oct 12,1857 Aug
                                        9,1943 Mother L83
              Moses 1848-1926 Father L83
              Lloyd 1882-1935 L83
              Mrs. no dates L52
              Zack 1850-1938 L299
              Jas. W. d Nov 14,1889 71y 8m
                               5d Father L299
              Catherine wife of J.W. 75y 4m 6d
                           d Dec 13,1897 Mother L299
              Son of S.& E.L. July 15,1885 2y 2m
                                 14d L313
              Allie 1860 1927 L313
              Corpl Sam'l Co G 75 Ill Inf
                                 No dates L313
      Elliotte, Nannie J.  June 5, l85l  Mar 30, l929
      Endelman, Gertie B. 1902-    L111
                John G. 1896-1980 L111
                Fred H. 1905- Sept 22,1985 NAL12
                Minnie L. 1910-1983 par of Laura,
                           Norma, Ruth and Fred NAL12
      Epperly, Vera F. 1896-1977 L168
               Thomas B. 1894-1973 L168
               William J. 1917-1938 L168
      Eveland, Robert 1951-1956 L443
               Bessie 1912-1956 L443
      Fank, Ben and Francis owners of L58
      Fecht, Hermina 1920-   L129
             John 1913-    NAL21
             Lottie 1911-1982 par of Bette and
                               Darwin NAL21
             Heiko Iowa PFC US Army WWII Oct 18,
                          1905 Feb 15,1972 Veteran
             Bruno 1907-1964 Veteran L129
      Feltus, John David June 2 Nov 17,1948 L71
              Edith R. 1868-1949 L77
              John H. 1865-1939 L77
              Margaret M. wife of Mark Mar 5,1846 Apr 7,1890 
                                Mother L77
              Mark Nov 19,1833 Dec 17,1889 Father L77
              Ruby M. 1890-1968 L77
              Robert 1-9-84 NAL90
              George E. 1870-1957 L71
              Erma R. 1885-1977 L71
              Paul John 1911-1928 L71
      Fellows, G.E.S. May 31,1884 75y 9m L9
               Arthur G. May 22,1881 38y10m 5d L9
               Catharine R. wife of A.G. Mar 1893 L9
      Fick, Rena L. 1896-1957 L109
            Peter C. 1889-1959 L109
            Bauiena 1902-1981 L119
            Herman 1899-1974 L119
            Lawrence 1909-   L245
            Hilda M. 1910-  par of Betty, Calvin,
                             Lavola and Sally L245
      Finger, Marilyn Sue d 1975 L192
              Hazel Roelf 1916-1961 L332
      Fishel, Craig 1940-1975 L219
              Robin H. 1941-  L219
              C.C. owner of L220
      Fischer, Thomas A. 1894-1936 L332
               Jennie H. 1899-1980 par of Dorothy,
                         Thomas and Janet L332
      Fleshner, Chris H. 1892-1958 L28
                Kate L. 1895-1974 L28
      Flynn, Sylvester 1857-1945 Father L201
             James 1843-1917 Brother L201
             Ellen 1846-1928 Sister L202
             Willard F. Nov 21,1896 Aug 29,1878
                          Veteran L203
             Aurene M. Apr 25,1899 Feb 7,1962 L203
             Ada E. 1883-1928 Daughter L231
             Joseph L. 1944-1914 Veteran L231
             Elizabeth 1850-1934 Mother L231
             Sylvester 1869-1939 Son L231
             Geneivieve d 1982 L232
             Anson S. 1879-1965 Son L252
             Joseph E. 1901-1973 Son L259
             Mark C. 1910-1968 Son L259
             Jay J. 1893-1962 Father L259
             Agnes  wife of Jay J. 1876-1925 Mother L259
      Folken, Edith 1906-  L425
              Hermina 1874-1965 L425
              Heio 1868-1927 L425
              Erwin owner of NAL107
      Folkers, John B. 1895-1970 Veteran L55
               Martha D. 1892-     L55
               Ellen Feb 23,1874 Sept 6,1958 L20
               Earl T. Iowa S Sgt Co L 357 Inf WWII
                  BSM,PH & OIC Ict 5,1909 Oct 20, 1958
               Wesley P. 1911-1983 NAL106
               Mary 1918-     NAL106
               Lucille S. 1917-    NAL107
               Erwin 1910-1981 par of Jerry, Sharon
                             and Collette NAL107
               Anna M, 1886-1956 L415
               Martin E. 1884-1954 L415
               Hannah 1890-1963 Mother L304
               Wiard 1879-1945 Father L304
               Helen R. 1909-   NAL90
               Harold  l909-l972   NAL90
       Foote, H.A.  l864-l909  L42
              Cora R. l87l-l928 L42
       Franke, Francis B. l904-l966  Son L235
               Annie l878-l988 Mother L235
               William A. l876-l931 L235
               Louis William l906-l9l4 Son L235
               Russell J.  Iowa Co A 4l0 Inf WWII
                     Sept. 3, l907 May 22, l97l L236
               Carl Joseph  l833-l920  L207
               Annie  Aug 22, l847 May 25, l908  L236
               Vincent  Mar 26, l844  Jan 2l, l905
                            Father  L207
       Franken, Ella Mae  l923-l965  Wife  NAL6
                Donald H.  l924-     Husband  NAL6
                Travis Nov 3-l0, l973  son of Larry
                           and Sheri  NAL6
                Nanne B.  l904-   L47
                Anna K.  l90l-    L47
                Kay Luanne  l938-    Mother of Randall
                        Ronald, Roderic, and Roger Russell
                        and Stacy Franken   NAL6
        Franklin, George  l856-l908  Ll5
                  Mary E.  l858-l909  Ll5
        Free, Cecil H.  May l, l942  Iowa Mus 3 Cl 34
                              Inf 7 Div  L393
              Rev. E.H.  Oct l0, l86l  Jan l7, l94l  L393
              Annie M.  wife of Rev. E.H.  Jan l4, l863
                               Oct 28, l9l4   L393
        Freesemann, Dick  Sept 30, l868  Nov l4, l940  L33
                    Anna  born Timmer  Jan l0, l839  Nov 24,
                                          l9l3   L33
                    Nanne  Dec l2, l843  Sept 7, l932   L33
                    Flossie July 8,1915 NAL89
                    Richard Mar 2,1910 July 25,1979 par of
                        Henry, Georgette, Robert, Marlys and
                                  Jeanette NAL89    
                    Harriette and Robert owners of NAL88
        Freeze, Otto 1869-1916 L401
                Mary 1868-1935 L401
                Ben 1862-1950 L401
        Frey, Helen 1907 Sept 1977 L177
              Henry J. 1900-  L177
        Fuls, Henry 1902-   NAL79
              Melva 1906-   par of Jeanette and
                                   Gene NAL79
        Gasal, Gladys E.1902-1959 L367
               Gaylord G. 1898-1968 Veteran L367
        Godbout, Helen A. 1903-1982 Dear Aunt L270
        Goettei, Myrtle 1953 urn L52
              Charles A. 1875-1906 L52
        Gonzales, Frank C. 1871-1906 L44
                  Martha wife of F.C. 1872-1950 L44
                  Richard 1840-1915 Father Veteran L44
                  Jane 1807-1977 L44
                  Susan 1837-1916 Mother L44
                  Baby no dates L6
        Goodell, Bruce M. 4-25-1965 son of Pam and
                                 Doug L286
        Gossette, Alice Knittle 1877-1949 L380
        Grapp, Janice M. 1933-   NAL15
               Raymond V. 1933-   par of Janell,
                            Susan and Cheryl NAL15
        Gregory, Harriet Anna wife of Jerome H.
