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List of Bremer County Iowa Men Registered for World War II Draft: M-R

Source: The Waverly Democrat Newspaper - October 25, 1940
Extracted by Connie Wedemeier

In 1940 men in the United States, including Bremer County, Iowa, were required to register for the military draft of World War II. After the draft registration numbers were assigned, a national drawing of draft lottery numbers was held on Tuesday, October 29, 1940. When their number was drawn, the registered men received an 8-page questionnaire. The questionnaire was used to rank the men to determine their eligibility for military service. They were divided into four classes:

I. Available for training
II. Deferred because of occupation
III. Deferred because of dependents
IV. Deferred by law or because of physical disability

Although many of the men on this list did serve in the military, some did not because they were deferred.

Note: The names have been typed exactly as published.


Surnames A-E Surnames F-L Surnames M-R Surnames S-Z

Mack Victor T. Waverly
Maglstedt Wilbur Edward Sumner
Maguire Paul Joseph Waverly
Mahlstedt William Ernest Tripoli
Mahnke Arthur John Waverly
Maifeld Darrel Louis Plainfield
Mallery John Calvin Sumner
Maloy Raymond Henry Waverly
Manley Jewel Everett Fairbank
Mannetter Oswald Albert Waverly
Marks Earl Christian Sumner
Martin Paul Gottfried Tripoli
Mason William Howard Plainfield
Mathers Carol Kenneth Tripoli
Mathias Paul Henry Denver
Matrick William Denver
Matthias Alden August Readlyn
Matthias Arlin John Fairbank
Matthias Arnold Denver
Matthias Dale Bert Waverly
Matthias Erwin William Readlyn
Matthias Floyd Waverly
Matthias Fred Readlyn
Matthias Lester John Fairbank
Matthias Lorenz Fred Readlyn
Matthias Vernon A. Fairbank
Matthias Werner H. Readlyn
Matthiesen Amos Waverly
Matthiesen Earl Charles Denver
Matthiesen Randolph Fred Tripoli
Mattke Kenneth Mark Waverly
Mauping Glennys Richard Plainfield
Maurer Claire John Fairbank
Maurer? Dillon? LuVon? Sumner
McAlpine George L.  Waverly
McBride Robert W. Tripoli
McClain Archie John Sumner
McClure Judson Waverly
McClurg Robert Barkley Waverly
McCue Edward John Sumner
McCue Robert Earl Sumner
McCue Thomas Francis Fredericksburg
McCue Williard James Sumner
McCullock Everett John Denver
McCumber Clarence Leo. Waverly
McFarland Delbert Geo. Waverly
McFarland Merlin Leo Waverly
McGrane Donald Francis Waverly
McGrane William Earl Waverly
McKeown Raymond Art. Tripoli
Mckeown Robert William Sumner
McKinney Ted Waverly
Mealey Francis Charles Fairbank
Megivern James Julius Plainfield
Megivern Robert Paul Plainfield
Meier Clarence E. Waverly
Meier Eldo Fred Denver
Meier Ernest Waverly
Meier Harold H. Readlyn
Meier Henry William Sumner
Meier Herbert Edwin Denver
Meier John Waverly
Meier John H. Bremer
Meier Lavern August Sumner
Meier Leslie W. Tripoli
Meier Lorenz August Tripoli
Meier Reinhart Carl Sumner
Meier Waldo John Waverly
Meier Walter Reynold Readlyn
Meiere Harvey Walter Denver
Meighan Leonard Sylv. Sumner
Meighan Norbert William Sumner
Meihost Louie Tripoli
Mensching Elmer Henry Plainfield
Mensing Herbert Carl Waverly
Mensing Herbert Carl Waverly
Mensing Robert Arthur Waverly
Mesching Lorenze Her. Waverly
Meswarb Frances H. Sumner
