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Antioch Cemetery

CEMETERY: Antioch Cemetery Index, Butler Co., IA
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September 1997

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Antioch Cemetery

       The Antioch Church, three miles east of Clarksville which was demolished by
    a windstorm on a Saturday afternoon March 24,1915, was first dedicated in February
    of 1873.  The congregation then known as the Christian Church, was once among the
    strongest churches in the county, having over 500 members living  in northeastern
    townships.  The Rev.  T.R. Hansberry was the pastor who assisted in the organization
    of the church. There is no record of the selection of officers until  Nov. 6, 1858,.
    when it is stated, "The members of the Antioch congregation met for the purpose
    of setting apart their respective officers." And proceeded to elect to the Eldership
    Wm. McBarnard and Charles S. Martin; to the Deaconship James Hodgson and James
    R. Taylor; to the Clerkship John T. Davis.
       At its organization the church had no building in which to hold its services
    and met in the old school house known as No. 5 about 40 rods south of the Antioch

       On June 29,1872, John Saddler and his wife Elizabeth, conveyed to the trustees
    of the Christian Church, one-half acre of ground, about 30 rods east of the cemetery
    and upon that land the church was erected, the building in which it held its services
    until the year 1891.  The building was built at the cost of $1200.  On April 18,
    1891, the trustees of the church sold it to the Antioch Union Church Association
    for $250.00.
      The Antioch Union Church Association held meetings in the building for many
    years, but with the coming of the automobile and the removal of most of the original
    families of the community, church services were discontinued but some Christmas
    programs were held in the building and Memorial Day services were held there, these
    served as old settlers reunions, and were well attended.
      The cemetery is still being used and holds the graves of many of those old
    settlers who were active in the Antioch Church so many years ago.  It is divided in
    two sections, the westernmost part being the old addition and the eastern side, the
    new addidtion.  The following is a diagram of the Antioch Cemetery listing lot
    owners names and lot numbers as found in the cemetery records.  The lot numbers and
    section (E for east and W for west) is listed behind each name on the following
    pages to assist you in finding the graves.

