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  Vital Records - Deaths 1917-1921

Cass County 1917-1921

Indexed by the State Historical Society of Iowa.

The original index in PDF format may be viewed offsite at the State Historical Society of Iowa, Vital Records page. Scroll to the very bottom of the page under the heading "State Records Archives Indexes" and select "Cass County" from the drop down menu selection to view their PDF index.

NOTE: The SHSI has done an admirable job of indexing these old handwritten records, but please keep in mind that deciphering old handwriting is a challenging task, even more difficult for someone unfamiliar with Cass County surnames. Surname spelling variations were common during this time period, even within families. Also, just as census takers often made mistakes in the recording of names, the person(s) filling out the death record sometimes made errors in spelling. The data on the form is only as good as the knowledge of the surviving family member who provided it and the care taken in recording it.

If you identify what you believe to be an error in one of the entries below, please contact the
Cass County Coordinator so a notation can be added documenting the discrepancy.

Wilson, Elizabeth Jane10 June 1852Pennsylvania08 Aug. 1918 15-01431D2071
Waggoner, Jessie B.27 Apr. 1878Iowa14 Oct. 1920Cameron15-01929D2071
Waggoner, Velma12 Apr. 1918Iowa18 Nov. 1919Schilling15-01729D2071
Wallace, Ada Adelia Peterson05 Dec. 1887Sweden25 Mar. 1919 15-01596D2071
Wallace, W. Bruce05 Nov. 1882Iowa19 Feb. 1920Gill15-01797D2071
Walters, Chris13 Oct. 1840Germany26 Aug. 1920 15-01898D2071
Ward, Christina11 May 1835Illinois28 Feb. 1918Bates15-01341D2071
Warner, Clara W. Warner19 June 1843Vermont14 Jan. 1920 15-01769D2071
Warner, LouisJan. 1849Germany23 Oct. 1918Unknown15-01464D2071
Warner, Ralph15 June 1830New York13 Sept. 1917Russ15-01261D2070
Warren, Chester Earnest21 Sept. 1918Iowa26 Sept. 1920Reynolds15-01912D2071
Warren, Jennie19 June 1883Iowa27 June 1921Drummond15-02044 D2071
Waters (Baby Girl)13 Feb. 1920Iowa14 Feb. 1920Foster15-01798D2071
Waters, Bernard Cecil01 Mar. 1916Iowa20 Sept. 1917Barnes15-01262D2070
Waters, Eugene Edward13 Jan. 1920Iowa19 Mar. 1921Phares15-01990D2071
Waters, John P.23 June 1842Illinois11 Jan. 1919McGuiness15-01537D2071
Waters, Mary L.20 Jan. 1894Iowa21 Oct. 1918O'Connor15-01465D2071
Waters, Michael10 Jan. 1837Ireland14 Apr. 1917 15-01180D2070
Waters, Michael Thomas11 Dec. 1852Illinois14 Jan. 1919Daurn15-01538D2071
Waters, William M.14 Aug. 1856West Virginia13 Feb. 1920Buckcannon15-01799D2071
Watkins, Merril A.14 July 1891Iowa24 Mar. 1917Chezyam15-01155D2070
Weaver, Charles Cicerno18 July 1840Ohio05 Mar. 1918Webster15-01360D2071
Weaver, Louisec.1836Canada09 Dec. 1920 15-01959D2071
Webster, George Anderson21 Oct. 1843New Hampshire20 May 1921Unknown15-02030D2071
Weide, Edward09 Mar. 1826Germany30 Apr. 1917Unknown15-01181D2070
Wells, Fred L.23 Jan. 1918Iowa25 Jan. 1918Johnson15-01328D2071
Westfall, Christina16 Aug. 1833Germany16 Jan. 1917 15-01106D2070
Westphalen, Max04 Nov. 1879Germany03 July 1917 15-01241D2070
Wheatley (Baby Boy)26 May 1917Iowa27 May 1917Pedersen15-01198D2070
Wheatley, Ruby May11 Jan. 1919Iowa14 Jan. 1918Petersen15-01539D2071
Wheeler, Deborah26 Dec. 1835New York02 Mar. 1918Tompkins15-01362D2071