Mether Walter Manly Plainfield
Metzger Carl Taft Waverly
Meyer Albert William Sumner
Meyer Alfred Conrad Waverly
Meyer Alfred Henry Sumner
Meyer Benhardt Henry Waverly
Meyer Christ W. Sumner
Meyer Clarence Waverly
Meyer Dalton Frederick Sumner
Meyer Earl L. Sumner
Meyer Harley Elmer Waverly
Meyer Harry Louie Sumner
Meyer Karl William Waverly
Meyer Leo Emil Sumner
Meyer Lorenz Herman Sumner
Meyer Raymond August Waverly
Meyer Ronald Louis Sumner
Meyer Walter George Waverly
Meyer William August Sumner
Meyer Willie Sumner
Meyerhoff Arnold C. Readlyn
Meyerhoff Clarence F. Fairbank
Meyerhoff Edmund Waverly
Meyerhoff Erwin Chris. Fairbank
Meyerhoff Paul George Readlyn
Meyerhoff William Edw. Readlyn
Meyers Paul Alphus Waverly
Meyne Gerhard Waverly
Michael Leo Fredrick Waverly
Michael Wendell Waverly
Milius Werner Ernest Waverly
Milius Wilson Carl Denver
Milks Lloyd Vern Fairbank
Miller Albert Tripoli
Miller Arnold William Waverly
Miller Clarence Antone Sumner
Miller Elmer Henry Sumner
Miller Ewald F. Tripoli
Miller Fred Boyen Waverly
Miller Herbert Herman Tripoli
Miller Herman Readlyn
Miller Herold George Tripoli
Miller John Eldon Waverly
Miller William E. Waverly
Milligian Harold Keith Plainfield
Mirs Luvern John Sumner
Mishler Lynn Harold Waverly
Mishler Orvis Fredrick Fairbank
Mixdorf Lenoard Louie Fairbank
Moehling Edgar Fred Denver
Moehling Everett Carl Waverly
Moehling Werner Johan Waverly
Moeller Arlin William Fairbank
Moeller Burtin Henry Readlyn
Moeller Erwald Henry Readlyn
Moeller Herman Henry Fairbank
Moeller John Frank Tripoli
Moeller Leslie George Waverly
Moeller Leslie Herman Tripoli
Moeller Robert Edward Waverly
Moeller Vernon Lloyd Denver
Mohlis Ernest Lewis Sumner
Mohlis John Henry Jr. Sumner
Mohlis Leonard Sumner
Mohr George Haefner Waverly
Mohr Milo Edwin Waverly
Moller Lawrence W. Waverly
Morgon Roger Milburn Denver
Morrill John Raymond Waverly
Morrill Richard Belden Waverly
Morris Cecil J. Sumner
Mosher Merrill Ban Janesville
Moulds George Henry Waverly
Mowatt Harold Edwin Frederika
Mueller Adolph Ewald Waverly
Mueller Alfred Henry Plainfield
Mueller George Christian Readlyn
Mueller Harold Carl Waverly
Mueller Herman Tripoli
Mueller Lorenz William Fairbank
Mueller Louie Waverly
Mueller Louis Waverly
Mueller Roland C. Waverly
Mueller William Plainfield
Muether Edward John Sumner
Muhlenhaupt Chris W. Readlyn
Mummelthie Fred Wm. Frederika
Mundfrom Edward Louis Tripoli
Mundt Malvin Rudolph Waverly
Murphy C??? Myron Sumner
N/K????????r Edwin Waverly
Nacke Laverne Earnest Sumner
Nacke Leo Edward Sumner
Nacke Victor William Sumner
Napiecek Leonard Eug. Waverly
Neal Frederick Geuther Waverly
Neidert Harvey Fairbank
Neil Gordon George Fairbank
Neimeyer August Sumner
Nelson Floyd Gilbert Plainfield
Nelson Russell Delbert Waverly
Nerge Clarence Sumner
Nerge Edwin Arthur Sumner
Neverman Herman Wm. Denver
Newton Thomas John Fairbank
Nichols Clair L. Sumner
Nichols Eldon Glen Plainfield
Nicolous George Robert Waverly
Niedert Edwin William Sumner
Nielsen Hans Harry Sumner
Nielsen Howard Willie Tripoli
Nieman Paul Sumner
Niemann Ernest V. Sumner
Niemann Harold Herman Sumner
Niemann Herbert George Sumner
Niemeyer Arthur Sumner
Niemeyer Elmer H. Tripoli
Niemeyer Gordon Wesley Tripoli
Niemeyer Henry A. Plainfield
Niemeyer Willie Fred Sumner
