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List of Bremer County Iowa Men Registered for World War II Draft: F-L

Source: The Waverly Democrat Newspaper - October 25, 1940
Extracted by Connie Wedemeier

In 1940 men in the United States, including Bremer County, Iowa, were required to register for the military draft of World War II. After the draft registration numbers were assigned, a national drawing of draft lottery numbers was held on Tuesday, October 29, 1940. When their number was drawn, the registered men received an 8-page questionnaire. The questionnaire was used to rank the men to determine their eligibility for military service. They were divided into four classes:

I. Available for training
II. Deferred because of occupation
III. Deferred because of dependents
IV. Deferred by law or because of physical disability

Although many of the men on this list did serve in the military, some did not because they were deferred.

Note: The names have been typed exactly as published.


Surnames A-E Surnames F-L Surnames M-R Surnames S-Z


Fagenbaum Emmett John Sumner
Fagenbaum LeRoy Wm. Sumner
Fagenbaum Raymond Don. Sumner
Fahrenholz Gerald Carl Waverly
Fails George Vernon Waverly
Fails Gordon Lester Waverly
Fails Kenneth William Waverly
Farril Virgil Sherwood Readlyn
Fasse William Henry  Readlyn
Faust Lester John Denver
Fauth Robert Theodor Waverly
Fean Charles Howard Sumner
Fedeler Walter Henry Sumner
Feldpouch Kenneth Earl Janesville
Fennemann William Waverly
Ferk Lawrence Anthony Waverly
Fern Paul Jr. Tripoli
Fiester Harold Rex Sumner
Finger Karl Ferdinand Janesville
Fink Raymond Henry Fairbank
Fischer Cornelius J. Waverly
Fisher Wilber Harold Plainfield
Flanscha Arthur Oscar Sumner
Flanscha Bernard Paul Sumner
Flanscha William Carl Sumner
Flege Eugene Charles Waverly
Flege Louis Conrad Waverly
Flege Werner August Waverly
Fleiter Frank Albert Waverly
Flentie Henry William Sumner
Fleshner Lee Roy Waverly
Foelske Fred William Jr. Janesville
Foelske Herman John Janesville
Forberg Clarence Tripoli
Ford Russell Fred Sumner
Foreman Peter Donald Sumner
Foreman Roger Adolph Sumner
Forrest Henry Heiser Waverly
Forsman James Darrel Sumner
Fortney Willard George Denver
Fortsch Harold Raymond Readlyn
Foster Lester Paul Waverly
Foster Vincent Jesse Waverly
Fowler Maurice Burton Waverly
Fox Dwight Edward Sumner
Fox Edgar Roy Plainfield
Fox Neil Luverne Sumner
Franzen Matthias J. N. Plainfield
Fratzke Alfred Richard Waverly
Frazee Emmett Merle Janesville
Freitag Clarence Martin Frederika
Freitag Reinhart John Readlyn
Frese Dale Henry Waverly
Frese Erle John Waverly
Frisch Clarence Frank Sumner
Frisch Robert Roland Sumner
Fritz Alvin Emil Henry Waverly
Gabe Fred Waverly
Gabe Irven W.  Waverly
Gade Henry Carl Sumner
Gade Nenry Wm. Jr. Sumner
Gaede Clarence Christ Sumner
Gaede Edwin Erwin Tripoli
Gaede Elmer Sumner
Gaede Lester Sumner
Gaffney Kenneth Dale Bremer
Gambaiani B???y Waverly
Gambaiani Frank Waverly
Gambaiani John Waverly
Gambaiani Louis Waverly
Gambaiani Peter Waverly
Ganske Clarence Fred Tripoli
Ganske Russell LaVern Sumner
