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List of Bremer County Iowa Men Registered for World War II Draft: S-Z

Source: The Waverly Democrat Newspaper - October 25, 1940
Extracted by Connie Wedemeier

In 1940 men in the United States, including Bremer County, Iowa, were required to register for the military draft of World War II. After the draft registration numbers were assigned, a national drawing of draft lottery numbers was held on Tuesday, October 29, 1940. When their number was drawn, the registered men received an 8-page questionnaire. The questionnaire was used to rank the men to determine their eligibility for military service. They were divided into four classes:

I. Available for training
II. Deferred because of occupation
III. Deferred because of dependents
IV. Deferred by law or because of physical disability

Although many of the men on this list did serve in the military, some did not because they were deferred.

Note: The names have been typed exactly as published.

Surnames A-E Surnames F-L Surnames M-R Surnames S-Z


Sackville Gaylen Ray Waverly
Saffell Raymond Wilbur Sumner
Sagert Carl William Denver
Sale Clarence Robert Waverly
Sale Elmer Lawrence Waverly
Sampson Gordon Arley Janesville
Sands Max Cecil Waverly
Sassman William Henry Denver
Scharnhorst Erwin Aug. Waverly
Scharnhorst Herbert Waverly
Schellhorn Elmer Sumner
Schellhorn Roland Aug. Fairbank
Schellhorn Rudolph C. Waverly
Schellhorn Walter Adolph Sumner
Scherer Robert Hanson Plainfield
Schima Victor Readlyn
Schlatzberg Otis Chris Janesville
Schlichting Arthur Karl Tripoli
Schlichting Paul Wm. Waverly
Schlichting Ray Sumner
Schlichting Werner Tripoli
Schlichting William Carl Tripoli
Schmelzer Aloysius John Sumner
Schmidt Albert Denver
Schmidt Dale Carl Tripoli
Schmidt Donald Edward Tripoli
Schmidt Elmer Julius Denver
Schmidt Lloyd Glen Denver
Schmidt Wernold John Tripoli
Schmidt William Louis Waverly
Schmudlach Roland R. Fredericksburg
Schnadt Elmer H. Sumner
Schnadt Leonard Wm. Sumner
Schneider Arthur Fred Fairbank
Schneider August Readlyn
Schneider Edwin Sumner
Schneider Emil Wm. Fairbank
Schneider Ervin Fairbank
Schneider Erwin R. Denver
Schneider Jacob George Waverly
Schneider Otto Herman Fairbank
Schneider Paul John Fairbank
Schneider Raymond Fairbank
Schneiderman Alfred E. Janesville
Schnurstein Lavern Ed. Tripoli
Schnurstein Wilmer Waverly
Schnurstein Melvin Waverly
Schoeneman Richard L. Waverly
Schoephoerster Eldon Sumner
Schoephoerster George E. Sumner
Schoephoerster Grant C. Sumner
Schoephoerster Walter E. Sumner
Schortau Lawrence Hy. Frederika
Schrader Dale John Sumner
Schrader Elmer Sumner
Schrader George Arnold Waverly
Schriver Harry Mark Readlyn
Schroeder Clarence Hy. Sumner
Schroeder Edward John Tripoli
Schroeder Edwin Henry Readlyn
Schroeder Edwin Kendall Sumner
Schroeder Herbert Tripoli
Schroeder Lorenz Fred Denver
Schroeder Louis Sumner
Schuknect Wayne F Waverly
Schuldt Lawrence Fred Tripoli
Schuldt Leo Henry Tripoli
Schuldt Minor W. Waverly
Schult Walter William Sumner
Schulte Herman Tripoli
Schultz Ben Cimon Waverly
Schultz Carl Herman Tripoli
Schultz Harold Walter Sumner
Schultz Stanley William Sumner
Schultz Wilbert T. Waverly
Schultz William John Tripoli
Schulze Robert Louis Waverly
Schumacher Arnold Hy Denver
Schumacher Clarence J. J. Readlyn
Schumacher Elmer Denver
Schumacher Richard F. Denver
Schurstein Ruben Ionia
Schutte Raymond Teador Readlyn
Schutte Ruben Martin Fairbank
Schwab Adam John Janesville
Schwahn Herman Wm. Sumner