Niewohner Arthur Her. Waverly
Niewohner Edwin August Tripoli
Nissen Lawrence Frank Waverly
Noel Arthur Clarence Waverly
Noel Vancil Frank Waverly
Nolte Eldo Otto Readlyn
Nolte Fred Fairbank
Nolte Melvin Waverly
Nolte Oscar William Readlyn
Nolte Wilbert J. Waverly
Nolting Fred William Tripoli
Nolting Martin John Denver
Nordman Harold Otto Waverly
Nuss Alfred William Sumner
Nuss Edgar George Waverly
Nuss Ernest John Sumner
Nuss Paul C. Sumner
Nygr?? Robert Henry Waverly
Oberdiear Clark Charles Plainfield
Oberhelman Lyle  Waverly
Oberheu Adolph Waverly
Oberheu Albert Carl Waverly
Oberheu Ernest Conrad Waverly
Oberheu Gustav Waverly
Oberheu Theodore Fred Waverly
Oberheu Walter Waverly
Oberheu Wilbert Henry Waverly
Oberhue Paul F. Waverly
Oconnel Leo William Frederika
O'Day Harry Thomas Waverly
O'Dea Thomas Patrick Waverly
Ohlendorf Clarence Wm. Tripoli
Ohlendorf Henry Fred Waverly
lejniczak Edward Tripoli
Olsen Lawrence Arnelle Waverly
Olsen Robert Jens Sumner
Oltrogge Eldo Readlyn
Oltrogge Fred Readlyn
Oltrogge Harold Readlyn
Oltrogge Lorenz William Tripoli
Oltrogge Victor C. Waverly
Opperman Lewis John Waverly
Orth Erwin William Janesville
Osborn Leonard Orville Janesville
Otterstein Eldon Waverly
Otto Arnold Fairbank
Otto Elmer Readlyn
Otto Henry Jr. Readlyn
Otto Herbert Fred Readlyn
Padget Ora Melvin Janesville
Pagel Carl Louis Sumner
Palmer Tedy James Sumner
Panzer Leo August Tripoli
Paper Kenneth Edward Waverly
Parson Forrest Duane Frederika
Parson Vernon Guy Frederika
Patterson Robert Lester Waverly
Paulsen Raymond Wright Plainfield
Paup Herbert Sylvester Waverly
Pease Roy Elmer Sumner
Pencil Harold Tripoli
Peppler Vern Robert Plainfield
Perkins Alfred Douglas Waverly
Perkins Joseph Devere Waverly
Perry Leslie Woodbridge Waverly
Perry Virgil Wagner Janesville
Persson Burnett P. Plainfield
Peters Erwald Herman Tripoli
Peters Lavern John Tripoli
Peters Leslie John Readlyn
Petersen Arthur Waverly
Petersen Ervin R. Ionia
Petersen Milford E. Waverly
Peterson Albert Fred Waverly
Peterson George William Waverly
Peterson Harry William Plainfield
Peverill Robert Franklin Fairbank
Phelps Ray William Waverly
Pichelman Stanley Tripoli
Pickering William Howard Sumner
Piehl Edward W. Fairbank
Piehl Lewis Jacob Fairbank
Pierce Riley Thompson Nashua
Pinkerton Colney Alfred Denver
Pipho Ernest C. Readlyn
Pipho Henry Otto Readlyn
Pipho Joh Henry Readlyn
Pipho Lawrence Waverly
Pipho Malvin William Sumner
Place Thomas Stanley Janesville
Platte Arlen Christopher Readlyn
Platte Arnold Joe Readlyn
Platte Clarence Henry Waverly
Platte Eldo Henry Denver
Platte Elmer John Readlyn
Platte Erwin Herman Tripoli
Platte Lester Donald Sumner
Platte Lorence Henry Waverly
Platte Max Roland Sumner
Pleggenkuhle Alfred Waverly
Poehler Herman Fred Fairbank
Pohlmann Martin Hans Readlyn
Poling John Craig Sumner
Pollow Lester Fred Sumner
Poock Arnold Carl Readlyn
Poock Arthur Heinrich Denver
Poock Gerald Frederick Readlyn
Poock Herbert William Readlyn
Poock Herold E. Readlyn
Poock Walter Carl Fairbank
Poock Walter Louis Tripoli
Poock Werner William Readlyn
Poppe Herman Fred Waverly
Pothast Elmer Emil Waverly
Pothast Harold Bremer
Pothast Lloyd Waverly
Potratz Alvin William Sumner
Powers Donald Mayhew Sumner
Powers Horace Mathew Sumner
Powers Maurice James Tripoli