Gardner Allie Bernard Fairbank
Garner Arnold Waverly
Garner Clayton Leonard Waverly
Garner Kenneth Gerald Waverly
Gatton John Robert Waverly
Gebert Lawrence Henry Tripoli
Gedde Levi Carl Fairbank
Gehrke Stanley Readlyn
Gersib George Paul Waverly
Gersonde George William Sumner
Geweke Clarence Fred Waverly
Geweke Edwin Richard Waverly
Gielau Otto Emil Denver
Gielau Wilber Henry Denver
illes Glenn Edward Sumner
Ginther Roger John  Waverly
Gitch Earl August Sumner
Gloede Louie W. Sumner
Good James Wendell Plainfield
Goodspeed Gordon E. Waverly
Gordon Paul Waverly
Gors Robert Carl Tripoli
Graening Arthur Wm. Readlyn
Graening Lorenz Waverly
Graeser Alvin Julius Denver
Graeser Edwin Herbert Waverly
Graeser Virgil Frank Waverly
Graf Bernard August Sumner
Graf Earl Frances Waverly
Graham Donald Clair Waverly
Grannemann Elmer Henry Sumner
Grannemann Gerald John Sumner
Grannon Kenneth Leo Waverly
Graser Bernard Henry Waverly
Graser Leslie Wallace Waverly
Grawe Harold William Waverly
Greene Harry L. Ionia
Griese Elmer William Denver
Griese Ernest Denver
Griner William Peter Sumner
Guenther Gerald Rudolph Denver
Guhlow Raymond Adolph Tripoli
H?m??? Walter Waverly
Haar Elmer William Waverly
Haase Alfred Sumner
Haase Elmer Ernest Frederika
Haase Herbert Paul Sumner
Haase Orville Emil Plainfield
Haefner Harry Anton Waverly
Hagedorn Louis Rud. Fairbank
Hageman Carl William Denver
Hagemann Carl Edmund Waverly
Hagen Ernest William Tripoli
Hagen George Waverly
Hagen Loran William Tripoli
Hagenow Arnold Edw. Waverly
Hagenow Harvey Fairbank
Hagenow Henry John Readlyn
Hagenow Wilbert Readlyn
Hahle George Otto Waverly
Hahlweg Elmer R. Waverly
Hahn Alfred Ionia
Hahn Alvin Edward Ionia
Hahn Fred Otto Ionia
Haman Godfrey Edwin Janesville
Hamilton David Arthur Waverly
Hamilton Wayne Everett Waverly
Hammel Elden Frederick Sumner
Hammetter Clair Henry Sumner
Hankner Ernest Ernest  Tripoli
Hankner Ralph Henry Tripoli
Hankner Theodore Adam Waverly
Hansen Terry Denver
Happel Richard H. Readlyn
Happel Victor Andrew Fairbank
Happel William Henry Readlyn
Happy Norman Oliver Tripoli
Harden Edward Henry Waverly
Harmeing Marvin Carl Waverly
Harmening Lavern Leslie Waverly
Harmening Louis Christ Tripoli
Harmening Wilbert Hy. Tripoli
Harmening William Fred Tripoli
Harms August Herman Waverly
Harms Eric Frederick Readlyn
Harms Lorenz Waverly
Harms Myron William Sumner
Harms Paul H. Waverly
Harrington Joseph G. Plainfield
Harrington Maurice T. Plainfield
Hartema Melvin George Waverly
Hartman Carl Henry Fairbank
Hartman Edward Henry Fairbank
Hartman Edwin Adolph Waverly
Hartman Harold Adolph Waverly
Hartman Harvey H. Frederika
Hartman Paul Fred Readlyn
Hartwig Lyle Wilson Waverly
Harvey Leo Joseph Sumner
Hasse Arnold Herman Plainfield
Hassman Clarence Tripoli
Hastings Carl Norman Plainfield
Hastings Claude I. Plainfield
Hastings John Paul Nashua
Hatch Herbert Roy Sumner
Hattendorf John Waverly
Haun Charlie Russel Fairbank
Haun Clyde William Fairbank
Haupt Clarence William Sumner
Haverkamp Elmer Julius Sumner
Hay Arthur Carl Waverly
Hay Erwin Herman Tripoli
Hay LaVern Fred Tripoli
