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A Complete Hand-book of the City of Belle Plaine, Benton Co., Iowa.
Compiled by J. F. Wilcox.
Published by G. W. Myers, Belle Plaine, Iowa, 1897

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McARTHUR Mary B nee Elliott. Widow of John McArthur. No 18 5th Ave E. Cong Ch. WRC. Born in Bovina NY Dec 24 1836. Married May 6 1863.

McCANDLESS E J. No 43 N Maple St. Cong Ch. Born in Ireland Nov 27 1832. Children: Thomas born Aug 14 1860, res in Vinton; Samuel born May 5 1864, farmer; James born May 23 1867, farmer near city; Mrs Rhoda Smith born May 1869, res in Keystone Ia; Mary born Feb 2 1873.

McCORMACK D C. Loco engr. ME Ch. No 60 N Oak. Born in Dewitte Ia Feb 1 1856. Sadie Harlan his wife was born in Princeton Ill Aug 3 1860. Married Jan 5 1881. Children: Ray born May 19 1882; Leon born Feb 3 1885, died July 29 1885; Nettie born Dec 6 1886.

McCORMACK Lottie E. No 60 N Oak. Born in Hamtilton Co Ia Sept 10 1873.

McCUNE J V. Ret farmer. No 13 3rd Ave E. Cong Ch. Born in Franklin Co Pa Apr 26 1809. Esther Alexander his 2nd wife born in Bradford Co Pa Sept 7 1820. Children: Harriet Alexander born Oct 19 1833; Sarah Van Cleve born July 7 1836, res in Newell Ia; William born Apr 27 1839, res in Ruthven Ia; Susan Hill born Nov 29 1842; Rebekah Dillon (see Edward Dillon); Erie Lasher born Mar 8 1847, res in Worthington Ia; Frances Edwards born Oct 17 1849, res in Epworth Ia; Robert (see); Edward born Feb 13 1855, res in Cherokee Ia; David born Jan 4 1858, res in La Junta Colo; John born May 24 1861, res in La Junta Colo; Calvin born Sept 11 1863, died Oct 8 1892.

McCUNE Mrs Mary nee McDowell. Widow of W H McCune. No 38 N Maple NE cor 4th Ave E. Cong Ch. Born in Covington Ohio Nov 1 1835. Married Nov 30 1854. Children: Mrs Sarah Barlow born Nov 10 1855, died Apr 7 1885; Mrs Mary L Dunn born Feb 11 1858, res in Cedar Rapids Ia; Arabella born Mar 28 1861; Chas born Jan 23 1863; Harry born Jan 28 1867, died May 19 1872; William (see); Anita born Mar 14 1877.

McCUNE Robert. Loco engr. No 51 2nd Ave E. BLE. Born in Pa July 21 1852. Harriet Mason his wife born in Johnson Co Ia Oct 14 1851. Married Mar 27 1877. Children: Emma P born Jan 4 1878, Cong Ch teacher; Jacob born Jan 25 1881; Jessie born Aug 26 1884; Robert born Apr 6 1888.

McCUNE William. Machinist. No 46 N Beech. AF&AM. Born in Belle Plaine Dec 10 1868. Rose Brown his wife born in Footville Wis Aug 31 1870. Married July 24 1895. One child born May 7 1896.

McCURDY F E. Coal dealer. No 39 Walnut St SW cor 5th Ave. Bethany Ch. Col Hancox Post GAR. Born in Crawford Co Ohio May 30 1837. Marietta Ramsey his wife born in Steubenville Ohio Feb 5 1838, WRC. Married Dec 27 1866. Children: Laura Pauline, res in Muscatine Ia.

McELROY William. Lab roundhouse. No 20 4th Ave W. Cong Ch. Woodmen. Born in Iowa Oct 2 1861. Lizzie McLarnan his wife born in Ireland Nov 12 1863. Married Sept 8 1886. Children: Melanethon born July 8 1887; Mary and Eliza born Nov 18 1888; Anna born Mar 6 1894.

