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A Complete Hand-book of the City of Belle Plaine, Benton Co., Iowa.
Compiled by J. F. Wilcox.
Published by G. W. Myers, Belle Plaine, Iowa, 1897

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FACE Jno L. Flour feed poultry. No 7 Main St. Res 17 W Washington. Born in Maryland 1836.

FALLS Albert. Brakeman. No 55 S Willow. Bethany Ch. Born in Mercer Co Ill Sept 23 1852. Emma Brown his wife was born in Ogle Co Ill June 11 1856. ME Ch. Married May 5 1874.

FALLS Alonzo. Lab. No 32 W Lincoln. Born in Mercer Co Ill Aug 15 1854. Rebecca Chambers his wife was born in Tama Co Ia Sept 3 1860. Married Jan 1 1881. Children: Adda born May 5 1883.

FALLS Mrs Mary. Widow of Jeremiah Falls. No 9 W Washington St. ME Ch. Born in Indiana Feb 1833. Children: Albert, brakeman (see); Alonzo (see).

FANTON G C. Grain and coal, No 73-75 Main. Res No 17 N Maple NW cor 2nd Ave E. ME Ch. IOOF. Born in Benton Co Ia Nov 24 1863. Clarissa Campbell his wife was born in Lynn Co Ia Sept 12 1871. Married Sept 1 1887. Children: Clark born Jun 7 1888; Bernice born July 26 1892.

FENSKE Aug. Engine wiper. No 75 N Beech. Bethany Ch. Born in Prussia Oct 1832. Elizabeth Wellsley his wife was born in Switzerland Jan 16 1833. Bethany Ch. Married Dec 27 1856. Children: Mrs Caroline Selden (see Andrew Selden); Mrs Emma Dribert, res in Neb; Mrs Clara Zinnerman, res in Cedar Rapids; Mrs Lucy Dribert, res in Neb; Mrs Lillian Ramsdale res in Tama; Edward, res in Vail; Louis born July 31 1874, res in Vail.

FERGUSON W H. Commercial traveler boots and shoes. No 4 Arnold Ave. K of P, Mod Woodmen. Born in Ill Feb 28 1861. Vina Lyons his wife was born in Ia Nov 23 1865. Children: Ada born Jan 28 1890.

FEDERSEN A E. Jeweler and optician. No 39 Main St. Res No 27 N Oak. K of P. Born in Germany Aug 1 1865.

FERREE Sheldon R. Carpenter. No 53 S Willow. ME Ch. ILH. Born in Ohio Oct 13 1848. Rachel Chase his wife born in Milwaukee Wis Mar 23 1851. Married Jan 24 1873. Children: George born Apr 13 1876, teacher; Ethel born Aug 3 1878; Mable born June 18 1889.

FINCH Frank E. Caller. No 4 N Willow. Born Aug 30 1875.

FINNIE Mollie. Domestic with Mrs Sweet. No 31 N Maple. Born in Germany Nov 10 1873.

FISHER John C. Farmer. No 81 W Sherman. Bethany Ch. Born in Belle Plaine Apr 18 1861. Mary Bence his wife was born in Grundy Co Ia Oct 8 1872. Married Sept 8 1888. Children: Mable born Feb 14 1890; Geo Leonard born Nov 22 1891; Mamie Ellen born Feb 22 1893; Ruth born May 1 1896.

FITCH Titus V. Ret farmer. No 39 S Oak SW cor Washington. Born in Wyandotte O Sept 30 1830. Electra Town his wife was born in same place Nov 14 1827. Married Jan 9 1854. Children: Mrs Alice Benner (see D F Benner).

FOLKE William. Watchmaker. No 60 Main St. Res No 11 6th Ave E. Cong Ch. AF&AM. Born in Pa Nov 5 1845. Fannie Oultais his wife was born in Elgin Ill. Children: Ida born Jan 5 1880; Warden W born June 21 1886.

