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List of Bremer County Iowa Men Registered for World War II Draft: A-E

Source: The Waverly Democrat Newspaper - October 25, 1940
Extracted by Connie Wedemeier

In 1940 men in the United States, including Bremer County, Iowa, were required to register for the military draft of World War II. After the draft registration numbers were assigned, a national drawing of draft lottery numbers was held on Tuesday, October 29, 1940. When their number was drawn, the registered men received an 8-page questionnaire. The questionnaire was used to rank the men to determine their eligibility for military service. They were divided into four classes:

I. Available for training
II. Deferred because of occupation
III. Deferred because of dependents
IV. Deferred by law or because of physical disability

Although many of the men on this list did serve in the military, some did not because they were deferred.

Note: The names have been typed exactly as published.


Surnames A-E Surnames F-L Surnames M-R Surnames S-Z


Acken Wayne Wilcox Waverly
Adams Erwin David Sumner
Adams Gregore A.  Waverly
Ailenstein Delos John Sumner
Akers Aubrey Herrell Waverly
Albrecht Arthur A. Readlyn
Albrecht Edwin William Waverly
Albrecht Floyd William Readlyn
Albrecht Harley Wilson Waverly
Albrecht John Wm. H. Sumner
Albrecht Lorenze Carl Sumner
Albrecht Ralph Edgar Sumner
Albrecht Robert Rubel Waverly
Albrecht Waldo DeWitt Waverly
Albright Harold William Waverly
Allen Justin Wesley Waverly
Ambrose Robert William Tripoli
Ambrose Waylard Sumner
Anderson Arley Gearhart Waverly
Anderson Leonard C. Janesville
Anderson William Marsh Waverly
Anhalt Laurence Waverly
Anhalt Wendell B. Waverly
Arenholz George Waverly
Arnholz Ralph Hennerkus Waverly
Arns Elmer Waverly
Arns Floyd Henry Waverly
Arns Kenneth Horting Waverly
Arns Lawrence Gerald Tripoli
Arns Leonard Edward Waverly
Arns Lester Waverly
Arns Loren Franklin Waverly
Arns Victor Buster Tripoli
Aschbrenner Adoph R. Waverly
Aschbrenner Harry Otto Waverly
Aschbrenner John Herm. Sumner
Bade Fred William Waverly
Bahe Reinhart Henry Fairbank
Bahlmann Arnold Frank Tripoli
Bahlmann Clarence F. Sumner
Bahlmann Lawrence J. Sumner
Bahlmann Leo William Tripoli
Bailey Arville Veron Ionia
Bailey Dwight Milton Waverly
Baker Richard Charles Waverly
Baker Robert Russell Waverly
Balsley Arthur Waverly
Balsley Arthur E. Waverly
Bantz Franklin Gale Denver
Bany Oscar August  Tripoli
Bany Theodore Henry Waverly
Barbnecht Ernest Henry Sumner
Barr Leland Edward Plainfield
Bartels Ralph Harold Waverly
Barth Norman John Sumner
Bartlett John Edwin Janesville
Bartling Rayond Wm. Denver
Bartz Herman Edward Fairbank
Baskins Arlyss Lloyd Waverly
Bast Earl Carl Waverly
Bast Herman Emil Waverly
Bast Otto Waverly
Bauer Clarence William Waverly
Bauer Ewald Clarence Waverly
Bauer Floyd Waverly
Baumgartner Robert Joe. Tripoli
Beach Clifford Ellsworth Plainfield
Beam John Alvin Waverly
Beard Ervin Victor Plainfield
Beard Floyd E. Sumner
Beard Virgil Edwin Plainfield
Becker Gordon Charles Waverly
Becker Kermit Ordorff Readlyn
Becker Robert John Janesville
Beckman Peter Christ Sumner
Beebe Norman Gale Waverly
Beebe Robert William Waverly
Beebe Russell King Sumner
Behrens Leo Sumner
Behrens Reinhart Fred Sumner
Beiderwieden John Henry Denver
Beisner Clarence Carl Tripoli
Beisner Emil Henry Fairbank
Beisner Leo Henry Waverly
Beisner Raymond Carl Fairbank
Beisterfelt Edward Fred. Tripoli
Bennett Edward Burton Tripoli