Pratt Elton Dwight Waverly
Pratt Winford Raphael Waverly
Prestien Everett Tripoli
Prestien Willard John Denver
Prideaux James Paul Sumner
Pries Arnold Herman Tripoli
Pries Edwin Bremer
Pries Erhard Bremer
Pries John Herman Waverly
Pritchard Harold Albert Waverly
Radach Orval Henry Frederika
Ragsdale Ben Arthur Tripoli
Ragsdale James Erastes Janesville
Ramige Paul Waverly
Randall Jerome Leslie Waverly
Rands William Anderson Sumner
Rasmussen Lester E. Bremer
Rasmussen Lloyd Ken. Waverly
Rasmussen Ralvin Joh Janesville
Rassmussen James A. Waverly
Rathbone Albert George Sumnerv
Rathe Edward Henry Readlyn
Rathe Fred John Jr. Tripoli
Rathe Harry Frederick Waverly
Rathe Herman Tripoli
Rathe Reinhold Henry Readlyn
Rathe Roland Stephen Waverly
Rebholz Francis Bertram Tripoli
Rebholz James Howard Waverly
Redick George May Jr. Waverly
Redies Arthur Tripoli
Redies Emil Waverly
Reeve Oliver Jay Waverly
Reeves Howard Keith Plainfield
Regenold Oliver Patrick Fairbank
Reichert Carl Leonard Waverly
Reichert Franklin Carl Tripoli
Reichert Kenneth Wm. Waverly
Reick Lester T. Sumner
Reinbold Richard Waverly
Reiners Elso Waverly
Reiners Louie Waverly
Reiners Reiner Harm Waverly
Reinhardt Clarence H. Waverly
Reinhardt Leland K. Waverly
Reinking Walter Henry Waverly
Reisner Lloyd William Sumner
Reiter Floyd George Janesville
Reiter Henry Walter Fairbank
Reiter Samuel Richard Waverly
Reith John Martin Fairbank
Reitz Floyed Lafayete Plainfield
Remley Lloyd Lenard Plainfield
Remley Walter Amos Plainfield
Remly John Henry Waverly
Renn Irvin Merle Waverly
Renn Reynolds Earl Waverly
Renwick Howard K. Denver
Repp Marion Donald Readlyn
Repp Ross Lowell Denver
Rettig Paul William Sumner
Reuscher Arthur Waverly
Rewoldt Elston Fred Frederika
Ribbeck Fred William Tripoli
Ribertson William Craige Waverly
Richmann Clarence John Waverly
Richmann Ernest Her. Fairbank
Richmann Hadwig Hy. Readlyn
Rick Cecil H. Waverly
Ridge Wayne Alfred Waverly
Riechmann Fred John Sumner
Riechmann John Henry Sumner
Rieck Lorenz William Sumner
Rieckenberg Elmer W. Waverly
Ries Michael Mathias Sumner
Riley Donald James Fairbank
Ritchie Howard Edward Waverly
Roach James Lewis Plainfield
Roach  John Robert Plainfield
Robbins Arthur Lynn Sumner
Robbins Frederick Merrill Sumner
Roberts Leo Paulger Sumner
Robertson Floyd Frank Sumner
Robertson Milton Leroy Sumner
Robertson Raymond Paul Sumner
Robinson Sheldon Rex Sumner
Rockwood John Wesley Janesville
Rockwood Ralph Squire Janesville
Rod Ernest Juel Waverly
Rodemeyer Ernest Tripoli
Roever Kermit Carl Janesville
Roever Leland Emil Janesville
Roever Otto Henry Waverly
Rogers Austin Lee Sumner
Roloff Emil Waverly
Roschke Harold Alvin Waverly
Rose Lonnie Marion Tripoli
Rosenau Emil Frederick Waverly
Rosenow Rueben Fred Sumner
Rosheim Irwin Ellsworth Denver
Rosol Charles Joseph Tripoli
Rosol Donald Vincent Waverly
Rosol Edward Adam Tripoli
Rosol Joseph August Waverly
Rossol Edward Wesley Waverly
Rover Eldon Dietrich Janesville
Rowley Merton Dee Plainfield
Rowray Dave Herman Waverly
Rowzee Paul Edward Fairbank
Rubenow Carl William Waverly
Rudebeck Dallas Hans Waverly
Ruhs Otto Martin Waverly
Ruma Sam Alfio Waverly
Rungtum Willard Fred Sumner
Russell Floyd Edwin Janesville
Russell Joseph James Waverly



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