                           Mar 31,1858 Feb 23,1916 L35
                 Jerome H. Apr 18,1852 Jan 7,1928 L35
                 Lela dau of J.H.& H.A. Feb 12,1896
                                          16y 3m L35
        Greiser, Louella E. 1890-1971 L187
                 William Leroy 10-82 L187
                 Herman G. 1886-1952 L187
        Habberstad, Marion age 79y Apr 6,1979
                                 Veteran L231
        Hagerty, Lula B. 1888-1975 L141
                 Lester J. 1882-1969 L141
                 Glenn and Marilyn owner of L141
        Hahn, Anna E. 1873-1950 L287
              George A. 1866-1941 L287
              Minnie M. 1861-1930 L74
              Edwin A. Sept 19,1887 May 14,1914 L74
              Burdine R. 1920-         NAL46
              Maxine 1922-           par of Lynda, Myrna,
                         Dixie, Mary and Dana NAL46
        Hample, Harry E. CPL US Army WWI Dec 14,
                                1892 July 7,1975 NAL56
                Christina 1910-  par of Norma and
                                      Doris A. NAL56
        Hanan, Kate Conn Mother 1856-1935 L70

    Harms, Alice Ruter 1903-1970 NAL22
          John E. 1896-1979 NAL22
          Ronald H. Jan 8,1945 Oct 10,1968
          Susie 1913-  NAL23
          Harry 1908-  par of Delbert,
                        Roger, Karen and Wayne NAL23
          Mattie R. 1897-1983 NAL68
          William H. 1899-1974 par of Lenora,
                          Roland and Joyce NAL68
          Mattie L. 1903-      L87
          Leland L. 1904-1952 L87 par of
                       Faith and Carol Lee
          Thomas son of Alice and Glenn
                      Feb 17-20,1942 L86
          Alice M. Mar 4,1910 July 27,1977 L86
          Glenn E. Jan 28,1912 Jan 1,1969 L86
          Altje 1881-1962 Mother L97
          Henry 1868-1931 Father L97
          Tahlke 1868-1901 Mother L97
          Roland W. and Ferol owners of NAL50
          James and Ivadell owners of NAL57
    Hartman, Lowell Harm son of J.P.
                             d 1938 L152
             Pauline 1912-1984
    Hauser, Infant son of Roy L. and Flora
                                  B. Jan 5, 1964 L277
    Hayenga, H.B. Mar 11, 1859 July 27, 1924 L14
             Mary E. wife of H.B. July 6, 1863
                              Jan 12, 1907 L14
    Hazlet, Gertrude M. Sept 20, 1861, Mar 30, 1894 L22
           Mary F. owner of L40
    Herren, Eric R. 6-24-80 8-5-80 son of
                       Roger and Sonia NAL108
            John 1898-1936 Father L379
            Joyce 1928-1979 L379
            Dale R. 1927-   par of Cynthia
                                  and Susan L379
            Jurene 1904-   Mother L379
     Hemingson, Alice P. 1890-      L276
                Lewis W. 1887-1965 L276
                Warren M. Oct 7, 1917 Dec 29, 1969
                          S Sgt 408 Bomb Sq AAF WWII L277
     Hemmingsen, Harry L52
                 Juren L52
                 Mrs. Nels L52
                 Clayton L52
                 Infant L52
                 Nels Jan 2, 1847 Feb 14, 1920 L-52
     Henning, John d  Dec 18, 1923 NAL6
              Lydia owner of NAL74
     Henrichs, John F. 1911-1972 Son L103 
               Tillie Sept 1, 1874 Oct 24,1941 Mother L103
               Frederick 1875-1968 L103
               Edna wife of H.G. 1903-1923 L79
               Infant son of H.G. & C.M. 1932 L79
               Henry G. 1898-1971 L70
               Claretta 1902-1       L79
     Henthon, Gracie dau of J.& M.E. d Mar 28,
                           1883 lm lld L292
     Herrin, Jerald and Judy owners of NAL108
             Rogar and Sonia owners of NAL108
     Heuer, Herman 1857-1925 Father L82
            Son Henry 1886-1955 L82
            Emma 1865-1938 Mother L82
     Hewitt, Jennie E. 1852-1938 L213
             William H. 1846-1902 L227
             Amy Barnard June 1979 L227
     Heyenga, Jennie 1893-1970 L319
              Edward J. 1887-1957 L319
              Edwin 1915-1978 L320
              Ethel 1921-1960 L320
              Karl W. and Joyce L. owners of NAL75
     Hinders, Betty Darlene Oct 17,1951 Jan 30,
                      1952 dau of Andrew and Viola L323
              Marie 1922-     NAL14
              Charlie 1917-   par of Shirley, Larry
                        Diane, Linda and Karen NAL14
     Hodgson, Margoree owner of L40
     Horton, Mary E. Feb 14,1810 Apr 1,1893 L3
                       (Mother of Mrs. Julia Mead)
     Hoodjer, Mattie 1882-1972 NAL10
              Claus J. 1889-1962 NAL10
              C. Marie 1906-      NAL39
              John 1899-1985 NAL39
              Vera 1909-   NAL39
              Paul 1899-1973 NAL39
              Louis 1914-1983 NAL39
              Henry 1905-   NAL39
              Clarence 1901-   NAL39
              Christine 1918-1978 NAL42
              Clarence 19l8    par of Roger and Carol NAL42
     Hummel, Ruth C. 1921-            NAL3
