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A Complete Hand-book of the City of Belle Plaine, Benton Co., Iowa.
Compiled by J. F. Wilcox.
Published by G. W. Myers, Belle Plaine, Iowa, 1897

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ADAMS John. Sectionman. No. 10 Walnut St, SE cor 3rd ave W. Cath Ch, CSPS. Born in Milwaukee Wis Aug 27 1868. Antony Jelinek his wife born in same place Feb 14, 1869. Children: Hattie born Feb 11, 1888 by first wife; Bessie born Nov 25, 1892; Charles W born May 25 1895.

ADY O W. Clothier. No 61 Main St. Res No. 4 4th Ave E. Mem K of P. Born at West Liberty Ia Feb 8 1864. Molly Shrouds his wife born at same place May 10, 1866. Mem Cong Ch. Married May 6 1896.

ALLEE Geo A. Grocer. No 58 Main St. Res No. 28 S Beech, NE cor Jefferson. Mem Cong Ch. Mod Woodmen. Born in Ripley Co Ind Aug 30 1848. Jane Burns his wife born in Grant Co Wis July 24, 1849. Married Aug 9 1870. Children: James W hardware; Geo S clerk; Hannah Belle born Dec 5, 1875; Saide born Aug 27 1877.

ALLEE James W. Hardware. No 39 Main St. Res No 24 S Beech St. Born in Belle Plaine May 20, 1870. Mem Cong Ch. Mod Woodman. Ruby Hanson his wife born in Belle Plaine Nov 1, 1882. Married Oct 20, 1891. Children: Warren H born Aug 13, 1892; Lois Bell born Sept 30, 1895.

ALLEE Geo S. Clerk with his father. House No 8 E Washington St. Mem Cong Ch. Mod Woodmen. Born in Belle Plain Dec 18, 1872. Jessie L. Rush his wife born in Marengo Ia Oct 6, 1874. Married April 10 1895.

AHLERS Odoff. Laborer. No 40 5th Ave E. Born in Clinton Co Ia Mar 11, 1856. Tillie Morris his wife born in Poweshiek Co Ia Nov 1 1877. Married Jan 24, 1894. Children: Laura born Sept 8 1888 by former wife; Ida Jane born May 3 1895.

AKERS Mrs Mary L. res with daugher Mrs. Hadank. No 20 E Jefferson St.

ALLEN Orin. Eng C&NW. res No 23 S Oak St. AFAM, RAM. Sir Knight St B Com No 14 BP. Noble Mystic Shriner Elkader Temp Cedar Rapids. Born Rochester NY Oct 8, 1843. Mary Hendry his wife born Newbury Ind Sept 8 1844. Mem Cong Ch. Married May 14 1871. Children: Alonzo F born May 25 1872, res in Chicago; Wm H born Feb 2 1874; Orin T born Dec 17, 1881; Thomas J born Apr 2 1884.

ANDERSON Alex. URCVS. Res No 20 N Beech St. Cong Ch. Born in Scotland Sept 25, 1836. Maria Wilks wife born in Monmouth Eng 1852, died Oct 14, 1874. Married Aug 25, 1871. Child: Mrs. Cosburn born Aug 29, 1874, res in Toronto Canada.

ANDERSON Henry. Dry goods magr Boston Store. No 27 Main St. Born at Nevada Ia Feb 24, 1870.

ANDERSON Mrs. Louisa P. nee Dickison, wid Peter Anderson. No. 27 N. Willow. Restitution Ch. Born in Peoria Co Ill Jan 6, 1845. Married Dec 22 1865. Children: James; Mrs. N Wilkinson res in Koszta; Mrs. Norton res in Rock Rapids Ia; Mrs. Ana Norton res in Rock Rapids Ia; Dayse born Dec 24, 1873; Bertha born July 2 1877; Florence born Sept 8 1880, died Jan 27, 1884; Effie C born Mar 13 1882.

ANDERSON Wm. Con. No. 49 N. Beech. ORC. Born in Courtan Mich. Mary Dolan wife born in Depen Wis Sept 12 1868. Cath Ch. Married Jan 4 1888.

ANDERSON Wm. S. Painter. No 59 S Oak. Bapt Ch. Born in Sweden July 21 1843. Anna Niles his wife born at Broad Riffle Ind June 5 1850. Bapt Ch. Married Dec 5 1873. Children: William born Nov 20 1874, grocery clerk; Edward born Mar 24 1876; Jessie born Mar 19 1878; Delmer born Sept 22 1880.

ANTRIM Wm. Lab. No 72 S Willow, NE cor Division. Born in Butler Co Ohio July 18 1836. Sarah Allen his wife born in Putman Co Ind Apr 3 1838. Christian Ch. Married Nov 14 1858. Children: Ira born Jan 6 1867; William born Dec 12 1868; Mrs. Phoebe Shugart res in Elberon Ia; Ida Bell born Apr 4 1873; Eli born Apr 15 1875; Clarence born Feb 21 1877; Early born July 5 1880.

ARMSTRONG JW. Train dispatcher. No 74 2nd Ave E. Born in Hamilton Conn Nov 20 1861. Anna Phips wife born in Brockville Conn June 18 1863. ME Ch. Married June 27 1883. Children: Percy born Mar 12 1884; Sydney born Feb 24 1885; Will born July 11 1886; Harrison born Mar 24 1889; Charles born Feb 24 1890.

ARMSTRONG WS. Machinist C&NW Ry. Res Burley House. Redmen. Born in Bedford Co Pa Apr 16 1847. Francis Burley his wife born in DeKalb Co Ind July 19 1850. Married June 11 1874.

ASBURY John. Blksmith roundhouse. No 7 W. Washington. Born in West Bromwick Eng July 12 1852. Mitta Race his wife born in Cleveland O Sept 5 1862. Married Sept 2 1880. Children: Melvina born July 4 1881; Frank born Nov 3 1883; E Louisa born Oct 8 1885; Lotta born July 2 1887; Eugene born Oct 9 1890; Alice born Oct 25 1893.

ATHEY Milton J. Cons. No. 45 S. Beech. Born in Park Co Ind Sept 24 1844. Nancy Elliott his wife born in Fayette Co Pa Aug 8 1844. Married March 8 1874. Children: Alice Bertha born June 17 1876.

ATHEY Edward. Born in Iowa Co Apr 27 1869.

ATHEY Acquilla. Carp. No 9 S Cherry. Born in Marengo Ia Jan 10 1867. Algenia Wood his wife born in Plymouth Co Ia Oct 12 1878. Married June 27 1894. Children: William born May 19 1895.

Transcribed by Sally Goehring.
Copyright © 1999 by Sally Goehring.

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