  Angell, Herold S. Aug.24,1910 Sept 10,
        1910 E-18
     Angell family stone E-16
     Ella M. 1892-1959 E-16
     Elmer E. Co D 129th Inf 33 Div E-16
     Nancy E. 1890-1918 E-16
     Mother 1856-1943 E-16
     Lee N. Father 1852-1933 E-16
     Angell family stone W-3
     John W. Jan 2,1856 Dec 14,1922 W-3
     Charle H. 1825-1909 W-3
     Ellanor R. 1828-1898 W-3
  Barkelew, Erskine 1864-1949 E-30
     Charles L. 1861-1950 E-30
     Frank W. 1876-1951 E-30
     William S. 1871-1952 E-30
  Becker, Louise Anna Nov 19,1867 Mar 15,
        1868 W-8
  Billhimer, Infant son of H. & C. no dates
     Malinda H. wf of C. Billhimer Dec 6,
        1863 20y 8m 12d W-26
     Christopher July 4,1835 July 1,1903
        Civil War Veteran W-26
  Boeckman, Ann 1914-1974 E-45
  Bolin, Ida B.A. dau of W. & M.A. Bolin
        Mar 6,1896 Nov 5,1901 E-7
     Baby Ruth dau of G.W. & M.A. Bolin Jan
        29,1895 E-7
     George W. 1854-1931 E-7
     Margaret A. 1858-1948 E-7
     Cora dau 1899-       E-7
     Blanche dau 1890-1964 E-7
     John C. 1865-1947 E-8
     Mollie Jan 6,1866 Jan 1903 E-8
  Calvert, Mamie no dates W-11
     Ada no dates W-11
  Carpenter , Myrta A. Mar 26,1885 Oct 6,
        1885 W-21
  Cass, F.D. 1843-1923 E-14
  Cloukey, Archie M. Feb 2,1883 ly 7m 18d
     (ch of J. & M. Cloukey) W-35
     Ira C. Mar 10, 1887 2y 5m 20d W-35
     Ira (seperate stone) W-35
     Lorin A. Apr 18,1874 ly 7m ld W-35
     Lorin (seperate stone) W-35
  Crippen, Clarissa 1834-1904 Mother W-29
     Alonzo B. Jan 19,1878 60y 6m 2d W-29
     Father (seperate stone) W-29
  Cross, Wilber J. son of S.C. & P.A. Cross
     Sept 13,1880 13Y 9m 24d W-43
          "0 Brother First to leave our bond
        Lifes song as yet unsung.
        While gray hairs gather on our brow
        Thou art forever young."
     Infant son July 14,1879 W-34
 Depuew, Ila M. Mother 1897-       E-31
   Earl Father 1887-1984 Veteran E-31
 Engel, Dorothy 1914-     E-35
   Walter G. 1915-      E-35
   Franziska 1877-1057 W-36
   August 1861-1947 W-36
 Engle, Theodore 1905-1929 W-9
 Ephrain, Gust no dates E-17
 Epley, Floyd owner of E-46 no stones
 Fassett, Rueben Nov. 19, 1835 Mar 7, 1916 W-46
    Polly Philinda Taylor Apr 16,1843 Dec
      29,1883 W-46
   Mother W-46
   Father W-46
 Fisher, Betty JoAnn 1937-1984 Funeral
      Home Marker E-37
   Mitzie Larae 1959-1959 Funeral Home
      Marker E-37
   Dorotha L. 1912-     E-37
   Arthur,W. 1906-1969 E-36
   Marcy A. 1974-1974 Funeral Home Marker
   Evelyn M. 1919-1968 E-33
   Mildred E. 1929- 1952 E-25
   Clara 1911-      E-25
   Louise M. 1908-      E-25
   Louise M. 1908-   E-25
   Clara E. Mother 1885-1971 E-25
   Henry J. Father 1880-1957 E-25
   Alfred 0. In Memory of Captain Alfred
     Fisher 1903-1942  E-24
   Royal H. 1924-1937 Boy Scout E-24
 Flesher, Jennie L. 1882-1967 E-22
 Folsom, Dave Mack 1904-1967 E-24
 Ford, Emma Oct 25,1852 Aug 15,1901 W-12
 Franklin, Irwin J. 1876-1947 E-13
   Ida C. 1889-1939 E-13
 Fuller, Edwin A. Mar 4,1868 Nov 5 1902 E-14
   Harriet J. Nov 18,1833 Sept l0, 1908 E-14
   Edwin (seperate stone) E-14
 Garner, Kenneth 1916-1975 Funeral Home
 Gibson, Harold son of G.A. & A. Gibson Mar.
     18,1895 1Y 7m W-55
 Gilles, Lawrence son of E.W. & Sarah Gilles
     Sept 6,1894 5y 2m W-21
 Goughenour, owner of W-5 on which the
     following can be found:
   Wooden cross no writing W-5
   Cement Marker no writing W-5
   Two wooden crosses no writing W-5
 Grapp, Augusta Sieling 1869-1944 E-10
 Grigg, Mittie Hall Apr 14,1870 June 11,
     1917 W-30
 Gray, James F. son of R. & M. Gray Jan ll,l
     1821 ly 1 or llm 15d W-32