             Russell D. 1923-1976 2D It US Army WWII NAL3
             Lewis C. 1930-1951 Son L29
             Luella F. 1904-19  Mother L29
             Harry Sr. 1889-1972 Father Veteran L29
             Ada 1892-1965 L56
             Frank 1888-1956 L56
             William P. Mar 26,1891 Sept 28,1946
                                  Father L4
             Margaret E. July 4,1893 Oct 26, 1966
                                  Mother L4
     Hummell, Glen owner of NAL4
              Harry owner of NAL2
     Hunan, Mary athryn Conn Nov 7,1856
                                Mar 11,1935 Mother L70
     Hunt, Anna 1926
     Hunter, Anna Jane 1877-1924 Mother L43
             WM. M. 1853-1924 Father L43
             Alice Feb 12,1855 June 21,19l9  Mother L43
             Wm. Garfield Mar 21, 1881 Jan 30, 1911 L43
             Hyde, W. owner of L19
             Isley, dau of M.E.& M.B. Isley 1907 L20
     Jacobs, Alma C. 1913- NAL34    
             Henry G. 1909-1975 NAL34
             Frank 1902-1968 NAL34
             Bill owner of NAL49
     Janssen, Joe Oct 13,1917 Jan 24,1951
                     Vet WWII Combat Engineer BN L346
              Mattie 1911-1984 NAL23
              Hilko, 1906-  NAL23
              Ida L. 1918-   NAL
              Bert 1904-    par of Dennis, Dan,
                                 Mary, Jean and Pat
              Geisiena Mein 1880-1939 L346
              Emmo 1879-1959 L346
              Dennis J. 1945 son of B.& I. Janssen L351
              Hilda 1911-1971 L352
     Jensen, Edna 1910-   L145
             George 1901-1965 L145
     Jergon, John owner of NAL89
     Jessie, Lillie 1887-1976 L443
     Johnson, Gloria Marie 1953-1954 L244
              Alice M. 1916-  NAL5
              George 1913-    NAL5
              Grace H. wife of John W. Feb 5,1824
                                            Dec 26,1890 L7
              Caroline Woodward 1872-1859 L7
              Clara B. 1872-1895 L7
              Albert W. 1858-1928 L7
              Baby of J.K.& A. no dates L15
              Robert d 1951 L15
              Anna 1868-1924 L15
              J.K. 1858-1922 L15
              Kenny June 1977 NAL5
              Kate 1859-1959 Mother L50
              Anna Pals wife of A. Johnson Apr 26,
                                          1888 21y 6m 2d L7
              George H. son of Herman and Kate
                               Aug 25,1882 July 21,1932 L50
              Herman Feb 16,1853 Dec 10,1920 L50
              Jay W. son of Herman and Kate July
                                    14,1890 Nov 4,1901 L50
              Grandma 1830-1914 L50
              Kenneth Roy 1848-1977 son of George S.
                                       and Alice NAL5
              Everette and Alma owners of NAL43
       Jones, Raymond 1904-1923 L80
              William E. 1858-1933 L81
              Emaline A. 1861-1942 L81
              N.M. July 31,1828 Nov 15,1897 L8
              Infant dau of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Jones L405
              Ora C. 1905-1947 L435
              Alta 1880-1951 L435
              Oria 1872-1951 L435
              Paul L. 1900-1969 L435
      Junker, Dena L. 1926-  NAL58
              Alvin G. 1928-  par of Wendell,
                       Marlene, Sheryland Bryan NAL58
              Wendell Laverne 1953-1971 NAL58
      Junkunz, Joseph F. 1879-1925 L81
               Joseph Jan 20,1829 Apr 15,1904 L229
               Barbara Mar 18,1834 Mar 1,1925 L229
               Blanch W. 1882-1959 L181
      Jurgen, John d Jan 17,1985 NAL89
      Kalkwarf, Henry R. and Vera L. owners of NAL44
      Kampman, Harry M. 1936-1980 NAL98
               Joyce N. 1936-    par of Diane and
                                               Charles NAL98
               Harmke 1897-1951 L353         
               Fredrick 1897-1951 L353
               Mary Louise May 31,1957 dau of Conrad
                                        and Velma L354
               Jacob C. Oct 10,1925 Apr 27,1945 Iowa
                                     Pvt 185 Inf WWII L383
               Gebke 1902-1973 L383
               George 1900-1982 L383
               Heyo and Anna owners of L384
     Kassel, Edna M. dau of Henry and Eva   June
                                           12,1923 L361
     Kiefer, Esther J. 1925-1960 Wife and Mother  L438
     Kennedy, Vincent L. 1892-1948 L266 Veteran
     Kentzelman, Fern I. 1894-1979 L181
                 Ervin A. 1894-1958 Veteran L181
     Kester, Earl M. son of E.W.& A.J. June 19,
                              1861 June 2,1882 L8
             Edward W. June 23,1834 Oct 27,1913 L8
             Adeline J. wife of E.W. Feb 25,1834
                                    Mar 31,1898 L8
     Kilson, Charles G. 1864-1952 Father 1253
             Hattie E. 1864-1934 Mother L253
             Baby of C.G.& H.E. Feb 1900 Feb.14,1900  L253
             Florence dau of C.G.& H.E. Oct 1, 1894 L253
     Kincaid, Infant dau of J.E.& E.K. Apr 10, 1890 L34
