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 Pioneer Cemetery Commission
Winneshiek County Cemetery Map

this page was last updated on Wednesday, 31 March 2021

The information on this page was provided by Boyd Wasson, Boyd submitted two scans from a brochure produced several years ago by the Pioneer Cemetery Commission. Kevin Lee, Vice Chairman of the Winneshiek County Pioneer Cemetery Commission has notified me that This map is out of publication and that a new map is being planned with corrections and better legibility. I will update the currently posted version as soon as I receive the update. Bill Waters, IAGenWeb Winneshiek County coordinator.

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Map Directory. Pioneer Cemeteries in Red
* = Limited Access: Land owner permission required. Call 563 382 5085
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Map Area
1st Orleans Lutheran325th St.
Aase Haugen Home * 
Barnes State Hwy 139
Big Canoe Lutheran Big Canoe Rd.
Big Canoe Norwegian Methodist Big Canoe Rd.
Bloomfield US Hwy 52
Bluffton Community 264th Rd.
Bluffton Village * 
Bohemian National Co. Rd. B-16
Bourne * 
Bruvold Farm * 
Burr Oak in Burr Oak Village off of US Hwy 52
Butz German Methodist Co. Rd. A-46
Calmar Community CalmarState Hwy 24
Calmar Lutheran Calmar 232nd Ave
Canoe German Methodist Canoe Ridge Rd.
Canoe Ridge Lutheran Canoe Ridge Rd.
CrossroadsCo. Rd. A-18
Decorah Pioneer Historical Marker
East Glenwood Lutheran Old Stage Rd.
Eddy333rd Ave
Egge * 
Evangelical United Bretheran 240th St.
First Lutheran State Hwy W-42
Fort Burials(39 and 40 on Ft. Atkinson Preserve)
Frankville Cemetery Frankville Rd.. aka Co. Rd. W-48
Freeport: Pleasant Valley. Methodist & Poor FarmRiver Rd
Fremont Lutheran370th St.
Garfield 245th Ave
Glenwood aka Baker 143rd Ave.
Glenwood Lutheran Glenville Rd.
Greenwood aka Centennial Centennial Rd. aka Co. Rd. W-46
HaugCo. Rd. B-16
Hauge Lutheran Middle Hesper Rd.
Hesper LutheranCo. Rd. W-40
Hesper Pioneer * 
Hesper Public/Quaker Village of Hesper
Highland Lutheran Highlandville Rd.
Hillside * 
Hillside/Ossian State Hwy W-42
Lewiston aka Young aka Riha * 
Libbey * 285th st.
Lincoln Lutheran Co. Rd. W-14
Locust 337th St.
Locust Lane_Salem Locust Rd.
Lutheran/Decorah Pershing Ave.
Madison Lutheran Madison Rd.
Madison Settlement Historical Marker. 265th Ave.
McIntosh 245th Ave.
Moneek Moneek Rd.
Mt Grove * Centennial Rd. aka Co. Rd. W-46
Munro Grave on DNR land Quandahl Rd.
No. Washington Prairie Lutheran aka St. Petri Lutheran Valdres Valdres Rd,
Oak HillSW edge Fort Atkinson
Old St Bridgets * 
Orleans LutheranCo. Rd W-14
Phelps/Decorah aka Oak Hill, Montgomery Pleasant Ave.
Plesaant View Centennial Rd. aka Co. Rd. W-46
Plymouth Rock Cold Water Creek Rd. (Dead End)
Pontoppidian Lutheran Glenville Rd.
Red School Burying Ground aka Oak HillOld Oak Rd.
Rice310th St.
Ridgeway Community307th Ave
Russell Middle Hesper Rd.
Scandinavian Methodist aka Teslow Glenville Rd.
Smalley Graves 350th St.
Springfield Lutheran Middle Calmar Rd.
Springwater/Lutheran Locust Locust Rd.
Springwater/Quaker Locust Rd
St. Agnes Catholic Co. Rd. A-18
St. Aloysius Catholic Calmar State Hwy 150
St. Anthony of Padua Little Church Road
St. Benedicts Catholic/Decorah Pleasant Ave.
St. Bridgets Catholic 310th St.
St. Clements Catholic172nd St
St. Francis Catholic/Ossian US Hwy 52
St. James German Lutheran 
St. Johns CatholicSE edge Fort Atkinson
St. Johns German Lutheran240th St
St. Kierans Catholic 345th Ave.
St. Marys Catholic/FestinaCo. Rd. B-32
St. Wenceslaus Catholic Spillville Village Spillville
Stavanger Lutheran115th St
Union Prairie US Hwy. 52
United Lutheran 240th St.
Void aka East Madison Madison Rd.
Washington Prairie aka Pagin/Beard 205th St
Washington Prairie Lutheran Co. Rd. W-42
Washington Prairie Norwegian Methodist Co Rd. W-42

Please, contact the County Coordinator to submit additions or corrections.

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