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Volunteer Mailing Lists


Mailing lists are used for communication among volunteers where they can ask questions, make suggestions, and share experiences. The lists are also used to keep volunteers informed about activities at the state and national levels of the organization.

IAGenWeb Member Mailing List

The IAGenWeb Membership Mailing List is used for IAGenWeb volunteer communications. Subscribers have posting privileges. This is the only list that IAGenWeb volunteer coordinators are required to be subscribed to. New volunteers are routinely subscribed to this list. The list is administered by the State Coordinator. Be sure to notify the administrator if you need to change your email address for the subscription. The list is also available in a digest version. If you are not subscribed or your subscription is interrupted, please contact the State Coordinator.

Accessing the Member Mailing List Archives

Our member mailing list archive prior to March of 2016 can be accessed on the Forum. From March 2016 onward, list mail has been archived by our Mailman mailing list.

Here's how to access the Mailman list archives. Visit http://iagenweb.org/mailman/private/members_iagenweb.org/.

This brings you to the Members Private Archives Authentication page. If you are accessing the archive for the first time, enter the email address you use for the member mailing list, leave the password field blank, then hit the Remind button. You will receive the message "If you are a list member, your password has been emailed to you". If you've used an email address not subscribed to the mailing list, you will not receive an email. Just try again with the email address you believe has been subscribed to the member mailing list. Return to the link above, enter your email address and the password sent to you, then hit the Let me in... button. This will bring up a list of all emails sent to the list as of March 2016. This same procedure holds true to access the Friends of IAGenWeb mailing list archive if you are a member of that mailing list. Visit http://iagenweb.org/mailman/private/friends-l_iagenweb.org/


USGenWeb (National & Regional Level) Mailing Lists

These National and regional mailing lists are useful to communicate and keep informed of national and regional topics. The Northwest Plains region mailing list includes Iowa. The USGenWeb national Discuss-L mailing list is widely subscribed to. To see the full list of national and regional mailing lists visit USGenWeb Project Mailing Lists.