     Kiekpatrick, Margaret Mary Oct 30,1930
                                lly 11m l9d L150
     Klingbeil, Grace L. 1908  NAL29
                Erwin L. 1904-1963 NAL29
     Klunder, Esther E.        NAL78
              Robert F. 1925-1975 par of Steven,
                        and Denise Veteran NAL78
     Knapp, William Oct 5,1937 L100
     Koester, Lawrence F. and Lois A. owners
                                 of NAL83
     Konig, Augusta 1887-1970 L130
            Fred 1890-1967 L130
            Gorgen and Patricia owners of NAL41 & NAL42
     Kollman, Dora Apr 23,1888 Feb 25,1959  L427
              Eldo and Emma owners of NAL9
     Kramer, Anna L. 1891-1977 L65
             David K. 1887-1960 Iowa Co E 315th
                    Eng WWI par of Melvin and Donald  L65
             Anna M. 1917-  L190
             Chris D. 1903-1972 L190
     Kremling, Louise 1921 L164
     Kromer, John 1882-1970 Veteran NAL83
     Krull, Carl 1902-  NAL77
            Jennie 1905-  par of Gerold,
                           Sharon and Deloris NAL77
     Kruse, Teresa M. 1918-1972 NAL48
            Harvey 1918-    NAL48
            William and Donna owners of NAL52
     Kyle,Thomas Aug 21-Dec 23,1966 Son of
                                   Dale and Reta  NAL29
     Ladegard, Leonard 1909-1983 L188
     Lahr, Emma T. Oct 1897 Mar 4,1980 L388
     Lane,Fred Mar 18,1868 Jan 29,1952 Father L167
          Lucy L. June 15,1858 May 2,1947 Mother L167
     Lathrop, Willis A. Apr 26,1826 Apr 3,
                              1900 Veteran L18
              Adelaide A. Dec 31,1831 July 20,1921 L18
     Leach, Lila G. 1896-1952 L184
            James E. 1886-1952 Veteran L184
     Leerhoff, Esther 1916-1981 NAL56
               Irving 1908-   par of Sandra,
                                    and Paul NAL56
               Cassie Gerjerts wife of H.H. 1884 -
                                       1921 Mother L72
               Heiko H. 1883-1969 L72
               Hillane 1890-1982 L72
               Infant son of Irving L72
      Leerhoff, Joyce 1933-      NAL15
                Vernon 1931-     par of Joan, Mark
                                  and Donald NAL15
      Levis, Ethal A. Lathrop Nov 3,1857 May 20, 1932 L18
      Lindeman, Mari Ann 4-2-64 6-24-64 Dau of
                         Dennis and Eileen NAL28
                Dick 1907-    NAL28
                Annie 1909-1976 NAL28
      Lienemann, Edith A. 1901-1978 NAL46
                 Henry G. 1898-1975 Par of Jon NAL46
                 Anna Reeners 1868-1947 L303
                 Johann  1864-1947 L303
                 Marie H. 1894-1980 L339
                 George H. 1894-1975 L339
      Light, Jerry Lynn son of Rev. and Mrs.
                    Don Light May 28,1963 L126
      Lincoln, Lester E. 1831-1909 Father L26
               Two unreadable stones L26
               Elvira R. 1834-1913 Mother L26
               Lester L. Dec 24,1885 Nov 12,1818 L53
               Matilda wife of Lester L. Oct 2,1888
                                    Nov 15,1918 L53
               Marion 1865-1929 Mother L59
               Winthrop L. 1863-1924 L59
               Edson S. 1898-1929 L59
               Joe A. 1887-1960 L59
               Mae 1895-1960 L59
               Homer V. 1889-1943 Veteran L59
       Loing, Addie 1844-1923 Mother L16
             Stanton 1842-1923 Father Veteran L16
       Lubben, Dora 1905-         NAL25
               Francis 1907-1968 NAL25
               Helena 1906-   NAL25
               Floyd 1903-1972 NAL25
               Elesa DeBower 1883-1948 Mother L120
               Martin G. owner of L337
               Ruth I. 1915-     NAL70
               Ed H. 1912-1985    par of Sandra and Stanley NAL70
               John 1880-1947 Father L120
       Luchtenburg, Ella 1886-1956 Mother L431
                    Herbert 1873-1936 Father L431
                    Dena Dec 1916-Dec 1982 L193
                    Henry 1929-1976 L193
       Maefeld, Kellie Gregory Dec 20,1876 Apr 4,
                        1939 Iowa Pvt 87 Inf 19 Div WWI L349
                Orvil Lee Iowa PFC Co B 16 Engineer BN
                         WWII Oct 23,1920 May 24,1961 L349
       Marion, E.A. 1920-1942 L100
       Marks, Anna 1917-
             John 1916-   par of John, Roger,
                  Ardella, Gary, Dorthy, Orlyn and Randy
       Marlow, Inf son of E.A.& E.A. L203               
               Helen Irene dau of E.A.& E.A. Apr 16,                              
                              1900 Sept 6,1902 L203
       Martin, Harriett E. Montgomery wife of  
                        George E. 1849-1914 L399        
               George E. July 17,1840 Sept 26, 1919  L399
               Gail Loring wife of Albert T. 1876-
                                 1943 L427
               Albert T. 1876-1943 L427
       McCarty, Mary Jane 1859-1923 L330
                Infant June 1920 L330
                Infant Sept 1915 L330
       McCelland, E.D. owner of L85
