2010 IAGenWeb
Project Coordinator's Conference

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  Dave Dinham giving presentation of WS_FTP32,
a file transfer program
Jennie Williams Pahls & 4 mos old side-kick,
who is just taking it all in.
  Ken Wright Ralph Leonard
  Chef Debbie's portable kitchen Shirley Plumb, Liz Casillas, Ralph Leonard
  (left side of table) Linda Ziemann, Mary Holub.
(right side) Harvey Henry, LaVern Velau, Karon King
Rich Lowe - To access the wireless connection one has to enter how many digits?! Answer: 32.
  Photo of Conference Presenters The Chef's galley
  Linda Ziemann givnng power-point presentation
on Friday night titled "Win-Win Situation"
Our Keynote Presentation - Presenter: Sheila Chaudoin
"The Oscar Grossheim Collection."
  Jason Nagy & Nancy Lowe Friday night's Feast
  (L to R)--(back row) --Beth (Conni Mac's Mom), Conni McDaniel Hall, Jason & Paul Nagy, Linda Ziemann.
(front row) Connie Street, Karon King
(going around table starting at 11 o'clock) Nancy Lowe, Rich Lowe, Debbie Gerischer, Greta Thompson, Sharon Becker
  Cheryl Siebrass, Harvey Henry. Friends of IT
Conni McDaniel Hall, Cindy Maher, Greta Thompson
  What a spread! (L to R) Rich Lowe, LaVerne Velau, Ken Wright,
Mary Holub, Liz Casillas, Shirley Plumb