Bennett Ralph Stephen Waverly
Bentley Berton Lowell Plainfield
Bentley William George Ionia
Benton Clyde Edward Janesville
Benzine Lavern Readlyn
Berends Peter E. Waverly
Berg Walter Francis Jr. Sumner
Berge Earl Orville Frederika
Berger Fred H. Waverly
Bergman Alfred Harry Tripoli
Bergman Eston Lowell Waverly
Bergman Everett Readlyn
Bergman Laurel Clarence Waverly
Bergman Louie Waverly
Bergman Odus Melville Waverly
Bergmann Emil Ionia
Bergmann Lester William Tripoli
Bergmann Walter Plainfield
Berry Howard Palmer Sumner
Berstrom Oscar Otto Sumner
Betsinger G. Edward Plainfield
Bieman William Albert Frederika
Bierman Charlie Sumner
Bierman Glenn Ed Sumner
Biermann Erwin August Waverly
Biermann Lawrence Tripoli
Biermann Leslie Waverly
Bigham James Wesley Denver
Billman Buford George Waverly
Bills Harold William Waverly
Bischoff Clarence Henry Waverly
Bischoff Lester Louis Waverly
Blackford Forrest Denver
Blasberg Alfred Herman Tripoli
Blasberg Alwin L. Waverly
Blasberg Erwin Tripoli
Block Clarence Sumner
Block Lawrence John Sumner
Block Paul Edward Tripoli
Block Raymond Henry Tripoli
Bloeser Lloyd George Denver
Bloom Hans Readlyn
Blume Arthur Arland Sumner
Blume Elstch? Levern Sumner
Blume Herbert Edward Tripoli
Blume Lester George Sumner
Bock Albert Sumner
Bock Arnold Fred Frederika
Bock Erwin Sumner
Bock Fred Louis Jr. Tripoli
Bock Reinhardt William Tripoli
Bock Walter Herman Sumner
Bockhaus Stanley C. Waverly
Bockhaus Walter Fred. Tripoli
Bockhaus Wesley H. Tripoli
Bockhuas Lawrence Wm. Frederika
Boderman Herbert Henry Sumner
Bodernian Clarence Sumner
Boeckman Clarence J. Fredericksburg
Boeckmann Alfred C. Waverly
Boeckmann Gustav E. Tripoli
Boeckmann Lester Fred Tripoli
Boehme Otto Martin Waverly
Boehme Walter Paul Denver
Boetteher Hugo S. G.  Frederika
Boevers Arnold Readlyn
Boevers Ewald H. Tripoli
Boevers Fred Louie Tripoli
Boevers Harold August Sumner
Boevers Paul Readlyn
Boevers Reinhart J. Readlyn
Boldt Walter Bremer
Bolin Vernon Robert Waverly
Bolte Clarence H. Waverly
Bolte Ralph G. Tripoli
Bolton Burton Starbird Waverly
Bond Harold M. Waverly
Bonnell Robert Wilharm Sumner
Boomer Clifford Stewart Janesville
Boomer Clyde Gerald Janesville
Boomer Donald Lee Janesville
Boorom Lester Edward Waverly
Borcherding Edwin Frank Sumner
Boren Gerald Eugene Waverly
Boveia Clark Erwin Plainfield
Boveia Clyde Jay Waverly
Bowatt Lloyd George Sumner
Boylson Francis Waverly
Boyson George Glenn Waverly
Bradley Royal Fairbank
Brand Harry George Fairbank
Brandt Harold Albert Waverly
Brandt Lorenz Waverly
Brandt Roland Carl Denver
Brandt Walter Waverly
Brase Edwin Plainfield
Brase Erwin Plainfield
Brase Harold Plainfield
Brase Helmuth Plainfield
Brase Raymond H. Tripoli
Brase Walter Plainfield
Braun Louie William Sumner
Brautigan Eldon Waverly
Brayton Edward Lee Waverly
Bremer Alvin John Sumner
Bremer Herbert Albert Sumner
Bremer Lester Augst Sumner
Bremer Paul August Tripoli
Brettman Albert John Waverly
Brettman Clarence H. Denver
Brettmann Elmer Ernest Waverly
Brewer Hadly Philip Tripoli
Brickman Clarence Rob. Fairbank
Briden Carl Austin Janesville
Briden Richard Clare Janesville
Briggs Elwin Edward Plainfield
Briner Burdett Otis Waverly
Briner Earl Harr Janesville
Broadie Robert Bruce Waverly
Brown Harold Arthur Waverly
Brown Joy Orville Denver
Brown Ralph William Waverly
Bruch Rev. Bernard W. Bremer
Bruch William Carl Sumner
Bruns James Wendell  Waverly
Bruns Arthur Ludwig Denver
Bruns Bryon Edward Waverly
Bruns Carl Grant Waverly