McEWIN William. Conductor. No 18 6th Ave W. BRT. Born in Johnson Co Ia May 30 1864. Olive Lewis his wife born in Benton Co Ia Oct 31 1866. Married Mar 23 1886. Children: Challen born Dec 28 1887; Hazel born Jan 29 1890.

McINTIEER Mrs Bridget nee McCune. Widow of Owen McIntieer. No 15 Walnut St. Cath Ch. Born in Ireland in 1823. Children: John (see).

McINTIEER John. McIntieer & Chermak Carp Contractors Builders. No 13 Walnut St. Cath Ch. ILH. Born in Christian Co Ill Nov 7 1858. Kate Nowatny his wife born in Poweshiek Co Ia in 1870. Married June 20 1894. Children: Mable Marie born Dec 3 1895.

McKAY Patrick. Brakeman. No 43 S Maple. Cath Ch. BRT. Born in Scotland Mar 14 1859. Anna Kitz his wife born in Pa Jan 24 1865, ME Ch. Children: Mary born Oct 17 1885, died June 13 1895; Pauline born Nov 28 1887; Edith born Dec 18 1889; Harry born Apr 29 1891; John and Eliza born Aug 19 1892, died 29th of same month.

McKEE James. Farmer. No 40 3rd Ave E. GAR IOOF. Born in Pa Nov 16 1853. Emma Brownell his wife born in Pa Nov 16 1853, WRC Rebekahs. Married Aug 27 1871. Children: George born Mar 27 1876; James born Sept 20 1877; Willie born Jan 25 1882.

McKEE Maggie. Cong Ch. No 50 3rd Ave E. Born in Ky Apr 16 1867. Clerk in Boston Store.

McKEE Mary. Cong Ch. No 38 3rd Ave E. Born in Ky Nov 19 1850.

McKNIGHT Jas H. Brakeman. Boards at 26 Main St. K of P Mod Woodmen. Born in Fayette City Pa Sep 21 1869.

McMORRIS James. Phys reg school. No 32 Main St. Res No 26 N Maple SE cor 3rd Ave E. Universalist Ch. K of P IOOF. Born in Ohio Mar 17 1836. Jenn Hoops his wife born in New Paris Ind May 15 1843, Cong Ch. Married Dec 25 1867.

McMURPHY Albert. Hardware. No 34 Main St. Res No 91 N Beech. Cong Ch. Born in Hampton Ill Aug 11 1852. Fannie Ford his wife born in Genesee Ill May 25 1859. Married Oct 14 1879. Children: Mabel born Mar 23 1882; Howard born Nov 16 1885; Mildred born May 16 1890.

McPEAK John. Loco engr. No 2 4th Ave E NE cor N Oak St. Christian Ch. Born in Jackson Co Ia July 30 1858. Ada Wooster his wife born in Jackson Co Mich Aug 31 1861. Married July 9 1884. Children: Donald born Aug 15 1886; Stanley born Apr 17 1894.

McPEAK W C. Carpenter. No 39 N Oak St. Christian Ch. Born in Maconpin Co Ill Aug 19 1837. T Solomon his wife born in Madison Co Ill July 4 1839. Married June 21 1857. Children: John (see); William born July 29 1860, res in Sharon Sps Kans; Frank born Sept 29 1863, res in Oak Neb; May Crawford born Mar 5 1870, res in Cal; Eva born July 2 1871.

McPHERSON Joseph. Ry carp at roundhouse. No 40 Walnut SE cor 5th. IOOF AF&AM. Anna Hartman his wife born in Sussex Co NY Apr 25 1866. Married Nov 2 1892.

McTWIGGAN James. Elec engr. Presby Ch. AF&AM K of P IOOF Redmen Providence Caledonian Soc GAR. No 41 N Oak. Born in Scotland Aug 18 1847. Matie Evans his wife born in Hudson Ill Nov 25 1870, ME Ch. Married June 10 1888. Children: Newton born Sept 15 1889; Lydia born Mar 20 1892; Jennie born Dec 18 1893; Thomas born Aug 13 1895.

Transcribed by Sally Goehring.
Copyright © 1999 by Sally Goehring.

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