The Churches of Chickasaw County

This page represents significant research to identify all of the churches existing in Chickasaw County in 2017 and at least some of the historical chuches which were once here. If you are aware of other sites or other names for these sites, please contact the County Coordinator.

The table below includes links to both internal (IAGenWeb) and external content related to these churches.

We would love to have photos of all the churches, and we would appreciate additions and corrections to the list.

Church/PhotographsChurch NameAKAAddress/CommentLatitudeLongitudeInternal LinkExternal Link
PhotoAssumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary ChurchSt. Mary's Church3303 160th St., Little Turkey 5215443.126654-92.100883  
PhotoCedar Point Church 310 Main St., Nashua 5065842.952521-92.536283  
PhotoChickasaw Baptist Church Historical, "Across from the store", Chickasaw  USGenWeb 
 Children of Israel Synagogue Historical, 1895-1909, New Hampton; no synagogue at this location in 2017    
Church GranaryChristian Prairie Church Historical, 1884-1903; no church at this location in 201742.934742-92.099564IAGenWeb 
 Church of the Brethren Historical - No church at this location in 201742.965-92.1708333  
PhotoCongregational United Church of Christ 4 E. Court St., New Hampton 5065943.06134-92.315084  
PhotoCrane Creek Lutheran ChurchImmanuel Lutheran Church2606-2658 140th Street, Lawler, IA 5215443.1552778-92.2355556IAGenWeb 
 Dunkard Church Fredericksburg Township, 1881, specific location unknown  IAGenWeb 
 Ebenezer Evangelical ChurchEbenezer Evangelical United Brethren Church, Alta Vista United Methodist ChurchAlta Vista, IA 5060343.196-92.417 IAGenWeb 
PhotoFirst Congregational Church 404 Woodbridge St., Nashua 5065842.95278-92.540387IAGenWeb 
PhotoFirst United Methodist ChurchNew Hampton United Methodist Church201 N. Locust, New Hampton 5065943.061312-92.313853  
PhotoFredericksburg United Methodist Church 111 S. Hamilton Ave, Fredericksburg 5063043.0613889-92.3138889 External
 German Evangelical Church Historical? - south of Fredericksburg, specific location unknown  IAGenWeb 
 German Congregational Church Historical, corner of Washington and Chestnut, New Hampton - no church at this location in 201743.062924-92.315321IAGenWeb 
PhotoHarvest ChurchFirst Baptist Church481 South Linn, New Hampton 5065943.0491667-92.3186111 External
PhotoHillcrest Baptist & Brethren Church 300 Southeast Ave., Fredericksburg 5063042.9625-92.1930556IAGenWebExternal
PhotoHoly Family Catholic Church 239 S. Walnut, New Hampton 5065943.055658-92.317265  
PhotoImmaculate Conception Catholic Church 114 N Wapsi St, North Washington 5065943.117607-92.414073 External
PhotoIonia Church of Christ Ionia, IA 50645   
 Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall 305 E Court St, New Hampton 5065943.0613889-92.3152778  
 Jerico Lutheran Church Historical, no church at this location in 201743.11447-92.16662IAGenWeb 
PhotoLittle Brown Church in the ValeBradford Congregational Church2730 Cheyenne Ave, Nashua 5065842.9622222-92.5083333IAGenWebExternal
PostcardM. E. Church Fredericksburg    
 Nashua United Methodist Church 314 Brasher, Nashua 5065842.9522222-92.5377778 External
PhotoOur Lady of Mount Carmel Church 2940 Iowa Highway 24. Lawler 5215443.0658333-92.1541667 External
 Prairie Lakes Church 301 N Water Ave, New Hampton 5065943.062084-92.312421  
PhotoRedeemer Lutheran Church 611 W Court St, New Hampton 5065943.0613889-92.3230556  
PhotoRepublic Community ChurchRepublic M. E. Church, Republic Community United Methodist Church, Ionia First Congregational Curch1794 280th St., Ionia 5064542.9508333-92.3991667 External
PhotoSacred Heart Catholic ChurchReilly Ridge Catholic ChurchHistorical - no church, but cemetery remains43.1547222-92.1816667IAGenWeb 
PhotoSaude Lutheran Church 2949 Stevens Trl., Lawler 5215443.2058333-92.1661111IAGenWeb 
PhotoSt. Bernard's Catholic Church 213 N Lincoln Ave, Alta Vista 5060343.199863-92.414623  
PhotoSt. Boniface Church 204 E Prairie St., Ionia 5064543.037213-92.45387 External
PhotoSt. Frederick's Catholic Church 225 E Main St, Fredericksburg 5063042.965-92.1966667  
 St. Ignatius Catholic ChurchReilly Ridge Catholic ChurchHistorical - no church, but cemetery remains43.1547222-92.1816667IAGenWeb 
 St. John Lutheran Church 300 Merril St., Nashua 5065842.9522222-92.5441667  
PhotoSt. John's Church 2277 Windsor Ave, Waucoma 5217143.0266667-92.1019444  
PhotoSt. Joseph's Catholic Church 202 N. Broadway, New Hampton 5065943.0619444-92.3191667  
 St. Michael's Catholic Church 602 Cedar St., Nashua 5065842.9538889-92.5425  
PhotoSt. Paul's Lutheran Church 222 S. Washington Ave., Fredericksburg 5063042.9638889-92.1988889 External
PhotoTrinity Lutheran ChurchSt. Olaf's Lutheran Church223 S Water Ave, New Hampton 5065943.0561111-92.3133333  
PhotoUnited Church of Christ-PeacePeace United Church of Christ221 Oak St., Fredericksburg 5063042.9627778-92.2072222 External
PhotoWellspring ChurchWilliamstown Church2759 McCloud Ave, Fredericksburg 5063042.9566667-92.3186111  
PhotoZion Lutheran Church 200 S. White Ave, Alta Vista 5060343.197273-92.416523