Bruns Elmer John Readlyn
Bruns Ernest John Readlyn
Bruns James Wendell Waverly
Bruns Richard Allen  Waverly
Bruns Robert Cooper Waverly
Brunstein William Henry Denver
Brye Melvin Ole Waverly
Buchholz Alfred Herman Tripoli
Buchholz Clarence Carl Tripoli
Buchholz Clifford Herm. Tripoli
Buchholz Elmer Edward Waverly
Buchholz Emil E. Waverly
Buchholz Herman W. Jr. Tripoli
Buchholz Leo Waverly
Bucholz Edwin Waverly
Bucholz Lorenz Waverly
Bucholz Stanley Carl Readlyn
Buckendahl August Aug. Fairbank
Buckendahl Leo Albert Fairbank
Buehrer Maurice Fred. Waverly
Buenger Carl Frank Tripoli
Buenneke Simon Herman Denver
Buenzow Alfred Carl Sumner
Buenzow Harry Henry Sumner
Buhr Alfred W. Sumner
Buhr Arnold Henry Sumner
Buhr Carl Walter Readlyn
Buhr Daniel Henry Readlyn
Buhr Edvin L. Sumner
Buhr Ernest Readlyn
Buhr Ernest A. Sumner
Buhr Erwin Sumner
Buhr Frank Readlyn
Buhr George Denver
Buhr Harry Herman Sumner
Buhr Harry Herman Tripoli
Buhr Herbert W. Sumner
Buhr Herman Henry Denver
Buhr John Readlyn
Buhr Leslie Sumner
Buhr Lorenz W. Readlyn
Buhr Otto Herman Sumner
Buhr Reinhard A. Sumner
Buhr Reinhardt George Sumner
Buhr Richard Readlyn
Buhr Wilbert W. Sumner
Buhrow George Leonard Tripoli
Buhrow Stanley Tripoli
Buls Clarence W. Waverly
Buls Elmer Waverly
Buls Lawrence Tripoli
Buls Leo Waverly
Bunger Lorenze Herbert Tripoli
Bunger Milton William Tripoli
Bunger Raymond Henry Tripoli
Bunger Reinhardt John Tripoli
Bunger Wilbert John Tripoli
Burggraf Clarence Arthor Denver
Burke Kenneth Waverly
Burman George Wayne Waverly
Burman Merwin Oren Waverly
Burman Robert Lenius Waverly
Burr Fred Arthur Janesville
Burrow William Myron Fairbank
Busching Herbert Edw. Waverly
Buss Edwin John Waverly
Buss Elmer William Denver
Buss Ernest Herman Denver
Buss William Henry Waverly
Busse Fred Sumner
Busse Harold Waverly
Busse Vern H. Plainfield
Busse Wilbert louis Waverly
Butzlaff Laurence H. Plainfield
Bye Floyd Babcock Janesville
Byram Merwyn Ray Waverly
C???? Guy Arlo Waverly
C?????r? Clifford Carl Waverly
Cagley Howard Charles Plainfield
Cagley Lloyd Robert  Plainfield
Cameron Roy Stanley Janesville
Campbell Harold LeRoy Waverly
Carlson Arthur Harry Denver
Carlson Russell Donald Janesville
Carney James Francis Waverly
Carpenter Claude Lavan Waverly
Carpenter Lloyd Fred. Plainfield
Carpenter Marshall Edw.  Waverly
Carpenter Ralph Sam. Waverly
Carroll Junior Claude Frederika
Carroll Robert Eugene Frederika
Carroll Theron Ebert Frederika
Carstensen Clarence F. Waverly
Caswell Marion M. Waverly
Cave Earl Edmund Waverly
Cave Neil Woodruff Waverly
Chapin Lyman C. Waverly
Chapin Lynn Maxwell Tripoli
Chellevold John Olson Waverly
Chestnut Robert Harry Waverly
Chestnut Vercell Merton Waverly
Christophel Clarence C. Waverly
Christophel Floyd F. Waverly
Christophersen Rolf E. Waverly
Chvatal John Joseph Tripoli
Clark Melbourne Harlan Waverly
Claudt Gilmore John Waverly
Clefisch Lester J. Readlyn
Cleveland Harry Haven Waverly
Clewell Eldon Waverly
Cmelik Leslie Frericks Waverly
Cmelik Virgil Irwin Waverly
Coates Carl Everette Janesville
Coffin William E** Waverly
Colburn Lloyd William Waverly
Colburn Wayne Orlin Tripoli
Cole Everett Raymond Tripoli
Coleman Lynden Floyd Sumner
onley Clifford James Waverly
Conley Leo Benjamin Waverly
Conley Robert Paul Waverly
Copp Arthur F. Sumner
Corwin George Day Waverly
Courbat Arlo Francis Waverly
Creager Emory M???? Sumner
Creager Norman W. Sumner
Creager Richard Duan Sumner
Crestodina Peter Francis Waverly
Cross Cecil Lavern Waverly