 Guy, Infant son of W.O. & R.J. Aug 22,
             1873 W-32
          Olive May dau of W.O. & R.J. Feb 20,
             1870 W-32
  Habermann, Bernice 1889-1974 W-1
          Carl F. 1880-1951 W-1
          Erma 1927 W-1
          Karl F. Iowa lst Lieutenant Inf Korea
             May 19,1929  Sept 15,1971 W-1
          Augusta 1840-1918 W-1
          Carl 1845-1887 W-1
          Lillian B. Mother 1874-1956 W-56
          Rogar 1911-1922 W-56
          A.H. Father 1874-1934 W-56
    Hall family stone W-30
          John R. Feb 6,1855 Mar 30,1921 W-30
          Mary J. Aug 29,1841 Dec 7,1884 W-30
          Ada Ellen dau of J.R. & M.J. Hall Mar.
             4,1869 2y 6m 29d W-30
       Hanner, Emma 1844-1912 W-48
          Fred Co B 24th NY Cav W-48
          Wooden cross no information W-48
       Harris, Burt 1886-1933 Funeral Home
             Marker E-33
          Clarence 1912-1933 Funeral Home Marker
          Claud 1919-1933 Funeral Home Marker
          Mary A. 1863-1936 Funeral Home
             Marker E-33
          George I. 1875-1938 Funeral Home
             Marker E-33
       Hickman, Mathew Apr 18,1886 76y 8m 22d
       Hodgson, Briget Mother Nov 15,1915 E-12
          Asa July 19,1850 Oct 30,1901 E-1
          Ruvira Walter 1856-1940 (second stone
             with same inscriptions) E-1
          Fannie Nov 7,1864 W-12
          John June 12,1858 W-12
          John son of James And Elizabeth Sept.
             1, 1863 4y 8m 23d W-27
          Infant son of James and Elizabeth Dec.
            8,1859 W-27
          James Mar 18,1868 46y 8m W-27
          John no dates W-29
          Martha 1867-1920 W-29
          Clarissa 1834-1904 W-29
       Holzschuh, Otto May 14,1873 Sept 17,
             1903 W-37
          Hattie July 5,1882 Nov 5,1904 ch of
             A. & T. W-37
          Otto seperate stone W-37
          Hattie seperate stone W-37
          Alvin 1878-1952 W-37
          Mother 1850-1927 W-37
          Father 1842-1932 Civil War Veteran W-37

    Hopkins,Calista D. wf of H.W. Hopkins 
          Oct 10,1868 ?? stone broken at the
          age line W-25
    Huismen, Dick W. 1913-1975 E-47
       Ruby L. 1916-       par of William,
          Donald, Gary and Linda E-47
       Tillie 1906-1983 E-44
       Edward 1904-        par of Eddina E-44
    Hulbert, Father Pearl L. 1897-1962 E-34
       Mother Vesta M. 1898-1971 E-34
    Hunt, Minnie L.  dau of I. & A. Mar 5,1870
    Ingersoll, Stanley E. 1899-1975 E-38
       Alma L. 1903-1977 par of Dorothy,
          Geneva and Judith E-38
    Johnson, Alonzo Jan 21,1881 69y 6m 22d W-4
    Kimmins, Cynthia A. wf of John Feb 24,1891
          60y 3m 20d W-28
       Cynthia seperate stone W-28
       John Feb 28,1819 Mar 17,1894 85y W-28
       John seperate stone W-28
    Kratchmer Helen I. 1907-      E-41
       John W. 1898-1979 E-41
    Kruckenberg, William 1893-1949 WWI  W-49
       Maria 1901-1931 W-49
    Lumm, Ina V. Mother 1876-1952 E-31
       Jesse E. Father 1855-1947 E-31
       Minnie 1897-1954 E-26
       Roland 1895-1970 E-26
       Robert Lee 11-30-1937 2-21-1938   E-26
    Lyle, Olive wf of J.M. Feb 17,1873  44y 1m
          15d W-33
    Major, William 1842-1928 W-27
       Elizabeth 1823-1927 W-27
    Markle, Sarah M. wf of Geo.  S. Oct 5,1827
          Dec 4, 1904 E-21
    Marquand, Verto L. 1906-         E-28
       Ruth E. 1908-         par of Mary Ellen
    Martin, Rebecca wf of W.C. Aug 9,1846
          Oct 13,1904 E-10
       W.C. 1842-1941 E-10
       John Henry 1873-1937 E-10
    Mehmen, Ella 1891-1928 E-17
       William I. 1881-1964 E-17
    Moon, Mary M. wf of Elijah Moon 1847-1874
    Moore, R.G. Mar 19,1835 no date of death
       Mary April 15,1832 Apr 20,1900 W-2
       Footstone no.inscription W-2
       Allen Jan 1,1883 23Y 3m 14d W-2
    Morrow., ?? dau of T. & M.E. Mar 24,1878
          5y 3m 13d "Budded on Earth, to bloom
          in heaven." W-15