Hay William Sumner
Hayes Chester C. Waverly
Hazlewood James L. Waverly
Hazlitt Harold George Waverly
Heckman Harlan Clarke Sumner
Hefty Albert August Sumner
Hegg Theron Waverly
Heideman Lawrence Will Tripoli
Heideman Leslie Fred Tripoli
Heideman Theodore A. Denver
Heineman Edwin John Fairbank
Heineman Elmer M. Fairbank
Heineman Erwin Christ. Tripoli
Heineman Laurence E. Readlyn
Heineman Leo William Sumner
Heinemann Erwin Christ. Tripoli
Heinmiller Julius W. Waverly
Heiser Evertt Charles Waverly
Heiser Robert Leonard Waverly
Heist Martin Philip Waverly
Hemingson Warren M. Tripoli
Henkel Otto Theodor Waverly
Henkle George Oscar Waverly
Henley Donald Gay Janesville
Henniges Erwin Fred Sumner
Henning Albert Fredrick Waverly
Henning Erwin Henry Frederika
Henning Henry William Tripoli
Henninger Claude J. Waverly
Henninger Harol Anth. Tripoli
Hennings Arthur Louie Tripoli
Hennings Elmer Waverly
Herman Orville Richard Sumner
Herrick Worth Smith Denver
Herrs Wilbert Herman Janesville
Hess Lawrence Waverly
Hesse Arnold Fairbank
Hesse Elmer William Waverly
Heston Robert Leonard Sumner
Hetzel Walter Lewis Sumner
Hicks Virgil Kay Waverly
Hildebrandt Everett Readlyn
Hildebrandt Harmon H. Tripoli
Hildebrandt Harvey H. Waverly
Hildebrandt Rupert C. Sumner
Hill Albert Plainfield
Hill Marion Carson  Sumner
Hill Max LeRoy Sumner
Hill Vern Al Plainfield
Hills John Alona Waverly
Hines August Vern Fairbank
Hinmon Winnie Wendell Waverly
Hinrichs Walter Readlyn
Hinshaw Arvil James Tripoli
Hites Virgil Victor Plainfield
Hoeper Alfred E. Waverly
Hoeper Art Plainfield
Hoeper Elmer Fred Plainfield
Hoeper Henry Waverly
Hoeper John Waverly
Hoeper Theodor Waverly
Hoerman Elber Fredrick Waverly
Hoffart Edmund Plainfield
Hoffman Carles Miller Waverly
Hoffman Leonard LeRoy Janesville
Hoffman Ralph W. Waverly
Hoffman Walter Emory Waverly
Holland Forrest Everett Waverly
Holm Gehart Otto Tripoli
Holm Lorenz Fred Tripoli
Holm ReVern Conrad Sumner
Holm Roger Arthur Tripoli
Holmes John Styles Waverly
Holmes William Robert Waverly
Holzworth Andrew C. Sumner
Homan Arnold Waverly
Homan Lester Henry Waverly
Homan Vern Frank Waverly
Homann Ronald Edward Waverly
Homeister Henry Chris Waverly
Homeister Lorenz Aug.  Waverly
Homeyer Elmer Henry Readlyn
Hoppenworth Edwin C. Waverly
Hoppenworth Herbert H. Tripoli
Hoppenworth Herold Waverly
Hoppenworth Theodor W. Sumner
Hoppenworth Walter H. Waverly
Hoth Raymond Hamilton Waverly
Hoth William Frederick Sumner
Hoyt Sherman Clayton Waverly
Huck Leslie William Waverly
Huebner Arthur Fred. Sumner
Huebner Paul William Readlyn
Hughes George L. Waverly
Hughes Lloyd Waverly
Hulick Dale Edward Waverly
Hull Leslie Kelsey Waverly
Hunt Paul Chester Sumner
Hurmence Norman Edw. Sumner
Hurmence Ralph Haag Sumner
Hutton Warren Wesley Janesville
Hyde Ernest Hudson Sumner
Ihde Marving William Plainfield
Ingels John Warden Waverly
Ingersoll Ivan William Waverly
Inham John Willard Waverly
Iserman Clarence John Waverly
Iserman Harold  Waverly
Jacobs Charlie Jr. Waverly
Jacobs Detmer F. Plainfield
Jacobson Raymond Edw.  Tripoli
Jager Otto Readlyn
