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Hillside Cemetery

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Welcome to the IAGenWeb Hillside Cemetery tables. These tables summarize data for 287 graves and are mainly based on Hillside cemetery IGPP records submitted by volunteers. These submissions resulted in 264 IGPP records. The IGPP information was enhanced with 64 WPA records and 32 IAGenWeb obituary records. These tables contain 15 pointers to photos of the deceased. The left columns of the tabulation indicate the source of the summary data GPP (G), WPA (W) and Obits (O). A camera Icon indicates that either an obit or a GPP record or both display a photo of the deceased. Note that some records have more than one source; this is because in many cases the information is redundant. If there is a disagreement, your county coordinator has used his best judgment about which information to include in the compilation. This summary contains a wealth of information that was made available by volunteers taking pictures and transcribing data. Those volunteers are to be applauded, keep up the good work!

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this page was last updated on Monday, 05 April 2021