       McCrady, Lola F. 1898-      L437
                Merl 1893-1969 L437
                LeRoy 1935-1948 L437
       McCready, Ralph owner of NAL69
       McDonald, Della A 1868-1946 Mother L201
                 Merna K. Mosher   L272
                 John Stewert d 1983 L272
       Mceachron, James Jan 29, 1889 73y L6
                  Small stone no dates L6
                  Rachael wife of J.M. Sept 23,1822
                                  Jan 30,1905 L6
       McDowell, William 1930-1980 S. Sgt US
                                Air Force Korea NAL14
                 Lois D. 1930-   par of William,
                                  Debra and Carol NAL14
       McGee, John F. 1874-1959 L200
              John G. Apr 17,1835 July 29,1903 L200
              Joseph A. May 24,1811 Feb 28,1885   L200
              Mary M. dau of J.G.& C. June 15,1872
                                     Apr 13,1884 L200
              Lambert C. 1871-1934 L200
        McKinney, James V. 1928-    NAL28
                  Maxine C. 1929-   NAL28
        McWirter, H. Lucille 1892-1975 NAL30
                  Ralph D.D.S. 1887-1965 NAL30
                  John 1915-1970 NAL30
                  Baby Boy 7-18-75 NAL30
                  Baby Boy 7-18-77 sons of Dave and
                                              Deb NAL30
         McWilliams, James S. Nov 29,1845 Sept
                                        25, 1881 L329
         Mead, Roy G. 1880-1940 L2
               Ethel S. 1880-1939 L2
               Julia E. Horton Apr 14,1844 July 20,
                                1913 wife of H.C. L3
               Henry C. Oct 24,1836 Aug 11,1909 L3 
         Mehmen, Henry D. 1906-     NAL85
                 Johanna Kappel 1908-  NAL85
                 Annie 1833-1836 L116
         Merrill, Gordon 1927- NAL76
                  Jeanette 1931-  NAL76 par of
                                     Sandra and Linda
         Meyer, H. 1923 L164
         Meyers, L.J. 1-28-1935 L116
         Middleton, R. owner of L291 
         Miller, Jennie H. Fischer 1899-1980 L332
                 Ed 1981 L1
                 Dena 1898-1971 par of Ruth and Duane L95
                 Fred H. 1885-1954 L95
                 Jamie Kay Oct 2,1979 Nov 19,1979 dau of
                                 Denny and Brenda NAL41
                 Larry and Myrna owners of NAL11
                 Corneluis and Marlys owners of NAL100
                 Elaine 1918-     NAL74
                 William 1916-1980 par of James, Robert
                               and Billy Veteran NAL74
                 Follie 1900-1984 NAL10
                 Ed 1899-1980 NAL10
                 Wayne K. 1932-    NAL10
                 Joan L. 1932-    NAL10
         Monroe, Caroline S. 1821-1887 L47
                 George W. 1818-1905 L47
         Moore, Malhon Maurice son to Clyde Dee 25,
                        1929 Dec 31,1929 L347
                Marion Burcetis dau of Clyde Apr 29, 1919
                             Oct 6,1923 L347
                Amy 1979 L347
                Clyde W. Jan 27,1890 Dec 22,1951 L347
                John C. died Sept 25,1919 Iowa PVT 163
                                   Depot Brig L36
         Moralee, Obadiah Jan 31,1846 Jan 25,1901
                                  Father L38
                  Mary Ann May 9, 1850 Jan 8,1932 L38
                  Flossie P. 1889-1971 L38
                  Matthew 1843-1928 L38
                  John W. 1883-1970 Daddy L38
                  Kate A. 1892-  Mom   L38
                  Mother no dates L38
                  Minnie Jones 1900-1963 Wife L38
                  Thomas C. 1876-1963 L38
         Mosher, Clara A. 1883-1981 L271
                 Hugh L. 1884-1966 Par of Merna and
                                    Charles L271
         Mulder, Anna 1899-1984 L161
                 Jacob 1891-1965 L161
         Murry, Steven J. 1861-1937 L427
         Neal, Isaac 1849-1923 Father L62 
               Katy 1855-1911 Mother L62
               Robert 1891-1927 Veteran L62
               Ethel L. 1880-1911 L62
               Agnes M. 1891-1982 L267
               Fran K. 1889-1959 L267
               Caroline wife of B.Neal
                      Feb 13,1909 88y L298
                Barnet  Sept 5,1901 89y Veteran L298
         Nelson, Jacob L. 1875-1937 L46
                 Lena 0. 1880-1945  L46

    Ober, John owner of L282
    Oltmann, Jane Joy 1908-1965 L268
             Reiner 1904-1978 L288
             Anna E. 1880-1969 L304
             Oltman F. 1878-1962 L394
             Shirley owner of NAL27
             Tom owner of NAL100
             John 1913-    par of Erwin, Dennis
                                 and Merrill NAL89
             Anna H. 1918- NAL89
    Opperman, Wilma C. 1902-19-    L285
              Harold V. 1901-1959 L289 
              David 1866-1929 L289 
              Odessoe 1880-1955 L27 
              Harriette A. 1928-1971 L157 
              Robert L. June 25,1923 May 19,1944