Jahnke Clair Joseph Waverly
Jahnke William R. Bremer
Jaschan Walter Readlyn
Jensen Bert Daniel Waverly
Jensen Carl A. Waverly
Jensen Holger Peter Janesville
Jensen Kermit Waverly
Jensen Leslie Ausgar Fredericksburg
Jensen Orville Waverly
Jensen Wesley Waverly
Jerry Alvin Janesville
Joens Edwin H. Waverly
Johnson Any Loraine Sumner
Johnson Billie Thomas  Sumner
Johnson Clarence Wesley Tripoli
Johnson Herbert James Sumner
Johnson Mervin K. Waverly
Johnson Sam Jacob Sumner
Johnston Kenneth W. Waverly
Johnston Richard Alonzo Plainfield
Jones Harold Miller Waverly
Jordan Clyde Herman Frederika
Jordan Earl William Frederika
Judas Christ Rinehart Readlyn
Judas Clarence John Waverly
Judas Elster Henry Waverly
Judas Ervin Frank Waverly
Judas Melvin John Readlyn
Judas Willbert Christ Denver
Judisch Arnold Sumner
Judisch Leslie Readlyn
Judisch Paul H. Sumner
Judisch Reinhardt Sumner
Judisch Reuben Louis Waverly
Judisch Robert Henry Fairbank
Judish Erwin H.  Sumner
Juel Harry Carl Tripoli
Juhl Ralph Wilson Plainfield
K??? Justin Al??? Waverly
Kadera Lumir Clarence Tripoli
Kaehler Lornez H. Sumner
Kafer Floyd Herman Sumner
Kaiser Art Waverly
Kaiser LaVern Waverly
Kalianoff Matt G. Plainfield
Kallenback Alfred Fred Readlyn
Kalso Walter Waverly
Kammerer Albert Rud. Waverly
Kammeyer Arthur Sumner
Kammeyer Edwin Wm. Tripoli
Kammeyer William H. Tripoli
Kappmeyer Paul Carl Tripoli
Kasemeier Andreas Fred Sumner
Kasemeier Bernhardt Sumner
Kasemeier Edwin H.  Sumner
Kasemeier Heerman Wm. Sumner
Kasemeier Henry F. Sumner
Kasemeier John C. Sumner
Kasemeier Reinhard Fred Sumner
Kasemeier John Fred. Plainfield
Keding Erwin Henry Sumner
Keefe John Frances Waverly
Kehe Eldo Herman Denver
Kehe Harold John Denver
Kehe Lavern Carl Denver
Kelling Arthur Louis Waverly
Kelling Orlin Joe Waverly
Kelling William J. Waverly
Kellner Paul Lewis Waverly
Kelly Boyd Harry Plainfield
Kelly Emery George Plainfield
Kelsey Reed Alvin Sumner
Kelsy Leslie Eastman Tripoli
Kemming Chris Louis Waverly
Kent Walter Leo Sumner
Kerns Vailerd Bernart Fairbank
Kettner Meinhardt Eug. Waverly
Kilson Archie William Waverly
Kimball Frank Henry Tripoli
King Donald Edward Waverly
Kingsley Raymond Will'd Waverly
Kirchhoff Lavern Sumner
Kirchmann Walter August Readlyn
Kirchoff August Ernest Denver
Klein Albert Daniel Waverly
Kleinschmidt Arnold  Waverly
Kleinschmidt Merle F. Waverly
Kleiss Clifford John Tripoli
Klemp Edgar Ernest Readlyn
Klemp Edwin Tripoli
Klemp Elmer Albert Sumner
Klemp Gerdinand F. Sumner
Klemp Leo Readlyn
Klemp Lester August Tripoli
Klemp Otto Readlyn
Klemp Reinhart Fred Tripoli
Klemp Werner August Sumner
Klemp Woodrow Fred Tripoli
Klenschmidt Fred G. Waverly
Klotz Harold Alvin Sumner
Knapp Clair Janesville
Kneif Louie Denver
Knoploh Ernst John Sumner
Knoploh John W. Sumner
Knott Arthur Pulver Waverly
Knudsen Kenneth Berhold Janesville
Koch Stanley William Sumner
Koelling Ervin John Readlyn
Koelling Lorenz H. Waverly
Koepke Casper Otto Janesville
Kohagen Edmund Plainfield
Kohagen Oscar Herman Readlyn
Konarske Eldon Denver
Konarske Vernon Lee Waverly
Koob Henry Adolph Plainfield
Koontz Dale Albert Waverly