Schwake Gerhardt W. Sumner
Schwake Leslie Sumner
Schwartz Harvey Tripoli
Schwarze Randolph Carl Tripoli
Schwarze Raymond John Tripoli
Schweer Elmer George Readlyn
Schweer Emil Carl Tripoli
Schweer Martin Henry Readlyn
Schwem Loraine Clar. Tripoli
Schwemm Carl H. Waverly
Schwemm Henry Tripoli
Schwemm Theodore Waverly
Schwer Freddie Tripoli
Schwerin Alvin John Sumner
Schwerin Edwin Edward Sumner
Schwerin Herbert Wm. Waverly
Schwerin Lester August Sumner
Schwerin Lorenz Wm. Sumner
Schwerin Reinhart Ernest Sumner
Schwerin Walter August Tripoli
Scott Carl Owen Waverly
Scott Norman Keith Sumner
Scott William J. Waverly
Scully Richard Fredrick Waverly
Scully Robert William Waverly
Sea*l Ray Edward Sumner
Seegers Harvey Waverly
Seegers Willard Readlyn
Seehase Edwin John Sumner
Seehase Herbert Sumner
Seehase Paul Frederick Sumner
Seehase William F. Sumner
Seehause August Henry Sumner
Seekatz Emil Waverly
Segebarth Donald Wm. Frederika
Sell Arnold Carl Tripoli
Sell Frederick Sumner
Sell Leslie Sumner
Selscheid Joe Waters Waverly
Semm Emil L. Plainfield
Semm William Herman  Waverly
Serfoss Ralph Irvin Shell Rock
Shaffer Cassius Duane Denver
Sheldon Irving Plainfield
Shepard Burr A. Plainfield
Shepard Delbert Waverly
Shepard Loren Zoller Janesville
Shere Glen William Janesville
Shipman Gordon Earl Shell Rock
Shipp Francis Jay Waverly
Sickles Milton Edwin Sumner
Sien Herman John Tripoli
Sietam Karl John Janesville
Sievers Herbert Henry Waverly
Sievers Lloyd Willima Plainfield
Sievers Theodore H. Waverly
Sievers Thomas John Waverly
Simpson Earl LeRoy Waverly
Simpson Freeman Jef. Waverly
Sines Arthur Ray Tripoli
Skeries Ewald Otto Tripoli
Slack Arthur William Waverly
Slack Wilburt Herman Waverly
Slemmons Garvin Higley Waverly
Sloyer Raymond Francis Denver
Smeltz Clarence Andrew Janesville
Smelzer Clarence John Readlyn
Smith Bernard Laurence Plainfield
Smith Carl Edward Sumner
Smith Clarence William Waverly
Smith Claude Edwin Plainfield
Smith Clifton Oliver Waverly
Smith Darrel Robert Plainfield
Smith Forest Vinton Waverly
Smith Glen Eugene Plainfield
Smith Harold Henry Waverly
Smith Harold Lee Sumner
Smith Leslie Leonard Plainfield
Smith Lester Leo Plainfield
Smith Lewis Edward Waverly
Smith Robert W. Plainfield
Smith Ronald Harold Plainfield
Smith Wendel Vern Plainfield
Smith Wendell Huggard Plainfield
Smith  Carl Linford Plainfield
Snelling Lawrence F. Tripoli
Snittjer Calvin Clifford Sumner
So*le Arthur Fred Waverly
Sohle Earl William Waverly
Sohle Harold Waverly
Soldwisch Wendell Fred Waverly
Sommer Walter Edward Tripoli
Sommerfelt Harold C. Fairbank
Sorg Robert Clark Tripoli
Sparks Francis Wayne Waverly
Sperry John Matteson Janesville
Spier Arnold John Waverly
Spier Clarence August Tripoli
Spier Elmer Carl Waverly
Spier Emil Fred Tripoli
Sprague Philip Dail Sumner
Springer Paul Eugene Sumner
Staack Ervin Louis Tripoli
Staack George Henry Sumner
Staack Harry F. Fairbank
Stacy Wayne Francis Waverly
Staley LaVern Edward Janesville
Steege Arnold Henry Readlyn
Steege Edwin W. Sumner
Steege Edwin William Waverly
Steege Elmer Edwin Waverly
Steege Gerhardt Henry Waverly
Steege Leonhard Henry Sumner
Steege Lorenz Erwin Waverly
Steege Lorenz Henry Waverly
Steege Melvin Henry Denver
Steege Raymond John Frederika
Steege Reinhard Fred Janesville
Steege Richard H. Plainfield
Steere Raymond Dean Plainfield
Steinberg Raymond Fred Denver
Steinbronn William G. Tripoli
Stephenson George A. Waverly
Stevens Ralph Lewis Sumner
Stevens Jr. William Del. Sumner