Wheeler, James Willman26 Nov. 1853Iowa24 Jan. 1919Reding15-01540D2071
Whitcomb, Mary E.23 Jan. 1867Wisconsin16 Oct. 1918Henderson15-01466D2071
White, Daniel W.01 Nov. 1859Illinois14 Dec. 1919Unknown15-01751D2071
Whitney, Caroline Matilda03 Mar. 1837New York20 Mar. 1919Cross15-01597D2071
Whitney, Clara11 May 1841New York18 Mar. 1921Duell15-01989D2071
Whitney, Elinor Graham 28 Nov. 1838New York06 Feb. 1919Duell15-01568D2071
Whitney, Lois Harrit 22 Jan. 1916Iowa18 Jan. 1917Shaver15-01105D2070
Wiham, Helma Carolina19 Aug. 1866Sweden08 Feb. 1921 15-01975D2071
Wilbourn, Jesse Earl07 Oct. 1882Iowa02 Apr. 1917Fickle15-01182D2070
Wilhelm, Emma C.12 May 1841Pennsylvania10 June 1917Hostetler15-01225D2070
Wilkin, Bernice RoseElla24 Mar. 1919Iowa04 Nov. 1920Errickson15-01946D2071
Williams, Esther21 June 1840Pennsylvania04 Aug. 1919 Crocket15-01673D2071
Williams, Thomas03 May 1837Wales14 June 1917Jones15-01226D2070
Williman, William H.15 Oct. 1855Iowa04 June 1920Heath15-01868D2071
Willis, Charles Isaac01 Feb. 1856Illinois11 Apr. 1921Murray15-02010D2071
Willis, Emma Louisa20 Nov. 1879Iowa16 Feb. 1917Thiele15-01127D2070
Wills, Celia Elizabeth16 Feb. 1855Iowa02 Mar. 1918Higgenbothen15-01361D2071
Wilson, Abigal22 Apr. 1845Illinois09 June 1921Dillon15-02043D2071
Wilson, Henry H.14 Aug. 1852Ohio07 Jan. 1918Smith15-01329D2071
Wilson, Johnc.1845Pennsylvania20 Jan. 1921 15-01960D2071
Wilson, John Thomas24 Dec. 1848Iowa26 Aug. 1917Wilbourne15-01252D2070
Wilson, Lois Lucille02 Nov. 1915Iowa20 Sept. 1917Copeland15-01263D2070
Wilson, Margaret Jane05 Nov. 1836Pennsylvania05 Jan. 1920Butts15-01771D2071
Winff, Billy29 July 1916Iowa15 Sept. 1919Anderson15-01691D2071
Winger, Harry P.05 Mar. 1897Iowa25 Nov. 1919Luke15-01730D2071
Winne, J.L.30 June 1851Illinois22 Feb. 1917Conover15-01128D2070
Winne, Sarah24 Sept. 1852New Brunswick18 Apr. 1918Dibble15-01377D2071
Winters, Theron27 Sept. 1837Wisconsin05 Nov. 1919Marquette15-01731D2071
Winterstein, William28 Dec. 1844Iowa11 Jan. 1917Larmore15-01104D2070
Wissler, Robert Lee15 Apr. 1918Iowa13 Sept. 1920Dilts15-01913D2071
Witzman, Clifford Earl11 Dec. 1919Iowa23 May 1920Lehman15-01857D2071
Witzman, Ruth Estella23 Dec. 1916Iowa04 Apr. 1917Lehman15-01183D2070
Wohlenhaus, Dietrich Fredrick28 Jan. 1851Germany16 Apr. 1921Canning15-02011D2071
Wood, George07 Oct. 1848Pennsylvania27 June 1919Cartledge15-01654 D2071
Woodward, Bede J.13 Sept. 1844New York26 Mar. 1920Dickey15-01817D2071
Woolsey, Fredrick William23 July 1903Iowa28 Aug. 1917Littler15-01253 D2070
Woolsey, Garnet Madge22 Feb. 1906Iowa26 Feb. 1921Johnson15-01974D2071
Woolsey, Jennie Orilla22 Apr. 1869Illinois05 Jan. 1919Earl15-01542D2071
Worth, Augusta Winifred04 Mar. 1892Iowa24 Mar. 1919Kubath15-01598D2071
Wothing, Solon Agustus11 Aug. 1848Illinois03 Mar. 1920Messenger15-01818D2071
Wright, Fanny03 Mar. 1853Ohio10 May 1918Rolins15-01392D2071
Wright, John Thomas24 Dec. 1872England23 July 1919Hall15-01663D2071
Wright, Lucille May10 July 1919Iowa25 July 1919Jacobson15-01664D2071
Wright, Rebecca01 Oct. 1856Iowa08 Sept. 1919Waters15-01692D2071
Yarger, John H.12 Aug. 1842Pennsylvania10 June 1917Goodman15-01224D2070
Young, Adam31 Jan. 1842Germany28 Sept. 1918 15-01442D2071
Zellmer, John Edward08 Feb. 1854 Germany29 Mar. 1919 15-01599D2071
Ziegler, Augustine Herman Frauke28 Feb. 1853 10 Jan. 1919App15-01543D2071

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