Korman Howard William Sumner
Korte Elmer Sumner
Korte Harold Plainfield
Koshmeder George Readlyn
Kramer Mandel L. Tripoli
Krause Everett Hunt Sumner
Kreb Emil Carl Fairbank
Kreis Oscar W. Tripoli
Kretzschmar Elmer Walter Plainfield
Kretzschmar Clarence D. Sumner
Krueger Donald Ivan Waverly
Krueger Loren  Waverly
Krueger Willis Henry Tripoli
Kruger Alvin Fred Tripoli
Kruger John Paul Waverly
Kuecker Ervin M. Tripoli
Kuecker Henry Fred Tripoli
Kueker Alfred Herman Tripoli
Kueker Arnold Eberhard Readlyn
Kueker Elmer Dedrick Tripoli
Kueker Harold Dietrich Waverly
Kueker Leslie Waverly
Kueker Werner Tripoli
Kuepker Norman Edward Sumner
Kuepker Walter Henry Sumner
Kuethe Elmer Carl Readlyn
Kuethe Harold William Tripoli
Kuethe Paul Henry Tripoli
Kuhlman Clarence Aug. Readlyn
Kuhlmann Harold W. Fairbank
Kuhlmann Werner Wm. Readlyn
Kuker Erwin Henry Sumner
Kuker Lester Henry Sumner
Kuker Nelson William Sumner
Krueger Lavern Waverly
Kurse Victor Carl Readlyn
Kurtt Erwin John Denver
Kurtt LaVern John Denver
Ladage Arno H. Waverly
Lageschulte Arles L. Waverly
Lageschulte Clarence F. Waverly
Lageschulte Gilbert Wm. Waverly
Lageschulte Lavern Earl Waverly
Lageschulte Wendell F. Waverly
Lahman Erhardt Henry Tripoli
Lahman Herman Tripoli
Lahman Theodore Henry Denver
Lahmann Arnold Fred Denver
Lahmann Ewald Tripoli
Lahmann Harold Fred. Tripoli
Laird Ralph Eldon Waverly
Lambert Dwight Orin Waverly
Lampe Clarence William Frederika
Lampe Elmer Henry Fairbank
Lampe Herman Waverly
Lampe Lester August Waverly
Lamprecht Lanhard John Sumner
Lamprecht Lesley William Sumner
Lancaster Harold Corwin Denver
Lanigan John Robert Fairbank
Lantz Earl Roy Plainfield
Lantz Gerald Frank Plainfield
Larsen Veron Oscar Waverly
Larson John Franklin Tripoli
Larson Micheal Raymond Waverly
Latwesen Edwin Waverly
Latwesen Erwin Waverly
Laube Fred John Waverly
Lavell Forest Albert  Waverly
Lawless Floyd William Sumner
Lawrence Roy William Waverly
Leach Lloyd Carlyle Sumner
Lee Floyd Harry Plainfield
Leege Virgil John Frederika
Legler Earl Robert Frederika
Leisinger Albert George Waverly
Leisinger Fred Waverly
Leisinger Loren William Waverly
Leistikow Arthur Carl Fairbank
Leitha Leonard Lavern Waverly
Lenius Aldolph John Waverly
Lenius Harold William Waverly
Lent Burton Eugene Waverly
Leverance Francis Dexter Denver
Liddle Jaul Romane Waverly
Liebau William Franz Waverly
Liebers Mandon Rredding Waverly
Liestikow Emil Rand. Fairbank
Light Reuben Kenneth Waverly
Lindner Martin William Plainfield
Littauer Richard Fred. Plainfield
Lobeck Carl Emil Readlyn
Lobeck Edmund Readlyn
Lockard Murl Almond Readlyn
Lohmann Edwin Tripoli
Lohmann Leslie Tripoli
Lohmann Walter Louie Tripoli
Lohse Clarence John Fairbank
Loops Cherwood Chas. Waverly
Loveland Rossell Keith Janesville
Loyd Frederick Buhrow Waverly
Lucas Rex Burton Sumner
Luck Ralph Russell Plainfield
Luhring Erwin Waverly
Luloff Lawrence Wm. Waverly
Luloff Luvern Rudolph Waverly
Lundberg Frank William  Waverly
Luther Harold Christian Waverly
Lynch Albert Lester Waverly


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