 Nelson, Mary R.N. wf of C.R. Nelson
        Dec 1869 W-10
     Amanda dau of W. & L. Searles Sept
        6,1838 Sept 8,1891 52y 11m 23d
     S.M. 1861-1937 W-40

 Nordman, Lewis F. 1889-1970 Father W-37
     Lulu L. 1892-1968 Mother W-37
 Nusz, Nellie A. 1858-1944 W-40
     Lewis Jan 13,1856 June 7,1900    44y
        4m 24d W-40
 Paul, Henry 1904-1980 E-40
     Vada 1908-       E-40
     Wooden cross no name or dates E-40
 Perkins, Josie 1880-1960 E-6
     Mable lm E-6
 Read, John E. Oct 22,1877  40y 2m 16d
        Civil War Veteran W-14
     John W. 1852-1866 W-28
 Sadler, T.E. 1858-1935 W-33
     Martha 1861-1929 W-33
     John E. 1881-1938 W-33
     Elizabeth wf of John 1817-1874 W-33
     Martha wf 1861-1929 (second stone)W-33
     T.E. 1858-1935 (second stone) W-33
 Scott, Eugene Iowa Pvt Sup Co 101 Inf
        WWI Apr 8,1893 May 20,1971 E-15
     Frances D. Feb 13,1899 Nov 22,1983
     Darlys N. 1928 E-15
 Searles, Mrs. Lorenzo Ross wf of Wm.
        Searles Apr 2,1808 Mar 28,1885
        77y 11m 6d W-31
 Shaw, Sarah J. 1854-1938 W-17
     Zachariah T. 1851-1929 W-17
     Lela M. dau of Z.T. & S.J. Jan 2,
        1878 2y 10m 15d W-17
 Sieling, Karolina July 2,1844 May 17,
        1910 E-11
     Carl Oct 25,1839 Apr 28,1933 E-11
     Carl Jr. 1872-1951 E-11
     Father seperate stone E-11
     Mother seperate stone E-11
 Sinram, Fred 18?3-1872 E-32
     May 1887-1956 E-32
 Skinner, W.M. 1859-1904 E-20
     Robert N. Mar 15,1829 Feb 14,1902
     Father seperate stone W-6
     Mary H. Oct 13,1834 Feb 10,1911 W-6
     Mother seperate stone W-6
     wooden cross on W-6 no name or dates
     John Mar 24,1821 at Cornwall, England
        Mar 15,1901 W-6
 Spafford, Alice wf of H.G. Feb 19,1889
        28y 11m 7d W-13

