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We want to be responsive to your questions or issues. Feel free to contact us. If you are referring to a webpage,  please include the url  in your email.  If you are changing your email address, please let us know what your old one was.  It would also be helpful to know what pages on this website your email address appears.


Email me at the following address:  

About Me


My name is Annette Lucas but people call me Nettie Mae. I live in Clinton County but I am unable to do research and look-ups for people. I have had an interest in genealogy since I was a teenager and work for a lady during the summers who would have me transcribe stuff for her and type it up - on a manual typewriter no less! She gave me some family group sheets and I had such a fun time getting them filled out. This connected me to an aunt that had been doing research on our family and I was totally hooked!

I am married to a wonderful guy who puts up with my obsessions and pulls me back down to earth now and then. I have a daughter who is just getting interested in research since finding out that Al Capone may have visited the house that has been in her husbands family for years. I also have a wonderful son, all grown now, but he used to "hunting" with me - meaning we would go to cemeteries and take pictures and write down information. When he was in school, I would visit his class and share the love of genealogy with his class. I also have 3 beautiful grand children and I hope to get them hooked on family history too. It's never too early to start :)

Most of my family comes from Lee County, Illinois and Monroe County, Iowa. My husband's family is from Carroll County, Illinois and we haven't really researched his mom's side because she was adopted. Basically, I just love going thru old records, hearing people's stories and helping out however I can. I have made a lot of friends at the Clinton County Historical Society and enjoy working with them and helping out when I can.

I am looking forward to getting more stuff online for Jackson County.

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