                       PVT lst Cl Gunner US Air Corps
                       Crashed in B24 Bomber in Tonopah,
                       Nev.  Son of Harold and Wilma L284 
               Lela E. 1906-1976 NAL40 
               "Bill" C. Ray 1905-1966 NAL40
     Orr, Two infant daughters of John Orr
              buried on this lot L282  
     Pagles, Helena L. 1913- L332
             Robert F. 1914-1940 L332
             Gladys Gibson 1899-1968 L55
     Pals, Roelfcan 1891-1986 L117 
           Peter 1869-1958 L117 
           Henry 1883-1960 L138 
           Kathryn 1883-1960 L138 
           Correlius K. Oct 12,1857 Aug 6,1923 L164 
           Anna 1843-1924 Mother L226  
           P. 1837-1896 Father L226 
           Sarah E. 1883-1959 L385 
           John 1874-195o L385 
           Mary E. Oct 1,1877 June 20,1950 L385 
            William June 11,1877 July 13,1949 L385
      Parsons, Emma W. 1846-1928 Mother L23  
                Harvey C. 1842-1907 Father L23  
                Charles 1871-1890 L23  
                Elsia I. 1888-1928 L23  
                Roy A. 1875-1937 L23
      Peet, G. Roland 1891-1951 Veteran L181
      Peppler, Irvin F. Mar 15,1916 May 25, 1917 
                                     son of F.& M. L31 
               Mrs. Mable Oct 1,1895 Feb 3,1919 L31 
               Russell C. Dec 9,1917 Mar 6,1923
                                   Son of F.& M. L31
      Peters, Albert 1855-1918 L180
      Pitts, Stephan D. 1857-1932 L27
      Pleis, Tracy 1884-1968 Mother L117  
             Thomas 1873-1954 Father L117  
             Abel J. 1914-1928 L133 
      Poppen, Hauke K. 1871-1960 Mother L117  
              Folkert A. 1864-1952 Father L117
              Infant daus of H.& A. Poppen Oct 31,
                                1940 Nov 1,1940 L118
              Anna M. 1898-1972 L118
              Harm F. 1898- L118
              Carl James July 22, 1945
                       Son of Harold and Maxine L55
              Earl E. June 21, 1919 Dec 3,1968 Iowa
                      Tec 5 113 Recon Sq A.A.F. WWII PH L189
              Carrie 1886-1961 L289
              Ralph 1877-1950 L289
              Tena Harms 1869- 1942 L363
              William J. 1867-1943 L363 
              Baby son of W.J.& G.E. Jan 10-11,1895  L363
     Post, WM. Henry 1867-1944 Father L406
           Etta 1870-19 Mother L406
           Willis 1874-1953 Son L406
     Powers, Josie Flynn 1861-1980 L125
     Prange, Lena M. 1886-1980 L125 
             Gene owner of L139 and L140
     Quibell, Don L. owner of NAL59
     Randolph, Hattie J. dau of F.A.& C. Aug 8,1887 age 11m 11d
     Ray, John W.1841-1907 Father Veteran 1907 L17
          Emma R. 1846-1926 Mother L17
          Glenn Harold son of Frank and Lillian  
                        Nov 14,1902 Dec 5,1902 L17
          Lucile 1904-1914 L41
          Laura B. wife of Wm. F. 1877-1953 L41
          William F. 1869-1947 L41
          Olive H. wife of Wm. F. 1877-1953 L41
          Mary J. 1886-1919 Mother L61
          Oakley V. 1885-1974 L61
          Rosa W. 1893-1963 L61
      Reents, William R. 1910-1976 L327
              Laura E. 1911- L327
              Johanna B. 1877-1972 L?
      Reiher, Lydia 1899-1971 L316
              John 1893-1961 L316
              Lon H. 1925-1932 L316
              Mary 1886-1954 L438
              Reiner H. 1891-1948 L438
              Clara L. 1894- Mother NAL18
              Harm C. 1892-1962 Father NAL18
              Baby John Laverne Jan 14,1976 Feb 26, 1977 NAL109
              Loren and Katheryn owners of NAL109
      Ressler, Robert R. 1924-    NAL73
               Edith M. 1926- par of Doris Ann and Kathryn NAL73
      Rieken, Leona J. June 15,1915 July 24, 1962 L113
              Henry J. June 24, 1921- L113
              Bernice nee Wubbena 1914- NAL35
              Rieke A. 1917-    par of Marietta   NAL35
      Rieman, Marie 1905-    L119
              Treanl 1900-1974 L119
              Arend J. 1936-1955 son of Nena and
                                       Annie L309
      Rindels, Dena 1890-1964 L320 Reiner J. 1896-1952 L321
      Ritzman, Gail A. Aug 1,1914 July 18, 1920 L54 
               Ada 1, 1874-1947 Mother L54 
               Robert P. 1875-1948 Father L54 
               Glen V. Feb 6,1904 May 12,1947 Father L54 
               Celia E. 1905-1942 Mother L54 
               Jack E. Dec 10,1901 July 25,1973
                                  Iowa PFC Army WWI L54
      Roalf, John H. 1889-1957 L136
             Tena B. 1892-1981 L136
             Lucille Gladys 1914-1928 L136
             Ethel Carter 1898-1972 L137
             Vern Charles 1892-1961 L137
             Henry D. 1883- L191
             Ella S. 1894-1983 L191
             Anna L. 1905-1983 L191
             Alvin G. 1910- L191
      Roalfs, Dora 1903-1980 L430
              Reed J. 1886-1956 L430
              Mary C. 1885-1933 Mother L430
              Charles G. Oct 1,1860 Dec 12,1941   Father L50
              Jennie A. Johnson wife of Charles G.
