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2023 IAGenWeb Special Project Review Form


About this Review


IAGenWeb project sites are required to meet (and preferably exceed) all specific USGenWeb and IAGenWeb requirements. Reviews help coordinators meet these requirements. Please email Linda Ziemann , IAGenWeb ASC, with questions before or during the review. The forms are sent to the reviewer, ASC, SC and tech support (for archiving). The SC will read the reviews, provide a final determination of pass or fail, make comments, and e-mail results to the coordinators.

All coordinators and co-coordinators are required to respond to the review results within one week. For those who pass the review, that is the end of the process.

Coordinators who fail their review must correct deficiencies within two weeks unless the SC agrees to an extension.


Coordinators wishing to discuss their review may do so by contacting the State Coordinator. Please email Kris Meyer, IAGenWeb State Coordinator.



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I. Project Coordinator(s)


1.  Click hereEnter the name and email address of the Project Coordinator(s) below.
PC Name: PC Email:
PC Name: PC Email:
PC Name: PC Email:

2.  Click here:  Do the coordinator(s) name(s) and email address(es) match what is listed on the project site?      

  Yes No


NOTE: If you answered No, notify IAGenWeb Tech Support so that these pages can be updated. Once you have notified Technical Support, proceed with Section II.


II. Basic Requirements


1.   Does the project's index page display a contact link to a page that allows visitors to contact the coordinator(s)? This page must display at least all coordinator's first names and email addresses.
(note: The names and email addresses can alternately be listed on the index page.)

  Yes No
2.   Are both IAGenWeb and USGenWeb logos prominently displayed and correctly linked to the IAGenWeb and USGenWeb pages?
(notes: Logos should be fully visible without scrolling down the page. Please check to see that the links are working) 
  Yes No
3.  Is there a working text link or clickable logo to the "Join Our Team" page?   Yes No

4.  Is the solicitation of funds (USGenWeb bylaw) handled properly on this site?

A USGenWeb site may not solicit funds for personal gain. The website may list research materials and/or services that are for sale or hire by the coordinator or by someone else, but that listing cannot be on the home/index page.

  Yes No
5.  Does the project have a working site search engine?
Please do several searches to make sure it is working properly. Especially try searching recently added data listed in the What's New section.
  Yes No

6.  Is the website well maintained? Take about fifteen minutes to document broken links or any other maintenance problems (If there are only a few broken links, the site should still be rated in working order.) If a link checker is used, please only list a small sampling of tested broken links; but mention there are more. The leadership team will work with the coordinator to provide a full list of broken links to help get all links fixed. Also...

  • Be alert for spelling errors, grammatical errors and typos. These can have a negative effect on our credibility and often such errors are simple oversights that the coordinator will thank you for pointing out.

  • You are a second pair of eyes helping to support the coordinator. Look for things the coordinator may have missed. These can be useful suggestions in your report.

  Yes No




III. Added Records

For our purposes, Transcribed Data is any complete (or nearly complete) set of records, or a book or major portion of a book. Random Data is any incomplete database or set of unorganized records.


(Complete records)

  • Complete WWI roster of solders for Acme County
  • Complete Doe Township 1856 State Census transcript
  • Complete gravestone photos for Delta Cemetery
  • Complete Iowa State Fair Booklet


(incomplete data-base or set of unorganized records)

  • A collection of family group sheets
  • A collection of newspaper articles
  • A group of articles from an historical publication
  • A group of Photos from an Iowa State Fair Booklet


Transcribed and random data includes "actual on-site content". This defines data located on the project website.


1.  Transcribed and/or Random Data: Using the “What's New” page, or new dated items listed on the main page, list examples of transcribed or random data that have been added within the last 6 months. If none, please indicate data added within the last 12 months.

2.  Is the website well-designed? Does it fit the screen, when possible? Is the type readable? Is it easy for visitors to navigate? Describe what you liked about the site design.   Yes No

 3.  Reviewer’s comments (required). If the site failed, provide a simple and concise overview of the reason(s). Please include what you like about the site and offer suggestions for improvements if you have any, etc.





This site passes review.   This site fails review based on the deficiencies noted above.  


Thank you for volunteering your time!

Last updated 03 Mar 2023


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