Stewart Howard William Waverly
Stickman Earl Fred Waverly
Stiffler Frederick Junior Frederika
Stifter John Leon Waverly
Stokes Clayton Jefferies Waverly
Stone Laurence Gerald Sumner
Strauser Glenn Dale Plainfield
Strempke Albert Martin Fairbank
Stromer Arnold Henry Tripoli
Strottman Arnold Sumner
Strottman Ralph William Waverly
Strottmann Alfred Denver
Strottmann Lorenz Readlyn
Struck Alfred William Tripoli
Struck Carl Henry Sumner
Strumpel John Readlyn
Studenrauch Francis C. Waverly
Stufflebeam Clark Wyane Plainfield
Stufflebeam Dwight M. Plainfield
Stufflebeam Ivan Plainfield
Stufflebeam Kenneth L. Waverly
Stufflebeam Lenos Har.  Waverly
Stufflebeam Leroy Waverly
Stufflebeam Russell K. Plainfield
Stufflebeam Silbert Loyd Plainfield
Stumme Burton Conrad Readlyn
Stumme Conrad C. Waverly
Stumme Dr. Ernest Henry Denver
Stumme Elmer Readlyn
Stumme Ewald Henry Sumner
Stumme Ralph Fairbank
Stumme Walter J. Sumner
Swanson Hugh Howard Waverly
Swanson Roy Albin Waverly
Swenson Ernest Waverly
Taylor James Burns Waverly
Tegtmeier Alfred Wm. Tripoli
Tegtmeier Arnold Wm. Sumner
Tegtmeier Arthur Sumner
Tegtmeier Herman H. Waverly
Tegtmeier Howard Henry Tripoli
Tegtmeier Leslie Sumner
Tegtmeier Walter Fred Sumner
Tegtmeir Reinhardt W. Sumner
Testorff Albert Carl Fairbank
Testorff Ernest Henry Fairbank
Tharp Berne Lorraine  Waverly
Theiking Arland Chas. Waverly
Thies Emil Herman Readlyn
Thies Fred William Sumner
Thompson Arthur Noble Waverly
Thompson Robert Ralph Plainfield
Thoms Emil W. Waverly
Thoms Ernst Henry Waverly
Thoms Raymond Fred Fairbank
Thran Oscar R. Readlyn
Thurm ?????d Waverly
Thurm Elmer Herbert Tripoli
Thurm Raymond Readlyn
Tiedt Arnold Henry Readlyn
Tiedt Edwin L. Readlyn
Tiedt Elmer E. Readlyn
Tiedt Harry Readlyn
Tiedt Ralph Herman Readlyn
Tiedt Randolph Rudolph Readlyn
Tiedt Walter Edward Fairbank
Tiedt Werner R. Fairbank
Tietje Erwin William Waverly
Tietje Leslie William Waverly
Timion Delbert Louis Janesville
Tjorneho Rob't Jorgensen Janesville
Tjornehoj Robert J.  Fairbank
Toll Claire Kilson Waverly
Tompkins Theodore L. Waverly
Tonn Walter Sumner
Tonne Clarence Dietrick Tripoli
Tonne Elmer William Tripoli
Tonne Emil Tripoli
Tonne Erwin Louie Tripoli
Tonne Leo Ernest Tripoli
Torell Glenn Norton Bremer
Torkelson June Thor Sumner
Tornquist Donald Glenn Waverly
Townsend John Willis Waverly
Traeger Harold Walter Sumner
Treloar James Robert Sumner
Treloar Paul Arthur Sumner
Tremaine Edward Wil. Sumner
Troge Wilbur Albert Waverly
Trost Reinhold Fred Readlyn
VanBrussel Wm. Randle Denver
VanDenBrand Bert Plainfield
Vandermaaten John J. Waverly
VanDorn Rex Kenneth Waverly
VanLenglen John Janesville
VanNoy Dale Leonard Sumner
Vette Russell Fredrick Waverly
Victor Raymond Kelsey Tripoli
Vilmont Maurice Wilson Waverly
Voas Duane Randall Janesville
Volk Fred Edward Waverly
Volk Herbert Joseph Waverly
Volk James Michael Waverly
Volker Clarence Henry Waverly
Volker Elmer Sumner
Volker Erwin Joseph Tripoli
Volker Joseph Sumner
Volker Melvin Albert Sumner
Volker Orville Frederick Sumner
Voorhees Glenn Marion Tripoli
Voorhees John Isaac Sumner
Vossberg Clarence Wm Janesville
Vossberg Edwin Fred Janesville
Vossburg Robert Henry Janesville
Vosseller George Edward Plainfield
Vosseller Loey Plainfield
Waerenborg Louis F. Waverly
Wagget William Waverly
Wagner Harry Walter Ionia
Wagner Vernal Christian Janesville
Wahl Clyde Orville Waverly
Wahl Max Henry Waverly
Walker Edgar Erwin Jr. Plainfield
Walker Francis Clyde Denver
Waltemate Ernest Henry Waverly