                                   Jan 16,1856 Mar 28,1902 L50
              Alice M. 1921- NAL36
              Marvin 1911-  par of Edward and David NAL36
      Rollins, George 1-20-1934 L116
      Roose, Anna dau of J.& L.S. 1898-1911 L67 
             Lena 1871-1948 Mother L67 
             Johan 1865-1926 Father L67
      Rops, Kathleen J. dau of John and Marlys 1958-1965 L278
      Rottink, Marie 1901-1951 L423 
               Harry 1890-1959 Veteran L413 
               Larry Dean Jan 23, Jan 24,1955 L413 
               Lulu 1885-1968 L73 
               Horace 1881-1957 L73 
               Caroline 1859-1932 L73 
               John 1850-1914 Father L73 
               Daniel K. 1959 L73
      Santee, Elizabeth Rewerts 1889-1972 L185
              James 1896 - 8-10-79 L185
      Saunders, J. 1922 L164
      Schaeffer, Richard and Arleen owners of L28
      Schatzberg, Infant son of Chris and Hattie May 22-24,1919 L55
      Schipper, Stella G. 1918-  NAL62
                George A. 1914-  par of Marlyse and Darrel NAL 62
                Steno and Amelia owners of NAL11
      Schlangen, Anna B. 1895-1981 L142
                 August B. 1896-1960 L142
      Schmidt, Jean L. 1926-1977 NAL13
               Paul 1919-  NAL13
      Schmitz, Parker and Nellie owners of NAL11
      Schniederman, William H. 1917-1980
                         Husband of Gesina Veteran L358
      Schoneman, Frank E. May 25,1915 June 15, 1976 Veteran L388
                 Alvera M. Sept 22,1917     par of
                                  Doris and Bette L388  
      Schrage, Marie 1886-1971 L240
               Henry C. 1884-1969 L240
               Wilhelmina Brookmeyer 3-26-1902 6-4-1944 L104
               Wilhelm H- 3-9-1890 1918 18th Inf Co M
                           1st Div par of Bernita L104
               Margaret 1911-   NAL44
               Erwin 1908- NAL44
               Matilda D. 1899-
               Fred C. 1896- par of Muriel, Verlyn,
                              Floyd, Verjean and Shirley
       Schultz, Frank d Jan 3,1916 91Y L224
       Seehusen, Marie 1892-   L307
                 George Sr. 1893-1970 L307
       Shaw, Frank S. owner of L20
       Sherman, Clarence "Pete" 1918-1979 L242
                Clara 1890-1963 L242
                Fred 1890-1963 L242
                Jeanette E. 1918-1966 L249
                Harold L. 1915-1979 L249
                Avis Klindt 1920-1973 L249
                Neva L. 1926-   L239
                Richard E. 1927-1954 Veteran L239
       Siemers, Heyo 1902-1985 NAL54
                Bertha nee Westendorf 1914- NAL54
       Sidmore, Darold and Marlene owners of NAL69
       Slawson, Fanny 1926 L132
       Smith, Harriet 1869-1935 Mother L63
              Charles 1862-1930 Father L63
              Fern 1910-1911 Daughter L63
              Hugh 1887-1904 Son L63
              Floyd Rex Dec 20,1896 Oct 7,1957
                               Pvt Co K  87 Inf WWI L63
              William Elmer Jan 1982 L63
              Laura M.1904- L63
              William A. 9-28-1854 9-16-1914 L396
              Alice Jane 3-19-20 L397
              Van Sylvester 6-19-23 9-16-1914 L397
              Marva Alice 1928-1938 L397
              Infant dau of Carl B. 2-20-24 L396
              William Alexander 5-19-17 5-20-17 L396
              Maud M. 1893-1984 NAL80
              Carl B. 1890-1970 NAL80
              Tony B. owner of L101
              Kenneth 1921- NAL28
              Annette 1921-  NAL28
        Smidt, Anna H. 1896-1969 NAL60
               Wierdt T. 1893-19  NAL60
        Smoot, Sophia H. 1895-1976 L189
               Peter G. 1892-1955 L189
               George and Stella owners of NAL62
               Linus H. 1921-    NAL45
               Margaret 1923-   par of Leon and
                                  Carol NAL45
        Speedy, Clair M. 1927-1977 Veteran L57
                Alberta M. 1932- par of Todd and
                                           Clark L57
                Mockford TSGT US Army WWII Jan 30,1927
                                         July 8,1977
                Harve C. 1883-1953 L1
                Phillipa d 1980 L1
                Ernest M. 1888-1954 L1
                Margaret d 1980 L1
                Manfred B. 1838-1914 L2
                Elizabeth 1852-1905 wife of M.B. L2
                Arthur Glenn born Peb 11,1894 L2
                F. Marie d 9-2-81 L84
                Richard 1919-   L84
        Spengler, Leo owner of L209
        Steer, Harold A. 1916-    NAL40
               Berdene H.  1922-   NAL40
               Hulda 1887-1962 NAL19
               Otto 1885-1962 NAL19
        Steinmeyer, Arlene E. Wiegman 1937
                              wife of James Wiegman NA120
        Stemmerman, Paul owner of NAL43
        Stevenson, David A. 1852-1938 Father L403
                   Hattie J. 1855-1931 L403
                   Esther L. 1898-1931 L403 
                   David A. Jr. 1895-1130 Veteran L403 
                   Mary J. 1889-1981 L404 
                   Martha A. 1890-1979 L404 
                   Frank A. 1885-1949 L404
        Strout, Vesta A. Nov 5,1824 Nov 14, 1906 L11
                Harrison B. Apr 12,1896 Ty 5m 23d  L11
        Swygman, Arend 1872-1916 L314  
                 Trientie 1870-1958 Grandparents of  Ernest Oltman,
                                  Dike, Iowa L314
        Taylor, Ann Jane L36
                Catherine Mother 1-25-1829 6-2-1895  L36
                Emmanuel Father 8-31-1828 d ? L36
                Alfred E. Mar 28,1862 July 14,1945  Veteran L36
                Nancy 1869-1967 L36
        Tellinghuisen, Dick son of D. & G. 1913-1914 L75 
                       Grietje 1884-1961 L75 
                       Diedrich 1879-1977 L75 
                       Weert 1842-1927 L75
        Terhufen, Louie Henry Sept 12,1899  June 19,1963
                                     L378 Veteran  
                  Lora E. Bell May 25,1898 Oct 19, 1963 L378    
        Thompson, Anna T. 1919- L445
                  Charles H. 1918-1968 L445
                  Sarah F. 1899-1917 daughter L32
                  Rolla E. 1868-1835 Father L32
                  Clara E. 1873-1935 Mother L32
                  Forrest H. 1906-1939 Son L32
                  Mary A. 1838-1874 Mother L39
                  Charles 1836-1902 Father L39
                  Charles H. 1865-1934 134
                  Simon G. 1863-1883 Son L39
                  Infant son 1907 L46
                  William W. 1878-1935 L46
                  Estella M. 1880-1965 L46
                  Margaret Wray 1855-1965 L46
        Timmer, Francis 1879-1980 L293 
                Steffan 1879-1980 L293 
                Elso 1886-1941 L318
        Toebe, Timothy Scott Oct 13,1982
                        son of Myron and Mary NAL118 
               Ethan and Mina owners of NAL119
        Toll, Kenneth R. 1908- NAL12
              Maurine V. 1911- NAL12
              Pauline 1905- NAL70
              Vern 1903-1971 NAL70
              Clara M. 1873-1962 L301
              Charles A. 1872-1955 L301
              Vera Catherine dau of F.H. & M.