  Swan, Clara Belle Mar 4,1865 Apr 24,1938
      Elizabeth wf of M.M. Swan Jan 11,1892
         63y 6m W-19
      H.M. Jan 12,1884 63y 7m 5d W-19
  Thompson family stone W-38
      Eldon Earl 1905-1929 W-38
      Grace E. 1885-1978 W-38
      Ray B. 1883-1948 W-38
      Kenneth 0. 1909-       W-38
      Luella A. 1915-        W-38
  Van Slyke, Infant son Feb 23,1901 E-2
      B.R. small stone no dates E-2
      L.P. small stone no dates E-2
      Elizabeth dau of P. Apr 27,1888 12y
         11m 12d W-13
      Three upright cement spears no names or
         dates, on lot owned by P. Van Slyke
      Wooden cross on W-13 no name or dates
      James G. born in Little Falls,N.Y.
         Mar 2,1802 died at Clarksville,Iowa
         may 8,1885 W-54
  Walrath, George F. son of Franklin and
         Louisa Oct 8,1880 25y 2m 8d W-12
      George seperate stone W-12 
      Wooden cross on W-12 no name or dates
      Mary Sept 12,1856 Feb 21,1911 W-12
      Louisa Mother Sept 17,1837 Mar 23,
         1923 W-12
      Vernon son o F.W. & E. l883 1883 W-18
      Walrath family stone W-34
  Walsh, Letitia Krapp Dec 31,1815   Jan 30,
         1899 W-53
      Thomas Jan 1,1808 Feb 11, 1884 W-53
  Walter, H.E. Jan 11,1860 Nov 26,1935 E-1
      Charlie Jan 15,1867 Sept 10,1952 E-1
      Phelenia E. Nov 30,1870 July 12,1920
  Wheaton, John A. son of W.J. & E. June 2,
         1873 18y 2m 20d W-31
  Wieland, Harold E. Sp 3 US Army Korea
         Oct 15,1933 May 30,1983 E-39
      Leslie J. God Bless our Dau Mar 25,
         1960 Jan 7,1962 E-39
      Robert 1944-1958 E-38
      Walter 1890-1968 E-38
  Wildeboer, Francis MSG US Army Korea
         Jan 9,1917 Feb 25,1981 E-27
      David 1884-1953 E-27
      Jennie 1896-1979 E-27
  Williams, Will Oct 31,1838 Aug 30,1951
      Leah wf of H. Oct 8,1826 Jan 18,1905
      Mother seperate stone W-20

  Williams, Henry Apr 1903      78y 11m l5d
     Father seperate stone W-20
     Eldora July 27, 1877    Feb 21,1939 W-20
  Wright family stone E-9
     Florence 9,  1891- 1904 E-9
     May E. Mother 1869-1929 E-9
     Dodo J.  Father 1863-1944 E-9
  Yost, Ivan G. Pvt US Army WWI Aug 15,
         1901 Mar 10,1977  E-29
     Edwin William Iowa TE2 US Navy Nov 2,
         1929 Dec 16,1967 E-29

  Records from this cemetery were kept but
  not complete.  The following is a list of
  lot numbers and owners on which wooden or
  cement markers without names can be found.

  E-40 Henry Paul 1 wooden cross
  E-3 Geo.  Harris 4 wooden crosses and 1
         wooden crosses, with names
  W-5 Goughenour 3 wooden crosses and 1
         cement marker
  W-6 R. Skinner 1 wooden cross
  W-13   P. Van Slyke 4 wooden crosses
  W-12   Walrath 1 wooden cross
  W-43   S.G.  Cross      1 wooden cross
  W-52   S.M. Knapp 1 wooden cross
  W-51   J. Perkins   5 wooden crosses
  W-52  A. Engle 5 wooden crosses

  Records show that more people may be
  buried on the following lots although no
  stones are standing.  Names and dates
  of these people are not known.

  E-38 Bob Wieland lot owner 2 people
  E-18 W.M. Angell lot owner 2 people
  E-5 Bahot lot owner 1 person
  W-4 Alonzo Johnson lot owner 1 person
  W-5 Goughenour lot owner 3 people
  W-18   F. Walrath lot owner 1 person
  W-27   J. Hodgson lot owner 1 person
  W-24   Wm. Grayson lot owner 2 people
  W-23   owner unknown 3 people
  W-22   Spencer lot owner 2 people
  W-42   Richardson lot owner 2 people
  W-54   J. Van Slyke lot lowner 1 person

  The owners of the following lots are
  unknown.  W-23, the south 1/3 of W-10,
  W-9, W-7, the south 1/2 of E-12 and the
  south 1/2 of' E-19.

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