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A Complete Hand-book of the City of Belle Plaine, Benton Co., Iowa.
Compiled by J. F. Wilcox.
Published by G. W. Myers, Belle Plaine, Iowa, 1897

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TAYLOR Bertha. Music teacher. No 19 W Lincoln.

TAYLOR Dora. Dressmaker. No 8 W Sherman. Born in Ohio Sept 13 1866.

TAYLOR John. Brakeman. No 1 N Cherry NW cor 2nd Ave W. BRT. Born in Boone Ia 1866. Mary Huron his wife born in Baltimore MD Sept 8 1873. Married Mar 22 1892. Auxillary BRT.

TEHAN Joseph. Section boss. No 6 Chestnut St. Cath Ch. Born in Moravia Aug 18 1868. Mary Qually his wife born in Chelsea Ia May 10 1870. Married June 24 1889. Children: Agnes born Dec 29 1890; Julia born Sept 27 1893.

THAYER Geo L. Mgr electric light plant. No 28 N Oak NE cor 3rd Ave E. Born in Chicago Oct 9 1866. Mary Morris his wife born in Franksville Wis Dec 20 1869. Married Oct 9 1894. Children: George born June 23 1895.

THOMPSON F L. Switchman. No 39 Locust St. Born in Belle Plaine Feb 12 1869. Effie Ealy his wife born in Benton Co Ia May 9 1869. Married Oct 24 1888. Children: Frank born Jan 25 1889; Alonzo born July 8 1894; Ray born June 24 1895.

THOMPSON Jno W. Fireman at roundhouse. No 9 S Oak St. Bapt Ch. Born in Westmoreland Co Pa July 6 1833. Ellen Stoddard his wife born in Fredonia NY Jan 10 1845. Married Nov 4 1860. Children: Mrs James Collister (see); Mrs Dora Bellmire (see); Emma born Dec 21 1881.

THOMPSON Karl. Section hand. No 11 S Fair. Luth Ch. IOOF. Born in Germany Jan 30 1865. Eliza Koch his wife born in Germany July 14 1865. Married Jan 28 1884. Children: Ferdinand born Mar 17 1886.

THOMPSON Mrs S M nee Mills. Widow of M J Thompson. No 72 N Maple. ME Ch. WRC. Born in Benton Co Ia Oct 16 1859. Children: Milo born Sept 8 1884.

THOMPSON Mrs Susan. No 41 Locust SW cor 6th Ave E. Born in Ohio May 28 1843. Married in 1867. Children: Frank (see); Jay born Apr 21 1873.

TIDBALL William. Loco engr. No 3 E Grant. BLE K of P. Born in Ohio Apr 21 1864. Maggie Cook his wife born in Koszta Ia Jan 5 1866, Rathbone Sisters. Married Jan 5 1885. Children: Bessie born May 25 1887; Wellfrene born Oct 30 1889; Howard born Oct 27 1893.

TITMASH John. Machinist at roundhouse. No 17 S Beech. Born in Littleport England July 26 1861. Jennie Miller his wife born in Monroe Co Ohio. Married Feb 19 1896.

TRAVERSE Jessie. Livery. Nos 11-13 N Maple. Res No 34 N Oak St. K of P IOOF. Born in Constauntuce Mich July 22 1854. Libbie Collum his wife born in Benton Co Ia Nov 25 1854. ME Ch. Married Oct 5 1881. Children: Bessie born July 11 1882.

TRAVERSE John. Res with son No 34 N Oak St. Born in Cincinnati Ohio Feb 9 1816. Children: Robert res in Calif; Mrs Sarah Crosser, res in O'Brien Co; Jessie (see); Elmer, res in Minnesota.

TRELOAR Rev Joseph E. Pastor of Bapt Ch. Res No 17 E Jefferson. Born at Lindon Wis Jan 24 1865. Maggie Kendall his wife born in Polk Co Ia Oct 26 1866. Married Aug 25 1887. Children: Josephine born May 4 1890; Fanny born Feb 8 1893; Roy born Sept 6 1896.

TREZEK Joseph. Butcher with Zalesky. No 20 E Grant St. Cath Ch. ILH. Born in Bohemia Nov 16 1866. Mary Lechta his wife born in Bohemia Jan 20 1866. Married Nov 12 1890. Children: Mary born Aug 1 1891.

TRIMBLE Mrs Mary. Res with daugher No 26 N Oak.

TUKALEK Frank. Ry lab. No 7 Walnut. CSPS. Born in Bohemia in 1871. Josephine Kadlec his wife born in Bohemia Feb 14 1876. Married Aug 27 1894. Children: Beulah born June 19 1895.

TURNBULL Bramwell A. Prop of Turnbull's restaurant rear Montgomery Blk No 31 Main cor Beech. Res No 11 E. Sherman. ME Ch. IOOF IORM. Born Isle of Man Aug 25 1858. Josie Woodward his wife born Marshall Co Ill. Married Apr 5 1884. Children: Tim born Mar 25 1885.

TURNBULL Richard. Ret farmer. No 27 S Beech NW cor Jefferson. Born in Isle of Man July 4 1833. Catharine Collister his wife born in Isle of Man Oct 5 1835. Married Aug 11 1853. Children: Wm born Dec 11 1854, died July 8 1890; Esther born May 18 1856, died Mar 1857. Bramwell (see).

TURNER E W. No 36 N Pine St SE cor 4th Ave E. AF&AM IOOF. Born in Jackson Co Ind May 31 1852. Josie Clinsmith his wife born Richland Co Ohio Jan 8 1858, Rebekahs. Married Sept 13 1883. Children: Nellie born Jan 1 1887; Burl born Jan 12 1890; Bess born Sept 26 1891; Vern born Sept 30 1896.

TURNER Tipton. Loco fireman. No 69 S Oak. IOOF. Born in Seymour Ind Dec 31 1855. Kate Masters his wife born in Cumberland Md Jan 15 1867. Married Sept 25 1884.

TWOGOOD Mrs Juliet nee Stebbins. Widow of Charles Twogood. No 22 7th Ave. Born in Syracuse NY June 24 1826. Bapt Ch. Married July 19 1848. Children: Mrs Sarah Thompson born June 15 1849; Mrs Harriet Sutton born Nov 15 1851, res in Ark; William (see); Milo born Sept 11 1858; Alvah born Aug 9 1861, died Oct 23 1873; Augustus born Aug 1863.

TWOGOOD W E. Farmer. No 39 3rd Ave E. ME Ch. IOOF ILH Redmen. Born in Mich Feb 2 1854. Mary Youngman his wife born in Ohio Dec 3 1854. Married Oct 21 1874. Children: Myrtle born Nov 17 1876; Andrew born Feb 27 1878; Gertrude born Dec 27 1880; Nadine born Jan 18 1882, died July 18 1893; Clarence born Feb 27 1884; Reany born Sept 17 1886; Alta born May 18 1890.

TYLER Mrs Elenor nee Burley. Widow of C H Tyler. Born July 19 1843. Res at Burley House.

TYLER John. Brakeman. No 14 A S Beech St. IOOF. Born in Tipton Ia Sept 18 1873. Agnes Nusbaum his wife born in Marengo Ia Apr 24 1875. Married Nov 7 1895. Children: Reno born Aug 24 1896.

Transcribed by Sally Goehring.
Copyright © 1999 by Sally Goehring.

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