                      Sept  23,1896 June 19,1903 L64 
              Arthur son of F.H. & M.
                      Aug 28,1898  Sept 1904 L64 
              Ila Mae dau of F.H. & M. 1918 L64 
              Mynelia 1870-1966 L64 
              Fred H. 1870-1952 L64
        Trager, Velma W. dau of Ed and Flora 6-17-99 2-2-1900 L99
                Infant son of Ed and Flora 10-6-95 L49
                Florence wife of E.C. May 13,1869 Jan 7,1907 Mother L49
                Edward C. Jan 3,1873 Sept 29,1954 L49
                John Dec 27,1833 Mar 26,1901 L49
                Louisa E. Jan 3,1873 Aug 22,1940 Mother L49
                Elizabeth A. Jan 11,1890 Jan 23, 1908 L49
         Trepp, Alm 1906-1974 L315
                Dorann 1957 dau of Janice and Larry L315
                Dick C. 1901-1955 L315
                Henry G. Mar 30, 1877 May 20,1931 Father L315
                Bertha D. Feb 23,1875 Nov 8,1919 Mother L315
                Christian H. 1906-1981 L316
         Trey, Gesina E.  L402
               John J. Apr 4,1906 Jan 17,1985 L402
         Truax, Fannie R. 1905-19??  L48
                Joseph E. 1901-1931 L48 
                Baby son of J.E. & Fannie L48 
                Hazel L. dau of J.E. & L.
                           Dec 17, 1904 May 29,1906 L48
                Elizabeth A. 1874-1969 Mother L48 
                Joseph E. 1869-1945 Father L48
         Tuitjer, Connie Jo 1957 L444
         Ubben, Henry H. 1904-     NAL76
                Jennie 1907-  par of Richard and Mavis NAL76
         Uhlenhopp, Lena 1911- L125
                    John E. 1908-1977 L125
         Van Dyke, William 1871-1938 L380  
                   Wilhelmina 1877-1964 L380  
                   Cleone Kay dau of G. & B. 1946 L433  
                   George owner of L433 and L434
         Van Ingan, Charles 1857-1907 L230
                    Harriett 1859-1936 L230
         Van Hauen, Henry and Leona owners of NAL60
         Van Raden, Ralph 1893-1962 US WWI L24
                    Ida 1855-1932 Mother L24
                    John Sept 13,1839 Mar 3,1899 Father Veteran L24
                    Gertha 1881-1972 Mother L334
                    John 1879-1941 Father L334
                    Helen 1920-1974 L110
                    Lester 1919-  NAL110
                    Daryl L. July 28,1954 Jan 25,1976 NAL110
         Vick, Fred W. 1859-1944 L199  
               Mary J. 1867-1949 L199  
               Florence dau of F.W. & M.J.
                          Aug 1,1891 Aug 24,1901 L199  
               Fredie Infant son of F.W. & M.J. 1903  L199
         Voights, Fred C. Nov 27,1896 Jan 14,1941  Father L5 
                  Etta Oct 25,1893 Nov 18,1968 L5
         Wagner, Mary A. Nov 10, 1897 July 22, 1957 L256
         Walsh, Chris owner of L19
         Watt, John 1856-1922 Father L331 
               Martha E. 1859-1939 Mother L331
         Wehrhan, Howard 1892-1945 L287  
                  Genevieve 1895-1961 L287  
                  Maurice d June 1984 NAL45  
                  Blake Howard 12-7-82 12-8-82
                           son of  Janice and Rick NAL54
         Weiland, Dena H. 1901-1975 L126
                   Ray C. 1902-19 L126
                   John H. 1892-1977 Vet WWI NAL55
         Weires, Fred J. 1896-1939 Veteran L263 
                 Michael 1854-1933 L263 
                 Ellen L. 1855-1927 L263 
                 Joseph M. Colorado Pvt 1st Cl Med  Dept
                             d Feb 20,1939 L263 
                 M. Eva 1884-1965 L263 
                 Edward W. Dec 20,1886 Nov 27,1956 
                           Iowa CPL Co D 168 Inf WWI  L264 
                 Nellie B. 1893-1944 L264 
                 Tess M. 1896-1984 L269 
                 Paul A. Sr. 1880-1960 Veteran L269 
                 John Bernard 1895-1968 Veteran NAL50 
                 Flora C. d 1984 NAL50
          Weinberg, Alvena L. 1882-1968 L294 
                    William E. 1884-1955 L294
          Wells, Josephine 1919 L164
          Werner, Gary Lee L135
                  Ann 1896- L136
                  Albert 1891-1968  L136
          Westendorf, Margaret 1892-1937 L151
                      Henry B. 1893-1978 L151
                      Isabelle M. 1907-1974 L107
                      Ben B. 1903- L107
                      Wayne Benjamin Mar 31,1932 May 20, 1948 L107
                      Hauke "Hattie" D. 1903-1982 NAL38
                      Ed B. 1905- NAL38
                      Fannie D. 1898-1978 NAL36
                      Fred B. 1895-1981 NAL36
          Whalen, Thomas 1835-1932 L132
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