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  Q. What is the IAGenWeb Project?
A. We are a non-profit organization, dedicated to the principle of "Keeping Internet Genealogy Free." Our purpose is to provide useful genealogical data to amateur and professional researchers. We have hundreds of volunteers, transcribing data from a wide variety of sources, so it is all searchable and copy-and-paste-able, and find-able by search engines. We have data from census records, marriage records, cemeteries, and everything of interest to genealogists, dating back to the earliest days of Iowa settlement." We maintain websites for each of the 99 counties in Iowa, in addition to several Special Project websites. Each site has its own search engine, and is adding new data on a regular basis. The sites also have links to other sources of genealogical information, so they serve as a first go-to place for genealogists. We hope it's the first place you go when you want to find information. It is all done by volunteers, and it's free.

Q. What is the USGenWeb Project?[space] Answer.

Q. How do I participate in the IAGenWeb Project? [space] Answer.

Q.Where can I find new ideas for transcribing records? [space] Answer.

Q. Who are the County Coordinators at the IAGenWeb? [space] Answer.

Q. What are the county page requirements for the USGenWeb Project? [space] Answer.

Q. What are the county page requirements for the IAGenWeb Project? [space] Answer.

Q. What are the Special Projects of the IAGenWeb? [space] Answer.

Q. Where can I get copies of the IAGenWeb Project logo, bulletin board logos, and the Special Project Logos? [space] Answer.

Q. Where can I get copies of the USGenWeb Project logo? [space] Answer.

Q. What is Rootsweb? [space] Answer.

Q. How can I get free web space at Rootsweb? [space] Answer.

Q. Where can I get help with website design and maintenance? [space] Answer.

Q. I want to make a Web Page. Are there any on-line lessons? [space] Answer.

Q. What copyright policies apply to the USGenWeb and IAGenWeb? [space] Answer.

Q. What is the mailing list for IAGenWeb Coordinators? [space] Answer.

Q. What does off-site or off-link mean?
A. Those pages that are controlled or owned by another organization or webmaster.

Q. What does on-site mean?
A. Those pages that are maintained under the direct control of the CC and are not controlled nor owned by another organization nor webmaster.

Q. How can I make sure my web pages are meeting modern web standards and are free of "garbage"? And, why is this important?
A. As you add new pages (or significant revisions to pages,) you are encouraged to ensure that you follow modern web standards. Information can be found at http://www.w3schools.com/web/web_standards.asp. Web pages can be validated using this tool: http://validator.w3.org/. Other tools to help you with cleaning up the "garbage" include Convert Word Doc to HTML and Cool HTML Tag and Attribute Online Stripper. Clean standardized web pages are easier to update, will work in a variety of browsers, as well as save space on your computer and the server.

Q. As a coordinator, how do I deal with what I feel are inappropriate emails?
A. When inappropriate/abusive emails are received, they should be forwarded to the state coordinator.

Q. Who are IAGenWeb voting members?[space]Answer.

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