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A Complete Hand-book of the City of Belle Plaine, Benton Co., Iowa.
Compiled by J. F. Wilcox.
Published by G. W. Myers, Belle Plaine, Iowa, 1897

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NAGLE John. Lab. No 26 Mill St. Born in Holstein Germany Apr 1 1826. Ana Kopperman his wife born in Germany Sept 5 1828, died Sept 15 1885. Married Aug 30 1853. Children: Henry born July 4 1855; Frederick born Sept 22 1857; William K born Mar 23 1859; Emma Malet born Nov 2 1860, res in Guthrie Co Ia; Gustal born Sept 10 1862; Mrs Marion England (see); Mrs Dave Steffa (see); Julius born Dec 6 1864; Louis born Apr 15 1869; Matilda res in Guthrie Co Ia.

NAGEL William. Drug clerk. No 82 N Beech St. Cath Ch. Born in Pa Dec 16 1861. Rosa Behonick his wife born in Bohemia. Married Sept 16 1879. Children: Jessie born Sept 25 1880.

NELSON Mrs C nee Wilson. Widow Irwin Nelson. No 45 S Oak St. Bethany Ch. Born in Canada Dec 1 1842. Married Nov 1 1864. Children: Mrs James Greenlee (see); Mrs Kyle, res in Montana; Alta born May 22 1880.

NENABER Wm H. Meat market. No 23 Main St. Res No 7 3rd Ave W. K of P. Born in Jackson Co Ia Feb 22 1867. Maud Rupp his wife born in Benton Co Ia. Married Sept 4 1890. Children: Fannie born Sept 24 1891; Lasena.

NEWTON W O. Engr and machinist. No 32 N Oak St. ME Ch. Born in Sheffield Eng Nov 19 1843. Frances Barnes his wife born in Camden NY July 4 1846. Married Feb 3 1869. Children: Evelyn born Nov 26 1869; Hallie born Dec 10 1879.

NICHOLS Edward. Druggist. No35 Main St. Res No 29 N Maple. Evan Ch. IOOF Redmen. Born in Kankakee Ill July 31 1857. Lena Marr his wife born in Mendota Ill Dec 25 1860. Married July 22 1878. Children: Alma born Dec 26 1879; John G born July 28 1884.

NICHOLS Frank. No 7 N Cherry. Born in Bohemia Apr 6 1830. Frances Pedraska his wife born in Bohemia Mar 9 1836. Children: Mrs Drahos, res in country; Frank born in 1865; Mrs Katae Gouner, res in Dubuque Ia; Mrs Wiehe born oct 22 1871; Mrs Emma Wilkins born Jan 2 1877; Nellie born June 19 1873.

NICHOLS Joseph. Lab. No 48 W Sherman St. Born at Straffordshire Eng Mar 13 1837. Sarah Ann Wecklewright his wife born at same place Oct 3 1847. Married Dec 22 1864. Children: Mrs Martha Craft born Dec 29 1866; Mrs Maggie Moran born 1873; James Leroy born Nov 27 1879; Arthur born Sept 8 1887.

NICHOLSON Robert. Grocer. No 36 Main. Res No 70 N Oak. ME Ch.

NOLAN James. Lab. No 103 S Oak St. Cath Ch. Born in Ireland in 1862. Celia Henly his wife born in Ireland July 24 1869. Married Apr 11 1890. Children: John born Mar 5 1893.

NUSBAUM W G. Harness maker with Dodd. No 24 Main St. Res No 146 Main St. K of P. Born in Ind Nov 27 1854. Dorothia Regerson his wife born in Iowa Oct 4 1856. Married July 6 1874. Children: Mrs John Tyler (see); Cora born May 21 1879; William G born Feb 24 1881.

NUTTING Ralph E. Conductor. No 38 S Oak SE cor Washington. Born in Scott Co Ia Mar 1 1862. Ovella Wagner his wife born in Johnson Co Mar 2 1868. Married May 21 1887. Children: Josephine born Oct 7 1887; Pearl born Sept 27 1889; Greta born Mar 31 1892; Stella born Mar 30 1895.

Transcribed by Sally Goehring.
Copyright © 1999 by Sally Goehring.

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