FOOTE M V. Farmer. No 24 S Fair St. ME Ch. Born in O Dec 24 1845. Amanda Hottle his wife was born in Pa Feb 28 1852. Married Feb 22 1873. Children: Samuel born Jan 15 1875, ME Ch; Wayne H born Mar 13 1878, Bapt Ch; Charlotte C born Aug 20 1880, Bapt Ch; Sadie born Nov 23 1883, Bapt Ch.

FORCE Eurata. Lab. No 49 Locust St. Born in Ill Sept 29 1861. Mary Connor his wife was born in Ia Oct 27 1872. Married Mar 24 1886. Children: William born Feb 9 1887, died in 1894; Laura born Aug 9 1894.

FRANKE Joseph. Laborer. No 2 Mill St. Born in Austria in 1848. Mary Kane his wife was born in Ireland in 1849. Cath Ch. Married Jan 6 1872. Children: Mollie born Jan 1 1873, domestic; William born Jan 6 1875, laborer; Joseph born Dec 28 1876, laborer; Leonard born Aug 10 1879.

FRANKS B F. Franks & Stone barbers. No 5 N Beech. Res No 41 2nd Ave E. Cong Ch. K of P IOOF Woodmen. Born Sept 7 1867. Lell Kent his wife was born in Fairbanks Ia Nov 5 1868, Rebekahs. Children: Warren born Aug 15 1888; Clifford born May 22 1894.

FREDERICK Frank. Car repairer. No 65 S Willow. Born in Bohemia Dec 15 1870. Kate Novark his wife was born in Chicago.

FREEMAN G C. Gardener. No 48 S Maple St. GAR. Born in Perth Amboy NJ Sept 21 1819. Mrs. Elizabeth Nance his wife was born in NJ May 1835. Married Oct 15 1865. Children: Edward Nance born Feb 6 1859, her son by first husband; Mrs Lucy Newton res in Keithsberg Ill; Mrs Esther Pratt res in Cedar Rapids; Mrs Ella Farwell res in Irving Ia; John born Oct 6 1871; Mrs Samuel Ward (see); Mrs William Henry (see).

FREEMAN, Patrick Henry. No 9 S Pine. Born in Miami Co O June 12 1829. Rachel Greenlee his wife was born in Miami Co O July 28 1832. Christian Ch. Married July 21 1850. Children: Mary Jane born Jan 28 1852, (married John Wesley Tatman Nov 19 1866 in Blairstown Ia), res in Cerro Gordo Co Ia; Minerva Ann born Oct 15 1853, (married Charles Bosley May 21 1874) died Sept 21 1877; Bertha Tatman, granddaughter born Jan 26 1876.

FRENZEL Henry. Baker. No 21 Locust. Born in Welton Junction Ia Sept 27 1855. Sarah Bosley his wife was born in Earlville Ill July 1 18____. ME Ch. Married Nov 27 1874. Children: Jessie born July 23 1876; Geo Ray born Oct 10 1881.

FROMKNECHT Joseph. Telegrapher C&NW Ry. Boards at Burley House. Born in St. Louis May 29 1873.

FRONDLE Chas. Ry Lab. No 7 Walnut. Cath Ch. Born in Bohemia 1856. Mary Churchick his wife was born in Bohemia in 1858. Married Dec 8 1878. Children: Mary born Aug 5 1879; Eddie born Jan 26 1882; Charles born June 12 1884; William born Apr 12 1886; Franklin born May 12 1887; Lillie born Jan 12 1890; Anthony born July 1 1891; Joseph born Nov 23 1894.

FULLER Mrs Emma nee Bagenstos. Widow Chester G Fuller. No 53 2nd Ave E. Married Feb 24 1861. Children: Jennie born June 1 1892, res in Prior Montana; Mrs James Raney (see); Mrs Lulu Nelson born Apr 10 1877, res in Vinton Ia.

FURNAS Mrs M G nee Greenlee. Widow of C C Furnas. No 21 N Oak. ME Ch. Born in Ohio Jan 11 1838. Married Jan 2 1854. Children: Mrs. Sarah Guinn born Oct 1 1860, res in country; Beulah born Nov 28 1873; Milo C born June 17 1877.

Transcribed by Sally Goehring.
Copyright © 1999 by Sally Goehring.

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