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Sixteen New Veterans' Graves


Maquoketa City Hall ca 1910
(Postcard courtesy of David Shedlock)
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SOURCE: This is from a copy of a copy of a copy of a newspaper article.  I'm guessing it is from 1950 or so around Veteran's Day. 


When the veterans organization of Jackson county pause from their routine labors Tuesday to refresh the graves of their departed comrades as a symbol that they will forever keep green the memory of their brave deeds and the ideals for which they fought, there were sixteen new graves to be tended.  Sixteen comrades who have been laid to rest in the cemeteries of Jackson county.  They represent seven World War I, eight World War II and one Spanish-American war, as follows:

Spanish-Amerian War

Isaac Taylor, died Preston, Aug. 21, 1949; buried in Preston cemetery, Aug. 24, 1949.

World War I

John J. Frank, died Edward Hines Memorial hospital, Chicago, July 30, 1949; buried Mt. Hope cemetery Maquoketa, Aug. 2, 1949.

Dr.Richard Nally, died at Early, Iowa, Aug. 7, 1949; buried Sacred Heart cemetery, Maquoketa, Aug. 10, 1949.

Carl Stender, died Maquoketa, Oct. 14, 1949; buried Mt. Hope cemetery, Maquoketa, Oct. 17, 1949.

Raymond Deppe, died Chicago, Dec. 25, 1949; buried St. Joseph's cemetery, Bellevue, Dec. 28, 1949.

Henry A. Weets, died Maquoketa, Jan. 31, 1950; buried Streets cemetery, Feb. 3, 1950.

Don U. Dague, died Bernard Feb. 2, 1950, buried Streets cemetery, Feb. 4, 1950.

August Frederick Bieckman, died Bellevue, May 1, 1950; buried St. Joseph's cemetery, Bellevue, May 3, 1950.

World War II

Harlan Keeney, drowned Green Island, May 29, 1949; buried Andrew, June 1, 1949.

Edward J. Schroeder, killed in Germany, Nov. 30, 1944; buried in Sabula cemetery June 6, 1949.

Ralph Usher, Jr., died in Maquoketa, June 11, 1949; buried Mt. Hope cemetery, Maquoketa, June 14, 1949.

Lt. James Kirchhoff, killed in Czechoslovakia, Dec. 1944; buried Mt. Hope cemetery, Maquoketa, June 15, 1949.

Henry B. Rogers, killed Oct. 29, 1944, in Italy; buried Evergreen cemetery, Sabula, July 11, 1949.

Harry Thomas, killed Oct. 25, 1944, in Italy; buried Mt. Hope cemetery, Maquoketa, July 12, 1949.

Harold K. Bradley, died in Phillippines Aug. 24, 1942; buried Pence cemetery, Nov. 14, 1949.

Lt. John N. Dennison, killed Dec. 20, 1943 in Germany; buried Presbyterian cemetery, Bellevue, Dec. 21, 1949.

Besides these Timber City post 75, The American Legion, assisted in funerals for:

Thomas O. Rhoads, who died in Veterans Administration hospital in Des Moines, June 18, 1949; buried in Dayton Valley cemetery, Cedar county.

Dan J. Waters, died Delmar, July 3, 1949; buried St. Patrick's cemetery, Delmar, July 6, 1949.