Crouse John Ely Sumner
Cruse Martin Euguene Plainfield
Cutler Ivan Dale Waverly
Cutler Stanley Dewit Waverly
Cuvelier Clem Sumner
Cuveller Samuel Janesville
Dana Marvin Orin Sumner
Dana Willard James Sumner
Dancer Ellsworth Lohr Tripoli
Davis Harold Waverly
Davis Lester Omer Waverly
Davison Delbert Waverly
Dean Frank Sterling Sumner
Degelau Albert Bremer
Degelau Arnold Fred Tripoli
Degelau Arthur Plainfield
Degelau Erwin Waverly
Deike Harold Dick Waverly
Dempsey Harold Wm.  Waverly
Denkel George Waverly
Denner Alvin Elmer Waverly
Dense Clarence Eldon Frederika
Deterding Arlin John Readlyn
Deterding Clarence Tripoli
Dettmer Fred Jr. Waverly
Dettmer Herman Ernest Waverly
Dettmer Marquis A. Readlyn
Dettmering Ernst August Readlyn
DeVries Ailt Plainfield
DeVries Carl Emil Denver
DeVries Emil Otto Denver
DeVries George Harry Plainfield
Devries Harry George Plainfield
DeVries John William Denver
Dewey Charles Waverly
Dickens Ross Lyle Sumner
Dieke Martin Otto Plainfield
Diekmann Harold F. Readlyn
Diercks Wernold Hugo Waverly
Diestler Donald Carlyle Waverly
Dietz Charlie Ionia
Dietz Clarence John Plainfield
Dietz Elmer Ellsworth Plainfield
Dietz Lewis Lyle Plainfield
Dilley Lloyd Richard Sumner
Dilley Ray F. Sumner
Dilley William Ely Sumner
Dinelli Alphio Frank Plainfield
Dinelli Renatto Plainfield
Dirks Lawrence Frederick Readlyn
Dirksen Glen Robert Sumner
Dirksen William Ray. Fairbank
Dixon Richard Vernon Plainfield
Doepke Lorenz Ernest Denver
Dohrmann Raymond Her. Tripoli
Donlon Charley Edward Plainfield
Dorman Harold Raymond Janesville
Dorman Percy Lee Janesville
Dorn Louis A. Denver
Dorsey Richard Cecil Waverly
Dove Robert Clyde Waverly
Downing Raymond Rex Waverly
Drape Erwin Waverly
Drape Paul Fred Waverly
Drape Ruben Waverly
Dreier John Fred Waverly
Dreier Ralph Edmund Waverly
Dreier Virgil Carl Waverly
Drewis Erwine Lavern Tripoli
Drewis George Tripoli
Drewis Ralph William Tripoli
Drewis Randolph Otto Tripoli
Drewis Roland Edward Tripoli
Dreyer Kennneth Gord Fairbank
Driscoll John Timothy Plainfield
Droste Edgar Fred Waverly
Droste Warner Bernard Denver
Ducker Clarence Henry Waverly
Ducker Waldron Albert Tripoli
Duecker Raymond William Tripoli
Dufford Aaron N. E. Shell Rock
Duncomb Paul Vermon Tripoli
Ebert Wayne Eldo Sumner
Edmonds Howard Merle Waverly
Eggleston Charles Harvey Waverly
Eggleston Ernest D. Waverly
Eggleston Everett Donald Waverly
Eggleston LeRoy Darnell Waverly
Eggleston Russell Fred Waverly
Ehardt Albert G. Sumner
Ehlert Edward Monroe Sumner
Ehlert Harley Ernest Waverly
Ehlert Harold August Sumner
Ehlert Walter Fred Sumner
Eichmann Clifford Charles Tripoli
Eichmann Elden William  Waverly
Eick Art C. Waverly
Eick Harold W. Tripoli
Eick Herbert Waverly
Eick Orville Waverly
Eick Raymond A. Plainfield
Eickelberg Theo J. Waverly
Eifert John Stanley Waverly
Ekwall Edward Plainfield
Elgin Terrence Edwin Plainfield
Ellerman Albert Carl Plainfield
Elliot Roy George Fairbank
Ellison Duane Plainfield
lsamiller Henry Edward Sumner
Elwood Clarence Henry Janesville
Ely Howard W. Waverly
Emmert Horace Wilbur Plainfield
Engel Phillip Jerry Waverly
Engelhart Alfred Henry Waverly
Engelke Lester Paul Sumner
Engert Reuben Waldemar Denver
Epley Ivan Waverly
Erbes Donald Clinton Janesville
Erhardt Herman Wm. Fairbank
Eveland Donald Edward Waverly
Everding Bernard Tripoli
Everding Elmer Julius Tripoli
Everett Stephen Harlow Janesville
Ewing Robert Abraham Tripoli



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