Waltermate Edwin Martin Waverly
Walters Marlin Fredrick Waverly
Walther Alvin Henry Denver
Walther Harold Herman Waverly
Walther Kenneth Robert Waverly
Walther Lawrence H. Denver
Walther Raymond Otto Waverly
Walton Everett Merlin Waverly
Ward William Cook Waverly
Warneke Louis Henry Fairbank
Warneke Walter William Readlyn
Warneke Wilbert August Readlyn
Warnke John Waverly
Warnke Lloyd Rudolph Tripoli
Warnke Nalord John Tripoli
Warrior Wilbur Dean Waverly
Waskow Burnett Charles Waverly
Waterman Lavern Tripoli
Waterman Leo Calvin Waverly
Waterman Ralph Denver
Weber John F. Waverly
Weber Myron Roy Readlyn
Webster George Elias Waverly
Wedeking Louis Henry Plainfield
Wedeking  Lauren R. Waverly
Wedemeier Clarence J. Waverly
Wedemeier Erwin Ernist Sumner
Wedemeier John Philip Denver
Wedemeier Louie Christ Tripoli
Wedemeier Raymond I. Tripoli
Wedemeier Theodore J. Sumner
Wedemeier Wilbert C. Fairbank
Wehling Arthur Readlyn
Wehling Clarence Fred Readlyn
Wehling Lorenze Waverly
Weidler Edwin Frederick Sumner
Weihe Arthur John Tripoli
Weihe Henry William Tripoli
Weis Edmund Ernst Sumner
Welcher Clarence E. Waverly
Wenger John Henry Readlyn
Wente Edwin F. Waverly
Wente Elmer John Fairbank
Wente Fred Waverly
Wente Leslie Waverly
Werner Kenneth Richard Readlyn
Wescott Stanley Monroe Sumner
Westendorf Albert F. Sumner
Westendorf Clarence Waverly
Westendorf Edwin Fred. Fairbank
Westendorf Elmer Waverly
Westendorf Ervin Art. Waverly
Westendorf Erwin Robert Sumner
Westendorf Leo Sumner
Westendorf Leo Fred Waverly
Westendorf Otto A. Sumner
Westendorf Wilfried A. Sumner
Westendorf Reinhart Sumner
White Carl Eugene Plainfield
White Harold Carl Waverly
Whiteford Owen Robert Sumner
Widdel Ruben John Readlyn
Wieland Robert Carlyle Waverly
Wieland Walter Dale Waverly
Wiethorn Everett Benj. Waverly
Wilharm Elmer August Tripoli
Wilharm Herbert Fred Sumner
Wilhram Emil Conrad Waverly
Wilkens Frank Waverly
Wille Arthur M. Denver
Wille August Jr. Denver
Wille Herman C. Jr. Denver
Wille Julius Fred Denver
Williams Cecil M. Ionia
Williams Everett L. Waverly
Williams Forrest Clyde Waverly
Williams  Carl Sanford Waverly
Willie Emil Mike Denver
Wills James Vernon Janesville
Wilson Harold William Sumner
Wilson Lloyd Richard Sumner
Wilson Paul Leland Waverly
Winchell Glenn Roy Waverly
Winks Ben Wright Sumner
Winzenburg Walter Geo.  Waverly
Winzenburg William H. Sumner
Witte Fred Waverly
Wittenburg Delbert Readlyn
Wittenburg Fred Denver
Wittenburg Herbert Readlyn
Wittenburg Leo. Edward Fairbank
Witter Berhard Karl Waverly
Wold Werner Sumner
Wolf Theodore Tripoli
Wolff Arthur Henry Sumner
Wolff John Sumner
Wolff Paul Herman Sumner
Wolfgram Paul Fred Readlyn
Wolter Ernest Fredrick Denver
Womack Albert Leonard Waverly
Woodman Harold W. Plainfield
Woodring William Anson Janesville
Wright Joe C. Plainfield
Wright John Perry Waverly
Wyant William Everett Janesville
Yaggy Mahlon Burgess Sumner
Yockstick Edward Les. Waverly
Young Donald Albert Tripoli
Young Leslie Jerome Waverly
Young Perry Leon Plainfield
Zahn Richard Theodore Waverly
Zahn Walter Carl Waverly
Zander Arnold Will Tripoli
Zander Edwin John Sumner
Zander Lorenz Ionia
Zander Walter Waverly
Zander William John Sumner
Zars Reinhardt Readlyn
Zbornik Doyle Berdine Sumner
Zell Alfred Sumner
Zell Edwin George Sumner
Zierath Donald Charles Waverly
Zingg John Denver
Zummak Arthur Ferd. Sumner
Zummak Walter G. Sumner
Zwanziger Casper Plainfield
???? A??? Waverly
?????ger James Walter Sumner



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